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Sandakphu Trek

If we have led you into believing that Darjeeling is purely a touristy place, that is far from the truth. Thanks to the position of Darjeeling in Himalayan foothills, there are a number of excellent trekking trails you can find around the city; Sandakphu being one of the popular ones. It is a moderate level trek that takes you through some extremely scenic landscapes until you finally reach Sandakphu at 11,929 feet.

This is probably the best trek you can undertake in the region if you are an experienced trekker. Sandakphu is the highest peak in West Bengal, so you can imagine the grand views of the grandest Himalayan mountains you can witness from here. Sandakphu Trek is an ultimate dose of thrill and amusement.

Location: Begins at Manebhanjan, West Bengal

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Traveller Tales from West Bengal


Ajit Khan

29 March 2016

Dzongri Goechala Trek in Sikkim is one of the best treks in the town. It had been a great trek. I had a lovely time there. It was awesome. I loved it totally. One should definitely try this to know how...

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Sumit Biswas

04 February 2018

"Overall a good trek. The Himalayan Trekker guide, Arpan, was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend it for beginners. Seasoned trekkers might find it a bit easy."

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Satyen Naik

15 December 2014

After this trek, I realized why everyone recommended me for Darjeeling and Sikkim. Truly a paradise and this trek reveals more about these places.

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sudha b

15 May 2017

I decided to do a solo Himalayan trekking in a spur of the moment, on a Sunday afternoon. I randomly googled for the organisers and Thrillophilia were the only guys to come back with answers. They sugg...

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Anang Patel

10 May 2016

The crowing glory of this place is Mt Khangchendzong, the third highest mountain in the world. Viewing the mountain was really fascinating us and the experience was mind boggling.


Ranjit Kakkar

16 June 2014

One of the most adventurous and difficult treks of my life. the scenery was so awesome..really enjoyd the trek and made some awesome new friends.


Bhisham Deshpande

17 October 2014

It is difficult to explain my entire experience in few words. It was an awesome experience which I would cherish my whole life.. of course it's the the only highest place in West Bengal at an altitude ...


Shreya Menon

12 September 2014

Sandakphu is a wonderland trip for the trekkers. It's located at an altitude of 11,929ft in Darjeeling district .This is the summit or the highest point in Singalila range, and is also the highest pea...


Anjushree Namboothiri

11 September 2015

This was my first trip in any northeast India, and now I proudly suggest everyone that this is the place everyone should visit, atleast for once.I gaurantee you will experience the heaven.

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What You Should Know More About West Bengal

  • Q. Travel advice:

    • West Bengal is a place crowded with tourists and hence, you should book your stay and travel facilities in advance.

    • The number of people scamming tourists is comparatively high in West Bengal and hence, you should refrain from speaking to strangers.

    • While touring in the mountainous regions, you should take care of not going on trek routes, which are not specified as you might have chances to get lost.

    • Carry all types of weather clothes as at every destination, the weather might change drastically.

    • Book your tour packages from authorized tourist agencies and pay only after you attain a receipt for it.

  • Q. Drinking laws

    The legal age to consume all types of alcoholic drinks in the state of West Bengal is 21 years.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What You Can’t Afford To Miss?


    Darjeeling is one of the most famous holiday destinations not only in West Bengal, but in India. The place nestles in snow-clad mountains against the backdrop of the stunning Himalayas, making it a heaven of earth. The land is colorful with green tea plantations, red and white flowers blooming all over, birds singing around while you have the scenic views in front of your eyes.


    Siliguri is another picturesque destination that gives the tourists a spectacular views of the Himalayas. It is famous for production of tea and timber and while you stroll among the tea gardens smelling the mellow fragrance of fresh tea against the backdrop of snow-clad mountains and thick forests on the foothills, you will experience some of the best times of your life.


    Hooghly is a very interesting place and it has many reasons for it. Considered as a sacred place because Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa and Sarada Devi stayed here for many reasons. This place is also of historic significance as it bears influence of the French, Dutch and Portuguese. The Chandannagar Museum and Srirampore are two main tourist destinations of this place.


    Kalimpong is a hill station located in the lower Himalayas, at an altitude of 1250 meter. This place offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas and if you want to get away from the overcrowded tourists destinations, this place is a must visit for you, It is also famous for the traditional handicrafts and beautiful flower sanctuaries.

    Cooch Behar

    Cooch Behar is located in the north-eastern part of West Bengal and is famous for the rich influences from the Mughal Era. It has got many beautiful ancient monuments and is also famous for the huge water body it houses. Some of the most important sight-seeing destinations here are the Cooch Behar Palace, Chilapara Forest Range and Rasik Bil.


    Barrackpore is a land which is packed with natural beauty as well as of high historical importance too. This place has a lot of influence of history from the pre-independence era because it was a place of origin to a lot of freedom fights. The places to visit here are Mangal Pandey Park, Gandhi Museum and Jawaharkunja Garden.

    Sundarbans National Park

    The Sundarban National Park is a Tiger Reserve and Biosphere Reserve in West Bengal. It is a part of the Ganges Delta and adjacent to the Sundarban Reserve in Bangladesh. It is a home to the Royal Bengal tigers who rule the Mangrove forests and also houses some of the most exotic species of birds, reptiles and invertebrates.


    Last but not the least, Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal is known as the happiest city in India. With many British Raj Buildings and heritage constructions, this place has a lot to offer. The best time to visit Kolkata is during Durga Puja, and the must-see places are Victoria Memorial, Park Street and the street culture of Kolkata in general.

  • Q. What you will like here?

    Art and Culture

    West Bengal is a place rich in art and culture. Every city has some different art forms and traditions to reflect and the array of unique and different forms of art, culture, folk-lore and traditions will take you in a magical land.

    Sea-food Delicacies

    West Bengal is famous for sea-food delicacies all over India. There are many restaurants in Kolkata, especially on the park street, where you can enjoy delicious fish and other sea-food delicacies cooked with authentic perfection. The street food and sweets of West Bengal, especially in Kolkata is also worth relishing.


    You will get shopping options silk sarees, block print fabric, Bengali Sweets, local handicrafts and jewelry in Bengal. There are many famous shops which offer these things specially, and you can satisfy the shopaholic inside you with these things to buy.

    Co-existence of cultures

    While some of the places in West Bengal are developed and urbanized cities, the other part is rural and laid-back. Every place here has a different culture and yet, these exist with co-operation and harmony with one other. This plethora of different cultures will really impress you.

    Natural beauty

    With the Himalayas on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other side, West Bengal is nothing less than a paradise when it comes to natural beauty. You will witness snow-clad mountains and beaches in the same state, which is nothing less than a wonder.

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