Cycling in Indonesia

This transcontinental country is the largest island country in the world with some territories situated between Indian and Pacific Oceans, making it a diverse place with so many sightseeing opportunities that it is unfathomable to see it all in a short span of time. But whatever your duration of stay these tour packages ensure that you get the maximum benefit of the trip and take away the most memories from these beautiful Islands. The best way then to travel here is through cycling tours in Indonesia. That way you get to explore not only the Island’s main tourist areas but the more untrodden and undiscovered pathways through their rustic villages and their lush green fields. You can enjoy a lovely tour in Bali riding through its many villages like Kuta, Baisakih and some other famous landmarks. You can take a cycling tour at Ubud to the heartland of Bali and enjoy the ride along the countryside with canals and backwaters passing you by, while stopping to soak in the scenery. Do remember to pack light airy clothes since the weather will be temperate and you will be getting a lot of exercise there.


You can enjoy cycling tour at South Kuta, exploring the volcano mountain or the villages with salak plantations, cacao fields and paddy fields to witness nature in all its glory while hiking and trekking through these beautiful backroads. You can also do mountain cycling through Nusa Penida and enjoy the hilly terrain with the cool air against your face and the green verdant nature on your side. There are many options to also combine a cycling tour in Indonesia with adventure and enjoy some ocean soaking while riding through the villages of Indonesia and discovering the local vibe.

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