Things to Do in Cardiff 2023

Activities To Do In Cardiff

The list of things to do in Cardiff will possibly not be exhausted because of its vast range. This city has everything that one looks for in a holiday destination from museums, ancient castles, and nature trails to bars and restaurants, shopping arcades, and modern stadiums. Cardiff can shape itself according to the needs of travelers of different types, be it solo traveling, a family trip or a romantic trip.

The must-do things in this city include visiting architectural marvels like the Cardiff Castle, Pierhead Building, the Senedd, Cardiff Story Museum, and others. While exploring other Cardiff things to see, you can also plan to catch a show at The Wales Millennium Center and St. David’s Hall. You should also experience the nighttime fun at this place and dine at the famous restaurants and cafes spread across this beautiful city.
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People Also Ask About Cardiff Things To Do

  1. Which are the best things to do in Cardiff?

    1. Explore the Cardiff Castle: When you headout to explore the various Cardiff things to see, do not forget to go to this beautiful monument which displays Roman history through its bricks and walls. You will come across the Norman keep and the walls surrounding it, which were built for defense during the Second World War as an air raid shelter. You can also download the guide app to make your experience better from the play store or app store. Do not forget to visit the Georgian Mansion and Museum of Welsh army regiments. One of the best things to do in Cardiff could be to visit the Clock Tower which is a famous tourist site.

    2.Visit the interactive exhibition at Pierhead Building: The Pierhead Building stands strong and bears the weight of the century old history of this city. This building was built in 1897 and has helped Wales create its identity in the rest of the world. This building is also famous for its interactive exhibition that tells the compelling stories of Cardiff Bay, Welsh’s economy and civil identity from the last 200 years.

    3. Shop at the Royal Arcade: Cardiff is not just known for shopping but for the Victorian-era shopping experiences that it provides to both locals and tourists. One of the oldest and luxurious shopping centers here is the Royal Arcade which is a great place to buy souvenirs for your family and friends back home. If you are looking for something antique and special, you should definitely check out the Cardiff Antique Center.

    4. Visit the Senedd: The Senedd is the home of Welsh democracy and one of the most outstanding pieces of contemporary architecture. This is the parliament for the people of Wales. This building is situated overlooking Cardiff Bay and its glistening blue waters. The Senedd was inaugurated on St. David’s Day in 2006 by Queen Elizabeth II and eminent architect Lord Richard Rogers. You can take a free tour around this building and also watch a debate in its public gallery.

    5. Walk around the Cardiff Central Market: This market is known as the Cardiff Central Market as it is placed right in the center of the city. It is a Victorian-era shopping mall, consisting of local eateries, grocery stores, book stores and more. This is one of the cheapest places in Cardiff where you can buy the famous Laverbread made out of pure seaweed, fried breakfast and bacon, all cooked with local flavors. What adds to the charm of this building is that it is made up of a glass roof.

    6. Discover the city of Arcades: Cardiff is rightly called the city of arcades where you can spend time exploring more than 7 Edwardian and Victorian arcades. Each arcade is unique in its own way where you can experience the city’s café culture and take in the fantastic views of its architecture. You can also shop from Cardiff’s independent stores, visit boutiques and bistros for some vintage fashion, designer jewelry and record stores.

    7. Head to the Cardiff Story Museum: Cardiff Story Museum is not your typical museum, it presents objects and artifacts to the people in a creative way. It has a collection of more than 3,000 relics which are presented in a fun and interactive manner. As its name suggests, this museum tells an exciting story about the Welsh capital. After completing the tour of this museum you will be aware how Welsh grew from a small market town to being one of the busiest ports in the United Kingdom. You will also understand how the diverse destination you see today came into being. This is a free museum with luggage lockers so that the comfort of backpackers is ensured. 

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  2. Which are the best adventurous things to do in Cardiff?

    1. Go white water rafting in Cardiff International White Water: Made of artificial rapids, the Cardiff International White Water is an Olympic standard experience where you can try your hands on white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and indoor surfing. This center is located on the outskirts of Cardiff and is at a distance of 4 miles from the Cardiff Central train station. You can also engage in other activities nearby, including an ice rink, swimming pool and yacht club. Experience thrill like no other as you get, set and go on this wild and wet adventure.

