10 Places to Visit in New Digha, Tourist Places & Attractions

Tourist Places to Visit in Digha

Amarabati Park, New Digha Sea Beach, Digha Gate, Wonderland Kajal Dighi, Battala Market, Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre, Biswa Bangla Park Old Digha, Digha Mohona Watch Point, Talasari Beach, Digha Science Centre & National Science Camp and many more.

Digha is a small coastal resort town in West Bengal and a vacation here is marked by numerous shots of picturesque beaches. A less explored coastline will give you an opportunity to spend some time in solace at the many pristine beaches surrounded by tall palm trees, such as the Old Digha Beach and the New Digha Sea Beach. Come here to soak in the sun, frolic in the salty sea and gorge on the freshest seafood.

Apart from these, there are still numerous tourist places to visit in Digha, ideal for an enjoyable and fun-filled weekend. The white-marbled Chandaneswar temple is perfect for anyone seeking spiritual awakening. Meanwhile, the stunning scenic vistas at Amarabati Park and Digha Mohona Watch-point, further add a certain charm to Digha. Besides that, Digha will also leave you amazed with its Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre, Digha Science Centre & National Science Camp and the Biswa Bangla Park.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Digha:

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Among the several tourist places to visit in Digha, explore this verdant, well-maintained park in the midst of this seaside town for a little peace and quiet. The park boasts of unspoiled, lush green lawns with diverse seasonal blooms dotting the borders of the small lake in the middle of Amarabati Park. 

The ropeway within offers a stunning view of New Digha as well as the Park. Moreover, spend a day-out picnicking with loved ones at the Park which boasts of neat, tidy and paved pathways, numerous sitting areas, and boating on the lake for family and kids. 

Location: Babita Road, New Digha, Digha, West Bengal 721428

Price: Adult - 5 INR per head; however, there is no charge for kids below three years of age. Besides the entry fee, there are boating charges of 60 INR per person for 25 minutes with a maximum capacity of four tourists for each boat. 

Timing: The park timings are from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm throughout the week. 

Best time to visit: Winter is the best time to visit Amarabati Park in New Digha from October to February because the weather is pleasant around this time. The temperature ranges between 3-28 degrees during this time.
Summer is not an ideal time to visit because from March to June, temperatures soar to 37 degrees Celsius. 
Avoid the monsoon months because the heavy downpour would ruin your plans to visit the park. Moreover, the high humidity levels will make traveling uncomfortable.
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New Digha Sea Beach is known for its huge expanse, easy accessibility, and less crowd, which is why tourists like it so much. The sea starts approximately a mile off this beach dotted with casuarina trees that are a feast for your eyes. Walk on the soft, warm sand, sip coconut water, or simply unwind in nature’s lap while taking in the beauty of the surroundings.

While in Digha, do not miss out on the stunning sunrises and sunsets on New Digha Beach, which is both magical and delightful. Additionally, you can also visit some other places to see in Digha close to this beach, such as the gardens and the aquariums as well. 

Location: New Digha Beach is located in Digha in Southern West Bengal, just two km off from Old Digha Beach. 

Price: There is no fee for accessing the beach. 

Timing: You can visit the beach throughout the day. However, it is safe to avoid it during the night. 

Best time to visit: The cold months of October until February are the best time to explore this beach. Also visit here in October as it is usually the best time because West Bengal celebrates Durga Puja.
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Image Credit : dsda.gov.in
An entrance to the small coastal town, the gate was constructed on the National Highway 116B in Digha, close to the Bay of Bengal. Previously known as Brighton of Calcutta, Digha Gate is also called Digha Welcome Gate or Gateway of Digha. 

Further, the grand structure has become popular for its design and attracts flocks of people here. A concrete and steel gate, it is shaped like a fishing boat as a tribute to all the fishermen in the region, and is painted white and blue which further adds to the overall splendor. A sight to behold, Digha Gate looks even more beautiful when lit up during the night. 

Location: Digha - Contai Road, Ghersai, West Bengal 721463

Price: There is no entry fee. 

Timing: The place is open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday. 

Best time to visit: Winter is the best time to visit from October until February with mild, pleasant weather. You can also visit during summer in the month of March, the heat offset by the cool sea breeze.
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Image Credit : wikimedia.org
Among the tourist places to visit in Digha, Mohona Watch Point is the confluence of River Champa and the great Bay of Bengal. It offers stunning views of the sunrise as well as that of the surroundings. The place also operates as a busy fish market in the morning, where fishermen collect, pack, distribute, and deliver many varieties of fish to numerous locations.

