Things to Do in Glasgow

Activities To Do In Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland's biggest city, is situated on the River Clyde, which is well recognized for its vibrant, gorgeous commercial areas and the variety of cultures it offers. Every year, it draws a significant number of tourists because of all the exciting things to do in Glasgow. Regardless of your interests, you can find something inside the confines of this developing metropolis to suit you, whether cultural, culinary, historical or even shopping-related.

Glasgow is a city with many different qualities that collectively make it a location well worth your time. It is recognized for the magnificence of its Victorian architecture which you can observe and it's hip music and club scenes which you can be a part of, in addition to the warm and cheerful pattern of its citizens. You'll never be away from a Michelin-starred restaurant or a hip bar. Still, if it's the culture you want, you can be completely occupied by the numerous museums, galleries, parks, and other event venues spread out all around. There is always a lot going on in the city, which makes it an ideal destination for a longer vacation or a fast weekend getaway.
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George Square And The Merchant District

End your search for the best tourist attractions in Glasgow by visiting George Square and the Merchant District. George Square is a beautiful square and Glasgow's principal civic space with tons of architectural wonders on display. The Merchant District is Glasgow's most stylish district, with shops, cafes, and art centers scattered within beautiful old buildings. 

The Necropolis

The Necropolis is a magnificent Victorian garden cemetery known for its wonderful architecture and fascinating stories. It is estimated that fifty thousand burials have taken place here, and there are around thirty-five hundred tombs. The Necropolis is also a lush green scenic space full of nature's wonders and wildlife. 

The Hunterian Museum And Art Gallery
Riverside Museum And Tall Ship

Riverside Museum is an award-winning transport museum with more than 3,000 objects on display. You can find everything from locomotives to skateboards to paintings to prams and a Stormtrooper here. Berthed outside the museum, you'll find the Tall Ship, Glenlee, which is UK's only floating Clyde-built sailing ship.

Glasgow Science Centre And Glasgow Tower

If you're looking for some of the best places to visit in Glasgow, Glasgow Science Centre & Glasgow Tower can be good options. At Glasgow Science Centre, you can explore numerous workshops and interactive exhibits. Glasgow Tower holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest, fully rotating 360-degree freestanding structure in the world. 

Pollok House And Country Park

Pollok House is a grand country home located on the beautiful grounds and gardens of Pollok Country Park. It's a historic property with an Escape Room where you can enjoy cryptic spy games. Pollok Country Park is the only Country Park within Glasgow with extensive gardens and woodlands.

Kibble Palace And Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Kibble Palace is a Victorian-era glasshouse that was originally built as a private mansion for wealthy merchants. It is one of the most interesting places to go in Glasgow, where you can admire different varieties of begonia, rare orchids, tropical plants, and tree ferns. Glasgow Botanic Gardens is the finest Garden in Glasgow, dominated by the recently restored Kibble Palace.

Glasgow Green And The People's Palace

Glasgow Green is the oldest park in Glasgow, established in the fifteenth century. There are many popular attractions in Glasgow Green, including the Winter Garden and the Doulton Fountain. The People's Palace is situated in Glasgow Green and recites the story of Glasgow and its residents from 1750 to the present day. It has a huge collection of photographs, films, objects, and prints.

The National Piping Centre And The Bagpipe Museum

If you want to know about the rich heritage and culture of the Great Highland Bagpipe, you must visit The National Piping Centre and the Bagpipe Museum. The National Piping Centre is set up in a re-converted Church built in 1872 by Douglas and Sellers. The museum gives you a glimpse of the three hundred years of piping heritage. 

Gallery Of Modern Art
The Tenement House

The Tenement House provides a glimpse into life in Glasgow in the early twentieth century. It is a National Trust for Scotland property where you can discover quirky items, including a jar of plum jam made in 1929 and a ball of soap turned black from years of handling!

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is an exhibition space, visitor center, and events venue. It has six floors which can be hired for evening receptions, corporate events, and weddings. The Lighthouse has been designated National Centre for Design and Architecture. It is a creative hub, and it is home to exhibitions featuring the best from international and Scottish designers all year round.

