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What You Should Know More About Kolkata

  • Travel Advice:

    • Visa problems: For those of you who are traveling from out of India, it is most advisable to carry an Indian visa at all times with you. It can get quite difficult after a point of time especially after arriving in this place. Make sure that you are carrying all your important documents and money.

    • Choose from the best of hotels: There are many distinctive, top-luxury and eco-friendly chains of hotels and resorts that the visitors have the convenience of choosing from. However, one must consider all aspects before making the booking. Factors such as the distance, location, reach, quality of service among other things must be kept in mind.

    • Come prepared for the climate: Another thing that needs to be kept in mind while visiting Kolkata is that the climate can get slightly hot. Understand the location of Kolkata is quite close to the equator and therefore, humidity and warm weathers are quite a common thing over here. Be prepared for the same.

    • Water and eatables: Travellers travelling to any destination in the whole have the potential of developing the travellers’ diarrhea. People consume contaminated water or food and fall sick. However, make sure that you have bottled water throughout your journey in the city of Kolkata.

    • Drinking laws: The truth is – you will fall so deeply in love with this place that you may not want to intoxicate yourself. The legal drinking age is 21 and there are plenty of bars, pubs, clubs, resorts and restaurants that offer the service of alcohol to individuals.

  • Things to do in Kolkata:

    • Visit the Mother Teresa House: Mother Teresa is a well known identity all through the world. The Albanian Roman catholic did a lot while serving India. She spent most of her time in Kolkata. Her former home in Kolkata is now called Motherhouse and is open for interested visitors to visit.

    • Worship at the Kalighat Kali temple: The Kalighat Kali temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess of Kali and is one of the most visited and sacred destinations in the whole of Kolkata. The place attracts approximately thousands of pilgrims every day. While walking to the temple you will realize how packed the city is on both the sides with stalls and shops selling religious items.

    • Get fascinated by South Park Street cemetery: Well, this can be qualified as one of the spookiest things to do in Kolkata. Stroll through the city and end up at the South Park Street Cemetry. It is extremely quite and peaceful and the place, which was set up in 1767 includes at least 160 tombs.

    • Shop at the Sir Stuart Hogg market: Looking to experience Kolkata in a typical, ethnic and rural fashion? Kolkata offers just that. It’s the Sir Stuart Hogg market which is one of the most colourful and vibrant affairs in the city. Visitors can shop for vegetables, clothes, handicrafts and so much more from the place. What’s more?

  • What will you like in Kolkata:

    • The Mullik Ghat Flower Market: The Mulluk Ghat Flower Market is located directly under the Howrah Bridge and is the most bustling portions of the city. The market is open at all hours of the day and one can find vendors and porters continuously walking and running up and down the market place trying to auction their stalk off to interested buyers.

    • Historic moment at the India Museum: The Indian Museum of Kolkata is one of the most significant structures in the whole of India. There is so much history pouring out of this place, it is unbelievable. The museum has a collection of libraries, artefacts, important documents and so much more. If you are a history buff – you will surely love this place.

    • Relaxing sessions at Belur Math: Unlike the chaotic and constant scams that take place around the place, Belur Math is quite the opposite for a change. It is a safe, peaceful and perfect place to relax. This place was founded by the great Swami Vivekananda and still exists to be one of the primary attractions in the whole of Kolkata.

    • Indulge in the street food of Kolkata: There are plenty of things to do and see in Kolkata, however if you are a foodie then you are definitely in for a treat. There’s absolutely nothing more rewarding than taking a nice stroll through the city and taking a bite of Kolkata’s street food.

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    West Bengal Tourism Website

    Books to read on Kolkata: 

    Calcutta Exile, Inside Kolkata.

Traveller Tales from Kolkata


Gotum Deshpande

07 August 2014

Sikkim Darjeeling Biking Tour is one of its kind of tours in India that you would definitely love to take. This is sheer fun. You can be a biker or a pillion rider but you will enjoy the tour. It is not that expensive too. You can easily take this trip as it has zero planning involved. I am so recommending this to you all.


Dron Malik

06 January 2015

The positives of this tour are that it was extreme fun. It was thrilling and adventurous without being risky. The roads are tough to drive. Cycling is also available in this route, but that would be a serious option and more tough that is. This was perfect fun. I enjoyed it, and I made a lot of buddies. I I wish I could do more such biking expeditions soon. I also had a brief stay in Darjeeling. It was awesome place to visit. I loved it all.


Trisha Shukla

18 November 2015

Sikkim – Darjeeling road is the best one to drive through. I always wanted to drive between these spots, but I never had a chance to do that. Once I heard of this trip, I immediately took it. It was fun, thrilling, adventurous, and awesome. I took it with my girlfriend. It was indeed a perfect vacation for us. On the downside, the climate was quite stressful and tiring on us.


Shiv Sethi

23 September 2013

The Biking tour was great, the entire journey was fantastic. i made new biker friens and every destination had its own charm. for me riding from Temi Tea Garden to Ravangla was tiring and difficult but was really worth it. Amazing trip and please plan more trips like this wold be a part of this !!


Girik Sinha

17 February 2015

I loved this trip. It was an amazing experience. It was nice to drive to this distance. What started as a normal ride, turned awesome and super fun, and I had a great time. I suggest everyone to take this trip. Even if you are not a biker, you can ride pillion and it is fun too.


Deeptanshu Bhattacharya

18 July 2014

WOW WOW WOW! The trip is just wow. Cheers to the organizers! It was quite awesome and interesting. I had a really great time with the trip. The trip was super fun. I highly recommend it to all. Try it out and you will love it too.


Dron Bhat

23 October 2014

Nice trip. Biking trip was something that I want to take for quite sometime now. I had a great affinity for bike rides, but I never happened to be on one serious trip too. When I did finally take this trip, it was a complete awesome experience. I loved it. It was spellbinding. Also, the trip was not costly or expensive. The whole experience was awesome. Darjeeling is a paradise for travellers. I had amazing travel experience to cherish from this place. There are many such biking tours available for bike enthusiasts at nominal price. Definitely planning to take more such trips soon.


Shreya Menon

30 June 2015

Wow! This was definitely one of the amazing trips to take. I had a great and an amazing time with this tour. The biking plan was fantabulous. While, the raods are indeed complex, they are nevertheless fun. Also, there are a plenty of roadside stores to chill out and have tea. That being said, it was quite an interesting and a fun trip except for the stress of driving.


Aamod Nehru

10 October 2013

The trip was amazing. I loved it totally. I am so recommending this trip to all. I am so out of words to explain my happiness. Talking about the trip, the drawback was splurge pricing. The bike was theirs, but still the trip is costly. I wish there were more discounts or some concessions. If that was there then this trip could have been more fruitful.

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