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30 Things to Do in Jaipur


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    Sightseeing in Jaipur
    • Whether you are out for an energizing outing or for some experience Jaipur is a definitive city for you. While you are traveling there is a great deal of things to do Jaipur which will make your visit more fun and energizing. India's desert capital of Jaipur, warmly alluded to as the Pink City due to the pink dividers and structures of the old city, draws guests with its shocking reminders of a former period. The most prominent Jaipur attractions and spots to visit are the antiquated royal residences and fortifications, with intricate engineering that serves as a shining indication of their illustrious legacy.

      Well, you will first go for a touring at better places which are something most adored by all to investigate new places and find out about it. Visit the Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, City royal residence, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Albert Hall Museum, Birla Mandir and so forth which is something worth viewing.

      Another fascinating thing about this spot is that at the city's heart, the City Palace keeps on lodging the previous illustrious family; the Jantar Mantar, the regal observatory, keeps up an eminent viewpoint; and the honeycomb Hawa Mahal looks on the bazaar beneath. Also, simply outside of anyone's ability to see, in the dry slope nation encompassing the city, is the children's story greatness of Amber Fort, Jaipur's star fascination.

    • 01Jaipur Sightseeing Day Tour in a Private Car

      Jaipur Sightseeing Day Tour in a Private Car
      • h8 Hours
      • lJaipur
      • NNNNN3 reviews
      • Mahendra Sharma
        Mahendra Sharma
      About the Activity:
      • Explore the beautiful 'Pink City,' Jaipur with this amazing sightseeing tour.
      • Get picked up from the hotel and embark for the sightseeing tour with your family or friends. 
      • Visit Amer Fort, Kanak Vrindavan, Jal Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Albert Hall, Jaipur Zoo, Rajmandir, Birla Mandir, Govind Dev Ji Temple, Ramniwas Gardens.
    • Adventure Things to do in Jaipur

    • 02Paint Ball in Jaipur

      Paint Ball in Jaipur
      • h30 Minutes
      • lJaipur
      • NNNNN1 review
      • Akshat
      About the Activity:
      • Paintball in Jaipur at Tao Experiences is a fun way to escape the everyday routine and stress.
      • A game best played in private groups, provides the ultimate fun filled thrill, experience.
      • Work as a team, shoot your paintball guns with style and escape being a target .
      • Get equipped with the state of the art German gear and 50 paint balls along the best terrain suited for the activity.
    • 03Adventure at Elephant Village in Amer

      Adventure at Elephant Village in Amer

      Located on the outskirts of Jaipur, an elephant ride in Amer is one of the most popular activities in Jaipur. Feed the elephant and mount from a raised platform and sit comfortably in a specially designed, secure seat as the majestic animal winds its way to the ramparts of this place. The elephant is a gentle creature and the mahout (a person who drives the elephant) uses an ankush (a sharp hook used to guide a tamed elephant by prodding it on the back of its head) to guide the animal. The animals will look beautiful as you decorate them, especially the trunk, with floral and geometric patterns using colored chalk and powders.

      Activities: Elephant feeding, Elephant Ride, and Elephant paint

      Duration: 1 hour

      Difficult Level: Easy
    • 04Atv Ride in Jaipur

      Atv Ride in Jaipur
      • h20 Minutes
      • lJaipur
      • NNNNN1 review
      • Sunil Kumar
        Sunil Kumar
      About the Activity:
      • Get thrilled with an action-packed experience of Quad Biking in Jaipur. 
      • Ride on these powerful 50 to 570cc machines in a 2000m circuit of off-road tracks that go winding through the forest. 
      • An exhilarating ride is the best way to test your riding skills. Quad Biking in Jaipur is pretty simple as the machines are fully automatic.
      • After being briefed on the safety instructions,  prep up with your safety gear and set off on your adventure. 
      • Enjoy riding through lush landscapes, tackling dunes and jungle trails.
      • The activity can be availed between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM.
    • 05Ride in style at the Jeep Safari

      Ride in a rustic setting of wilderness and royalty on a Jeep Safari. The ride takes place in military coloured jeeps which are from the Second World War.  They have since been modified, but their charm remains unchanged. The Safari takes place on an off-road, which is a dusty, barren path.

      You will be taking various stops in between to see some sights of interest as well as for refreshments. You can request the organisers to carry music and drinks of your choice. The ride commences at Amer Fort and finally ends at Naila Hawa Bungalow that presents spectacular view of the city.
      Village Jeep Safari in Jaipur, Rajasthan

      Village Jeep Safari in Jaipur, Rajasthan

      NNNNM0 Reviews

      h3 HourslJaipur


      Starting from


    • 06Flying Fox at Neemrana

      Add an extra thrill to your Rajasthan trip as you try this exciting activity Flying fox in Neemrana. Neemrana is one of the best destinations that is celebrated for its experience driven exercises, this is clearly going to be the best one for you. Feel the thrill as you fly high up above and witness the amazing view from a different perspective.