Scottish Football Museum

The Scottish Football Museum is one of the most fun-filled places to visit in Glasgow that will take you on a memorable football journey you have never been on before. There are many objects on display tracing the football history in Scotland, and there is film footage that highlights the greatest players and most memorable games. The museum has something for all ages and has the ability to inspire and educate future generations.

Glasgow Central Station

Glasgow Central Station is one of the most magnificent buildings in Glasgow. The railway station was opened on 1 August 1879 by the Caledonian Railway. The entrance area of Glasgow Railway Station has ornate ironwork and beautiful pillars holding up the arcade. It is the busiest railway station in Scotland and the twelfth-busiest railway station in Britain.

Scotland Street School Museum

Scotland Street School Museum is one of the most admired tourist attractions in Glasgow, situated in a former school. It offers a glimpse into what school days were like in Queen Victoria's reign, during World War II, and in the 1960s and 1950s. The cookery room, ceramic-tiled drill hall, and cloakrooms have been restored to Mackintosh's original designs.

Museum Of Religious Life And Art

If you're looking for some interesting places to visit in Glasgow, the Museum of Religious Life and Art can be your ideal choice. The museum has been named after Glasgow's famous saint credited for bringing the Christian faith to Scotland in the sixth century. It showcases a huge collection of religious artifacts from across the globe.

Glasgow Women's Library

Glasgow Women's Library is one of the most empowering places to visit in Glasgow, as it is fully dedicated to women's histories, lives, and achievements. The library is a creative hub with ESOL classes, meeting space, and various training materials. It also organizes various activities like Story Cafe - a weekly event where fiction and stories are read aloud, followed by chat, food, and laughter.

Glasgow School of Art

An architectural masterpiece, it comprises several neo-gothic buildings that you can visit for free. Furthermore, history enthusiasts may opt for a guided tour to learn about its rich history and have access to more sites.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

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Glasgow Things To Do FAQs

Which are the best things to do in Glasgow?

1. Visit Pollok Country Park - This is one of the largest parks in Glasgow and represents the best of Scotland’s surreal surroundings. A massive archway at the entrance will lead you into a verdant stretch of green grass adorned with humongous canopies. Tourists can find a myriad of exciting flora and fauna and amazing places for picnic activities.

Apart from this, tourists can find intriguing public services like well-maintained gardens, children’s park, woodland walks, highland cattle, picnic areas, old stable courtyard and more which are the top things to do in Glasgow. Not only this, tourists can stop by Pollok house and admire the distinguished displays of enthralling antiques, unique silverware, impressive art and ceramics.

 Location -
2060 Pollokshaws Rd, Bellahouston, Glasgow G43 1AT, United Kingdom

2. Explore Glasgow botanic gardens - An escapade to embrace the true essence of nature and nature’s best products is all one needs on a vacation. Glasgow features one of the finest and most well maintained botanic gardens filled with greenery up to the brink and exploring it is one of top things to do in Glasgow. There are about 9000 different kinds of plants and trees adorning this garden from a myriad of rare and extrinsic species.

Not only this, tourists can also find Kibble Palace and main range teak which are massive glasshouses with a fine collection of beautiful indoor plants. Visit this botanical garden and spot a small fish pond with vibrant fishes always ready to consume whatever you feed them. Witness plants and flowers imported from countries worldwide and relish in the pleasant autumn climate of Glasgow.

Location - 730 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0UE, United Kingdom

3. Explore Kelvingrove art gallery and museum - Kelvingrove art gallery and museum is one of the most popular state of the art attractions which features over 22 distinctive themes and 8000 artefacts and intriguing arts on display. History geeks can find a myriad of artifacts and weapons of the past, arms and armors of Scotland's most ruthless wars and paintings by popular English artists.

Apart from this, tourists can find other intriguing stuff on display like Dutch renaissance, decorative arts and European displays. Take your camera and capture this exquisite beauty in your lenses.

Location - Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8AG, United Kingdom

4. Go shopping at Buchanan Street - Wondering what to do in Glasgow Scotland? A heaven for shopaholics, Buchanan street is a hustling Scottish street featuring high end boutiques, opulent shopping complexes and malls, street vendors serving fancy English cuisines and a very chill laid back ambiance and visiting it is one of the top things to do in Glasgow.

