55 Things to Do in Taiwan | What to Do in Taiwan in 2024

Taiwan Things to Do

Visit Kenting National Park, Spend a day exploring Taichung, Explore the Rainbow Family village, Visit Cijin Island, Explore the Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County, Head Up High at 85 Sky, Visit Gold Museum at Taipei, Visit the Leofoo Village Theme Park, Explore National Palace Museum and many more.

Being a city that has caught the tourist eye for its modern architectural innovation, food and nature scapes that fill the soul with joy, there is no dearth of things to do in Taiwan. This not-so-big island settled in the south east coast of China is called the heart of Asia for a reason. Your list of things to do here is ought to top with visits to a couple of interesting places such as the Taipei 101, Rainbow Family Village, 85 sky, Nanya in Longdong and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

Dig deeper into the diversity of these places and one is sure to get stoked at the potential of exploration! One can never quite get enough of Taiwan things to do, for the land has an elongated list of places and activities certainly worth our attention. Adventure enthusiasts easily find their dose of adrenaline rush in activities like snorkeling, hiking and trekking the earthy land of Taiwan.

While the versatility of themed parks like Leofoo Village make for perfect picnic spots for groups of friends and families wanting to spend some fun time on world-recognized rides! And if you are a spiritual soul, a history of architectural buff, know that temples like Bao An Temple, Temple of Confucius, Xing Tian Temple, and Songshan Ciyou Temple have years of ancient past awaiting to be discovered. No matter what your interests, Taiwan has a long list of things to do for tourists to remain entertained and happy at all times!
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Must Things to Do in Taiwan


Have a Glimpse at The Taipei 101

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Taiwan’s capital city Taipei houses Taipei 101, an altitudinous structure attractive to every tourist eye. It was the highest building in the world prior to the construction of Burj Khalifa. The tower is home to a myriad of restaurants, offices, bars etc.

Din Tai Fung Chinese Taipei 101 Restaurant, Shin Yeh Dining, Alchemy Speakeasy Bar Taipei are some of the most popular eateries and bars of the city that are found here. The best time of the day to visit Taipei 101 is usually said to be in the afternoon, prior to the sunset.
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Experience the Sun Rays from The Elephant Hills

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Elephant Hills also known as Elephant Mountain, Mount Elephant or Xiangshan is a mountain situated in Xinyi District, Taipei. The top of the mountain gives a spectacular view of the city's skyline and is therefore one of the most popular things to do in Taiwan.

Hiking to the top of it requires about 15 to 20 minutes. The mountain top is visited for both sunset and sunrise watching but people tend to choose sunrises over sunsets to avoid a crowded outing.
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Visit Kenting National Park

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Situated in Pingtung County, Taiwan, Kenting National Park is known for its mountains, beaches and the famous Spring Scream rock band festival. Kenting easily has some of the best things to do in Taiwan and hiking is definitely one of them.

Hiking to the top of the park is usually labeled "easy" or "not too tough" by travelers. Swimming, Cycling, Surfing are some other popular activities here. Summers can be rightly called the best time to visit Kenting for the water is the warmest then, followed by spring and fall when waters are cooler but not cold yet.
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Spend a Day Exploring Taichung

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Positioned to the west of central Taiwan, Taichung is essentially an industrial city known for its eclectic night markets and exotic clubs. Fengjia night market is one of Taiwan's biggest night markets and one can find food, clothes, shoes and nearly everything here.

Taichung also has brewpubs where tourists can get a taste of some of the finest locally brewed beers which is one of the must Taiwan things to do. Almost every street in the city is lined up with multiple coffee shops that have some of the most unimaginable themes driving their decors.
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Explore the Rainbow Family Village

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Taichung is home to one of the most vibrant locations in Taiwan - The Rainbow Village. Created by an ex-army, the Rainbow Village was meant to add color to the residential area of retired military personnel.

Before a decade or so, the locality was almost nonexistent for travelers but in recent years has made it to a lot of people's list of Taiwan things to do. The place is vibrant, colorful, lively and extremely Instagrammable.
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Visit Cijin Island

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Cijin is situated opposite Kaohsiung and is known for not one or two of its popular attractions but it's therapeutic aura. In Cijin, one of the must do activities is eating lots and lots of seafood that is sold here. All kinds of fish, shrimp and squid await you here.