      Highlights: Fly fox in the Aravalli slopes is an exciting 5 zip wire experience. The action begins off with a short walk and well-being brief before the experience starts. At that point, once you're prepared, experience the rush of flying along 5 steel links up to 400m long. Don't miss a chance to enjoy this thrilling activity on your next trip to Rajasthan.

      Timing: Approximate time 45 minutes

      Price: Approximate price starts from Rs 1649
      Neemrana Flying Fox Adventure, Rajasthan

      Neemrana Flying Fox Adventure, Rajasthan

      NNNNM12 Reviews

      h2 HourslAlwar

      25% Off


      Starting from


    • 07Get a bird’s eye view of the city on a hot air balloon ride

      This is one of the most amazing things to do in Jaipur, if you are an adventure enthusiast. Located near the Jamnalal Bajaj Road, Hot Air Balloon safari is conducted by various operators around the city and is a great way to beat the city blues.

      The ride takes you round to see various beautiful attractions of the city like City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal and many others.  A fun activity to engage in with friends, family and loved ones; it is sure to give you many memorable moments.

    • 08Nahargarh Sanctuary Jeep Safari

      Image Credit : David Sivyer - flickr
      Head out for an energizing enterprise and endeavor into the wild and witness the astounding untamed life at the Nahargarh Sanctuary. Jeep safari is another best things to do in Jaipur which will never baffle you. Witness a portion of the sublime lions that walks around the wild and experience the rush.

      This asylum is a twofold treat for the photography significant others who can click a portion of the best natural life pictures. Nahargarh Sanctuary is spread more than 7. 2-sq-kms of the Nahargarh. It comprises of quartzite and stone rocks, and the vegetation of the district is enough spoken to through tropical dry deciduous and tropical thistle backwoods.

      Highlights: Nahargarh organic Park offers a lovely line of feathered creatures and in winter it is gone to by several transitory water flying creatures. The occupant winged creatures of the recreation center additionally justified regardless of the visit. There are 13 lions and tigers safeguarded and now are in the salvage focus. This haven is currently a residence every one of these creatures.

      Timings: Opens from 6:00 AM – 10 :00 PM

      Time: Approximate price starts from Rs 3500
    • 09Horse Safari at Jaipur in Rajasthan

      Horse Safari at Jaipur in Rajasthan
      • h9 Hours
      • lJaipur
      • NNNNN1 review
      • Khushal Rathore
        Khushal Rathore
      About the Activity:
      • Commence your tour at 7.00 AM and drive from Jaipur to Kalwar and reach Bhadhal Heritage Resort, Kalwar.
      • Get acquainted  your captain and start your training session at 8.00 AM after a wonderful breakfast.
      • Meet your gorgeous horses and get briefed by your instructor about about the terrain after completing the highly trained session.
      • At 9.00 AM start riding through the hidden trails of the countryside and interact with the local people.
      • Reach Kalwar at 2.00 PM and enjoy a delicious meal in Kalwar palace and soak in the centuries of valued heritage of the palace and its premises.
      • At 3.00 PM take a walk through the market of Kalwar town and meet the villagers.
      • End your tour at 4.00 PM and return back to Jaipur with lots of memories and a souvenir as a parting gift.

    • Sightseeing Places in Jaipur

    • 10Feel like you have stepped into history at Amer Fort

      Image Credit : bookchen - flickr

      As the home of rich and prosperous Maharajas, Jaipur is well endowed in its share of palaces and architectural marvels. You can see the amalgamation of Indian and Mughal styles of architecture at the Amer Fort, legend has it that the fort is so beautiful that even invaders could not bear to destroy it during the times of war and conflict.

      You can take an elephant ride up the cobbled path on the fort and truly feel like you deserve all the royal treatment that is being bestowed upon you.End the day on a spectacular note with your attendance at the Light and Sound show Get to know the history and the intricacy of architecture here to make your visit even more memorable.

    • 11Get an awe-inspiring view of the city from the Isawari Minar Swarga Sal

      Located close to the city palace of Jaipur, this is one of the essential things to do in Jaipur, for it provides the most stunning and visually stirring view of the old city. A monument that is a relic of the 18th century, it was built by a king for his 21 wives, concubines and himself.

