(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

Well, we Indians are said to have a lot of influence around the globe. Be it meditation or power yoga people across the globe are welcoming the Indian culture with open arms. From traditional wear to rocking the dance floors with Indian style in foreign land people are eager to experience Indian culture.  With a heart to explore the beauty of India, a Japanese tourist bought a camel from Pushkar Fair and travelled all the way to Ramdeora on that camel.

Japanese Tourist Gets A Camel To Tour Around Rajasthan!

25-year-old tourist Masiharo has been creating a sensation among the people with his wish to explore the folk culture and customs of Ramdeora. For the last two weeks, Mashiro has been travelling on the camel learning about the vast culture and traditions of the Indian society. It took him 15 days to travel from Ramdeora to Pushkar.  A teacher by profession Mashiro travel 25 km a day and rest in the roadside hotel. He came to find about India and its festival through the internet and took a flight to Delhi. He bought his camel for Rs. 25000 and wishes to return back after covering Jaisalmer with his camel.