35 Places to Visit in Glasgow, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Glasgow Tourist Attractions

Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow School of Art, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, George Square and the Merchant District, Necropolis, The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow Science Centre, Pollok House, Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Glasgow Green, National Piping Centre and many more places to visit in Glasgow.

Boasting a magnificent collection of places to visit in Glasgow, the city impresses the visitors with its rich heritage, art & culture, natural beauty, and friendly ambiance. From grand museums, art galleries to shopping streets and dining destinations, this city has all the charms to make a trip memorable. 

While the Gothic buildings of the University of Glasgow leave a lasting impression, the rich collections at the Hunterian Museum and Hunterian Art Gallery tell about the city's rich past, and the Riverside Museum offers an insight into the history of transportation. With diverse Glasgow best places to visit, the city can satisfy the fantasies of every sort of traveller. If you are a history buff, it boasts plenty of grand museums like Kelvingrove Art Gallery, People’s Palace, etc., but if you want to see something unparalleled, then St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art is a perfect place to be.

Glasgow is also home to several glorious medieval gems such as Glasgow Cathedral, Victorian-period Necropolis, etc., that can amaze you with their impressive architecture, design, and rich heritage. For nature lovers, this city owns Glasgow Green and Botanic Gardens, whereas the award-winning Glasgow Science Centre is a must-see for modern science enthusiasts. With abundant Glasgow tourist attractions, your trip to this amazing city will definitely be a remarkable one, no matter whether on an adventure trip, family vacation, or romantic retreat.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Glasgow:

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End your search for the best tourist attractions in Glasgow by visiting George Square and the Merchant District. George Square is a beautiful square and Glasgow's principal civic space with tons of architectural wonders on display. The Merchant District is Glasgow's most stylish district, with shops, cafes, and art centers scattered within beautiful old buildings. 

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The Necropolis is a magnificent Victorian garden cemetery known for its wonderful architecture and fascinating stories. It is estimated that fifty thousand burials have taken place here, and there are around thirty-five hundred tombs. The Necropolis is also a lush green scenic space full of nature's wonders and wildlife. 

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The Hunterian Museum is the oldest and the most famous public museum in Scotland. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in Glasgow as it houses a wide range of displays, including archaeology, medals, ethnography, coins, and geology. The Art Gallery, anatomy museum, and zoology museum are all situated on the University's main campus.

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Riverside Museum is an award-winning transport museum with more than 3,000 objects on display. You can find everything from locomotives to skateboards to paintings to prams and a Stormtrooper here. Berthed outside the museum, you'll find the Tall Ship, Glenlee, which is UK's only floating Clyde-built sailing ship.

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If you're looking for some of the best places to visit in Glasgow, Glasgow Science Centre & Glasgow Tower can be good options. At Glasgow Science Centre, you can explore numerous workshops and interactive exhibits. Glasgow Tower holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest, fully rotating 360-degree freestanding structure in the world. 

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Pollok House is a grand country home located on the beautiful grounds and gardens of Pollok Country Park. It's a historic property with an Escape Room where you can enjoy cryptic spy games. Pollok Country Park is the only Country Park within Glasgow with extensive gardens and woodlands.

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Kibble Palace is a Victorian-era glasshouse that was originally built as a private mansion for wealthy merchants. It is one of the most interesting places to go in Glasgow, where you can admire different varieties of begonia, rare orchids, tropical plants, and tree ferns. Glasgow Botanic Gardens is the finest Garden in Glasgow, dominated by the recently restored Kibble Palace.

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If you want to know about the rich heritage and culture of the Great Highland Bagpipe, you must visit The National Piping Centre and the Bagpipe Museum. The National Piping Centre is set up in a re-converted Church built in 1872 by Douglas and Sellers. The museum gives you a glimpse of the three hundred years of piping heritage. 

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Glasgow Green is the oldest park in Glasgow, established in the fifteenth century. There are many popular attractions in Glasgow Green, including the Winter Garden and the Doulton Fountain. The People's Palace is situated in Glasgow Green and recites the story of Glasgow and its residents from 1750 to the present day. It has a huge collection of photographs, films, objects, and prints.

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If you're an art enthusiast, you must visit the Gallery of Modern Art, which displays some of the most impressive international and local artworks. It has been at the forefront of Glasgow's vibrant art scene for years and aims to bring art lovers together. The museum's front lawn was designed by Charles Jencks and is an art of work in itself. 

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The Tenement House provides a glimpse into life in Glasgow in the early twentieth century. It is a National Trust for Scotland property where you can discover quirky items, including a jar of plum jam made in 1929 and a ball of soap turned black from years of handling!

