15 Things to Do in Edinburgh at Night In 2024 | Updated List

Activities to Do in Edinburgh at Night

Visit Edinburgh Castle, Take a Ghost Tour, Watch a Show at The Stand-Up Comedy Club, Enjoy a Stroll Along the Beach, Catch a Movie at Dominion Cinema, Stargaze at the Royal Observatory, Catch a Show at Edinburgh Playhouse, Visit Camera Obscura and World Of Illusions, Stop by Edinburgh Dungeon and more.

Being the capital city of Scotland, there are a lot of amazing things to do in Edinburgh at night. After Enjoying the whole day on the beach, would you like to have some thrill at night? or a peaceful session of star gazing? Edinburgh has it all. The city is full of adventurous activities, organized visits and walks during the daytime as well as at night.

Some of the things to do in Edinburgh night can be, a visit to Edinburgh Castle, an evening at the beach, a stroll up to the Royal mile, a bus ride through various haunted vaults of Edinburgh, etc. A theater person can enjoy the world-class theatrical experience at dominion cinema, An astronomical enthusiast can spend a night at the Royal Observatory, a swimmer can explore the portobello beach. The city is filled with all the colors of fun and adventure, choose the one you love the most.

Here are some of the best things to do in Edinburgh at night:

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Visit Edinburgh Castle

One of the World's most famous castles, “Edinburgh castle” is a world heritage site. The castle acts as a safety guard for the nation and is a world-famous attraction for tourists. The castle used to be the treasury of the nation. All the records, assets, jewels, magical amulets and all other precious things were kept there. 

The queen took her last breath in the castle and hence St Margaret's chapel was built in her honor in the early 12th century. The great hall in the castle was built in the 15th century and the Half Moon Battery in the 16th century.  Also, a War Memorial was established here after the first World War. AT present Edinburgh castle comes under the Scottish government.

Location: The castle is in the Edinburgh city center and can be easily accessible by train, bus, taxi, etc.

Opening hours: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Entry Tickets: 18 Euros per adult

Checkout And Book: Edinburgh Castle Tour

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Enjoy At Camera Obscura And World Of Illusions

Camera obscura is a world of illusion filled with lots of fun and excitement for all age groups. It takes you to 360 views of the city of Edinburgh. Interactive camera obscura shows the unique activity that happens in a dark room with a beam of light on a table, the chamber exposes the live images of the city using daylight and reflections. An interesting way to explore the city and its hidden secrets.

Location: The Royal Mile, 549 Castlehill, Edinburgh

Opening hours: Every day 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Entry Tickets: 18.95 Euros per person

Click Here To Book: Camera Obscura And World Of Illusions Tickets

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Stop By Edinburgh Dungeon

Edinburgh dungeon is a tourist attraction and is among the great things to do in Edinburgh at night. It is an underground journey through various interesting stops which includes live actor shows and theatre experience.

It begins with a judgemental court followed by witches' judgement, torture chamber, cannibal cave, Anatomy theatre graveyard, Mary King's Close, Castle ghost and Edenberg's vaults.All these will explode you with Edinburgh's history through live shows performed by professional actors. 

Location: 31 Market St, Edinburgh

Opening hours: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Entry Tickets: 19.76 Euros per person

Best Offers Only On: 
Edinburgh Dungeon Tickets

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Explore Edinburgh Vaults

Explore the thrilling Edinburgh vaults and the most exciting things to do in Edinburgh night. The ghost tour takes you to the dark era of murder, crime, and the horrific past of Scotland and Edinburgh.

 Explore the cobblestone lanes of the Royal mile and alleys along it.These vaults are considered to be the scariest places around the globe, get on the tour and find out why!

Location: there are 120 rooms and vaults along the Royal mile.

Opening hours: Tour duration 1 hour, opening hours 10 am to 10 pm

Tickets: Yes

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Take A Ghost Tour

Edinburgh is full of stories about the dark historical past. The city offers you organized tours to discover the mysterious and haunted places like underground vaults filled with secrets, old town's wynds, the most haunted graveyard, Greyfriars kirkyard, etc. Enjoy the 400-year-old history in the dark vaults of Edinburg.