      After the wives committed a mass act of self-sacrifice at the king’s pyre, the monument fell into the government’s hands. It is located close to the Chandpol Bazaar and is among its most prominent landmarks. Climbing all the way to the top of the minarets and appreciating a gorgeous bird’s eye view of the city is amongst the best things to do in Jaipur.

    • 12Tour of the Amber Fort in Jaipur

      Tour of the Amber Fort in Jaipur
      • h2 Hoursh30 Minutes
      • lJaipur
      • NNNNN1 review
      • Pushpendra Singh Shekhawat
        Pushpendra Singh Shekhawat
      About the Activity:
      • Meet your tour guide at Parking Lot behind the fort at around 11:00 AM and head to the Amber Fort.
      • The carefully designed two hour walk is a perfect way to visit the busy Amber Fort and explore the town’s rich heritage.
      • Once into the fort marvel the magnificent fort which is largely built from pale yellow and pink sandstone and white marble.
      • You can combine this walk with some gentle trekking to the surrounding Aravali hills followed by a visit to a ruined fort.
    • 13Watch time go by in style at Jantar Mantar

      Dating back to the 18th century, Jantar Mantar was erected by the scholar Sawai Jai Singh. The structure is an observatory that consists of ‘surya yantrasor instruments that work on the principle of the sun and shadow to tell the precise time at every moment of the day. Do invest in a local guide who will tell the precise way in which each instrument works.

      The monument features the world’s largest sundial and is a part of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The noteworthy feature of the monument is that it is the amalgamation of various social, cultural and political beliefs of the 18th century.  The monument can faultlessly measure the time, predict eclipses and even track the location of major stars as the earth orbits around them and the sun.

    • 14Witness the marvellous Birla Mandir

      Image Credit : Claudio Nichele - flickr
      At the foot of the Moti Dongari Hill lies a beautiful structure by the name of Birla temple, built by the Birla Group of Industries in India. The temple has been entirely carved in white marble and has three domes at its head which represent different approaches to the religion. The monument was completed in 1988, and is dedicated Lord Vishnu and his consort Goddess Laxmi. The clear white marble glows at night and presents a gorgeous sight for onlookers.

      The glass windows are painted to reflect various stories and legends from the Hindu Scriptures. The striking feature of this temple is that; while the interior represents the God and Goddesses of the Hindu Religion, the exterior has been carved with important figures from all beliefs including Socrates, Zarasthura, Buddha, Jesus Christ and Confucius. The lush green gardens present a perfect opportunity to just amble along silently and watch the marvelous temple from a distance. 
    • Offbeat Things to do in Jaipur

    • 15Cycling Tour of Pink City, Rajasthan

      Cycling Tour of Pink City, Rajasthan
      • h3 Hours
      • lJaipur
      • NNNNN1 review
      • Khushal Rathore
        Khushal Rathore

      About the Activity:

      • Embrace the traditional culture along with monumental architecture reflected on the streets and buildings of the Pink City of Rajasthan with this 3 hours cycling tour.
      • Start the tour from statue circle early morning at around 07:00 AM after an introduction to the tour route.
      • Ride to Ajmeri gate to enter the enigmatic city of Jaipur where you will see walls painted in traditional pink colour.
      • Then ride towards the City Palace campus, marvel at the structure for sometime before you go to visit the Govind dev Ji Temple devoted to lord Krishna.
      • Pay homage to the idol and then watch the rituals performed inside the temple. After which you will stroll through the local vegetable and fruit market.
      • Afterwards, you will be going to see Hawa Mahal, built for women in the royal family during the ancient time. 
      • From there, continue crossing the narrow old streets of the town which will be followed by Johri Bazar, a historical jewellery market.
      • Finally, you will reach in front of Albert Hall Museum by 09:30 AM where your cycling tour comes to an end.
      • The package includes food and activity.
    • 16Unravel the true essence of Rajasthani ethos at Chokhi Dhani

      Image Credit : Rahul Nair
      The Chokhi Dhani is a spectacular resort where the old hospitality of the Rajputs comes alive in its true nature and rustic settings. The resort captures the essence of Rajasthan and gives you a chance to explore the magic of Jaipur with its cultural activities and delicious cuisine.

      It is here that you can indulge in camel or bullock cart rides, live performances, delightful puppet shows, peppy folk dances, magic shows and acrobatics of the village style. What’s more? To accompany this, you can also gorge on the traditional, rich and fragrant Rajasthani ‘Thali’. It is a perfect place to let your kids indulge in game play and let the child in you come alive.
    • 17Visit Elefantastic Elephant Farm

      For the animal lovers nothing can be better going by to the Elefantastic Elephant Farm which is one of the best things to do in Jaipur. Envision nourishing the elephants with your own hands furthermore figure out how to communicate with the elephants. This activity was started in the year 2012 to comprehend and advance the prosperity of the elephants.