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Glasgow Central Station is one of the most magnificent buildings in Glasgow. The railway station was opened on 1 August 1879 by the Caledonian Railway. The entrance area of Glasgow Railway Station has ornate ironwork and beautiful pillars holding up the arcade. It is the busiest railway station in Scotland and the twelfth-busiest railway station in Britain.

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The Scottish Football Museum is one of the most fun-filled places to visit in Glasgow that will take you on a memorable football journey you have never been on before. There are many objects on display tracing the football history in Scotland, and there is film footage that highlights the greatest players and most memorable games. The museum has something for all ages and has the ability to inspire and educate future generations.

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The Lighthouse is an exhibition space, visitor center, and events venue. It has six floors which can be hired for evening receptions, corporate events, and weddings. The Lighthouse has been designated National Centre for Design and Architecture. It is a creative hub, and it is home to exhibitions featuring the best from international and Scottish designers all year round.

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Scotland Street School Museum is one of the most admired tourist attractions in Glasgow, situated in a former school. It offers a glimpse into what school days were like in Queen Victoria's reign, during World War II, and in the 1960s and 1950s. The cookery room, ceramic-tiled drill hall, and cloakrooms have been restored to Mackintosh's original designs.

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If you're looking for some interesting places to visit in Glasgow, the Museum of Religious Life and Art can be your ideal choice. The museum has been named after Glasgow's famous saint credited for bringing the Christian faith to Scotland in the sixth century. It showcases a huge collection of religious artifacts from across the globe.

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Glasgow Women's Library is one of the most empowering places to visit in Glasgow, as it is fully dedicated to women's histories, lives, and achievements. The library is a creative hub with ESOL classes, meeting space, and various training materials. It also organizes various activities like Story Cafe - a weekly event where fiction and stories are read aloud, followed by chat, food, and laughter.

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The Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow is a premier venue for conferences, exhibitions, and entertainment events. Situated on the banks of the River Clyde, it comprises the SEC Centre, SEC Armadillo, and The SSE Hydro. With its state-of-the-art facilities and versatile spaces, it hosts a diverse range of events, from international conferences to concerts by world-renowned artists, making it a hub of activity in Glasgow.

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Glengoyne Distillery, nestled in Scotland's scenic Highlands, is renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship in producing single malt Scotch whisky. Founded in 1833, it prides itself on using traditional methods and natural resources, including water from the nearby Glengoyne Burn. With a commitment to quality and heritage, Glengoyne offers visitors an immersive experience, inviting them to savor the essence of Scottish whisky culture.

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St. Enoch Centre, nestled in Glasgow, Scotland, stands as a retail haven, boasting over 80 stores across various categories. Its striking architecture and modern amenities make it a prime shopping destination in the heart of the city. From fashion to electronics, it offers a diverse array of products and services, ensuring a satisfying experience for visitors seeking quality and variety.

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Byres Road, nestled in Glasgow's West End, epitomizes the city's vibrant culture. Lined with quaint cafes, trendy boutiques, and eclectic restaurants, it offers a dynamic shopping and dining experience. The road is also home to cultural landmarks like the iconic University of Glasgow and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, making it a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

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The 13th-century Cathedral of St. Kentigern or St. Mungo's is one of the best places to visit in Glasgow to see the impressive architecture and rich heritage of the city. It is known for being Scotland's only medieval cathedral and the most significant religious structure of that era. 

While the lower church impresses for its Gothic design with an arrangement of stunning arches and piers. Its crypt houses the St. Mungo's tomb. The cathedral is the only ancient building in the country that has survived the 1560’s reformation.

Location:  Castle Street, Glasgow, Scotland G4 0QZ

Highlights: Gothic Architecture, stained glass windows, thirteenth-century crypt, the tomb of Glasgow’s patron saint St Kentigern, and the early-fifteenth century ‘pulpitum’.

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An architectural masterpiece, it comprises several neo-gothic buildings that you can visit for free. Furthermore, history enthusiasts may opt for a guided tour to learn about its rich history and have access to more sites.

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Home to an extensive collection of marvellous paintings, sculptures, Art Nouveau items, and furniture, this museum boasts a total of 22 theme-based galleries. Here, you will find more than 8000 extraordinary objects belonging to natural history, arms, art movements, etc. 

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Kelvin Way in Glasgow is a picturesque boulevard lined with trees, running alongside the River Kelvin. It's known for its scenic beauty and historical significance, with landmarks like the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and the Kelvin Hall situated nearby. The avenue is a popular spot for leisurely walks, cycling, and enjoying the tranquil atmosphere amidst the city's hustle and bustle.

