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Camping with Waterfall Trekking in Shimla

Camping with Waterfall Trekking in Shimla

4.0 39 Reviews
Camping with Activities in the Lap of Nature, Shimla

Camping with Activities in the Lap of Nature, Shimla

4.0 29 Reviews
Jungle Camping Experience in Shimla Flat 24% off

Jungle Camping Experience in Shimla Flat 24% off

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Forest Camping in Shimla's Junga - Flat 15% Off

Forest Camping in Shimla's Junga - Flat 15% Off

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Camping at Mashobra in Shimla Flat 29% Off

Camping at Mashobra in Shimla Flat 29% Off

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Offbeat Camping Experience in Shimla Flat 25% off

Offbeat Camping Experience in Shimla Flat 25% off

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Camping in Shimla with Trekking Flat 36% off

Camping in Shimla with Trekking Flat 36% off

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Nature Camping in Shimla With Activities Flat 30% Off

Nature Camping in Shimla With Activities Flat 30% Off

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Hilltop Homestay with Multiple Activities, Shimla

Hilltop Homestay with Multiple Activities, Shimla

3.0 23 Reviews
Rustic Homestay in Shimla

Rustic Homestay in Shimla

4.0 33 Reviews
Hilltop Homestay with Nature Walk, Shimla

Hilltop Homestay with Nature Walk, Shimla

4.0 39 Reviews
Hilltop Homestay in Cedar Forest, Shimla

Hilltop Homestay in Cedar Forest, Shimla

3.0 40 Reviews
Budget Homestay in Apple Orchard, Shimla

Budget Homestay in Apple Orchard, Shimla

4.0 34 Reviews
Tree House Stay with Multiple Activities, Shimla

Tree House Stay with Multiple Activities, Shimla

3.0 35 Reviews
Countryside Homestay in Shimla

Countryside Homestay in Shimla

4.0 34 Reviews
Exclusive Villa Stay in Cheog, Shimla

Exclusive Villa Stay in Cheog, Shimla

4.0 28 Reviews
Kheerganga Trek with Camping Book @ 1280 Only!

Kheerganga Trek with Camping Book @ 1280 Only!

5.0 885 Reviews
Triund Trekking and Camping Flat 40% off

Triund Trekking and Camping Flat 40% off

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Prashar Lake Trek from Delhi with Camping, Himachal | Book @ ₹2449 Only!

Prashar Lake Trek from Delhi with Camping, Himachal | Book @ ₹2449 Only!

5.0 767 Reviews
Kheerganga Trek And Camping In Kasol Flat 20% Off

Kheerganga Trek And Camping In Kasol Flat 20% Off

5.0 372 Reviews
Trek to Mcleodganj and Triund from Delhi

Trek to Mcleodganj and Triund from Delhi

5.0 143 Reviews
Kareri Lake Trek 2019, Mcleodganj | Book @ ₹ 3950 Only!

Kareri Lake Trek 2019, Mcleodganj | Book @ ₹ 3950 Only!

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Tosh Valley Trek 2019, Himachal | Book @ ₹1280 Only!

Tosh Valley Trek 2019, Himachal | Book @ ₹1280 Only!

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2n/3d Bir Billing Winter Trek with Paragliding

2n/3d Bir Billing Winter Trek with Paragliding

4.0 38 Reviews
  • Although there is no dearth of resorts in Mashobra, it can be an arduous task to find one that fits your budget, fulfills your demands, and at the same time makes your stay in the town luxuriant and comfortable. Surrounded by beautiful natural vistas, the properties offer a peaceful and tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Find solitude with a cup of tea, read a book on the terrace, and watch the days roll by as you relax in the sun.

    Paired with the natural splendor are gorgeous suites and amenable staff ready to be at your service 24x7. Be it a romantic holiday with your spouse, or a fun-filled adventurous weekend with your best buddies – you will find a resort that is tailor-made for you in the beautiful town of Mahobra.