Visiting Cijin Tianhou Temple which is the oldest temple in Kaohsiung is one of the most popular things to do in Taiwan that is chosen by tourists year after year. At Baroque Cihou Lighthouse which is the highest point of Cijin Island, one can enjoy iconic sights of the Island.
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Explore The Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County

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Situated in the Yuchi Township of Nantou County, Sun Moon Lake is the largest water body of Taiwan. If you're flummoxed about what to do in Taiwan, there is no better option than visiting the Sun Moon Lake. This lake is primarily known for its exquisite scenes, the lake ropeway, cherry blossoms and regionally produced black tea.

The lake is incredible and highly tempting but swimmers be warned, swimming in the lake is not permissible except in September every year when a Mass Swim takes place at the Sun Moon Lake.
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Head Up High at 85 Sky

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Located in the Lingya District of Kaohsiung City, 85 Sky is a spectacularly tall tower that houses a building, a hotel and shopping mall. The height of this tower makes it an irresistible location for post-sunset photography.

Out of all things to do in Taiwan, heading up the 85 Sky tower is quite popular among and the reason behind the same is that the tower is undeniably the best spot for enjoying some of the most breathtaking views of the life beneath the tower.
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Visit The Architectural High Heels Church at The Budai Township

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The one-of-a-kind church in all of history is the High Heel church either for the purpose of catering to women, or referencing a local legend whose legs had to be amputated after catching a severe disease called Blackfoot. Although it is a church, its main feature is to cater to weddings and photoshoots.

This shoe-shaped church is definitely an admirable piece of architecture that does not fail to catch one's eyes, especially ladies'. This tourist attraction has to be on your itinerary to pay your respects if the said local legend is true and pray for her soul.
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Visit The Longshan Temple in Taipei

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Located in the Wanhua District of Taipei, Longshan Temple is about three centuries old. While most temples around the globe are centered around the worship of one religion or a single deity, Longshan is dedicated to not one but three faiths - Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian faiths.

Once you are done visiting the temple, you can explore the marketplace that encases the Longshan Temple, it is lined up with dozens of fortune tellers and their tiny booths. Stores of herbs, massage parlors, book stores are some of the other places you can pay a visit to in the market area.
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Explore The Yehliu Geopark to Admire Mother Nature's beauty

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Located in Northern Taiwan, Yehliu Geopark is a place that inhibits numerous rock formations formed by erosion that resemble mushrooms and honeycombs. These rock formations against the backdrop of a sunny sky are a bizarrely beautiful example of the diverse nature of beauty and of the beauty of nature.

Egrets, Ospreys are some of the many birds that are frequently seen here. The park is divided into three sections where the first two sections are dedicated to showcasing stone formations of all kinds and the third one is known to be home to the ecological reserve.
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Explore Buddhism at Fo Guang Shan Temple

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Located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Fo Guang Shan is the most popular center of Buddhism in South Taiwan and the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. The monastery is home to the world's tallest sitting statue of Buddha that is made of bronze.

The timings for various sections of the temple are as follows: i) Fo Guang Shan Temple: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, ii) Buddha Memorial Center: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
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Explore 921 Earthquake Museum

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Situated in Wufeng District of Taichung city is a museum built and named in the memory of the worst natural calamity Taiwan has ever been hit by - the earthquake of 21 September, 1999. The Museum has different educational sections that are dedicated to sciences related to and behind earthquakes.

People can explore various parts of the museum like the Chelungpu Fault Preservation Hall that literally stands tall upon the original earthquake fault of the 1999, the Earthquake Engineering Education Hall which is as the name suggests, is dedicated to showcasing houses that are safe in both design as well as construction.
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Visit The Extended Taipei Tea Plantations

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The Baozhong tea and Tieguanyin tea are organically grown here, justifying the growing demand in the market and acquiring a taste widely among the natives and tourists.

At these plantations, tourists can participate in numerous activities ranging from tea tours with expert guides to opting for night stay for a full house experience of living in the middle of the aromatic greens! When it comes to plantation sightseeing, it might look ordinary but is rather an overwhelming activity to look at the vast green gardens before you.
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Explore The Rocky Geography of Nanya in Longdong

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Situated in the New Taipei City of Ruifang District, Nanya is an oxidation sculpted marvel that is made of rocks. The sight of this simplistic piece of amusement can be enjoyed while driving down the road alongside the coast in New Taipei City.

