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If you are still assuming that the best of your team can be achieved hoeing the team mates with new targets, you are definitely on the wrong side of the run! The limits of your corporate chamber can only camouflage the team members with hoax and fragility of mind. However, a little change in the daily routine of your corporate schedule can bring in a huge difference in the performance of your team. And the best result can be obtained by taking your team for an adventure team outing. Let’s roll with the best 25 destination for adventure team outing and decide which one is the most suitable to boost up your team:

1. Bannerghatta Jungle Lodge

bannerghatta Spotting of the big cats along with other exotic range of wildlife on a steady moving jeep; sounds enthralling, isn’t it?

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Located on the outskirts of Bangalore, Bannerghatta Jungle Lodges is the Shangri-La for all adventure activities your team can experience on a team outing. The lush, green and dense settings of the resort will surely amaze you all with a list of thrilling and adventurous activities. Glorified zoo, Bannerghatta National Park Once you are in the resort, you can engulf yourself into wildlife spotting, nature walk, zoo visit and several other activities. The rattling sounds of the jungle, calls of the wildlife and the mystique setting of the resort will surely keep your team enchanted during the entire adventure expedition.

2. Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

jungle-lodges-bheemeshwari Away from all the anxieties and agonies of corporate life, Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodge stands as one of the ideal destinations for an adventurous team outing experience. Nestled amidst some of the enchanting waterfalls and verdant forests, every corner of this ideal getaway is filled with the absolute blend of thrill and adventure.

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It is due to the vast range of adventure sports it offers; this getaway has become one of the most sought after destinations for adventure team outings. Bheemeshwari rafting Be it zip lining, kayaking or rope waling, this resort will offer you an unmatchable experience with its appealing list of adventure activities. Spotting the massive elephants, rough skinned crocodiles, lively deer, steady turtles and some other wildlife will keep you astounded! Also, while in this action-filled resort, you can test your angling skills by sporting for the great Mahseer.

3. King Sanctuary Resort

king-sanctuary-resort Moving beyond the gaze of corporate life, you can have an extremely enthralling experience amidst the flourishing greeneries of Nagarhole National Park. The King Sanctuary Resort, located close to this national park, is one of the finest and riveting resort for an adventurous team outing experience. Kings sanctuary_activitu The charismatic list of adventure activities offered by the King Sanctuary will surely keep you as well as your team enchanted. The scenic appeal, allurement and the zeal of the resort are competent enough to hold back your time and make you yearning for more. To name a few, jumaring, paintball, rope courses, river rafting and trekking are some of the activities offered by this resort.

4. Eagle Eye Holidays Resorts

Eagle Eye Resort Chikmagalur, one of the greenest and vibrant regions near Bangalore is the abode of the Eagle Eye Holidays Resort. Amidst the fascinating list of adventure activities offered by this resort, a break from normal work schedules will rejuvenate you and your team mates for sure!

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Eagle eye activity While the tree-house in this resort will host your stay above the ground, the exotic range of flora and fauna will keep you enchanted during your stay.

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Activities like trekking, camping, rock climbing, swimming and target practising will fulfill the group’s thirst for adventure and will also help them to cast away their worries and anxieties of corporate life. Also, the retreat centres in this resort will help all the members to shed away their tiredness after a day of rendezvous with so many activities.

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5. Banasura Hill Resort

Banasura-Hill-Resort-Wayanad Nestled between the natural marvels of Wayanad, Banasura Hill Resort is one of the sprawling resorts for the nature lovers. It is in this paradise, the nature will treat and greet you in most pleasant way, shaping your team outing into one of the most memorable and exciting trips of your life. banasura raft building An already acclaimed getaway, this resort offers an enchanting list of trekking trails and high mountain peaks.

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Bird watching and nature-walks around the surroundings of Banasura Hill Resort has its own flamboyance. With an addition of team building activities and other action packed activities, your stay at this resort can turn into one of the best experience ever!

6. Parkfield Resotel

Park Field Resotel Located away from the busy and noisy city-life, Parkfield Resotel can be one of the best resorts for an adventurous team outing. The lush green outlook of this retreat paradise entices the visitors with all its features and offerings. Be it the Mediterranean outlook of the resort or the list of activities it offers, it always double folds the delight of a team outing.