These narrow cobblestone streets are known to sell some of Europe's trendiest attires at amazing prices. Apart from this, tourists can also find house of frasers; a famous go-to shopping centre, princes square; houses of famous restro bars and shops, Duke of Wellington statue, and many such otherworldly attractions.

Location - Glasgow central stretch, near Argyle Street

5. Explore the exquisite Edinburgh Castle - Located at a fair distance from Glasgow, Edinburgh castle is an enthralling attraction and one of the top things to do in Glasgow if you are visiting Scotland. Tourists can spot the royal antiquity inside the castle's walls.

From surreal paintings on the walls to distinguished jewellery collections in the throne rooms, you will experience a time in grandiose whilst roaming through the hallways. Tourists can opt for guided tour visits or uncover the castle on their own.

Location - Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NG, United Kingdom

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What are the best things to do in Glasgow with family?

1. Glasgow Science Centre- For visitors of all ages, the Glasgow Science Centre offers a variety of interactive displays, courses, and activities. It is one of the biggest entertainment complexes in the city and includes a scientific museum, Planetarium, rotating tower, IMAX theatre, and two cafés. It is one among the plenty of interesting things to do in Glasgow, especially for the youth. The young ones may participate in various activities, such as discovering the human body at the Bodyworks exhibition and seeing the Milky Way in the Planetarium. You may take a 2.5-minute trip to Glasgow Tower for £3.50 in exchange for 360-degree views of the city. It is one of Scotland's highest buildings, rising 417 feet above sea level. 

2. Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre-
Glasgow things to do are so many and of them is The Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre which is renowned for its regular puppet shows, live performances, and monthly workshops. You can view its outstanding collection of vintage masks and puppets from many parts of Europe and Asia. For youngsters over the age of four, it also hosts birthday parties where guests can construct a rod puppet to take home in order to practise magic tricks with a trained magician which is one of the things to definitely do in Glasgow with family.

3. Tandem rides at Free Wheel North-
Glasgow things to do includes a Free Wheel North Centre which operates on a charitable basis and provides a selection of tandems, bikes, and go-carts. You may go riding with the kids for the day on the outside track that it has. Since family karts and trikes can hold 4 to 6 people at once, this is a rather well-liked weekend activity. For those wanting to explore the city, there are also guided rides available. The People Palace can be reached from Free Wheel North, which is on Templeton Street, in under 4 minutes on foot. Cycling is one of the best things to do in Glasgow.

4. Toy shopping at St Enoch Centre-
Modern shopping centre St Enoch Centre is situated in the heart of the city along Argyle Street. During yearly holidays like Christmas, you might see a number of family-friendly businesses like The Disney Store on the first level and Hamley's on the second, as well as free activities and workshops that are organised there. You can check out the mall's huge selection of fast food restaurants and cafés, which includes Starbucks, McDonald's, and Burger King, once you've worked up an appetite from all the shopping which is surely one of the things to do in Glasgow.

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What are the most romantic things to do in Glasgow for couples?

1. Take a walk beside Finnieston Crane - The amazing finnieston crane is a massive crane perched in the centre of Glasgow. This massive grey structure is no longer in use and after a plethora of refurbishment and constructions, the crane we see now is a popular local sightseeing attraction. Take a walk through the cobbled pathways and admire the Scottish climate adorning the crane.

2. Drink your night away at Drygate Brewery - Visiting the Scottish country without relishing on exotic beers and wines is a complete mood killer. The drygate brewery was established in the 1930s and is a local’s favourite resto bar. With a massive screen featuring cricket matches attracting a huge crowd, the brewery’s chilled ambiance is a much needed escapade.

3. Explore Glasgow cathedral with your loved ones - Amongst must do things in Glasgow, take your significant other on a tour of the beautiful Glasgow cathedral which is an important attraction to truly relish the best of gothic and renaissance art and architecture. Although built in the year 1197, the cathedrals' lavish interiors are still intact and render pleasant time with your loved ones.