      Highlights: Once you are in the homestead you can figure out how the elephants are treated with affection, as relatives, and they imagine this is something worth demonstrating the world. This is the reason Elefantastic now offer you an opportunity to experience more than simply the typical visits. Don't miss a chance to visit to get nearer to these astounding creatures, and learn about their day to day activities.

      Timings: Opens from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

      Price: Approximate price starts from Rs 7730
    • 18Tickle your taste-buds with Rajasthani cuisine

      Owing to its arid and dry climate, Rajasthani cuisine is a mixture of rich and tasty ingredients that are often cooked in a way that they do not have to be recooked. The warriors lifestyles of its early inhabitants caused Rajasthani cuisine to be a amalgamation of various techniques from all over the country and the world. Check out the delectable relics from a golden at small restaurants in older part of the city.

      Embark on a ghee fuelled and tastebud fulfilling journey that is one of the most fulfilling things to do in Jaipur. Your menu of the day should comprise of traditional dishes like Dal Baati Chuurma, Ghevar, Ker Sangri, Gatte ki sabzi or the delectable ‘Laal Maas’- a traditional meat dish; polish it off with some locally made millet bread and you are good to go!
    • 19Hike to Nahargarh Fort

      Image Credit : theliidude - flickr
      For the experience seekers this is unquestionably the thing which you can't miss while you are traveling in Rajasthan. Well climbing is something which is an unequaled most loved for all the experience darlings. Nahargarh Fort remains on the edge of Aravalli Hills, ignoring the pink city of Jaipur in the Indian condition of Rajasthan. The best thing about the fort is the perspective of the city from the post which is simply inhale taking.

      Highlights: While you are climbing to the Nahargarh fortification get an opportunity to meet distinctive individuals furthermore ride in a tuk. As your trek through the thin avenues witness the astounding perspective of the environment. In the wake of achieving the post investigate the astonishing stronghold and love the heavenly perspective of The Pink City from slope with a cool wind touching your face.

      Price: Approximate price starts from Rs 1700
      Hiking to Nahargarh in Rajasthan

      Hiking to Nahargarh in Rajasthan

      NNNNM0 Reviews

      h4 HourslJaipur


      Starting from


    • 20Cruise the waters of Ramgarh Lake

      Situated at a distance of 35km from the main city, Ramgarh is a wonderful lake that presents you an opportunity to spend some magical moments with your loved ones. The lake that flows in Sanganer is a serene an placid site that will definitely take you away from the hustle bustle and tourist crowds of the main city.

      You can appreciate the true beauty of this lake as you indulge in the wonderful experience of boating along its surface. The area around also makes for an ideal spot to just spread out a rug and enjoy a picnic or try your hand at angling and fishing!

    • 21Catch a live theatre performance at Jawahar Kala Kendra

      The mecca of all art lovers and practitioners in the state of Rajasthan and beyond, Jawahar Kala Kendra is a place that classical and folk art forms are demonstrated with equal aplomb.

      On most evenings the theatre comes together to celebrate the Jaipur heritage with a spectacular show. At any given moment, the place is up and running with seminars, shows, workshops and paintings. 

    • 22Catch a movie- royalty style at Rajmandir Cinemas

      Designed in a typically art moderne style by the famous Indian architect W.W. Namjoshi; Rajmandir Cinemas is a truly historic experience. Catch a Bollywood movie here and take home an experience of being carried home to the times of yore.

      A popular landmark among the locals, it has hosted many movie premieres and exclusive shows over the years. The gorgeous ceiling is decorated with antique chandeliers and winding staircases that make this an experience worth remembering.

    • 23Enjoy Elephant Polo at Dera Amer

      Close to the Amer Fort, Dera Amer is a luxurious and gorgeous campsite that is set in a stunning location. It is here that you can enjoy the gorgeous sights all around you a while staying in a luxurious campsite. The campsite is run by a local family and is based right out of their ancestral home. What’s more? You can enjoy an experience of an offbeat thing to do in Jaipur i.e. an Elephant Polo Match.

      The game of the royals, polo originated right here in Jaipur and is played on elephants. While the original rules of the game remain the same, the pitch is two thirds of a traditional Polo pitch to compensate for the speed of the pachyderms.

    • 24See the art of Hand Printing at Anokhi Museum

      The Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing is situated inside a beautiful, old and prosperous haveli’ or palace and is committed to preserve the old Rajasthani tradition of block printing. The museum spreads over three storeys and is replete with the details about make, meaning, quality and unique features of each of the textiles on display.