    2. Open Water Swimming: Open water swimming differs to a great extent from swimming in a pool. In Open water swimming, you will experience unexpected currents and cold water and waves which will make it a great adventurous experience. Cardiff has many famous spots to practice sports, the famous ones are Jackson’s Bay, Llyn Padarn, Barafundle Bay, Plas Y Brenin and more. 

    3.Play at Treetop Adventure Golf: What’s a better adventurous thing to do in Cardiff than head to a place that has ‘adventure’ right in its name. Get ready for some epic minigolf adventures at Cardiff’s greatest rainforest. Here, you will challenge ancient spirits, make temples crumble and reign as the winner of mini golf games. There are two indoor, 18-hole courses, namely the Tropical Trail and the Ancient Explorer. No matter what your age is, this place has activities starting from kids under the age of 5 to senior masters above the age of 60.

    4. Spend some family time at the Llanelli Wetland Center: One of the best things to do in Cardiff, is visit the Llanelli Wetland Center which is a wide-open space where you can spend time nestled in nature among incredible animals and birds. You can set sail into the waters on a canoe or spot spectacular creatures like the Caribbean Flamingo. You can also hand-feed some of the friendliest creatures like geese, ducks and swans. The list of amazing things to do in Cardiff does not end here, explore the wild as you try to finish an outdoor obstacle course and head to Wiggly Wood to build an epic den or hideout.

    5. Explore sites with the Cardiff Codebreaking Walk: Cardiff has a plethora of attractions to visit and what’s better than exploring them on foot. Make walking and exploring fun by going on a Cardiff Codebreaking Walk. This walk will take you on an adventure around quirky landmarks, odd sculptures and rich history around Cardiff City Center and Brute Park. If you are wondering how this walk works, you need to solve 10 questions as you discover various things to do in Cardiff and crack the code at the end. This trail takes an hour or little more to complete.

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  3. What are the best things to do in Cardiff at night?

    1. Stroll around Brute Park: Being the largest urban park in Cardiff, Brute Park covers 1017 acres of land and is surrounded by many public attractions. The night view of notable places in Cardiff from Bute Park is mesmerizing in its own way. Spot some note-worthy places and other Cardiff things to see including - the National Museum of Wales and the Health Park Golf Course while you take a refreshing stroll. Visit this place after a tiring day or just to blow some steam off. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, the scenic night views of city life or just marvel at the beautiful scenery. If you are lucky enough you might be able to attend one of the popular events that take place here.

    2.Attend a musical show: Head to St. David’s Hall which is located near Cardiff Bay and has been a very popular venue for 50 years in South Wales. What makes this place famous is that it has staged popular events and concerts of opera singers and music artists including Franz Ferdinand and Tom Jones. This hall has a seating capacity of two thousand people so you can easily book your ticket. Ticket prices for shows on weekdays are cheaper than the ones on weekends. The shows here can be attended by both children and adults.

    3.Have a fun night out at Tiger Tiger: If you want a break from the cultural and historical sites and want to experience the happening life of Cardiff then head to Tiger Tiger for some fun-filled time. It is one of the most popular bars and is located at the Cardiff Central Station. If you wish to dance the night away, this place has a large dance floor which plays 40 hits from DJs every Friday and Saturday night. This place also hosts themed nights such as 80s vs 90s or a Girl’s night out. You can visit this place as a part of your night out as it is close to several other famous locations.

    4.Play Casino Games at Capital Casino: If you are a fan of gambling or just want to try your hands on it, then put your luck to test at the biggest and best casino in Wales, the Capital Casino. This place has cutting-edge light and sound technology which will definitely get you going for a night of excitement. This casino has more than 300 different slot machines starting from price as low as $0.01.

    5. Visit the Cardiff Bay: Head to Cardiff Bay which has gained popularity for its happening night life. Start your evening with some famous mouth-watering dishes like jalapeno-filled tacos or soy-topped Japanese sushi from the various eateries lined at the banks of Cardiff Bay. You can also attend a late night comedy show at the Glee Club or Head to a heated garden in Eli Jenkins. You can also choose to simply visit this place for some breathtaking views of the city and historical sites such as Victorian docklands, two castles, and an opera house. The views of these places remain unparalleled at night. 

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  4. What are the most romantic things to do in Cardiff?