Ice Cream, Bamboo Shoot and Fur Seal are some of the popular rocks diversified by varying levels of corrosion. It is more of a stop along the way than a spot to visit and is still one of the most popular tourist spots in all of Taiwan.
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Visit the Famous Maokong Gondola

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Located in the Wenshan region of Taipei, Maokong Gondola is a 4.3 km long lift transportation system that starts at Taipei Zoo and ends at Maokong. It makes four stops on it's way -  firstly at Taipei Zoo, followed by Taipei Zoo South Zhinan Temple and then lastly at Maokong.

The entire ride is an experience filled with seeing exquisite landscapes of all kinds that lie beneath the lift. The Maokong Gondola opens everyday at 9am and closes at 9pm.
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Take a Tour to The Cingjing Farm

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For anyone looking to take a detour from the hustle and bustle of city life, Qingjing Farm situated in the Ren’ai Township of Nantou County is the place to be. Fresh air and scenic visual treats aren't the only thing offered by Qingjing Farm.

There is a horse riding show held here on a daily basis where professional riders ride horses imported from around the world. There is also a sheep-shearing show that is held exclusively on holidays where experts remove the wool from sheep smoothly and spectacularly thereby entertaining the visitors.
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Explore Chiang Kai-shek a historical landmark in Taipei

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The Chiang Kai-Shek Hall is built in the Zhongzheng District of the city of Taipei. It was built in the memory of Chiang Kai-Shek, who was once the President of China. The Chiang Kai-Shek Hall stands tall between the National Theater on one side and the National Concert Hall on the other.

People visiting the hall can attend musical performances by everyone from school children to professionals. The place is lined up with traditional Chinese gardens that visitors can take a walk in.
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Visit Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center

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Located in the West District of Taichung City is the Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center which is a building of great historical, political and cultural significance. The center belongs to the Japanese colonial era. It is one of the most popular sites for Martial Arts in Taiwan but has a lot more to offer to visitors.

People visiting the center can attend tea ceremonies and various lectures related to the field of Art and Culture. People staying for longer duration can even enroll here for courses in various areas like the history and significance of tea ceremonies, literature, learning ancient instruments etc.
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Visit ShenJi 368 New Village

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ShenJi Village of the West District of Taichung is yet another example of spectacular redevelopment in the area. The village is not just a marvel of renovation, it is now culturally enriched.

Creative shops, studios and cafes line up in the village that can do anything from turning discarded wood into exquisite dinnerware to everything else that is next to unimaginable. The place is colorful and vibrant and is meant for creative geniuses.
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Visit National Taichung Theater

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Located in the Xitun District of Taichung City is the National Taichung Theater. The place is not just a theater, it has art exhibitions, walking areas adorned with quirky architecture, souvenir booths, cafes and a lot of other things that an average theater does not.

The center is home to both Theater and Opera. Visitors coming to the National Taichung Center can watch plays, concerts, lectures, musicals, speeches and a lot of other performances.
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Adventure Things to Do in Taiwan


See The Cave of Water Curtain in The Taroko National Park

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Water Curtain Cave in Taroko National Park is a natural cave made by spring water falling from the tunnel roof. This adventure trail is one of the best things to do in Taiwan for a traveler. The trail is filled with flora and fauna and fantastic rock formations.

Carry raincoats with you as you will be experiencing a natural shower in between the trail. It is recommended to get a torch also as you will also find the black tunnels too spooky. The place gives you a fun experience which you should not miss on your trip to Taiwan.
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Explore The Hiking Trail in The Taroko Gorge

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If you visit one spot in Taiwan outside of Taipei, make it Taroko Gorge in Hualien. The nation's head is a beautiful miracle. Going up between the magical, vertical dividers of this narrow gorge is an encounter that you can't miss. This trail is of natural beauty, filled with waterfalls and ravines, which makes it spectacular.

The place offers many hiking trails to ignite your adrenals rush. Few trails are named Shakadang Trail, Changchun Trail, Yanzikou Trail, Lushui Trail, Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail, and many more beautiful trails.
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Visit The Hot Spring in The Yangmingshan National Park

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If you are wondering what to do in Taiwan, you can visit Yangmingshan National Park and enjoy the hot spring tour. Locals say that bathing in the hot springs is stimulating and helps alleviate muscle pains and other diseases. One can enjoy the tranquility of lakes and beautiful grass fields.

