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Nusa Dua tour packages are purchased by millions of tourists every year who visit the place. Nusa Dua is a small town located in Bali, Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the major tourist hubs of Asia, and Nusa Dua also hosts quite a few of them. Nusa Dua is a coastal town, therefore water bodies are present in abundance here. Lakes and rivers are a common sight here. One can also find a number of world-class beaches located in Nusa Dua. The beaches present here are some of the best in the country. People from all over the world visit the beaches here and have a gala time. The beaches of Nusa Dua are not known only for the spectacular view they offer, but also for the water sports activities, one gets to try here. Parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling are few of the activities which can be done here. Snorkeling is the most convenient activity to carry out in water as one does not require oxygen tanks or special suits for it, all they require is a snorkeling mask. With the help of this mask, one gets to view the marine life present in Nusa Dua.

 Nusa Dua is not just about the beaches or the activities available here, it is also about the amazing sites which one can visit here. The Pasifika Museum is a major tourist attraction and is the best place to visit if one wants to about the local culture and tradition of Nusa Dua. One can also trek and go to a hilltop to enjoy the beautiful picturesque view of the surrounding. With the best Nusa Dua tour packages, it is an outstanding place to spend one’s vacation as they get to enjoy different aspects of nature here. It is a beautiful place and by coming here, one feels as if they are spending their vacation in heaven.

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We had a great time in parasailing, Lots of fun and Would definitely recommend.

People Also Ask About Nusa Dua Tours

  1. Which are the best places for water sports in Nusa Dua?

    Nusa Dua is the southern region of the city Bali in Indonesia. It is a coastal area, therefore, there are quite a few beaches here. These beaches offer umpteen number of water sports activities and few of them are:

    • Parasailing- it is often considered to be an adventure activity and is an extremely exciting activity.
    • Jet Skiing- Jet skiing is a lot of fun as one feels that they are riding a bike on water, this experience is something which very rare to find.
    • Banana Boat ride- a group of people are made to sit on a boat shaped like a banana and they are made to row against rapids of the river.
    • Scuba Diving- one gets to experience the aquatic life due to this activity.
    • Surfing- this activity is probably the most famous activity here and people love to try it out.
    • Snorkelling- it is just like scuba diving without any fancy gears. One does not get to go deep in the water in this activity but they do get to observe the life in water.
  2. Which are the best sites for scuba diving in Nusa Dua?

    Scuba diving is one of the most sought-after activities in the whole world and since there are a number of water bodies present in Nusa Dua, scuba diving is a very famous activity here. It can be said that scuba diving is one such activity in which one gets to experience aquatic ecosystem. The stunning experience of swimming with fishes, holding them in your hands and observing them is simply beautiful. It is very difficult to gain an experience as such by any other activity. Scuba diving in Nusa Dua is even more special as one gets to dive in the Pacific Ocean here. The best sites for scuba diving in Nusa Dua are:

    •    Jalan Setra Gandamayu
    •    Jalan Pratama
    •    Jalan Siligita
  3. Which are the most adventurous trekking tours in Nusa Dua?

    Nusa Dua is a place which has quite a few hills in it, therefore people who visit Nusa Dua do try out trekking. Trekking is the best way to explore nature in its true sense. The trekking routes in Nusa Dua are pretty risky and adventurous and are considered to be the best in the country. People from all over Indonesia come to Nusa Dua to try out this activity. Even though trekking is an amazing activity, and one gets to experience a lot of things on their trek. But the highlight of a person’s trek is never the journey to the top of the hill, it is always the moment when one reaches the top. The feeling of triumph one gets and the panoramic view of the scenic beauty one gets to see is always the highlight of one’s trek. The most adventurous trekking tours in Nusa Dua are:

    •    Tabanan
    •    Sambangan
    •    Mount Batur
  4. Which are the popular surfing destinations in Nusa Dua?

    Surfing is an extremely difficult water sports activity and it is quite prevalent Nusa Dua. A person swims with a surfing board away from the shore for this activity and waits for a high tide to come. When the high tide occurs, the person stands on the board and tries to balance itself in such a manner that they move forward. Although surfing is an exciting activity, it is not advisable to people who do not know swimming. It takes years of practice to properly do surfing. The popular surfing destinations in Nusa Dua are:

    •    Suluban
    •    Padang Padang
    •    Bingin
    •    Balangan
    •    Canggu
  5. Where can I enjoy parasailing and paragliding in Nusa Dua?