    1. Take a romantic stroll at Cardiff Castle’s Rooftop Garden: This castle dates back to the time of the Roman Empire and is one of the oldest buildings in Cardiff. This castle stands strong on a small hill and is surrounded by walls. These walls were once used as air raid shelters during the Second World War. This area consists of a Georgian mansion and a museum of the Welsh army on the other. This is a great place to spend some time with your partner in peace and quiet as you explore history. You should definitely visit the famous clock tower here and also take a couple photos by The Animal Wall along Castle Street. When you visit the Castle grounds, do not forget to check out the rooftop garden. Just head up the spiral staircase until you come across a beautiful garden with painted tiles and water fountains. This can also be a great place for your dream proposal.

    2. Spend a night at the Opera: One of the best things to do in Cardiff with your partner is go to the Wales Millennium Centre to attend a night of Opera. The Wales Millennium Centre is the cultural hub of Cardiff. It has a main theater and two halls where concerts, operas, shows and plays are organized. One of the most interesting Cardiff things to see about this place is its architecture. This Center is also called ‘The Armadillo’ because of its unique design. This place houses a restaurant where couples can spend some quality time and enjoy a scrumptious meal. Do not miss out on watching operas with your partner as this will be an experience of a lifetime.

    3. Dinner at The Clink: Have you ever thought of dining in a prison? You can head to the Cardiff Prison where the food is cooked and served by prisoners who are training to rehabilitate and gain new skills and experiences. You do not have to worry about your safety as these prisoners are those who are not likely to re-offend. The aim of this hotel is that by dining at this place you encourage the prisoners to engage with people and take their first steps toward a new life. Another great thing to do in Cardiff is that the leather upholstery and boardroom tables here are made by the prisoners. Apart from the great thought behind this idea, this restaurant is famous for its food and world-class hospitality.

    4. Row a boat at Roath Park: Head to the Parkwood Outdoors Roath Park Lake and experience beautiful surroundings and a scenic view of the lake with your partner by your side. This place has a Victorian-themed setting and offers traditional boats that can be rowed by one to six people. Couples can have a boat to themselves and row it together as they float on the water and take in the view around them. Catch up on unsaid conversations or just enjoy the peaceful view of the waters with your partner and experience one of the most romantic things to do in Cardiff. The boats are equipped with life jackets and other safety equipment along with guidance from safety instructors before the rowing session. You can enjoy the view of the four islands from the center of the lake and get awestruck by the unique and protected birds residing on them.

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  5. What are the best things to do in Cardiff with Kids?

    1.Spend an interactive day at Techniquest: If you are a parent that wants their kids to have fun but at the same time develop their aptitude for science, then head to Techniquest. You can promise your kids that they will have a fun and interactive day out at one of the best things to do in Cardiff. Techniquest is a science center in Welsh that brings you face to face with various scientific inventions. The fun-filled experience is not just limited to this, as visitors will have a chance to get a hands-on approach to science, explore the science theater, visit the planetarium and spend some time at the discovery center.

    2. Explore the Fforest Fawr Sculpture Trail: Would you like to embark upon an adventurous journey with your kids in the midst of a forest? Then it's time to get outdoorsy and put on your sports shoes as Cardiff brings to you the Fforest Fawr Sculpture Trail set as a beautiful backdrop to Castell Coch. This trail is nestled in the woods above the Tongwynlais village.  As you begin your adventure, you might find the backdrop familiar as this location has been used for filming various productions.

    3. Have some fun time at Parc Play: As parents you probably look for activities that will tire the kids out after some fun-filled playtime. If you relate with this, then Parc Play is a great spot for you and your kids. This is a huge indoor and outdoor playcentre to the south of Bute Park. It has a plethora of activities for kids of all ages. For toddlers they have sand pits and water play areas. Older kids can indulge in table tennis and air hockey amongst others. Adults don’t have to worry about getting bored as there is a cute outdoor café lined with deck chairs, for you to relax and look at your little ones having the time of their lives.