    Here are some of the most splendid Mashobra resorts:

  • 01V Resorts Mashobra Greens

    V Resorts Mashobra Greens
    V resort is one of most secluded Mashobra Resorts offering an enchanting view of the deep forests and lush surroundings around. Find a healing salve for your frayed nerves at V resorts in the midst of tall cedar trees and captivating, pollution free environs. Take a stroll down the jungle or feel the cool breeze on your face.

    Go with your partner to enjoy a romantic getaway in the middle of lovely sunsets and quietly humming trees. Or take your family along and just relax and have fun. The rooms are elegantly and intricately decorated and a host of thoughtful amenities are available to make your life easier.

    Location: Village Shipur, Mashobra.

    Activities & Amenities: Free wi-fi, TV, parking, child-friendly, laundry.

    Prices: 1.8k INR per night.
  • 02Sterling Kufri Resorts

    Sterling Kufri Resorts

    Kufri is a quaint, little hamlet in the middle of Himachal Pradesh that serves the best of Himachal Pradesh on a platter – lush green hills, snow-capped mountains disappearing into the clouds, and dense green forests. The resort itself is encircled by gorgeous terrace farms that provide a stunning backdrop for Instagram worthy pictures.

    Exhausted travelers looking for a cozy home to nurse their soul and mind will find an idyllic getaway here. And if you are travelling with your partner, what is more, romantic than a day spent with a hot cup of tea looking at the mountains?

    Location: Galu, Jangal Kufri Chharabra, Fagu.

    Activities & Amenities: Minifridges, flat-screen TVs, and tea and coffee making facilities, glass-enclosed bathrooms. Complimentary breakfast is served in an informal restaurant that has a terrace and mountain views. There's also a lobby lounge and a casual bar, as well as a heated indoor pool, a game room, and an activity program.

    Prices: 3k INR per night.

  • 03Summit Thistle Villas Luxury Resort

    Summit Thistle Villas Luxury Resort

    Revel in the sound of birds humming along with your windows as you wake up in one of the gorgeous rooms of Summit Thistle Villas. surrounded by breathtaking natural splendor in the form of snow-capped mountain peaks and pristine environs, Summit Thistle is truly one of the most gorgeous resorts in Mashobra.

    The top quality, high-grade services provided and the gracefully decorated luxurious suites set a new standard in terms of comfort.

    Location: Circular Road, Purani Koti, Near Mahasu House, Mashobra.

    Activities & Amenities: Free wi-fi, parking, child-friendly, laundry, pets, a restaurant, a business center, full-service spa, a bar/lounge, a coffee shop/café, room service (during limited hours) and flat-screen TVs with cable channels. Premium bedding, coffee/tea makers and free newspapers.

    Prices: 1.5k INR per night.

  • 04Sitapur Village Resort

    Sitapur Village Resort

    Ideal accommodation for those of you seeking an adrenaline rush or looking for a place to segregate yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life, Sitapur Village Resort is remarkable in its own right. Far away from throngs of tourists, the resort offers a healthy environment to calm your senses.

    Additionally, you can enjoy mountain biking, trekking, tenting, sight-seeing, bonfire, adventures and yoga activities. You can also celebrate your honeymoon in complete privacy at Sitapur as the staff is experienced, helpful, and professional.

    Location: Mulkoti, Sitapur, Road, Mashobra.

    Activities & Amenities: Dining, plus free Wi-Fi & parking, mini fridge, mini bar, LCD, room service, laundry, a stylish restaurant.

    Prices: 2k INR per night.

  • 05Club Mahindra

    Club Mahindra

    Set against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayan mountain ranges, the Club Mahindra is one of the most beautiful resorts in Mashobra. The rooms come with private balconies each offering bedazzling views of the virgin Himalayan landscape. No matter which way you look, the picturesque beauty enraptures you.

    Add to that the airy rooms, delicious food, and professional services offered by the staff – your stay at Club Mahindra will be truly perfect.

    Location: Pines Gables, Mashobra, Himachal Pradesh.

    Activities & Amenities: Free Wi-Fi and TVs, mountain views, a restaurant, a cafe, and an old-school bar. There's also a spa, a kids' play area and a fitness room. Parking is free.

