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Kedarnath is named after King Kedar whose daughter Vrinda was a partial incarnation of the Goddess Laxmi. The city has great religious significance and it is believed that the daughter of King Kedar performed many austerities at this place. It is also believed that the mighty Pandavas also performed penance here to please Lord Shiva.

Kedarnath is situated at a distance of 223 km from Rishikesh and is located close to the source of the River Mandakini. The town settlement is situated along the river Mandakini and is surrounded by the picturesque beauty of the Himalayas. The majestic peak of the Kedarnath stands out in the horizon and adds to the beauty of the city.

A major part of the city was ravaged in the flash floods of June 2013. There were landslides and floods due to heavy torrential rains and this led to severe damage and destruction of life and property.

Some of the important places of interest in Kedarnath include the Bhairava temple, Chorabari Tal and Gandhi Sarovar. Interestingly, there is a place called Bhairav Jhamp near Kedarnath from where devotees used to jump to death. There was a popular belief that by jumping off the cliff people could attain instant moksha or salvation. However, this practice was put to an end by the British government in the 19th century.

Kedarnath can be reached by trekking or using horses from Gaurikund. There is also a helicopter service from Dehradun that carries passengers to Kedarnath.

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Kedarnath temple is the one key factor that conferred fame upon Kedarnath town in Uttarakhand. As it is flanked by snow-clad peaks, Kedarnath remains one of the important tourist destinations. 3583 meters above sea level is the seat of this town near Chorabari Glacier. The backdrop of Kedarnath is obviously the signature of this small town, captivating Himalayan peaks and lush greenery adorn the barren land very well. The shores are cuddled by the chilling Mandakini River which upholds the beauty of the town to the next level. Kedarnath temple but will be closed during heavy snowfall and the native people will also be shifted to nearby villages to prevent them from the consequences of the thick snow cover around. The 16 KM long trekking route along Gaurikund is the challenge one will face while going to Kedarnath but the views from the top are worth facing this challenge.
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