4. Uncover Kelvingrove art gallery and museum - Built in the year 1901, this massive art gallery will give you a peek into the United Kingdom’s rich history and royalty. Built in Spanish baroque style, this gallery features extravagant artefacts on display which will amuse you.

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Which are the best water sports in Glasgow?

1. Surfing- A terrific way to enjoy the UK seaside is to go surfing. There are several surfing areas in the UK for surfers of all skill levels owing to its more than 12,000 kilometers of coastline. Go to Cornwall, which is considered England's surfing capital, or up to North Yorkshire, or even to Scotland, where you may visit the Outer Hebrides or Thurso East. Rent a board and wetsuit, or sign up to learn new techniques and quickly become a great surfer. 

2. Stand Up Paddle Boarding-
It is now one of the water sports with the fastest global growth as it lets you get up close to animals without scaring them away as it's one of the quietest, most peaceful methods to cross the waters and explore. You can either sit down or stand up on the boards and enjoy moving slowly through those waters. Since the boards are large and usually quite stable, many people have even started doing paddle board yoga and paddle boarding with dogs because of them.

3. Kayaking and Canoeing-
Kayaking and canoeing, two of the most popular water activities, are the ideal ways to explore Britain's rivers. You can make the most out of your water journeys with canoes and kayaks, which will let you explore the UK from a very different angle and are counted as one of the best things to do in West end, Glasgow. Although, both the boating techniques are very similar, for speed lovers, Kayaking is your go-to, whereas, for people who would enjoy a more moderate sail, consider Canoeing.

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Which are the best adventure activities to do in Glasgow?

1. Bungee Jumping - For brave hearts, bungee jumping is one of the most popular and thrilling adrenaline sports that will blow your mind away. The titan crane in Glasgow is where these thrilling activities are conducted. Get a free falling experience from massive heights into nothingness and remember this amusing moment for the rest of your life.

2. Paragliding - Amongst must do things in Glasgow, paragliding is one of the most thrilling adventure sports which promises a 360 degree panoramic view of the entire location. At massive heights, fly with the birds and witness sensational views of the entire location. Paragliding is an adventure sport which tourists can try alone or with an instructor.

3. Mountain biking- Scotland houses some of the most scenic stretches of rugged terrains and a thrilling mountain biking expedition is all one needs to enjoy the exquisite surroundings around them. Bike through elevations, dips and through lush canopies and wilderness and enjoy appealing views of Glasgow.

4. Snowboarding - If you are visiting Glasgow during winters, then snowboarding and skiing is a must do activity. The long stretches of Cairngorm Mountains are a popular tourist site and render thrilling expeditions for instantaneous adrenaline pump.

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What are the best things you can do in Glasgow for free?

1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum- This fantastic museum and gallery beside Kelvingrove Park is a great place to spend a day. Glasgow things to do also includes an array of things to view like dinosaurs and other animal exhibitions, which also has one of the best armour collections in the world. These further include artefacts from various civilizations, like ancient Egypt, Scottish and even archaeological riches. This art exhibition features Scottish, French, and Dutch masterworks, and a visit here is among the best things to do in Glasgow. Additionally, it has a gallery honouring local hero Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style he is credited for creating.

2. Gallery of Modern Art-
Scotland's most popular art gallery, GoMA, is situated in a magnificent neoclassical building on Royal Exchange Square. Every time you go, you may learn something new because modern art shows are continually changing which makes it one of the most interesting things to do in Glasgow. Make sure to halt for a picture with the famous Duke of Wellington Statue on the way into the gallery since some dedicated local pranksters have worked hard to top it with a traffic cone permanently. The monument has emerged as a quirky representation of the humour and energy that define the city.

3. The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel-
Just beyond the city centre on the banks of Clyde lies this interactive riverfront museum. It is home to a sizable collection of more than 3,000 intriguing antique vehicles, including steam locomotives, Glasgow trams and trolleybuses, vintage automobiles, motorcycles, and even potentially the oldest bicycle in the world. You can go back to the past by visiting a recreated old-fashioned Glasgow street featuring stores, a subway stop, and a bar. You may even visit the Tall Ship Glenlee on the river, which includes a delightful play area within the cargo hold for children under the age of five.

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What are the best things to do in Glasgow at Night?