The hot spring water looks like light milky color and has a temperature of about 70 degrees centigrade. While reaching the hot spring, you can also stop by the volcanic site. Visit this place and spend your day amidst mountains while enjoying bathing in the hot springs, viewing the sunset's spectacular colors in the sky.
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Go for Snorkeling on The Green Island

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Green Island, located 33 kilometers off the shoreline of Taitung, has a particular tropical/occasion feel and is probably one of the best places to go snorkeling and scuba jumping in Taiwan. It is highly advised to experience the rich marine life of the region that includes but not limited to turtles, reef sharks, feather stars, coral trout, butterflyfish, angelfish, fusiliers, Chromis, and more.

A blend of coral garden beds, walls, and isolated bommies, these rocks are home to a diverse collection of marine life that you can explore at Green Islands and are surely amongst top Taiwan things to do.. So what are you waiting for? Come to Green Island on your trip to Taiwan and explore the breathtaking beauty of marine life.
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Take a Deep Dive into The Sea Waters of The Orchid Islands

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Yes, you heard it right; you can dive deep into Taiwan, and believe us, it is one of the best things to do in Taiwan. Orchid Island, located at the east of the southern tip of Kenting, is known for its clear visibility of the water.

If you are a fan of turtles, then diving into the Orchid Islands is a must for you as hawksbill and green turtles are a common sight here, along with groupers and barracuda. And if you are lucky, then you can also witness whale sharks! Sounds thrilling, right? Visit this vacation destination in Taiwan and experience the unique island culture and picturesque local boats.
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Hike to Qixing Mountains from Taipei

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If you are looking for a peaceful destination to explore other than the skylines and modern metropolis, come to Taiwan and visit the Qixing mountains. Hiking to Qixing Mountain, also known as Seven Star Mountain, is one of the best things to do in Taiwan.

Do you know it is the highest peak in the whole of Taipei? It is thrilling for any hiker to hike a mountain standing at 1,120 meters (3,675 ft) above sea level. After hiking to the top of the mountain, you can witness the 360-degree view around the Yangmingshan Main Peak.
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Go for River Tracing in Hualien

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If you are a daring nature darling who is going to Hualien, do not pass up this river tracing activity! There are many enjoyable outdoor activities near Hualien City. River Tracing is one of the coolest and most exciting things to do in Taiwan.

Waterway following is an energizing action that consolidates trekking, climbing, and sometimes even swimming. You can experience the natural shower under the waterfalls, dive from the top of the rocks. Register for the mountain grant, change garments, gather the necessary equipment, and you are all set. This is a fundamental activity in case you are searching for an incredible experience in the idea of Hualien.
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Hike to Shei-pa National Park

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Covering 76,850 hectares of focal Taiwan, Shei-Pa National Park accepts two of Taiwan's most famous pinnacles – Snow Mountain and Dabajianshan. The park has 49 other summits, more than 3,000m above sea level, so hikers lack options.

Snow Mountain's ascent is breathtaking indeed, and many experienced hikers prefer it to the slightly higher Mount Jade. It can also be the final summit of a multi-day trekking route known as The Holy Ridge, named because the scenery is awe-inspiring. Shei-Pa's most extraordinary resource is the Formosan Landlocked Salmon.
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Spend Some Quality Time at The Qingshui Cliff at The Hualien County

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Qingshui Cliff at Hualien County is known as the eighth wonder of Taiwan! Yes sounds fascinating right? The most surprising thing about this place is that it is the only place in Taroko National Park where you can observe the three different color tones that build up the Pacific Ocean.

How can you miss spending some quality time with your loved ones at this most exotic location of Taiwan. There is also a beautiful beach known as Chongde Beach, and its pebble coastline looks like a crown to this magnificent jewel. A visit to Hualien would not be the same without adding this beautiful place to your Taiwan things to do list.
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Visit The Hehuanshan Mountains

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Hehuanshan mountains are Taiwan's Alpine paradise which does not require any permit for a visit. One can discover extremely sharp pinnacles, verdant farmlands, curious mountain towns, immense green slopes, climbing trails to suit each capacity, and a breathtaking mountain street – Taiwan's most elevated.

It may be the best experience between the long periods of sunset and sunrise when the perpetual scene of jagged pinnacles is enlightened by the consumed shine of blurring sunlight before sinking into smooth shadow and offering a route to a radiant ritzy sky. Being a most loved spot for local people – the Taiwanese love hiking here, though the region generally remains unknown to international tourists.
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Take a Day Tour to Explore Yushan National Park

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Yushan National Park is the remotest in Taiwan and is home to a bounty of widely varied vegetation. Jade Mountain is taller than Mt. Fuji by just shy of 200 meters however comes up short on the groups. Climbing Yushan is moderately simple for any individual who is decently fit.

