15 Beaches Near Edinburgh That You Can't Miss To Visit In 2024

Top Beaches Near Edinburgh

Portobello Beach, Cramond Beach, North Berwick Beach, Aberdour Silver Sands Beach, Tyninghame Beach, Aberlady Bay Beach, Silverknowes Beach, Thorntonloch Beach, Gullane Beach, Yellowcraigs Beach, Seacliff Beach, Whitesands Bay Beach, Gosford Sands Beach, Belhaven Bay Beach, Musselburgh Beach and more.

Edinburgh is connected to various spectacular islands and beaches. It is the city that easily connects to all these islands and beaches within an hour. Some of the famous beaches near Edinburgh are Portobello beach, Cramond Beach, Tyninghame beach, North Berwick Beach, Aberdour Silver Sands Beach, etc.

All these beaches are worth visiting and give you a deep dive into the coastal activities near and around the beach. The islands and beaches are not only a stretch of the coastline but a full package of adventurous activities like kayaking, surfing, swimming, sunbathing, horse riding, fishing, windsurfing, rock climbing, off-roading, etc. Portobello is the most famous beach near Edinburgh, a great picnic spot.

Here are  some best beaches to visit near Edinburgh:

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Portobello Beach

Portobello is one of the unique beaches near Edinburgh which offers several events, competitions, etc. It is famous for its 2 miles of sandy beach which offers a mind-splashing refreshment.

The beach has a Victorian swimming pool with Turkish Baths nearby. It is the perfect beach near Edinburgh and well set to spend an afternoon.

Location: The coastline of the beach is at 20 minutes distance from princes street or just 15 minutes by bus from the mid-city.

Opening hours: It is open from 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM every day

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Cramond Beach

Cramond is an old village famous for fishing. The beach at Cramond is among the best beaches near Edinburg. It is a location with sandy beaches, cycle paths, and eye relaxing views.

It is the beach that offers a relaxing time with coastal drama and the location also presents a mesmerizing view filled with the beauty of the Firth of Forth. The village has a historical background too and is known for its ancient human settlement.

Location: Cramond beach is at a distance of seven miles, thirty minutes from Edinburgh.

Opening hours: The beach is open throughout the day but it is recommended to visit during low tides.

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North Berwick Beach

Among all the beaches near Edinburgh, North Berwick beach is the one with a pleasant and calm vibe. It fills your heart with the glorious view of the Firth of Forth and Bass Rock nearby. The beach is surrounded by numerous places to spend time like shops, and various cafes offering delicious food with beachy feels.

North Berwick beach is a hub for a lot of exciting things like renowned events, fests, and golf course clubs. Some of the major events that lit the North Berwick beach are Puffin Fest, Fringe by the Sea, North Berwick Games, etc.

Location: The beach is at a distance of about 28 miles, 30 minutes from Edinburgh by train. 

Opening hours: The beach is open throughout the day and offers no lifeguards.

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Aberdour Silver Sands Beach

The best beach near Edinburgh, “Aberdour silver sands beach” is surrounded by the coastal glamor of Inchmickery and Inchcolm islands. The beach offers tranquil countryside and a coastline with charming views. It is a small secluded beach with pots for picnics and a playful vibe for children.

The beach is completely safe as lifeguards are there on the beach. All other facilities like restrooms, cafes and other medical services are present in the precinct of the beach.

Location: Aberdour silver sands beach is at a distance of 21 miles, 60 mins from Edinburgh.

Opening hours: The beach is open throughout the day.

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Tyninghame Beach

Tyninghame is a beach near Edinburgh which offers a vast stretch of golden sand. It is one of the best beaches near Edinburgh and in the south of Scotland. Picnic Spots are there to enjoy the scenic beauty all around.

The beach is crowded majorly during the summer months. There are not many facilities available on this beach. You may find it difficult to find toilets near the beach, no lifeguards are available on the beach hence it is advised to be safe.

If you choose to go there in your vehicle, parking is available but you may find it difficult to park it. Local People around the beach are helpful. It's easy and more convenient to enjoy on weekdays rather than on weekends.

Location: The beach is 33 minutes from Edinburgh via taxi and buses are also available.

Opening hours: The beach is open 24 hours.

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Aberlady Bay Beach

Aberlady Bay beach is considered to be one of the oldest nature reserves, among all the beaches near Edinburgh. It is renowned for its blissful natural treasure. The Bay is also known for its rising high tides that quickly spread around the ground. Do make sure you take care while exploring the beach area.

While walking near the sea it is essential to examine the tides, especially when you are there with kids.In terms of safety, there are no lifeguards as such. Being a nature reserve it does not have that many facilities around.