    Prices: 3-4k INR per night.

  • 06Koti Resorts

    Koti Resorts

    Perched on the top of a hill, Koti resorts are one of the most charming resorts in Mashobra. The resorts are designed like Swiss Chalets and your stay here will feel like it is straight out of a Hollywood flick. Wind caressing the tall deodar forests, vibrantly coloured apple orchards, harmonious natural views – everything around Koti resorts is otherworldly.

    Book your stay here and dive into an unparalleled luxurious experience.

    Location: Sadhora, Baldeyan, Mashobra-Naldehra Road.

    Activities & Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and tea and coffeemakers, panoramic windows, flat-screen TVs and complimentary minibars, as well as whirlpool tubs. There's a seasonal indoor kids' pool, a spa area and a casual restaurant with a terrace. Parking is included.

    Prices: 4-5k INR per night.

  • 07Marigold Sarovar Portico

    Marigold Sarovar Portico

    Whether you are looking for a solitude filled vacation to heal your mind and spirit or seeking some thrill among the majestic mountains of the Great Himalayas, you will find the best of both worlds at Marigold Sarovar.

    Located in the middle of a serene hill station, the resorts are the weary traveler’s haven. Additionally, an array of activities such as trekking, paragliding, mountaineering is available for adrenaline junkies.

    Location: Mashobra Naldehra Road, Shimla.

    Activities & Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, TVs and living areas, balconies, coffee/tea makers, free bottled water, and kitchenettes. Breakfast and parking are complimentary. A restaurant, a kids' playroom and a pool table. Activities such as hiking and nature walks are also available.

    Prices: 3-4k INR per night.

  • 08Royal Jardin Whistling Pines Resort

    Royal Jardin Whistling Pines Resort

    Set amongst the serene environs of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most captivating resorts in Mashobra to grace the landscape of Shimla. As far as the eye can see, the beautiful and awe-inspiring valley stretches and offers a calming feeling to the onlooker.

    Wake up to the majestic view of the sun rising over the magnificent hills and enjoy tangerine sunsets from your private balcony.

    Location: Sidhora, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

    Activities & Amenities: Cable TV, and bathtubs, coffee/tea makers, free bottled water. Suites add separate living areas. A restaurant, an exercise room and outdoor recreation, such as lawn cricket and table tennis. Other amenities consist of golf privileges at Shimla Golf Club, Naldehra, plus a game room and free parking.

    Prices: 5-10k INR per night.

  • 09Aachman Nature Valley Resort

    Aachman Nature Valley Resort

    The Aachman enjoys a premium location among the Mashobra resorts – lush green hills with snow-capped peaks, tall pine trees, dense oaks, cedars with their leaves rustling in the wind, the valley covered with mist, vibrant apple orchards, and a gorgeous stream singing along the valley.

    The Aachman resorts offer complete healing of the mind and body in the lap of nature. Paired with beautifully designed rooms and excellent hospitality – it’s the perfect place to spend a few days and just relax.

    Location: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

    Activities & Amenities: Free WiFi, balconies or patios and flat-screen TVs with cable channels, coffee/tea makers, free bottled water. Room service (during limited hours), premium bedding and free bottled water are among the amenities available to guests.

    Prices: 2k INR per night.

  • 10Manla Homes Resort

    Manla Homes Resort

    Located in the foothills of majestic Himalayan mountain ranges in Shimla, the Manla resorts offer picturesque views of the beautiful natural splendor around. Private balconies are available in every room that allows you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley.

    The rooms themselves are cozy and air-conditioned with wooden flooring and modern amenities.

    Location: Mohanpur Road, Baldeyan, Shimla,

    Activities & Amenities: TVs, and tea and coffee making facilities. Upgraded rooms and suites add Internet access. Room service is available. Complimentary breakfast, a relaxed restaurant. Other amenities consist of a bar, a gym, a spa, and a billiards table. Activities include hiking and repelling.

    Prices: 2k INR per night.