This includes determined kids with prior experience of trekking. While hiking on this fantastic mountain, one is sure to witness an incredible sunrise over a sea of clouds. There are sufficient high trails for travel enthusiasts to continue their explorations for quite a long time – including one multi-day course that goes directly across the recreation center from west to east.
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See Some Green Sea Turtles While Snorkeling in Xiaoliuqiu

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Xiaoliuqiu, otherwise called Little Liuqiu, Little Okinawa, and Lambai Island, is a little island inside the simple reach of focal Kaohsiung, ideal for a day or overnight trip. One can ride on a bike or scooter to explore the island, which highlights excellent rough coastlines.

Quite possibly, the most mainstream exercise on the island is snorkeling with ocean turtles along with diving, hiking, vibrant marine & wildlife tours, unique rock formations, etc. Green turtles are endangered species, so you are not allowed to touch or feed them. They will swim by you. I know it’s tempting, but you have to look from a distance.
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Things to Do with Kids in Taiwan


Take Your Kids at The Chimei Museum

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The square's entrance has a grand Fountain of Apollo, and a bridge crosses the moat with a row of fierce white lion heads along with the side and solemn Olympus statues on top. Yes, we are talking about the Chimei Museum, where you can enjoy yourself with your kids on your trip to Taiwan.

The museum's main attraction point is the Angel of Glory statue, which signifies the protection of the country and glorifies the beautiful people and things in this world. It contains innumerable precious international works of art, collected to realize Hsu Wen-long's big vision of a "historical museum, composing music and art obtainable to everyone, from 3-year-old infants to 90-year-old grandparents.
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Explore National Palace Museum

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You can't miss the National Palace Museum, seemingly the main gallery in the Chinese-talking world. The gigantic construction houses nearly 700,000 artifacts. Exploring the National Palace Museum is one of the best things to do in Taiwan.

It hosts an eclectic collection of wealth kept by generations of Emperors ruling from the Forbidden City. The museum is home to hundreds of thousands of historical remains that make up the world's most extensive and precious ancient Chinese artifacts collection.
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Have Fun With Kids at The Taipei Zoo

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The Taipei Zoo is one of the ten most prominent city zoos on the planet and the biggest in Southeast Asia, as the zoo is home to more than 400 creature species. It's a great place to explore with your kids and spend some time having fun with them. The zoo incorporates seven indoor displays, each with various themes. At the Insectarium, you'll meet a few butterfly animal groups novel to Taiwan.

Then, you will not have any desire to miss the enormously mainstream Koala House and Penguin House. There are likewise two goliath pandas from China! The Taipei Zoo also highlights eight outdoor exhibit areas. Some of them are "Children's Zoo," "Formosan Animal Area," and "African Animal Area."
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Visit Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

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Planned by nearby draftsman Wang Da-hung, this remembrance corridor was set up in memory of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Republic of China's dad. The lobby likewise serves an instructive and examination job, facilitating different social and craftsmanship occasions consistently, including the Golden Horse Awards, Golden Bell Awards, and Culture Awards.

The lobby is encircled by a vast park, further making it a mainstream end of the week escape for the tourists.
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Explore the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

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The Public Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (NMMBA) is the primary sea life science gallery in Taiwan. It focuses on sea life science examination and instruction. The gallery comprises three principal shows: the Coral Kingdom, Waters of Taiwan, Pavilion, and Waters of the World. It is one of the Fun Things to do in Taiwan.

You will see the jumper playing with fish and sharks in the tank. You may likewise see seals saying hey to you. White whales are additionally seldom seen throughout the planet. Strolling through the passage under the tank, you will see the lower part, everything being equal, and appreciate the sensation of being encircled by the sea. What is significantly cooler is that you can apply to rest at the passage around evening time.
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Visit the Leofoo Village Theme Park

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Loaded with energizing exercises, the Leofoo Village Theme Park is the most significant event congregation in Taiwan. It is a blend of zones all around, themed down to the foliage and an untamed life safari experience through the African Savannah. The recreation center includes a heap of water rides and exercises at the Leofoo Water Park, which you can decide to add to the experience.