The ghost tour is one of the most adventurous things to do in Edinburgh at night. There are various tours including distinctive areas of the city. Choose the best one for yourself. The tour is generally 1 hour to 1 and a half hours.

Location: The tour covers the main parts of the city. Generally starts from, 124 High St, Edinburgh

Opening hours: evening after 6:00 pm

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Watch A Show At The Stand-Up Comedy Club

The standup comedy club in Edinburgh offers a night full of giggles. The club organizes standup 7 days a week and it is the most recommended thing to do in Edinburgh night. The Stand serves a world-class theatrical experience with stand-up comedy shows, open mic and mind-boggling entertainment. It also houses a bar with a wide range of drinks, coffee, and delicious food options.

Location: 5 minutes walk from Princess street.

Opening hours: 10:00 am to 11:00 am

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Explore All (12)

Enjoy A Stroll Along The Beach

Beaches are great attractions during the daytime. Strolling at the seaside at night may give you a lifetime experience. The seaside experience is the easiest thing to do in Edinburgh at night.

Some of the beaches like portobello, and Cramond are the most attractive ones and you can enjoy the evenings there. A blissful view of sunset on a cycle along the promenade of Cramond sounds heavenly right.

Location: Nearby the city, easily accessed by any public mode of transport.

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Catch A Movie At Dominion Cinema

Edinburgh has a modern cinema dominion Edinburgh to offer you the latest movies. It is a luxurious art deco-style movie house. It May sound like a pretty obvious recommendation but the uniqueness of the cinema is not something to miss and it can be the on of the most joyful things to do in at Edinburgh night. 

Location: Newbattle Terrace, Edinburgh

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Stargaze At The Royal Observatory

The Edinburgh Royal observatory is known to be the major astronomical research center in the UK. It is located in Blackford Hill. The observatory includes pieces of equipment and works of Newton and Galileo as well. It also hosts planetarium shows, astronomy talks, and guiding sessions to see the night sky.

Location: Blackford Hill, Edinburgh

Entry Fees: Paid

Opening hours:  7:00 AM To 7:00 PM

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Catch A Show At Edinburgh Playhouse

The Edinburgh Playhouse has the largest audience holding capacity in the UK among all the working theaters. It served as a cinema in the older days but presently it majorly hosts large-scale musical and entertainment events.

The management,  Ambassadors Theater Group (ATG) organizes various performances and shows every year. It is the gem of the cultural world of Edinburgh and Scotland.

Location: Greenside Pl, Edinburgh

Opening hours: According to show timings

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Take A Haunted History Bus Ride

An ominous ride in the most haunted city in the world with a Supernatural experience is one of the things to do in Edinburgh at night. A haunted bus ride for an hour can be something which you will enjoy the most if interested in haunted and supernatural activities.

A double-decker bus will take you through the tourist attractions like the palace of Holyroodhouse, a walk in the most haunted cemetery, and Greyfriars church.The ride is about an hour long and takes you to discover the history of Edinburgh castle, Grassmarket, and the Royal mile.

Location: Lawn market, Edinburgh

Tickets: Yes, you need to book a slot for the ride.

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Take A Mary Kings Close Tour

Mary kings close is a preserved close of the real Mary King located under Royal mile. This  tour  is a bone-chilling experience and one of the highly recommended things to do in Edinburgh at night.

The journey sprinkles a pinch of history, architecture, culture, ghost stories in the tour. It is the street which was sealed off from the world, having people suffering from bubonic plague.

Location: 2 Warriston's Cl, Edinburgh

Tickets: yes

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Stroll Around Princes Street

Princess Street in Edinburgh is the main connecting street from east to west in the city center. It used to be the street famous for shopping, stores of all big brands were located here. Also, there are gardens along the street with lots of trees, seating, lawn area, etc. Nice and peaceful place to spend time with the perks of street food.

Location: Edinburgh's New town

Timings: 24 hours

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Marvel At Festival Theater

Festival theater was designed in 1994 as an opera house and presently it hosts lots of events of various artforms throughout the year. Theater stage is known to be the largest performance stage in Scotland. Going there for a movie is among the most recommended things to do in Edinburgh at night. 