  • 11Hillcrest Resorts

    Enjoy the brilliance of nature around Shimla paired with ultramodern technology and elegantly decorated rooms at the Hillcrest resorts. Furnished with grace and in perfect harmony with the environment, the luxuriant rooms are a treat to the eye as well as cozy in an indescribable manner.

    Premium and deluxe rooms provide private balconies to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

    Location: Sadhora, Mashobra, Naldehra Rd.

    Activities & Amenities: LCDs, mini-fridge, tea/coffee maker, lockers and elevator access to reach all rooms. Bathrooms feature a bathtub, modern accessories and a host of toiletries provide hot and cold running water for 24 hours.

    Prices: 3.5k INR per night.

  • 12Treebo Snow View Resorts

    Treebo Snow View Resorts

    Positioned over a hill amidst the virgin, pollution free environs of Himachal Pradesh – the Treebo Snow View Resorts offer truly spectacular and captivating views of the snowy mountains of Himalayas. The breathtaking beauty is alluring in its own right and transports you to a world far away from the worries of everyday life.

    The deluxe rooms in the hotel equipped with modern amenities offer a cozy and comfortable stay. And the polite, professional staff is available to take care of your every need 24x7.

    Location: NH5, Fagu road, New Kufri, Shimla

    Activities & Amenities: Business centre, dry cleaning and laundry facilities. Free on-the-go breakfast, free WiFi in public areas and free self-parking, free newspapers and a banquet hall, room service (during limited hours) and TVs with cable channels. Guests will also find coffee/tea makers, free bottled water and showers.

    Prices: 2k INR per night.

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Key Monastery

While Himachal Pradesh is home to a dozen different monasteries, this spectacular place is not just the biggest, but also the oldest one around. A must visit tourist place in Spiti Valleythe Key Gompa is encircled by picturesque mountains and soothing valleys.

A wonderful example of monastic architecture and decorated with beautiful paintings, murals, manuscripts, and wind instruments – the Kye attracts history and cultural buffs round the year. If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment, the monastery is home to a large number of nuns, monks, and lamas who receive their religious education here.

If you plan to visit during June-July, you’ll also get to witness the beautiful festival involving Chaam dancers, lamas and a devil made out of butter!

Location: Spiti Valley, Lahul.

Best time to visit: May to October.


Roopkund Lake Trek

The Roopkund Lake is situated high up in the Garhwal Mountains in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. This lake is of much historical and religious importance. It was also called the Mystery or Skeletal Lake after a large number of human skeletons were found in it in 1942 by a Forest Officer.

Following this discovery, a number of scientists visited the lake to find out the reason for the skeletons being there and it was eventually concluded that the skeletons belonged to some pilgrims who were caught unawares in a flash hailstorm.

Due to the huge chunks of ice that came with the hailstorm, the pilgrims died due to injuries to their skulls. This story was aired in national and international media and since them the Roopkund Lake has become a popular tourist destination.

The trek to Roopkund Lake showcases the best of Himalayan beauty. The trek begins at Lohajung, which is situated at an elevation of 3200 metres and goes on for five days till you reach the lake, which is at an altitude of 5000 metres. The first couple of days will take you through beautiful villages, forests, rivers and Bugyals.

The air will get thinner and thinner as you ascend and gain altitude. So it is very important that you are in the best of health and fitness when you set out for this trek. Higher energy levels will allow you to adjust better with the changing environment and enjoy the views offered by the region. Your team leader will also offer you tips on how to cope with the changing levels of the atmosphere.

The trekking trail followed during the Roopkund trek coincides with that of the Raj Jay Yatra pilgrimage route. This is conducted during a festival dedicated to goddess Nanda Devi and the residents of nearby village participate in this festival dressed in their traditional attire.