Regardless of whether it is overcoming the fear of primary U-formed twisting exciting ride in Asia - the Proud Eagle, or turning inside a vast metal circle inconsistent circles at the Ring of Fire, or even riding a merry go round, there is sufficient to cook both the laid-back character and adventure enthusiast in you.
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Visit Gold Museum at Taipei

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Step once again into the world of diggers who dove deep in the neighborhood mountainsides of Jinguashi, looking for gold with a pass to the Gold Museum! Situated in the Gold Ecological Park, the outdoors historical center is one of Taiwan's first eco-exhibition halls. It features the gold mining society and way of life of Jinguashi.

Go up to the second floor to present the notable highlights of gold and take a stab at contacting a record-breaking mammoth gold block. Attempt gold panning on the third floor too. Buy the tickets so that you can experience the discovery of gold in the region as you examine the layouts on the Benshan Tunnels, some of the oldest mining machinery, and mining transportation systems.
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Places to Eat and Drink in Taiwan


Have The Famous Egg Pudding from Jiufen

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Jiufen is known as the "Santorini'' of Taiwan due to its great perspective on the ocean and encompassing mountains. There is a close by bakeshop that sells stunning treats a few meters away from the bus stop. It is notable for their straight out of the shell egg pudding. This solitary costs NT 30 and is an exceptional treat for anyone.

A portion of the must-attempt food varieties is the hand-tailored fish ball vermicelli, separated espresso, Ah Mah Orh Yi (Taro Balls), and Daroyaki frozen yogurt. Believe us, having the famous Egg pudding from Jiufen is one of the best things to do in Taiwan.
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Taste Some Hand-made Fish Ball Vermicelli

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For the most part, fish balls are made of fish (various types, cod or haddock is frequently utilized) and come in numerous shapes, tones and sizes. Bubbling them in water and adding a few flavors and sauces a short time later is the most straightforward rendition.

They can likewise come in various flavors, similar to fiery or sweet, for which they are bubbled in a specific sort of stock. There are additionally many seared adaptations. The tone relies upon the sort of fish utilized or what sort of stock they're bubbled in. On the night market, this delicious snack will cost you not more than 30 NTD. Worth a try, don't you think?
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Try Out Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing in The Shilin Market

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The concept of a bun in a bun is called Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing and that is a specialty at Shilin market, Taiwan. This famous street snack satisfies the hunger of the locals and comes in different flavors, served as a sweet as well as a savory preparation.

While the sweet buns come in flavors like black sesame, peanuts, taro, red and mung beans, and etc, the salty buns are rather limited in options with curry flavor, spicy buns, and some more. We highly recommend you to get down at Shilin Market and expose your tastebuds to this delicious street snack whilst you take a stroll down the night market.
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Taste Some Cheese-Mentaiko Grilled Shellfish at The Ningxia Night Market

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If you are craving seafood and want to taste some delicious seafood in Taiwan then we recommend you to visit Ningxia night market which is enlisted as one of the fun things to do in Taiwan. And what better way than to spoil yourself when the seafood is drizzled with cheese to satisfy your mouth with cracking flavors?

The shellfish pieces are marinated with a creamy mentaiko sauce and stuffed back into their shells. Then, after sprinkling a good load of cheese, the dish is grilled until nicely cooked. To exploit your tastebuds furthermore, you have a wide array of street foods, Deep-fried stuffed squid, giant deep-fried seafood wontons, Freshly-grilled seafood galore, and much more to divulge!
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Visit Tonghua Night Market to Have a Taste of The Street Delicacies

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A list of really exploratory things to do in Taiwan is visiting the Tonghua Night Market, also known as Linjiang Street Night Market. For all the foodies who live to eat and explore, this is where you must head to next. From finding a not-so-stinky Tofu to Yu Pin Yuan Iced and Hot Tangyuan - a popular gooey dessert usually served on shaved ice with a little osmanthus syrup on top, tourists find here different delicacies of Taiwan.

Another street food delicacy is Lu Wei, consisting of your choice of vegetables and cooked in soy sauce-based stew, served piping hot. Slurping on these noodles like a local, along the shack will be a top experience for you.
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Have Peanut Shaved Ice from Xin Fa Ting

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When in Taichung, you must stop by Xin Fa Ting for a breather and some refreshing shaved ice desserts from here. There is a vast menu here with varied flavors and toppings but the peanut shaved ice dessert has a different fanbase.