Location: The beach is about 30 minutes away from Edinburgh.

Opening hours: The beach is open throughout the day.

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Silverknowes Beach

Silverknowes is filled with sand and pebbles which give a complete relaxation of beach therapy. The island is not inhabited but generally has some old military structures. The beach is the Northwest of Edinburg. The beach is Sandy and is surrounded by a small village hence facilities like small cafes and coffee shops are there.

Services like lifeguards and parking are missing at the beach but amenities like restrooms are available in the nearby area. Promenade along the beach offers you a walk on the coastline. The view of the surrounding precinct includes a golf course, firth of forth, and Cramond island.

Location: The beach is at 26 min distance from Edinburgh.

Opening hours: The beach is open 24 hours.

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Thorntonloch Beach

Thorntonloch is a beach near Edinburg, of about 400m stretches surrounded by beautiful greenery, and is popular for its fishing culture. There are many activities like fishing, swimming, kites surfing, and windsurfing, enjoyed by the visitors at this beach. The beach has basic facilities but no lifeguards. Services like cafes and restaurants and shops are there but at a distance of 5 to 6 miles.

Location: It is about 32 miles from Edinburgh. 

Opening hours: The beach is open 24 hours

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Gullane Beach

This is one of the best beaches near Edinburgh. It is famous for being a host of various championships and events of gold. Gullane is a hub of golf courses. The beach is excellent in terms of views and people also enjoy activities like windsurfing, picnics Sunbathing etc.It is people's favorite location for activities like swimming as well. No lifeguards are available. Basic amenities and parking facilities are there.
Location: The beach is at a distance of 20 miles, 37 minutes from Edinburgh via taxi.

Opening hours: The beach is open throughout the day.

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Yellowcraigs Beach

Yellowcraigs beach is also called broad sand's Bay. It caters to a wonderful view of Fidra island which is famous for being an inspiration to Treasure Island, a Marvel of Robert Louis Stevenson. It is a great beach near Edinburg, a place to enjoy sand forest grassland at the same time. Some parts connect the Woodland and grasslands which offer horse riding.

In terms of facilities and amenities, it does not offer any Cafe or restaurant but it is the best place for a picnic and to enjoy activities like Rock pooling and horse riding. Recommended to be careful at and around the beach as there are no lifeguards available.

Location: The beach is at a distance of 23 miles, 45 minutes from Edinburgh.

Opening hours: The beach is open throughout the day.

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Seacliff Beach

The Sea cliff beach is full of calmness and breathtaking views. This beach is surely one of the best beaches near Edinburgh. Offers spectacular views of Bass rock and dense Woodland behind it.

People enjoy activities like Kayaking, kites surfing, swimming, windsurfing, rock pooling, horse riding, etc here.Beach has amenities like a toilet and full day-out facilities and has a perfect marine Vibe for children.  The surrounding includes the smallest harbor with few boats and a narrow channel also it has curved sandstone rocks which connect the present to late 19th century.

Location: At a distance of 30 miles, 45 minutes from Edinburgh.

Opening hours: The beach is open throughout the day.

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Whitesands Bay Beach

Whitesands Bay beach is a secluded but highly attractive destination for visitors. It has both coastal and grassland attractions. Behind the beach, grassy and natural grassland has a wide range of flora. The beach stretch invites the morning sun in such a way that people visit in the early mornings to swim and enjoy the glory of the Sun. The coast is also famous for being a source of limestone. 

The beach offers numerous fun and natural beauty, people enjoy swimming, surfing, and rock pooling during low tides. In terms of safety you are recommended to take care on your own there are no lifeguards present. A parking facility is there in the grassy area.

Location: At a distance of 31 miles, 45 minutes from Edinburgh.

Opening hours: The beach is open throughout the day.

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Gosford Sands Beach

It is the beach near Edinburg filled with sand and shingles along with its coastal calmness. It is a west-facing beach that invites western winds to the surrounding areas.Besides the beach, there is a privately owned property with a huge scaled entrance which gives it a sense of habitat. The coastline offers a peaceful time for all the activities like bird watching, kite flying, etc.

Location: Gosford Sands beach is at a distance of 33 minutes from Edinburgh, Cockenzie and Port Seton are the nearby towns.

Opening hours: The beach is open throughout the day.

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Belhaven Bay Beach

A well-connected beach near Edinburgh, with Dunbar town nearby. Belhaven has a good stretch of beach for people to walk around, and enjoy the sand, setting, and rising sun. Takes you to wonderful views of Forth, salt marshes dunes, etc. Availability of parking allows families to visit together with a whole picnic mood.