Best Season: August - October
Difficulty Level: Difficult
Max. Elevation: 5020 m
More Details: Guide to Roopkund Trek
Get a Quote for Roopkund The mystery lake 


Kalka–Shimla Railway

The 2 feet 6 inches narrow gauge that takes the trains through the mountainous stations from Kalka to Shimla has a lot of admirers all over India. Thus Kalka- Shimla Railway secures its place intact among travelers of Himachal Pradesh. The relishing views of the hills and valleys of Himachal Pradesh seem to be more charming while you make a journey in one of the trains along this railway track. It was built in 1898 to connect Shimla with other parts and it is recorded that during the construction of this system, there were 107 tunnels and 864 bridges through the course of the track as well. Though the system is years old, it emerges out to surprise the visitors of Himachal still.

Scandal Point

At the convergence of two famous roads, the Ridge and the Mall Road in Shimla is the famous Scandal Point, to the western edge of the convergent point. There are multitudes of stories existing related to the birth of this Scandal Point, dating back to the British regime. One story says that the Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh eloped with the daughter of the British Viceroy after meeting at the Scandal Point and thus it got this intriguing name and another set of tales shows that the Maharaja kidnapped young women from Scandal Point. Regardless the umpteen number of stories, this square overlooking the paradisiacal location has ample features to be on the top of the best sightseeing places in Himachal Pradesh’s list.

Beas Kund

For people who love to trek, Beas Kund is one of the most amazing places for it. If you are planning for trekking in Manali, add this place to your list, it will surely bring you close to nature. If you always wanted to enjoy the Himalayan trek, this is the shortest and ideal trek.

Location: It is quite close to some of the most popular locales of Manali. Solang Valley is at a distance of 14 km from the place which will take you around 8-9 hours to reach there.

Highlights: Beas Kund is located at a spectacular place and it gives a great view of the Pir Panjal ranges. After a while of climbing on to the place, you reach to the origin of Beas lake which truly feels magical because it is a glacial lake with melting snow.

Best time to visit: Avoiding the rainy season, you can visit the place anytime of the year you desire.

Tibetan Museum

Being a combination of the conventional and contemporary Tibetan architecture, the Tibetan Museum in Mcleodganj is very unique. Located inside the Tsuglagkhang complex, the museum walls have a gentle yellow and white colour scheme that adds on to its quaint beauty. 

It is a platform where one can observe and be in awe of the Tibetan historical documents, manuscripts, Thangka images, pottery and other handicraft items. Besides that there are also photographs, interviews and video records that explain and file the Chinese intervention in Tibet and the consequent migration of Tibetans. If you are admirers of art and are also fascinated by history then you could purchase paintings, artefacts and handicrafts from the Museum shops as souvenirs.

Timings: - Open from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Milam Glacier Trek of the Kumaon

The Milam Glacier is one of the major glaciers in the Kumaon region. It is situated in Munsiyari of Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. The elevation of the glacier ranges from 5500 metres to 3870 metres and is located at a distance of 15 km from Nanda Devi. The glacier was closed for trekking in 1962, but was reopened in 1994.

The best time to visit the Milam glacier is before the monsoons i.e. from mid-March to May. The monsoons set in June, which triggers landslides and roadblocks, making the area dangerous for any expedition.

The trekking trail to the Milam glacier starts at Munsiyari. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the Kumaon region and pass through places such as Nanda Devi East Base, Gauri Ganga Lilam, Martoli, Railkot, etc. on your way to the glacier. The glacier originates from the eastern slope of Trishuli and the southern slope of Kohli. The village of Milam is situated near the snout of the glacier. The trek to the Milam glacier is one of the best trails for trekking in India.

The Milam glacier has an altitude of 4268 metres and is surrounded by 52 peaks. The Milam glacier serves as an axial point for high altitude treks in India. The entire distance is covered by walking along the banks of the River Gori Ganga. You will pass through dense forests with blooming rhododendrons, chestnut trees, lush green conifers etc.

The trekking trail takes you past the Nanda Devi and Hardeol peaks. You will also come across the Ragash Kund, a shepherd shelter and a pond. The trek is a slightly difficult and will test your physical fitness and strength as you gain altitude. The best part of the journey is that you get to view the best of Himalayan beauty amidst majestic mountains and gurgling waters.