      The place also demonstrates the art of block printing that is sure to delight anyone who sees it. At the small shop outside the museum, you can also pick up handcrafted accessories like books, cloth, purses and showpieces to take back as souvenirs. While here, you can also sign up for a two day workshop which will have you work alongside skilled artisans and painters. 
    • 25Go cycling along with a group and a local guide

      One of the best ways to see the sights of Jaipur is to start off on an early morning cycling ride. This is the best way to see the city at its best as the tour starts off early in the morning. You will be accompanied by various people of different backgrounds and countries and a guide who will take you through the lazy paths lined by farms and trees.

      The ride is a slow one and has various stops in between. You will be able to witness prayers being offered at a local temple, sip tea at a tea shop, have the famous ‘Lassiwalas’ Lassi in earthen pots and finally appreciate the city in a whole new light.

    • 26Visit the Ladli Vocational training centre

      An initiative of the Government of India, Ladli Vocational Training Centre, takes care of schooling, stay, training and nutrition of various children of poor backgrounds in India. Although, it is not one of the ‘touristy’ things to do in Jaipur, it certainly is one that will stay in your memory for a long time.

      The kids here are engaged into training for various vocations and are extremely friendly and welcoming. You can some handicrafts and intricate jewelry from here to take back home. The funds from the store go towards the maintenance of the centre and the children.
    • 27Zoom in style at the Vintage Car Rally

      The month of February, rings in a spirit of royalty in Jaipur. It is in this month that the ‘Rajputana’ Sports Car Club holds a vintage and classic car rally in association with the department of tourism. Heralding a revival of sorts, it displays more than 100 vintage cars which all come together to cruise along the roads of the Pink City.

      The most spectacular cars on display date back to the era of the Maharajas who reigned over Jaipur as long back as 1923. It is a must amongst things to do in Jaipur for car aficionados as well as layman. The road that they traverse runs from Jai Mahal Palace to Castle Kanota. 

    • 28Mingle with the literati at Jaipur Lit Fest

      Image Credit : US Embassy New Delhi

      Every year during the months of December to January, the entire literary community of India looks forward to only one thing and that is- Jaipur Literature Festival. One of the largest free literary fests in the country, it fills up the grounds of Diggi Palace in Jaipur with authors, readers and enthusiasts. So high is its importance in the literary circles, that it is called the ‘Kumbh Mela’ of literature.

      The festival has seen many eminent speakers such as Oprah Winfrey, Orhan Pamuk and award winner like Ian MacEwan. A fest with both national and international fervor, it has a vast range of things to do while in Jaipur such as workshops, debates, author interactions and many more.

    • 29Go crazy shopping at the Bazaars

      Image Credit : Eric.Parker - flickr

      Some of the best colours of the city can be seen in its markets, a fact which bears true with Jaipur as well. Some of the most authentic shopping experiences can be provided by the city’s old Bazaars/ Markets, an experience that is amongst the most authentic of all things to do in Jaipur. They are located within the walled expanses of the city and are known as ‘Badi’ and ‘Chhoti Chaupar’.

      If you are interested in carrying back some brass ornaments, travel to the Tripolia Bazaar, if traditional jeweler is what interests you, then Johari Bazaar is your best pick of the lot. At ‘Chandpol’ Bazaar, you can witness the city’s marble artisans put their skills to use whereas, at Kishanpol Bazaar you can shop for textiles and wooden furniture. Do not miss the ‘Sireh Deori’ Bazaar which is the prime market of the city for all your needs.

    • 30Enjoy a puppet show

      Rajasthan is well known world over for its arts, ‘kathputli’ or puppet show is one of them, while in Jaipur, try to talk to the locals and walk into one of the restaurants which host them on a regular basis. The usual format of the show is such that marionettes are operated by the puppet master and there is a traditional story that is accompanied by the use of props and traditional music.

      Revolving around brave kings, beautiful princesses and magicians will take you way back into your childhood.The vibrant puppets and their broken movements supervised by the puppet master are truly a treat to watch.

    • 31Relax with a rejuvenating massage

      Finally, if all the city hopping and sightseeing has left you tired and wary; then let your muscles relax at the Ayurvedic Centre near Ashok Nagar. It is here that you can finally let of all the stress of things to do in Jaipur, with a relaxing therapy. The Kerala Ayurved Kendra provides massages using traditional Indian techniques of skincare, healing and Yoga.

      You can avail various oil based therapies such as Panch Karma, shirodhara, skin facials, back massage and full body massage. You will travel back a changed person with a calm and relaxed mind!