Location: Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

Tickets: Yes, you need to book the show tickets of your interest.

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Climb To The Top of Arthur’s Seat And Watch The Sunrise

Arthur's seat is the highest among the seven hills in Edinburgh, popularly known to be an extinct volcano. Hiking the hill while visiting Edinburgh has to be on the to-do list. And to watch the sunset is among the best things to do in Edinburgh at night.

In 20-30 mins you will climb the peak and from there you can enjoy the old and new Edinburgh, and other panoramic views of the city. As it's Scotland don't forget to take some hot chocolaty sips with you. Be prepared and keep yourself warm.

Location: Near Edinburgh's castle

24 hour

People Also Ask About Edinburgh

  1. What are the best things to do in Edinburgh at Night?

    Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland is the most visited tourist-friendly city. It offers various fun activities, thrilling adventures, and beaches with numerous historical places and castles. The city not only fills your day with fun but also uplifts the visit with night activities. 

    1. Watch a show at The Stand Comedy Club: 
    Edinburgh hosts the world's largest comic festival, the fringe festival. Along with this, the city has a stand comedy club which enhances the comic culture in the city. It boosts local comedians and serves world-class entertainment to its audience.

    2. Stargaze at the Royal Observatory: 
    The Royal Observatory is known to be the major astronomical research center in the UK. The observatory is located in Blackford Hill and includes pieces of equipment and works of Newton and Galileo as well. It also hosts planetarium shows, astronomy talks, and guiding sessions to see the night sky. The observatory has a great website which tells the best time to visit.

    3. Take a ghost tour: 
    Edinburgh is known for its dark past and for being on the list of most haunted cities. If you are interested in Supernatural and haunted stories, a ghost tour is one of the best things to do in Edinburgh at night. The tour will fill your visit with thrill, and entertainment and will leave you astonished with the horrifying facts and incidents of the city.

    4. Visit Edinburgh Castle: 
    One of the historic landmarks of the city is Edinburgh castle, with its golden shining lights it brightens the whole city. An evening stroll at the Royal mile up to the castle is filled with shining sky. Princess street nearby also offers plenty of refreshments and options to eat.

    Know More: Things To Do In Edinburgh
  2. What are the best things to do in Edinburgh at night with kids?

    1. Take a Harry Potter Tour: If you are a Harry Potter fan! This will amaze you with its sites and locations. A train journey which will take you from key locations of Harry Potter. It has all the amazing locations featured in all 8 parts of Harry Potter from the “prisoner of Azkaban” to the “chamber of secrets” to the “goblet of fire” and also the rest of them.

    2. Star night at Royal observatory: 
    The Royal Observatory is the place to spend a night full of stars and astronomical talks. If you are an astronomical enthusiast it is the best place to be with family and kids. The observatory is also an educational centre and organises workshops and seminars to educate people about astronomical facts. 

    3. Walk around Portobello Beach: Portobello beach is an award-winning seaside which hosts various famous events and competitions like international volleyball competitions.  It is in the city centre with a long stretch of flat beach which invite visitors to walk. A perfect escape for an outing, adventure,  swimming,  surfing, and the best place to hang out with kids in the evenings.

    Read More: Places To Visit In Edinburgh
  3. How to reach Edinburgh?

    From nearby cities, you can reach by train at Edinburgh Waverley railway station. But from farther places, air travel is recommended. Most places in and around the city are easily accessible by public transport. All the beaches and islands nearby the city are connected via road and hence can be explored by bus, taxi, and even by train. You can take a bus to any beach from princess street or the city center. 
  4. How far is Edinburgh from London?

    Edinburgh is at a distance of 665k from London which would take around 7-8 hours to reach. You can fly or go by train. Traveling by train is the recommended mode of transport from London to Edinburgh as it is the most easiest and convenient. There are fast trains as well which run at 125 mph and take around 4.5 hours to reach Edinburgh.
  5. What is special about Edinburgh?

    Edinburgh is known for its castle built on an extinct volcano which also has historical importance. Other things which make the city special are the royal mile, the fact that it is the first city in the world to have its fire service, its dark history etc.

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    Here are the other attractions and activities in London you can book via thrillophilia:
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    5. Dover Castle Ticket
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