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  • 01Must Things to do in Taiwan

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    1.       Have a glimpse at the Taipei 101, world's tallest building from 2004 to 2010

    2.       Experience the sun rays overlooking the horizon from the Elephant Hills at Taipei

    3.       Visit Kenting National Park, known for its hikes, beaches and resorts

    4.       Spend a day exploring Taichung

    5.       Visit Tainan, the former capital of Taiwan

    6.       Explore the Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County

    7.       Visit the Longshan temple in Taipei

    8.       Explore the Yehliu Geopark to admire Mother Nature's beauty

    9.       Explore Buddhism at Fo Guang Shan temple

    10.   Visit the extended Taipei tea plantations

    11.   Explore the rocky geography of Nanya in Longdong

    12.   Visit the famous Maokong Gondola

    13.   Take a tour to the Qingjing Farm

    14.   Explore Chiang Kai-shek a historical landmark in Taipei

  • 02Adventure Things to Do in Taiwan

    15. Walk for a mile to see the Cave of Water Curtain in the Taroko National Park
    16. Explore the hiking trail in the Taroko Gorge
    17. Take a day to visit the hot spring in the Yangmingshan National Park
    18. Go for snorkeling on the Green Island
    19. Take a deep dive into the sea waters of the Orchid Islands
    20. Hike to Qixing mountains from Taipei
    21. Go for river tracing in Hualien
    22. Hike to Shei-pa National Park
    23. Spend some quality time at the Qingshui Cliff at the Hualien County
    24. Visit the Hehuanshan mountains
    25. Take a day tour to explore Yushan National Park
    26. See some green sea turtles while snorkeling in Xiaoliuqiu

  • 03Things to Do with Kids in Taiwan

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    27. Take your kids at the Chimei Museum

    28. Explore National Palace Museum

    29. Have fun with kids at the Taipei Zoo

    30. Visit Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

    31. Explore the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium at the Pingtung County

    32. Visit the Leofoo Village Theme Park

    33. Visit Gold Museum at Taipei

  • 04Other Things to Do in Taiwan

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    34. Go for hike in the mountain Keelung
    35. Visit Yeh Liu Geo Park in Xinbei
    36. Explore the Rainbow Family village in Nantou
    37. Visit Houtong, a cat populated village
    38. Take a stop at the Dome of Light at the XinXing district
    39. Explore the Shifen waterfall
    40. Go shopping at Ximending
    41. Visit the extended Taipei tea plantations 
    42. Visit the architectural High Heels church at the Budai Township
  • 05Places to Eat and Drink in Taiwan

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    43. Have the famous Egg pudding from Juifen
    44. Taste some hand-made fishball vermicelli
    45. Try out Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing in the Shilin Market
    46. Taste some Cheese-Mentaiko Grilled Shellfish at the Ningxia night market
    47. Visit Tonghua Night Market to have a taste of the street delicacies
    48. Have peanut shaved ice from Xin Fa Ting
    49. Celebrate life at Bar Code, Taipei
    50. Try the classic mocktails at On Tap

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