Location: At a distance of 27 miles and 45 minutes from Edinburgh.

Opening hours: The beach is open throughout the day.

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Musselburgh Beach

Musselburgh is a town with historic importance, having evidence of settlements around 2000 years old. Also, it is famous for having links with golf since 1672. Mussel beach is a short stretch beach, a thrilling place to enjoy during low tides. You can experience the thrill by getting closer to the beach at the low tides. The beach is a safe and great place to be.

Location: At a distance of 5.6 miles and 19 minutes from Edinburgh.

Opening hours: The beach is open throughout the day.

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People Also Ask About Edinburgh

  1. What are the best beaches near Edinburgh?

    1. Cramond Beach: It is one of the several beaches near Edinburgh and an island on the Firth of Forth. Beach is full of activities like fishing, cycling, surfing, etc. The nearby area has cafes and restaurants as well.

    2. Portobello Beach: 
    Portobello beach is the most famous beach near Edinburgh. It experiences a huge amount of visitors every year. Beach is a house for numerous events and competitions.  A perfect escape for an outing, adventure,  swimming,  surfing, etc.  Cafes around the beach keep the crowd refreshed.

    3. North Berwick Beach: 
    North Berwick is a beach that offers spectacular views of bass rocks, and firth of forth. The nearby gardens and flora with wildflowers are award-winning natural perks. The beach is sandy and gives the perfect place for activities like walking, and relaxing.

    4. Aberdour Silver Sands Beach: 
    Silver sandy is a short beach near Edinburgh with plenty of facilities and services along the coast. The beach has all the amenities to make it suitable for visitors. It offers activities like kayaking, fishing, sailing, surfing, swimming, windsurfing, etc.

    5. Belhaven Bay Beach: 
    Belhaven beach has a mixture of natural beauty all around, marshy landscape, dunes, salt marshes, grasslands, etc. All these natural perks make the beach heavenly. Belhaven is approached through a small bridge generally referred to as a “bridge to nowhere”. It has facilities like restrooms and walkways near the beach but does not have lifeguards at the beach

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  2. Which are the best adventurous activities to do in Edinburgh?

    1. Espionage Missions: An event that invites groups of people to get together and form teams to perform interactive games and puzzles. It is an interactive event that boosts excitement within the teams and groups of people to manage tasks for the treasure hunt. The team members are expected to plan strategically for every task of the hunt.

    2. Edinburgh Vaults: 
    Edinburg is known for its historical background filled with darkness.  The network of vaults which have been there since the 1700s is the most fascinating part of the city. It tells the dark stories of slum dwellings and provides all the necessary context about the past of the city.

    3. Epic Ventures in Edinburgh: 
    It is an event that has a variety of adventurous activities like Rock climbing, off-roading, kayaking in the sea river, Mountain biking, problem-solving, water soloing, etc. All these activities can be done in teams and groups. Beaches near the Edinburgh areas have all the sites to enjoy these fun activities. Timings and days can be fixed by the visitor accordingly.

    4. Edinburgh Castle
    The castles of Edinburgh are world famous. The castle has been known to be the home of kings and queens for years. The interesting fact about the castle is that it stands on rocks. Presently no one lives in it, now it is occupied by the government and is a great tourist attraction.

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    5. Blackford Hill: 
    Blackford hill is a trail in the capital city of Scotland.  It is a 5.3km long route full of fun. It is famous for hiking, mountain biking, running, etc. This adventurous hill is open throughout the year to explore. It offers scenic mountainous views as well as peace, hence people visit this hill seeking solitude.
  3. What is the best time to visit Edinburgh?

    The best time to visit Edinburgh is from June to august. In these months the temperature of the city is the best suited. But at the same time, it is the busiest time in the city. Especially if you are planning to visit Edinburgh for site seeing it is recommended to visit during May and September. During these months the days are longer and hence you get enough time to explore and enjoy the beaches and other activities in the city.

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  4. What is special about Edinburgh?

    Edinburgh is famous and renowned to be the first city to have its fire services for the very first time in the entire world. It has 112 parks and various beaches nearby. Also, Edinburgh Castle is a great tourist attraction, it is famous for the fact It was built on an extinct volcano. The whole city is a fascinating marvel of architecture.

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  5. How many days do you need in Edinburgh?

    If you are visiting Edinburgh for the first time, it is recommended to plan it for two to three days. The city of Edinburgh is compact but several linked places and beaches require time to explore.

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  6. What are the other attractions and activities in London you can book via thrillophilia?

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