1. Sea Clubs - A top-notch escapade for party lovers, Sea club is one of the most popular nightclubs in Glasgow. Tourists can find a myriad of younger people and a very lively ambiance. Enjoy and dance your night away at the glass dance floor and sip on amazing drinks by the bar.

2. Revolution Glasgow - Good food, thrilling DJ beats and a laid back ambiance is all needed for a night escapade mingling in the English crowd. This famous restro bar features a massive bar counter serving exotic drinks and food. You can also find, wildest parties conducted here annually with famous DJs promising a night of passion and rave.

3. Stargazing at Kelvingrove park - Observe the enthralling Scottish night sky with your significant other and admire the cloudless surreal black sky overhead you, making it one of the best things to do in Glasgow. Kelvingrove becomes a hustling spot for stargazing activities at night attracting a lot of lovers and couples.

4. Bungee jumping at night - As amazing as bungee jumping is at day, a thrilling free falling expedition at night is an instant adrenaline boost all thrill seekers need and is one of the best things to do in Glasgow. Glasgow is a hub for such amazing excursions which makes it a hustling tourist spot at night.

How to reach Glasgow?

Glasgow has an international airport that connects the city with the rest of the major cities of the world by air. The city is well connected by road and rail to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. The other popular way to reach Glasgow is by taking a flight from Britain.

What are the offbeat things to do in Glasgow?

1. Experience the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre- Sharmanka, which means "barrel-organ" in Russian, is a fantastic blend of theatre, with mechanical and movement art. It debuted in Russia in 1989 before traveling to Glasgow in the 1990s. You travel around rooms while hundreds of carved figures and animals fashioned from scrap move in fascinating ways, representing the highs and lows of the human spirit making it one of the most amusing things to do in Glasgow. The kinetic sculpture is more like an art display than a traditional theatre.

2. Walk among fossils-
You'll be perplexed by this fascinating fossilized woodland with its flawlessly preserved fossil tree trunks every day. The Fossil Grove, a location of specific scientific importance, is located in Victoria Park. It was first discovered in 1887. The 11 petrified tree stumps, which are members of the extinct liriodendron or gigantic club moss species, were produced 325 million years ago during the Carboniferous period and were preserved in their growth posture. If you are someone who is looking to partake in an adventure that offers offbeat things to do in Glasgow, then this one should certainly be on the list.

3. Explore the Glasgow Necropolis-
Walking through a historical cemetery can be a very surreal feeling, especially in the evocative Glasgow Necropolis. This complex of tombs, monuments, and mausoleums, which dates back to 1833, has served as the final resting place for more than 50,000 people. Its elevated position over the city, on a hill next to Glasgow Cathedral, heightens the surreal feeling that one experiences there.

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Is Glasgow worth visiting?

Yes, Glasgow features splendid attractions, spectacular sights of interest and a very amiable Scottish ambiance which makes it a top-notch location for honeymoon or family trip and is a must visit.

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What is the cost of a tourist visa in Glasgow?

The short term VISA for Indian passport holders cost about INR 10,299 per person. This VISA lets the holder enjoy multiple entries into the nation and allows a stay period of 6 months. The usual time taken to process this VISA is 10 to 15 days.

How Far is Glasgow from London?

The predicted flight distance between London and Glasgow is 345 miles or 555 kilometres. The distance from London to Glasgow, when travelling by car, is 665.25 kilometres. It will take 05 hours and 56 minutes to get there if you drive your car with a speed average of 112 kilometres per hour (70 miles per hour). There is a 110-kilometre difference between flying and driving.

How many days do you need in Glasgow?

To cover all the beautiful attractions and sights of interest in Glasgow, tourists require at least 4-5 days.

What is the best time to visit Glasgow?

The best time to truly embrace the essence of the Scottish climate is to visit Glasgow during autumn. With very fancy weather and beautiful autumn leaves adorning the surroundings, tourists are sure to have a fantastic time in this Scottish land.

What is Glasgow famous for?

Glasgow is famous for its chill and laid back ambiance, a plethora of distinctive attractions, hustling shopping complexes and for rebfndering a very hospitable generosity from the locals.

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