The whole market is an exciting place to be at, to witness Digha’s bustling commercial side. Here, you will get to see dried bhetki and hilsa of significant sizes that you can also buy. While the Watch Point is an interesting place, it also smells of fish, which can be a downside for some. 

Location: Shankar Road, Champa River, Mohona Sea Beach, Digha, West Bengal 721441

Price: There is no entry fee to visit Digha Mohona Watch Point. 

Timing: You can visit this place throughout the day, as there is no particular opening and closing hours. 

Best time to visit: The best time to visit is during the early morning hours to see a splendid sunrise or if you would like to see the busy side of Digha Mohona Watch Point. You can also visit during the evening for sunset views and take delight in the tranquil surroundings.
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Image Credit : wikimedia.org
The key attractions of this place are fun and life science, galleries on reflections, 3D theatre, Jurassic park with light and sound, the national science camp, and the Science Park. Furthermore, to add to the enjoyment, the Science Centre has numerous activities such as nature study on the butterfly, Yoga day, science quiz, science fair, vacation hobby camp, workshops on coastal water pollution, and more that you can become a part of. 

Location: New Digha, State Highway 57, Midnapore, West Bengal 721463

Price: The entry fee is 20 INR for common visitors, 15 INR for a group of 25 people or more per person.
For student groups, the entry fee is 15 INR per person and government school students will need to pay five INR per person.

Jurassic Park ticket price: Tourists need to pay 15 INR per head and for students in groups, the cost is 10 INR per person. Government school students will need to shell out five INR per person. 

Taramandal ticket price: The ticket price for common tourists and students in a group is 10 INR per person.

Space and Astronomy ticket price: General tourists will need to pay 25 INR per person and in groups; the fee is 20 INR per head.
For school groups, the price is 15 INR per head and govt. school students in groups will need to pay 10 INR per person.  

Timing: The timings are from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday to Sunday, except for Dol Yatra and Kali Puja.

Best time to visit: You can visit Digha Science Centre & National Science Camp all throughout the year.
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Battala Market is one of those places to visit in Digha. A vibrant and bustling shopping destination, this market is loved by locals and tourists alike. A paradise for seafood lovers pescatarians, with the freshest variety of fish, prawns, and crabs, you can indulge in some shopping of the local produce during your stay in the seaside town. Moreover, the market is well-organized and all items are available in the apt sections.

Besides fish, you will get fresh vegetables, fruits, chicken, and eggs in Battala Market as well. Furthermore, there are aplenty gift shops, handicrafts and conch stores from where you can buy shell-jewelry and other pretty trinkets as souvenirs to take back home. The market is quite affordable and everything can be bought at reasonable rates.

Location: Dipak Road, Bhagibaharampur, New Digha, Digha, West Bengal 721428

Price: There is no entry fee for this place. 

Timing: The market is open 24 hours throughout the week. 

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Battala Market is during the morning if you would like to buy fresh vegetables, fruit, and fish. However, it is a nice place to roam about in the evening too.
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It is one of the key tourist attractions in Digha, boasting of the biggest inbuilt aquarium in Asia. The aquarium features three types of creatures like local and curious species, species of conservative significance, as well as freshwater species. The aquarium has 24 huge marine tanks and 8 freshwater tanks. 

The place is known for its research activities, as well as it is equipped with high-end filtration and seawater circulation system. The major attractions of the aquarium are lobsters, butterfly fish, sea anemones, sharks, sea snakes, rays, and horseshoe crabs. 

Location:  State Highway 57, Gadadharpur, Digha, Purba Midnapore, West Bengal 721428

Price: There is no entrance fee for visiting the Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre.

Timing: The museum opens for the tourists from 9.30 am and closes at 6.00 pm from Monday to Saturday. 

Best time to visit: The ideal time to visit here is 10 am to 4.00 pm. The most popular time to visit this museum and regional centre is from 2 pm to 3 pm. You will take approximately two hours to take a complete tour of the place.
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Wonderland Kajal Dighi is among the popular Places to visit in Digha for people of all age groups. The major attraction of this place is the model toy train, along with the numerous swings and slides that can be enjoyed by your little ones.

Enjoy your visit at Wonderland Kajal Dighi by going on the toy train ride while taking in the scenic views of water bodies, lush greenery, and the many rabbits around. Besides that, you can also enjoy boating in the picturesque lake with your loved ones. 

