Boating in Indonesia

Bali may be the tourism capital of Indonesia, but the country has promise even beyond Bali. The Banana Boat Ride in Tanjung Benoa, Bali, is a lovely way to explore its beaches and greenery. Gili Island has fast-boats operating from Ubud to Lombok Islands. Beyond the variety of cruises in Bali, which include canoeing, fishing, snorkelling and tribal trips, there are many other best boating tours in Indonesia. The Flores-Komodo-Bali Cruise takes you on a week long sail to the places mentioned. The only point of consideration is, be responsible for your own safety. Avoid overcrowded boats and check for your own safety equipment. This way, boating will be both a safe and pleasurable experience.


However, the watersports-friendly beaches, Waterbom Park, the misty rice-fields, the underwater temple and Buddhist monasteries are a must-visit. Embark upon a volcanic adventure on your way to the Tangkuban Perahu crater, Bandung. Make a trip to the largest Buddhist monument of Borobudur, a UNESCO heritage site. Take the gorgeous sunrise tour here to get a real feel of the place. Sign up for a Batik workshop in Yogakarta, to learn the craft! Visit the Royal and Water Palaces and enjoy a traditional Gamelan concert while here. Make a trip to the Puri Agung Karangasem Palace in Amlapur and delve deep into the intricacies of their ornate interiors. Embark on the best boating tours in Indonesia on your vacation here.

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