The sweetness of the peanuts with the cold shaved ice brings your temperature down in the hot summer afternoons and brings joy to your stomach. There is also a Honey bean flavored shaved ice with big ice particles, adding a crunch to every bite!
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Celebrate Life at Bar Code

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Barcode is a symbolic nightlife location where people from all over the city arrive to dance their night off and let loose. Whether you are on a trip with your close friends, or on a honeymoon with your partner, clubbing at Barcode is one of the major Taiwan things to do to celebrate.

You can try the signature drinks from the mixologists here, each one of them keeps inventing new drinks to offer the best night to you. The appetizers are classy and tasteful while the interior of the club is suave and urbane, naturally attracting tourists and locals.
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Try The Classic Mocktails at On Tap

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On Tap has been labeled as the only real pub in Taipei, standing real on its name the pub is an authentic British-style bar that serves draft lagers, ales, and a great variety of pub and finger food.

Whether you just wish to admire the British interiors with beautiful local-looking walls or not, grab a few drinks with your friends in the evening, enjoy the pub’s specialties and relax, Do not miss visiting this gem at least once on your trip, when you want to experience the nightlife or want to take an easy day.
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Other Things to Do in Taiwan


Go for a Hike in The Mountain Keelung

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For all the fitness freaks, a one-day trip to Keelung mountain, near Jiufen for a nice and quick hike is one of the most relaxed things to do in Taiwan. The exhilarating hike takes approximately 1.5 hours including the unwinding from the top.

Once you reach the top of the hill, you have a serene landscape in sight, captured in natural aesthetics, the sea engulfed with mountains, and the nearby cities and villages. For those seeking a peaceful natural embark or a clearer mind, Keelung mountain will prove worthy to you.
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Visit Yeh Liu Geo Park in Xinbei

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If you are dwelling in the thought of the next location to visit - we already have you covered. Yehliu Geological Park in Xinbei, New Taipei is a holistic park catering to each and every person. From solid rock formations of “Mushroom Rocks'', “Sea Candles”, “Fairy Shoe”, and the “Queen's Head” to preserving the ecology and situating the first marine park of the country.

While visiting Taiwan for the first time, be it with your family and children, with your spouse, or a group of friends, this geoPark is a must-visit, especially the marine park. Here, you could dive into the marine life tunnel with your children while they gush at the gigantic creatures and take in information from a guided tour.
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Visit Houtong, A Cat Populated Village

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As the name already suggests, the little village of Houtong is crowded with cats and the numbers are constantly rising. Being a very distinct tourist attraction in Taiwan, one should include this village as one of the major things to do in Taiwan since it is unique and how!

You can see liberated cats here who come and go when they wish to, they are all pampered and loved and fed by everyone. It is a great tour for you if you have a family traveling along with children, who can interact or play with these furry and friendly cats while learning about their habits.
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Take a Stop at The Dome of Light at The XinXing District

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A little detour at the Dome of Light, XinXing district is worthy of your time and we can justify how. Located at Kaohsiung MRT transfer station, it is a breathtaking attraction that has received gasps from all over the globe. It is the world's largest public piece of an art installation made of individual glass pieces.

Imagine taking in the extravagant beauty of the orange, yellow, green, and blue lights reflected by the glass, standing tall above you, with a message of love and tolerance.
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Explore The Shifen Waterfall

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Wondering what to do in Taiwan next? Visit the Shifen waterfall in Pingxi District. The falls are even known as “Taiwan’s Niagara Falls” because of certain similarities. It is best for the days when you want to take a swim under cascading freshwater alongside your friends or family.

In fact, it is a very peaceful spot for a picnic with a natural backdrop, birds chirping while you chill or read a book. It is one of the best things to do in Taiwan for a family/friends outing on lazy days.
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Go Shopping at Ximending

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For a first-timer shopping spree in the streets of Ximending, it is going to be an enthralling ride. This large-scale shopping and entertainment zone brings you a great variety of products at reasonable prices, while the streets of the district are filled with malls, movie theaters, restaurants, cafes, and so much more.

For instance, after an exhausting day of traveling, all the ladies deserve a shopping adventure with their girlfriends to spend their hard-earned money on the latest street style fashion and buy souvenirs for their family back home.
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See the Tea Plantations

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If you prefer tea over coffee, feel free to take a day tour to visit tea plantations in taiwan. These tours are mostly informative in nature but also experimental since you are taken to several vast lands of tea plantations, shown the procedure of plucking tea leaves, you learn to make a hot piping pot of tea by the professionals along which includes a variety of tea tasting expeditions.