Best Season: May - September
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Max. Elevation: 4268 m
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Padum-Darchha Trek

The Padam Darchcha Valley trek is an exhilarating experience. The trek involves a long trek from Darcha which is situated in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh to Padam, located in the mystical land of Zansak. Besides the thrill and excitement of trekking in the snowy slopes of the Himalayas, the trekking trail allows you to enjoy the beauty of the initial trail from Manali to Leh.

You can visit interesting Hindu temples in Manali which speak volumes about the history, culture and traditions of the region. This trek is a beautiful combination of adventure and sight-seeing and hence can be called one of the most exciting experiences of trekking in India.

The trek begins at Chalang Tokpa, from where you will move on to Ramjak and Chumikanakpo. The trek from Ramjak to Chumikanakpo will give you a fabulous trekking experience by testing your strength and skills. From here you will move on to Lakong and pass through Kurgiak and Purne before reaching Padam, Leh. The most interesting change that you will notice on reaching the destination is the transformation of the landscape.

Best Season: June - September
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Max. Elevation: 5080 m
More Details: Guide to Padum Darcha Trek
Book Now Padum to Darcha Trek Tour


Gauri Shankar Temple

It is an 800 year old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva of the Hindu religion. The Gauri Shankar temple is built in a Shikhara style architecture which makes it quite popular among the various tourists that visit the place.

Location: The temple is located in the Naggar Castle road where you will also find other major attractions of the city. It can be easily reached through a small trek through the famous Naggar Castle.

Highlights: It is quite popular for all those who have religious beliefs and are Nirvana seekers. The architecture is something many people love about the temple.

Best time to visit: The temple is open from 5 in the morning to 12 in the noon and then it opens again at 4 in the evening till 9 in the night. So you can visit the temple on the given timings.

Price: There is no entry fee for getting into the temple.

Arjun Gufa

Although this place is meant for all those who hold deep religious beliefs, most of the people visit the place just because they admire beautiful architecture.

Location: The cave is located at approximately 5 km from the town of Manali. The place it is situated is Naggar and has most of the tourist attractions in close proximity. You will also find the Kunt Bhaya lake and the temple at just 2 km from here.

Highlights: You will love to see the beautiful sight of the snow capped mountains from the place. This site was built during the famous era of Mahabharata. The natural beauty of the cave is very exhilarating and the ambience makes you feel really good.

Best time to visit: It is best to visit the place early in the morning as it gets dark quite soon. You might also consider wearing woolen clothes to the place because it can sometimes get too cold.

Tsug la Khang (Dalai Lama's Temple)

Popular for being the sanctuary of The Dalai Lama, the Tsug la Khang is the core essence of Mcleodganj. It comprises the Namgyal Monastery and also several shrine rooms in its compound. There are statues of Buddha, Chenrezig and Guru Rinpoche in these shrines.

 If you are an art lover then you should surely go there and admire this splendid art work. The Dalai Lama’s dwelling and administrative offices are adjoining to the monastery. Ling Khor, is a meditation trail close to Tsug La Khang, you will come across small shrines, stupas and also a gigantic chorten while treading this route. Visiting Tsug la Khang is one of the most important things to do in Mcleodganj.  

Timings- Open from 6 AM to 7 PM


Snow Trails Camp

Shimla is an ideal destination, a destination for family as well as for friends, It has number of thrilling things to do and If you are going for camping in Shimla at that point Snow Trails Camp is something that everybody must check once. Campground is arranged at an elevation of 2250 mtrs. above ocean level on Kufri-Chail Road. This is a veritable heaven enriched with incredible common excellence encompassed by elevated snow topped tops and thick backwoods of deodar and oaks.

We have corroded yet agreeable convenience with twin slept with swiss tents, cabins connected with toilets with legitimate running hot and frosty water with a sit out varandah. Investigate the everlasting characteristic magnificence and entrancing society of Himalayas with Snow Trails Eco camps at koti, Neen. You can select Shimla camping packages for Snow Trails Camp from their website. 

 Accommodation, All meals during the stay, Bonfire with light music.

Hiking and Trekking, Rock Climbing, Flying Fox, Obstacle Course, Team Building Games, Burma Bridge.