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The Anthargange Hills, located close by to this getaway is the main attraction of Parkfield Resotel. An idyllic destination around Bangalore for trekking, rock climbing, hiking, caving and rappelling, Antharange Hills offers the best experience of an adventure team outing. While at this resort, you might spoil yourself with the choices of adventure activities.

7. Guhantara, the Cave Resort

Guhantra, the Cave Resort If you and your team are tired with the hotchpotch of corporate life and are looking for an adventurous break away from the swarming crowd, Guhantra, the Cave Resort is the perfect getaway for you. Guhantra, the Cave Resort2 Acclaimed to be India’s first underground resort, Guhantra is one of its own kinds and offers the most pristine experience. Packed with adventure activities like Archery, Burma Loops, Zorbing, Quad bikes, Zip lining, Commando Bridge and a plenty of fun activities, the appeal and charm of Guhantra is beyond imagination.

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8. Emerald Isle with Anthargange

emarald isle Located on Old Madras Road, Emerald Isle is one of the easily reachable resorts from Bangalore. With a plethora of outdoor and indoor activities, spa treatments and openness, Emerald Isle can easily smack away the corporate chains engulfing your team mates. emarald isle activity In addition to the enthralling list of Out Bound Learning programs; Tyre Wall, Burma Bridge, Balancing Beam and Tunnel Cruise, the Anthargange Cave expedition also adds fun and excitement to the outing in Emerald Isle. Anthargange Cave Exploration (1)

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Extremely popular for caving, trekking, hiking, rock climbing and rappelling, the quest for adventure will never be complete without a visit to the Anthargange hills.

9. Machaan Resort, Nagarhole

nagarhole The Nagarhole National Park is the serene abode of the Machaan Resort. Located within 15 minute drive from the park, this holiday destination boasts of its vast and vibrant range of biodiversities and the scenic outlook of the Western Ghats.

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Surrounded with lush green plantations, this resort is one of the most sought after ones for adventure team outings around Bangalore. While wildlife safari offers the best view of the park’s wilderness, a list of theme based and outdoor activities will offer the best of adventure activities within the resort.

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10. Orange County Resort

kabini Located on the suburbs of Nagarhole Nature Reserve, Kabini Forest Reserve is one of the perfect getaways that will surely astound and you and your team with all its adventure offerings. A part of the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, this reserve sprawls over a 55 acre plot of lush greeneries that offers a myriad list of things to do. kabini activity

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Be it nature walks, jungle treks, boat rides, jungle safari, elephant safari or crocodile spotting, Kabini Forest Reserve has a lot to offer its visitors. Once you are in this piece of heaven, you will get awash with the plethora of its adventure activities.

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11. Bison Resort Dandeli

Dandeli Adventure Moving onto the Western Ghats of North Karnataka, Dandeli is the action house of all adventure sports. A team outing in Dandeli will surely fill your trip with enthrallment and excitement too. Bison Resort, one of the many adventure destinations in Dandeli suburb possesses the boon of spoiling you with choices while opting for fun and action filled activities.

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White water rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, caving and rock climbing in Bison Resort have their own delight and thrill. And if after experiencing all these stroking activities, you opt for more, the resort has kayaking, trekking, bird watching, jungle safari, fishing, night camping canyoning and river crossing for you and your team. In a nutshell, this holiday getaway is one of the epitomes for adventure team outings around Bangalore.

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12. Jungle lodges Dubare

dubare resort Enchanting sights of the massive elephants has always been an affair of excitement to mankind. Given a chance to spend a day or ride on these mammoth mammals, thrill and adventure will overwhelm everyone. The Jungle Lodges in Dubare is the idyllic destination to enjoy such an ecstatic ride. dubare activity Located on the banks of the Cauvery River in Kodagu district, Dubare Elephant Camps is one of the tranquil and verdant destinations for an adventurous team outing experience.

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It is here in these camps, the elephants for the most sought after ‘Mysore Dussehra’ are trained and herded. In addition to the delightful rides and other adventure activities related to the tuskers, you can also try the jungle safari, capture some snaps of the exotic birds, ride the coracles and get engulfed into various team building activities.