If these things to do in Taiwan do not excite you, you may not be a tea person. Visualize walking in the lush green plantations with the sweet fragrance of the tea leaves.
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People Also Ask About Taiwan

  1. What are the best things to do in Taiwan?

    1. Take a 360-degree view of Taipei from Taipei 101: Taking the world’s fastest elevator must surely be on every tourist’s things to do in Taiwan list. From having access to the Taipei 101 Observatory to dining at Taiwan’s most famous restaurant in the evening, this skyscraper is worth a visit!

    2. Indulging in a hot spring bath in Beitou: Soaking in warm water of natural pools is something to look at for a relaxing day in Beltau. Look at this experience when you are ready to take a break from cityscapes!

    3. Spend a day worshiping at the Taiwanese Temples: Temples in Taiwan are built with intricate designs and architecture. Wanhua district specifically houses major temples like Bao An Temple, Temple of Confucius, Xing Tian Temple, Songshan Ciyou Temple and other significant temples.

    4. Rent a YouBike and wander around: Renting a bike in Taipei is hardly a task. All you need is a local phone number and an EasyCard (MTR Card) with just NT 10 per half an hour. The bike allows you to practically cycle anywhere in Taipei and New Taipei City.

    5. Spend a Beachy day in Summers: If you visit in the summer, you ought to get hot and sweat and to recover from all the stickiness, the beach is the ideal destination. A family picnic, a romantic getaway, or some time with friends - beach is perfect for all!
  2. What are the best adventure activities to do in Taiwan?

    1. Surfing away at beaches: Taiwan things to do certainly includes a thrilling surfing experience at the east coast beaches between Donghae and Changmin. One could also try surfing at other beaches like Jinshan, Fulong, Waiao, Kaohsiung, and Kenting.

    2. Experience River trekking in the mountains: River trekking or tracing is a three part adventure including hiking, bouldering, and climbing along a rural mountain river. It is appropriate for all the adventure buffs.

    3. The liberating paragliding: Flying like a bird is a dream that many have. Also, you get the best island views from Waiao while Luye Gaotai offers a picturesque mountain view.

    4. Wakeboarding at Kaohsiung: At Kaohsiung, wakeboarding is allowed for almost all ages, from kids to adults. This adventure sport is a great way to experience water with ample of thrill running through your veins.

    5. Cliff Diving at Longdong: If you are in search of adrenaline rush, take a jump off the cliff at Long Dong - where this activity can be safely practised!
  3. What are the best things to do in Taiwan at night?

    1. Take a beautiful sightseeing bus ride around Taipei: To have a brief overview of the city, you can take up this bus ride that takes you around to famous museums, night markets, and shopping streets. It is a great way to experience the city lights!

    2. Watch the sunset from Elephant Mountain: A 20 to 30 minute hike up the mountain to witness a beautiful sunset is the perfect end to your day in the city. The hike back to the base in dull lights of the night sky makes for a fun filled experience.

    3. Ravishing dinner at Din Tai Fung: An amazing dinner at Din Tai Fung can be considered as one of the fun things to do in Taiwan. They are an expert when it comes to Taiwanese cuisine. From ordering the delicate soup dumplings (xiao long bao) to admiring the interiors, the restaurant has set severe standards.

    4. Sing on top of your lungs at a KTV: Each time you wonder about what to do in Taiwan, you make your way to a KTV. You will find KTVs everywhere in Taipei but our recommendations stop at classy places like Party World or Holiday.
  4. What is the best time to visit Taiwan?

    Between the months of September to November is seen as the best time to visit Taiwan. This is the time where the country faces the best combination of cool and dry weather. However, there is no such thing as the worst time to visit Taiwan - the summer time treats the needs of those wanting to visit islands and tropical beaches, while spring season is best for cultural and natural trips. Even winters are great for sightseeing for the people who love cooler weather conditions. Taiwan is always lovely and roaring with tourists throughout the year.
  5. Is Taiwan safe?

    Taiwan is a very safe and secure country for not just the citizens but also its tourists. In fact, Taiwan has been ranked as the second safest country in the world by Numbeo, a global database in a 2020-mid-year crime index. Be it in broad daylight or late in the evening, you are truly safe in the country.
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