Location: Palsandapur, Digha, West Bengal 721428

Price: The entry fee is five INR per head. The toy train ride will cost you 20 INR per head for two rounds and paddle boating is available for 35 INR. 

Timing: The timings are from 9 am to 7 pm throughout the week. 

Best time to visit: It’s recommended you visit Kajal Dighi during the cold months of October- February because of the pleasant weather. 
The best time to visit Wonderland Kajal Dighi is from 9 am to 5 pm, the preferred time of tourists. You will take around two hours to explore the place.
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Located at old Digha sea beach, Biswa Bangla Park is a recent addition to the area and has the Biswa Bangla theme to it. Biswa Bangla is an MSME enterprise which was established by the West Bengal Government to promote handicrafts and textile from the state of West Bengal. To further the concept, the famous Biswa Bangla icon is installed along with a globe, surrounded by a fountain inside this park.

One of the coveted places to visit in Digha, precisely Old Digha, the Biswa Bangla Park has paved paths which are clean and well-maintained, along with a scattering of greenery. Also, while sitting in the Park you can take in the beauty of the nearby beach, the sea and the waves crashing. Moreover, You can visit during the evening to see the fountains when the place is illuminated with colorful lighting or in the morning to experience the tranquil surroundings of the park.

Location: Sea Beach Road, Gadadharpur, Digha, West Bengal 721428

Price: There is no entry fee for Biswa Bangla Park, Old Digha. 

Timing: The place is open 24 hours throughout the week. 

Best time to visit: Winter is the best time to visit Biswa Bangla Park in Old Digha from October to February due to the pleasant weather. The temperature ranges between 3 degrees to 28 degrees around this time.
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People Also Ask About New Digha

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Digha in one day?

    Digha Mohona Watchpoint: Amongst the best tourist places to visit in Digha, this is the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and River Champa, and offers amazing sunrise and sunset views. This also houses a vibrant fish market loved for its seafood.

    Talsari Beach: This red crab beach is one of the most stunning tourist places to visit in Digha and is considered to be the last beach on India’s northeastern coast. It is shaded with thickets of coconut, cashew, and palm trees and famous for boat rides.

    Marine Aquarium: This is Asia’s largest inbuilt aquarium and houses interesting specimens of marine and freshwater species. You can see rare exhibits like those of lionfish, pufferfish, clownfish, sharks, tang fish, whale skeletons, and crabs.

    Battala Market: One of the liveliest places in Digha, this market is known for its fresh fish, prawns, and crabs, and varieties of seafood that one can indulge in. You can also pick up beautiful Odisha handicrafts and conch jewellery here.  

  2. What are the best things to do in Digha?

    Enjoy a picnic at Amarabati Park: This beautiful park is perfect for enjoying the vibrant colours of flowers, hours of play for children, ropeway ride, and boating. 

    Stroll in a forest:
    Head over to the Old Digha Beach to enjoy the serenity that only a forest can offer. This thicket of Casuarina trees is perfect for taking long strolls and trying the delicious seafood available at the local shacks here.

    Enjoy shopping:
    Being a beachside town, Digha has amazing jewellery and handicrafts to offer, especially those made of conches, seashells, and coconuts. You also pick up dried seafood pickles, local coffee, tea, etc. here.

    Try seafood:
    No trip to Digha is complete without trying the delectable array of fresh seafood that it has to offer. Don’t miss to enjoy the exotic flavours Pona Thali, pomfret, tiger prawns, luchi & torkari, etc.
  3. What is the best time to visit Digha?

    Winters (October-February) are the best time to visit Digha to enjoy pleasant weather. The temperature averages around 20°C making it perfect to be outdoors as you explore the beaches and enjoy watersports. This is also when the grand Durga Pooja celebrations take place here.

  4. What is Digha famous for?

    Digha is known for its wide and serene coastline dotted with picturesque golden sandy beaches, vibrant local markets, lush gardens, and its cashew plantations. Besides these, it is a seafood lovers paradise and also for those who love delicate collectibles made of conches and seashells.
  5. Which is the better Old Digha or New Digha?

    For people who are looking for solitude and old-world charm of tree-shaded promenades, Old Digha is the place to be. People who love the buzz and chatter of crowds, eateries, and touristy places should visit New Digha.
  6. How is the climate of Digha?

    Summers start in April and last till June with high daytime temperatures averaging around 35°C. Monsoons last from July to September and bring heavy rains and high humidity. Winter months of October till March are extremely pleasant and also when most tourists visit Digha.

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