13. Civet Creek, Coorg

civet coorg Given a chance to spend a day under the tepid rays of the sun without the buzzing of your cell phones, away from the bustling crowd of city-life and an inviting list of adventure activities; peace of mind will surely embrace all your senses! Civet Creek, one of the most popular resorts around Coorg is the serene dwelling where you can treat yourself in all these heavenly ways.

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Offering outdoor activities like jungle trails, target shooting, cycling, trekking and bird watching under the open blue sky, Civet Creek brags out as one of the best destinations for adventurous team outings. While you can keep yourself immersed in all these activities during the daytime, wildlife spotting through the night-vision devices will keep you enthralled during the nights.

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14. Jungle Inn Eco-Friendly Resort, Nagarhole

Jungle Inn Eco-Friendly Resort Along with boosting up the morale of team members, if you want to pump up their adrenalines, the Jungle Inn Resort can be your idle host.

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One of the closest resorts to the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, this adventure destination is also one of the best eco-friendly getaways for an ideal team outing around Bangalore. As the resort says: “Minimum inconvenience and maximum comfort”, it also proves thus! With a vibrant list of adventure activities like white water rafting, paintball, rappelling, high rope traversing and jummaring, Jungle Inn proves itself as one of the idyllic destination for adventure team outing.

15. Waterwoods Lodges & Resorts

For the enthusiasts of wildlife and the beauty of nature who also seek adventure, Waterwoods is the ideal destination for a team outing. Cosseted by the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks, this hideaway destination is the serene dwelling of some of the picturesque and deciduous groves.

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While Kabini River flowing alongside the resort offers the most enchanting boat ride, the jungles are ideal for safaris and wildlife spotting. Activities like ATV rides, canoeing and golf will add extra delight to your team outing in Waterwoods.

16.   Prakruthi Club

Prakruthi Club An ideal destination for corporate outings, couples and families, Prakruthi Club offers an inviting list of amenities and luxury aspects that can overwhelm your team outing. Located on the outskirts of Bangalore, this holiday destination is also popular for its various nature and adventurous activities. Prakruthi Club activity Zorbing, ATV rides, paintball challenge, adventure biking and other Resort Team-bound Challenges are some of the exciting and fascinating activities of this resort.

17. Red Earth Kabini

Red Earth Kabini Untouched by the anxieties of corporate life, Red Earth Kabini stands peaceful on the banks of the Kabini River. Surrounded by water bodies on both the sides, this resort fulfils the requirement for an adventurous team outing experience.

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kabini riverlodge-Ride

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Due to the close proximity of its premises with a vast range of wildlife, it can be called as one of the ideal destinations around Bangalore for jungle safari and bird watching. While experiencing the thrills around this retreat centre, you can also go for fishing expedition, cycling and can also overwhelm yourself with a spiritual visit to two Tibetan monasteries.

18. Jungle Hut, Masinagudi

Jungle Hut masinagudi Thriving in the lap of nature, Jungle Hut boasts as one of the best adventure destinations for team outing in the Nilgiri Range. Once you are in this resort, lush and verdant jungles, sparkling streams and a vibrant list of wildlife will embrace your entire team.

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A safari in this holiday retreat will make you familiar to most of the dwellers of the jungles and the cosy cottages of the resort will relinquish your tiredness after an action-packed schedule. In addition to safari, you can also take your team for a trekking trail and get enchanted while watching the many different species of exotic birds around the getaway.

19. Bheemeshwari Campsite

bheemeshwari campsite When there are so many options for an adventurous team outing destination, why should you decide to visit Bheemeshwari Campsite? What are the specialities of this retreat centre?

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Can it give an end to your search for adventure? Well, these are pretty obvious questions when you already have quite a bunch of names for adventure team activities! But what makes Bheemeshwari Campsite one of the must-to-visit destination is its call to enthralment. bheemeshwari campsite activity Located on the banks of Cauvery River, this campsite is bestowed with all the elements that make it a perfect destination for adventure team outings. Be it the stay in the tents, jumaring, rope traversing, jungle survival safari or the bonfire, this campsite will take you away from all the fretfulness of corporate life.

