Trekking in Jaipur

As you hear the name Jaipur, images of royal forts and palaces, colourful markets and the vibrant Rajasthani lifestyle comes to your mind. But, there is another exciting facet to this city. That aspect is renowned for the hiking activities carried out. You will surely be excited to know that there are various spots for trekking in Jaipur that will give the adventure buffs like you, the desired adrenaline rush.

Looking from a geographic perspective, the Rajasthani capital is surrounded by the magnificent Aravali ranges that are dotted with several hill-top forts and peaks, offering the ideal routes for trekking. These ranges provide you with majestic birds-eye-view of the Pink City and its surroundings, along with delightful trails surrounded by greenery.

Thrillophilia offers several trekking activities that are suitable even for the first-timers. You get to have some amazing views of Jaipur from the peaks of these treks. As you embark on these paths, you are sure to have a fabulous experience, especially during the monsoons when the dry trails become full of life due to the fresh greenery. 

There are a range of treks available here that you can choose from according to your ability, endurance, and liking. Easy treks such as the Nahargarh Fort Trek will give you a great headstart if you are new to trekking. Increasing a bit with the length and difficulty, there is Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev trek. The trail to this hill-top temple is great for a strenuous yet refreshing hike with unique flora and fauna on either side.

Its peak is equally mesmerizing with amazing views. You can also opt for some of the astonishing camping destinations such as Sambhar Lake to have a breathtaking experience. Thus, Jaipur with its unique topography and forts atop the hills is a great place to embark on a trek with your group of friends, family or maybe a new set of like-minded hiking enthusiasts.

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Jaipur Trekking FAQs

What are the best treks available in Jaipur?

Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is the most accessible from Jaipur. It is right around the city and is popular among trekkers. The trek itself is not at all difficult. Many of the youngsters come here for the amazing sunrise and sunset views. Either side of the trail is filled with dense forests, and the chirping birds, especially peacocks can be seen here. The fort also has a cafe on the peak which serves delectable dishes while you sit and enjoy the city view from your table. 

Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev

This trek is quite popular amongst the Shiva devotees as they come here to visit at the shiva temple on the peak. The green trail here across the Aravali ranges leading up to the temple with amazing views takes around 2-3 hours. It is one of the oldest treks in Jaipur and it usually begins from and ends at Sagar lake, Amer. Embark on a delightful hike with your friends and family for a small picnic up the hill. 

Chour Ghati Trek

On the Chou Ghati Trek, embark on the rocky yet beautiful pathways in the Aravalli ranges. As you move forward on these trails, you will be able to witness the lush greenery, a tranquil pond, and the sweet sound of chirping birds around you. The trek usually starts and ends at Galta Ji Gate. The peak offers mesmerizing views of the Chour Ghati as well as the city.

Water Valley

This is a pretty famous trek that starts from the Man Sagar Lake. The whole path is surrounded by lush greenery on both its sides which is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Along with the dense forests, there are also the mesmerizing views of Man Sagar Lake which gives this trek a unique twist. As you hike to the top, you will be able to gawk at the enchanting Jal Mahal along with the landscape of the Jaipur city.

Can we do camping as well as trekking in Jaipur?

Yes, you can absolutely do both camping as well as trekking in Jaipur. There are various trekking and camping tours organised across the city that you can join. Roam in the vast Thar desert through the Camel safari, hike to the Nahargarh Fort, or camp in the areas surrounding the Amer Fort- there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 

Is it safe for a solo female to trek in Jaipur?

For a solo female traveller, Jaipur is a pretty great city to roam around. But when it comes to trekking, it is advisable to hike in a group. You will have to be aware of your surroundings and people around you, as most treks are on the outskirts of the city. Also, avoid going out at night alone as it gets pretty risky.

What should I wear while trekking in Jaipur?

While trekking in Jaipur, you should opt for cotton t-shirts and trek pants for a hassle-free experience on the hills. You should also carry/wear a cap and shades to protect yourself from the scorching sunlight. Wear proper trekking shoes to avoid any injuries.

What things must I carry while trekking in Jaipur?

Some essentials will be quite helpful if you carry them while trekking in Jaipur. While each one of us has personal preferences, but some things like sunscreen to protect your skin during the day, a water bottle to quench your thirst while trekking, and a camera to capture the beautiful sights should be carried.

Can we do smoking and drinking during the trek?

While trekking, try to avoid any sort of smoking as it may hamper your basic bodily functions like breathing and stamina, and make it difficult for you to climb uphill. Too much drinking while on a trek may create imbalances, and you can even slip or fall off from the trail while hiking.

Any tips/things to know before going for trekking in Jaipur?

Before going to a trek in Jaipur, you need to keep in mind some essential things such as keep yourself hydrated, wearing appropriate hiking shoes, staying with the group, and most importantly, enjoying your trek on the path and the views from the peak.

What is the best time to go for trekking in Jaipur?

Jaipur witnesses mainly three seasons-summer, winter and monsoons. For trekking, you can go during the monsoons as the grey-brown Aravali ranges transform into dense-green highlands, giving the younger Himalayas a toll for its landscapes. During the winters as well, the climate gets pretty cold, so you hike if you are interested in clear skies.

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