    Parasailing and paragliding are two very similar yet very different adventure activities. In parasailing, a person is tied to a parachute and the other end of the rope is tied to a speedboat. When the boat moves, due to its speed, the parachute goes up in the air. When the boat stops moving, the parachute slowly comes down. In paragliding, a person is tied to a glider and they have to jump off a cliff. After jumping, the person floats in the air and can change their direction. In both the activities when gets a bird’s eye view of the surrounding. Both the activities are equally thrilling and the best places to enjoy them are:

    •    Tanjung
    •    Benoa Tirta Harum
    •    Sawangan
  6. Which are the best sites for dolphin watching in Nusa Dua?

    Nusa Dua is a coastal village in Bali, therefore there are a number of water bodies present in the place. The presence of so many water bodies makes it possible for tourists to see some outstanding water animals. Dolphins are wonderful creatures. They are the most-friendly animals on the planet and it is a treat to watch them. Nusa Dua is one place where people from all over the world come to view dolphins. Nusa Dua has been blessed with quite a few places where one can spot dolphins. The best sites for dolphin watching in Nusa Dua are:

    •    Seminyak
    •    Pemuteran
    •    Denpasar
    •    Blahbatuh
  7. Where can I visit rice fields in Nusa Dua?

    Indonesia is a country which has a rich harvest of rice every year. In fact, they are one of the leaders in per hectare rice yields of the world. Rice is one of the most widely eaten items in Indonesia and they produce it in large quantities. The rice fields of Indonesia are a spectacle to watch. One will be stunned by the efficiency of the workers on the rice fields and by the view of lush green lands. Just like of Indonesia, the rice fields of Nusa Dua are also amazing to watch. One should visit the rice fields of Nusa Dua during their stay here. Places where one can visit rice fields in Nusa Dua are Perum Puri and Dasa Temesi.

  8. Where can I enjoy ATV rides in Nusa Dua?

    Just as the name suggests, ATV or the all-terrain vehicle can be ridden on any plane. Nusa Dua is a town in Bali which has a number of hilly regions in it. The place also has a lot of beaches. There are different kinds of planes present in Nusa Dua which makes the ATV ride all the more interesting. One gets to experience riding on different kinds of planes and the best part about going on an ATV ride is the picturesque view of the surrounding one gets to enjoy during their journey. Nusa Dua, as a whole, is perfect for ATV rides but the best places here to enjoy it are:

    •    Kuta
    •    Seminyak
    •    Legian
    •    Sanur
  9. Which are the best temples to visit in Nusa Dua?

    religions, therefore one cannot generalize the religious beliefs of the place. One thing which can be said about Nusa Dua is that the people of Nusa Dua take their religion very seriously and they believe a lot in their custom and traditions. Hinduism is quite prevalent in the town, therefore there are several temples which have been built here. Some of the best temples, which one should visit during their trip to Nusa Dua are:

    •    Puja Mandala
    •    Pura Geger
    •    Pura Jagatnatha
  10. Which are the best family-friendly tours in Nusa Dua?

    Nusa Dua is a place which hosts thousands of families every year. Therefore, it is a place which is very family friendly. There are quite a few places or tours where one can go to with their family and some of those places are:

    • Mengiat Beach- it is an amazing place to go with your family. One can have a fun time here enjoying with their kids, making sand castles and just relaxing on the beach.
    • Camel Safari- everyone loves safaris and the fun of a safari increases manifoldly if one gets to know that it’s a camel safari. Camel safari is one thing which will be liked by everybody.
    • Wildlife- one can go to any of the wildlife sanctuary or national park present in Nusa Dua with their family and explore the wildlife present here.
  11. Which are the best cycle tours in Nusa Dua?

    Cycling is a very fun activity. The thing that stands out about cycling is that one gets to travel from one place to the other without causing any pollution. Instead of harming the society, cycling helps in making it a better place by keeping the riders fit and agile. Cycling is often considered to be the best activity to keep oneself fit. It is very famous in Nusa Dua and there are several cycling tours which take place here. The best cycle tours in Nusa Dua are:

    •    Suma Bali Tour
    •    Trunyan
    •    Kawasan Pariwisata
  12. What are the romantic things to do on a honeymoon tour in Nusa Dua?

    The honeymoon is the most special trip for any person as it is the first time a couple goes out on a vacation, after tying the knot. Everyone want their honeymoon to be so special that they remember throughout their life. Nusa Dua is one such place which enables one to make their honeymoon special. It is a very romantic place which allows couples to have a great time here. Few romantic things which one can do in Nusa Dua are:

    • Go to romantic couple spas
    • Go for a romantic walk on the beach at night
    • Have a candlelight dinner at the beach
  13. What are the top attractions on a sightseeing tour in Nusa Dua?

    Nusa Dua is a town where there are numerous sites which one can visit during their trip here. The place hosts millions of tourists throughout the year who visit some of the top tourist attractions in the town. Some of those places are:

    •    Pasifika Museum
    •    Greger Beach
    •    Bali Golf and Country Club
    •    Bali International Convention Centre

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