20. Eagleton – The Golf Village, Ramnagar

eagleton1 While on the search for a lucrative team outing destination near Bangalore, one cannot afford to miss out the name of Eagleton – The Golf Village. Spreading over a lush meadow of 300 acres, this resort can bring the end to your search for an imperial as well as adventurous getaway.Rapelling in RamanagarKnown for its relinquishing amenities, this resort also offers an enthralling list of activities. Amidst a striking list of team building activities offered by this resort, rappelling, trekking, chimney climbing and jungle paintball challenges will carry all your attention.

21. Misty Woods, Coorg

misty-woods-coorg Popularly known as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg has always fascinated the visitors with all its miraculous and scenic beauty. Gazing peaks, evergreen forests, rumbling waterfalls and rugged terrains of Coorg attracts adventure enthusiasts from all the corners of the globe. Misty Woods, one o f the most delightful and adventurous resorts for team outing, lies within this vicinity of Coorg. microflight misty woodscoorg

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Built over 100 acres of pristine meadows atop the ‘Karadi Moole’ mountain range, this holiday destination can easily make you cast away all the ruffles and worries of corporate life. With its enchanting list of activities like kayaking, trekking, waterfall rappelling, ATV rides and jeep safari through the jagged trails will surely astound you and your team members with all their charismas.

22. Safari Lodge, Bandipur

If you and your team are looking for an exhilarating wildlife and adventurous team outing, you should head towards the Safari Lodge. Located beside the Bandipur National Park, this resort offers the most pristine outlook of Bandipur’s surrounding and its exotic range of wildlife.

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Deciduous forests around this adventure destination are often visited by the dwellers of the jungles. Among all the enchanting species, the majestic Indian Tigers and Asiatic Elephants are the most enticing. Bandipur, being the home to a considerable number of tigers and elephants, will surely offer your team with a significant number of encounters with these mighty animals.

In addition to the   thrilling  jungle safari, your team can also get indulged into trekking and several other activities to boost up their team building abilities.

23. Seagot Banasura, Wayanad

001 To have one of the best experiences of team outing, one cannot afford to miss out the Seagot Banasura Resort in Wayanad. Surrounded by all the natural marvels, this holiday destination is one of the most preferred destination for a gratifying and overwhelming team outing. Banasura Island Camping in Wayanad is one of the best way to raise the team spirit among your team members. River Crossing One of the fun and action filled destinations, Seagot offers a varied list of activities that can keep you and your team enchanted during the entire stay.

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Along with some of the fun activities like boating, fihing, archery and campfire with music, this resort also offers adventure activities like Burma Bridge, zorbing, jummaring, bamboo rafting, river crossing, commando walking and mountain biking.

24. Peter’s Park, Yelagiri

peter's park Following the Bangalore-Chennai Highway, you can take your team to Peter’s Park, one of the most exquisite resorts in Tamil Nadu. Located between Athanavur and Mangalam, Tamil Nadu, this holiday destination is a unique combination of tradition and contemporary world.

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With several delightful cottages around, Peter’s Park treats all its visitors with extreme delight and splendour.The hilly location of the resort makes it an ideal destination for some of the adventure activities like trekking, bamboo rafting, rappelling and many more. While bird watching and biking are the indispensable activity of this resort, one cannot afford to miss out the visit to some of the pious temples within the surrounding of this getaway.

25. The Great Outdoors, An Island Resort

Last, but not the least in this enchanting list of adventure team outing destination is the Great Outdoor Island Resort in Karwar. Entirely untouched by the gimmicks of the outer world, this island resort is one of the best getaways to rejuvenate and revitalise you and your team members.

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Surrounded by the quaint water of the Arabian Sea, journey to the mainland of this island will offer you some of the astounding views of the sea and its dwellers. Upon reaching the mainland, you will surely be amazed by the flourishing magnificence of this holiday escape.

With all the rustic charm and delight a pristine ambience, the resort also offers some of the enthralling team outing experiences. Boating, rope traversing, rappelling and trekking are some of the adventure activities that can be undertaken in this island resort. Swimming and dolphin spotting in the Arabian Sea will fortify your experience in this island resort.

Apart from these adventurous team outing destinations, there are some of the famous places for one day team outing.