Rs 2500 to 4000

Approx distance from Shimla:
48.1 KM

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The Ridge of Shimla

The Ridge of Shimla is known for organizing several government functions and fairs. It is the key venue for all the major events as well as celebrations that take place here in Shimla. Summer Festival that is the most famous festival is held here at the Ridge.

Location: The Ridge of Shimla is an extremely famous tourist attraction that is set in the heart of Shimla. It is situated along the Mall Road that is the famous shopping center of Shimla.

Highlights: The Ridge of Shimla is the hub of all the cultural activities of Shimla. Some of the prominent place of Shimla such as the Lakkar Bazaar, Mall, Scandal Point, Jakhoo hill, etc is in close proximity to the Ridge.

Best time: Open all round the year but since the Summer Festival is held during the months of April or May, one can plan a visit during these months.

Tara Devi Temple

Tara Devi Temple located in Shimla is definitely one of the most popular tourist attractions here. Origin of the temple can be traced way back to some 250 years. Even today, the temple stands in complete splendor at the top of the hill. It is believed that the Goddess Tara was brought here all the way from the West Bengal.

Location: It is situated at a distance of about 11 kms from Shimla and can be visited while travelling on the Kalka - Shimla National Highway. The temple is set at the top of the hill in Shimla with lush green environs surrounding it giving the restaurant a very peaceful as well as tranquil atmosphere.

Highlights: Visit the temple to browse through the breath taking views of the countryside. If you enjoy the Himalayas and the clean and fresh air, this is definitely your ideal vacation option.

Price: Entry is free.

Camp Little Heart Resort

Shimla is a dwelling place for excitement,  Camp little Heart Resort, is an isolated and hidden Wild side nature camp for camping in Shimla. The charming sound of the blowing icy air echoes in the valley and outdoors around such an astonishing characteristic surroundings is a lifetime involvement in itself. As the range has Bhalawag wilderness, Shimla on both sides, a great assortment of uncommon himalayan winged creatures can be seen.

Nighttimes at campground are sentimental, thrilling and energizing. The starlit sky, outline of the mountains, blowing sound of the air and gleaming of bon-flame, this is an extraordinary approach to investigate the outside as it is comprised of some outstanding things to do in Shimla !

 Stay in tents with proper bedding, Neat and hygienic indian/western, Toilets with flush and running water, Buffet meals in a large dining area.

Bonfire and Barbeque, Rock climbing, Rappelling, Valley crossing, etc.Trek to the Waterfall/Forest walk, Volleyball, Rugby, Badminton, etc.

Rs 3000 to 4000

Approx distance from Shimla:
40.7 KM

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Pindari Glacier Trek

The Pindari Glacier trek is a relatively easy trekking trail. The Pindari glacier is situated between the Nanda Kot and Nanda Devi peaks and is a major destination for tourists and high altitude trekking in India. The pristine white glacier measures 3.2 km in length and 1.5 km in width and has gigantic mountains in its background.

The Pindari glacier trek is a must-do activity for all those who wish to experience nature very closely without compromising on peace and tranquility. The journey to the Pindari glacier begins at Nainital and goes on to Lahorekhet. Usually, night camps are set up and the evening is spent in these camps. On your way to the Pindari glacier, you will also come across Dhakuri, which is a place of great scenic splendour.

On moving ahead from Dhakuri, you come to the Khati village, which is the largest village in the region. Situated on the banks of the River Pinder, the village serves as a perfect spot for a night halt. From Khati you will need to trek another 11 kms to reach Dwali. Dwali has beautiful surroundings to offer and you can relish the beauty of the place as you trek on ahead to Phurkia, situated about 6 kms away.

Pindari glacier is situated at a distance of about 17 kms from Dwali. The vista opens into a beautiful view as you reach the Pindari glacier. Your efforts are paid off with the panoramic view of the surroundings that the Pindari Glacier offers you.

Best Season: March - October
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Max. Elevation: 3627 m
Special Offers on Pindari Glacier Tour

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