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Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, nestled along the River Kelvin, is a verdant oasis steeped in history. Its lush lawns, majestic trees, and ornate monuments offer respite from urban hustle. With its Victorian charm, scenic walkways, and vibrant cultural events, it's a beloved retreat for locals and visitors alike.

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Nestled in the vibrant city of Glasgow, Scotland, the University of Glasgow stands as a shining example of academic excellence, innovation, and rich cultural heritage. Established in 1451, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the English-speaking world, renowned for its commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity and nurturing the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

At the heart of the University of Glasgow is its dedication to academic excellence across a diverse range of disciplines. From the humanities to the sciences, from engineering to social sciences, the university offers a comprehensive array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that challenge and inspire students to reach their full potential. With world-class faculty members who are leaders in their fields, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive learning environment, students at Glasgow are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in an ever-changing world.

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Theatre Royal, Glasgow, is a historic gem nestled in the heart of the city. Dating back to 1867, it offers a diverse array of performances from West End hits to classical ballet. Renowned for its stunning Victorian architecture and top-notch productions, it's a must-visit destination for theatre enthusiasts in Scotland.

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West Carriageway in Glasgow is a bustling urban thoroughfare, lined with shops, cafes, and historic buildings. It bustles with activity as locals and tourists alike navigate its sidewalks. Its vibrant atmosphere and architectural charm make it a must-visit destination in the heart of Scotland's largest city.

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Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow is a vibrant thoroughfare known for its eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It's a bustling hub of activity, offering everything from high-street brands to independent boutiques, lively bars, and cultural attractions. Visitors can explore the street's diverse offerings, enjoy a meal at one of its many eateries, or catch a show at one of the nearby theaters, making it a dynamic destination in the heart of the city.

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Clydeside Distillery in Glasgow offers a captivating journey into Scotland's whisky heritage. Situated on the banks of the River Clyde, this distillery combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques. Visitors can enjoy guided tours to learn about whisky production, sample fine single malts, and appreciate panoramic views of Glasgow's skyline. It's a must-visit destination for whisky enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

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St. Vincent Place, Glasgow, a bustling thoroughfare nestled in the heart of the city, exudes historical charm with its Victorian architecture and vibrant atmosphere. Lined with shops, cafes, and offices, it serves as a hub for business, leisure, and culture, embodying Glasgow's dynamic spirit and rich heritage.

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People Also Ask About Glasgow

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Glasgow?

    1. George Square and Merchant District: Amongst Glasgow best places to visit, the George Square and Merchant District houses a promenade of cosy cafés and elite boutiques. Its well-kept streets not only offer perfect shopping opportunities but lovely dining facilities.

    2. Riverside Museum and Tall Ship:
    An award-winning tourist spot, this museum attracts tourists from several countries. Here, visitors get to see a range of locomotives, trams, boats, ships, and much more! The mesmerising water views also add to the experience.

    3. Glasgow Science Centre:
    A perfect place to be with your kids, this centre offers not only an insight into the wonderful facts discovered by several scientists but lets you enjoy the panoramic views of the city from its tower.

    4. Kibble Palace and Glasgow Botanical Garden:
    If you are someone who loves to be around flora and fauna, plan your visit to Glasgow Botanical Garden. These are amongst the most fascinating places to visit in Glasgow with family, friends, or even your partner.

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  2. Which are the best historical places to visit in Glasgow?

    1. Glasgow Cathedral: Known as the High Kirk of Glasgow, it is one of the most loved Glasgow Tourist Attractions. Its superfluous architecture is a splendour to the eyes, whereas being a religious avenue, it calms tourists as well.

    2. Glasgow School of Art
    : An architectural delight, the Mackintosh’s Art Academy is a storehouse of glorious art. The place is well known and exhibits the artworks of several fervour artists.

    3. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum:
    Amongst the best places to visit in Glasgow, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is a wonderful treat for history enthusiasts. The museum boasts a vast collection of British and Continental artworks from past centuries and is an excellent place to be with family.

    4. The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery:
    Housed in the University of Glasgow, this edifice is an architectural wonder. It is the second oldest educational institution in Scotland and displays exemplary British history.

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  3. Which are the best places to visit in Glasgow at night?

    1. Swing: An ecstatic bar in the city, the Swing is one of the lively Glasgow best places to visit at night. From enjoying some of the unique cocktails, or sharing some light-hearted moments with like-minded people, or partying your night through, here you can enjoy some lasting moments.

    2. Escape Room: If you want to end your day with some splendid activity, don’t forget the Escape Room in Glasgow. Figure your ways out to get out of a room within a stipulated time and enjoy the night.

    3. Sloans: Want to party at night in Glasgow but in an ancient yet interesting style, Head to the Sloans in Glasgow city and enjoy the traditional Scottish dance. Additionally, make your night delightful with several delicacies as you groove the night through in a grand ballroom.