    4. Go Swimming at the Cardiff International Pool: If your little one loves to spend time in water then one of the things to do in Cardiff is to plan a visit to the Cardiff International Pool. It’s a 50m (164ft) Olympic swimming pool that also has numerous slides reaching down from the roof. Kids are definitely going to have fun as they splish, splash, and slide down for some slippery fun. Being a parent must be stressful, so how does taking a sauna bath, a spa or spending time in a steam room sound to you? Yes, this place also provides these facilities for parents so that they can relax and unwind their stress away. You should definitely add this to your bucket list, maybe swimming in this pool might ignite a desire in your kids to become an Olympic champion.

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  6. What are the best things to do in Cardiff for free?

    1. Visit the National Museum Cardiff: For those visiting Cardiff on a budget and are looking for free attractions and best things to do in Cardiff to please your eyes, you should definitely visit the National Museum Cardiff. This museum is free to enter and depicts Wale’s national art, history and geology collections. These include numerous valuables from impressionist paintings to gigantic dinosaurs. You can spend some time indulging in the great relics as you take a stroll across the entire museum. This museum is also well-known for its occasional temporary exhibitions and events. These are not included in the free entry but can be accessed at a reasonable price.

    2. Take a stroll at Bute Park: Famously known as the green heart of Cardiff, the Bute Park is one of the UK's largest and most beautiful parks. Although called a park, this place offers a lot more than greenery. It has so many things to do in Cardiff from historic landscapes, urban woodland, sports pitches, arboretum, horticultural features, sculpture trail, a hidden garden café and a river corridor. Spanning across an area of 56 hectares, this is one of the largest parks in Wales. Even if you spend a whole day in this park, there will still be a lot to discover. It is impossible to not want to come back here after visiting this park.

    3. Enjoy cultural performances at the Wales Millennium Centre: It might be a little difficult to believe, but the famous Wales Millennium Centre is free to enter and look around and that is one of the best things to do in Cardiff. Situated at the heart of Cardiff Bay this Centre is a place of performing arts and world class entertainment. What’s special about this museum is that apart from the unique and lively performances that take place here, this building is made entirely out of Welsh materials like slate, steel, copper and wood. This makes The Wales Millennium Centre, one of the most architecturally significant buildings in Cardiff. There are also cafes, restaurants and bars where you can hang out and try delicious dishes. You can also enjoy some activities and cultural performances in the lobby area for free.

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  7. What is Cardiff famous for?

    The city of Cardiff is a cultural hotspot and the 11th largest city in the United Kingdom. This city is famous for its blend of Victorian architecture with modern innovation. Not just this, Cardiff is actually known as the City of Arcades as it has the biggest concentration of indoor shopping arcades in Britain. Some of the famous hotspots and things to do in Cardiff here are the Cardiff Castle – that stands atop a small hill as a reminiscence of the Second World War, Castle Quarter – the main shopping hub of Cardiff, Bute Park – The United Kingdom’s largest city parks, The Royal Arcade – for the Victorian era shopping enthusiasts and the Cardiff Central Market.
  8. What is the best time to visit Cardiff?

    The best time to visit Cardiff is during its summer season that extends from April to July. The days are relatively longer and warmer and there is less chance of rainfall. The average temperature during summers is 21.5 degrees Celsius. This time is also ideal as the city hosts some of the best Cardiff things to see, like its famous Cardiff Festival, or the Cardiff Summer Festival which involves music, food and parades. If you plan to try sailing, then summer is the best time for it.
  9. How many days do you need in Cardiff?

    If you wish to cover all the best things to do in Cardiff , three days would be an ideal for a visit to this city. You can cover attractions such as Cardiff Bay, St Fagans Museum and Caerphilly Castle. Caroline St is well-known for its nightlife and restaurants that serve some tasty treats and  you can also choose to spend your weekend exploring the various things to do in Cardiff. 
  10. How To Reach Cardiff?

    1. By Flight: Cardiff Airport is located 16 km away from the city center, in the town of Rhoose. Being the only international airport in Wales, it serves destinations across Europe. You can get to the airport by shuttle buses and the airport's railway station.

    2. By Train: It is very easy to get to Cardiff by train as there are direct services to Cardiff Central railway station from LondonManchesterBirminghamEdinburghGlasgow and other major cities.

    3. By Bus: There are many direct services between Cardiff Central bus station and the UK's major cities including London, Swansea, Newcastle and Manchester.

    4. By Road: Owing to the M4 corridor, road access to Cardiff is quick and easy

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