    4. Hillhead Bookclub: This is not a traditional book club, but gives you a wonderful way to spend your night time in Glasgow. Interact with some avid readers, talk to strangers, build your time in one of the most creative ways possible.

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  4. Which are the best romantic places to visit in Glasgow?

    1. The Winter Gardens: Loaded with charming palms and plants, this garden is a beautiful location to spend some moments with your beloved. Either meander around the fascinating greens or enjoy an espresso or lunch at the onsite cafe while accumulating several unforgettable memories.

    2. Theatre Royal Glasgow:
    Amongst the most romantic Glasgow Tourist Attractions, this theatre is a must-visit for couples. It is an avenue of traditional Scottish Ballet, Dance, Music, and Contemporary Art and a great place to enjoy a musical and romantic evening.

    3. Ashton Lane: One of the most romantic places in Glasgow includes Ashton Lane. Its fairy-lit streets make you cherish the amazing city with your partner. You can even have some delicious meals here or go on a shopping trail.

    4. Botanic Gardens: Enjoy special moments with your partner at this romantic hotspot in Glasgow. Ideal for hand-in-hand strolls and enjoying lush surroundings, this destination houses several exotic greenhouses and refreshes the visitors with sweet scents, well-paved pathways, and a riverside location.

  5. What is the best time to visit Glasgow?

    The best time to visit Glasgow is during the British Summer Season between March and August. During this period, the weather remains pleasant and tourist-friendly with fewer chances of rain and more sunlight.  It is also the time when lots of events and festivals happen.

  6. Which are the best tourist places to visit in Glasgow?

    1. Gallery of Modern Art: If you're an art enthusiast, the Gallery of Modern Art is one of the best tourist places to visit in Glasgow. The gallery provides displays of international and local artworks alongside events with artists and temporary exhibitions. The gallery also features a lovely library and a souvenir shop. 

    2. Museum of Religious Life and Art: The Museum of Religious Life and Art is the world's only public museum devoted solely to religion and spiritual beliefs. This museum celebrates different faiths through regular displays and exhibits. On the grounds of the museum, you'll find a Zen garden with unique Islamic calligraphy.

    3. Scottish Football Museum: If you're a football fan and the history of Scottish football interests you, then the Scottish Football Museum is something you should definitely pay a visit to. The museum is one of the most fun places to see in Glasgow as it houses the world's most fascinating collection of football-related objects and memorabilia.
    4. The National Piping Centre: Get an insight into the culture and history of the Great Highland Bagpipe by visiting The National Piping Centre. Out of all the places to go in Glasgow, this is where you can see the Irish uilleann pipes, small Scottish pipes, and other traditional musical instruments. The National Piping Centre is solely dedicated to playing the bagpipes and includes an auditorium, practice spaces, and the Museum of Piping.

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  7. Which are the best places to visit in Glasgow with your family?

    1. George Square: George Square is one of the most happening places to visit in Glasgow where you can see historic figures, war memorials, and buildings from the nineteenth century. It is home to the Glasgow City Council headquarters and has various restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy Scottish cuisine. 

    2. Glasgow Green: With lush greenery and the largest terracotta fountain in the world, Glasgow Green is one of the calmest places to visit in Glasgow. You can go for a stroll or just enjoy the regularly organized concerts like proms in this park. Some of the most popular attractions here include the Winter Garden and the Doulton Fountain.

    3. Pollok House: If you're looking for some family-friendly tourist attractions in Glasgow then Pollok House can be your ideal choice. Once the ancestral home of the Jardine and Maxwell families, it is Scotland's finest Edwardian country house. It is surrounded by landscaped gardens, which have more than 1,000 species of trees and rhododendrons that are hundreds of years old.

    4. Scotland Street School Museum: Have a glimpse of how school life was in earlier times in Glasgow by visiting the Scotland Street School Museum. It was a working school until the 1970s, but now it has been converted into a museum. The museum regularly hosts fun family events and has a Mackintosh room and a gift shop. 

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  8. How to reach Glasgow?

    1. By Air: Glasgow Airport is the largest airport, situated about eleven kilometers west of Glasgow's center. The airlines operating here include British Airways, Aer Lingus, Air Transat, Lufthansa, KLM, Ryan Air, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, American Airlines, and many others. Some destinations it operates to are Vancouver, Amsterdam, Dubai, London, Munich, Vienna, etc. 

    2. By Train: The Glasgow Queen Street railway station and Glasgow Central are the two important stations in Glasgow. Both the stations have some of the best intercity trains running from the UK and Scotland. Glasgow Central connects the city to London. 
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