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Vacation to your favorite destination is here!

The moment is totally a gem when you get to fetch vacation time from the regular life, plan the travel diaries with the checklist of things to carry, clothes to wear, flight or train etc. And then, the next thing clicks in your mind is a place to stay at. Whether you are traveling with family, friends or alone, this question quivers up everyone a little.

Some of us try to book hotels online while some are carefree to choose a homestay when they
reach the destination. Now, we would say that the latter is a smart choice than former. But
various minds hustle in between for trust on new people, amenities or luxury at the homestays
So, let’s do one thing!!! Why don’t you just scroll down the page and find out why homestays are
a smarter way of accommodation at your next vacation trip.

Moreover, you will be unfolding a new page today and know how OYO homestays are springing
up in exotic locations of the country along with some of the best surroundings, even near the
city center.


1. Nothing is Better than a Home away from Home!

A place that gives any person an ultimate comfort at heart and soul is a Home. And, this is
because one feels relaxed from the garden to the drawing room, to the kitchen and then own room;
the whole place is yours with smiling members asking you to have breakfast, tea or coffee or
anything that you want to eat at any moment! Right? Well, this is what your homestay at your
vacation is!! The homestays will make you feel that you are at your own place and have best of
the facilities like spacious rooms, comfortable beds, running water and what you want to think
In fact, here you will be able to cook your favorite dishes in the kitchen while the exchange of
new spices and variety of tastes continue. And then, your privacy is going to be well intact
without any disturbance here. You just get to sit back in the room, listen to the songs, mail to
your colleagues and post pictures on social media. Ssshhhh!!! No-one knows what you do in

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2. My Life: My Rules

Heard about the quote earlier? And this is what exactly your own home makes you feel so. Well,
even the homestays allow you to follow your own rules while you decide to stay at their place.
You will not be nagged for regular hasty payments every morning till the time you decide to stay
over there.

Best Homestays Around Dharamshala

Your happiness and comfort is their first priority and your rules rule over the zone. You will be
asked here your preferences by the family members or the housekeeper/ on-ground captain
before he starts to cook, allowed to smoke in your room, make parties with your friends or wake
up the whole night to gossip with people around. The strict member policy with extra prices
doesn’t come handy here. Customization is right in your hands! So, come home anytime from
late night clubbing or long drives, your rules are on the top of their list.

3. The More, the Merrier: A group getaway had never been so much fun!

Planning a bachelor party with your friends or going out on a family vacation? Great, it is! Now,
you must be thinking where we will all stay and sit together or where can we all have our share
of merriment? Do we have to add more rooms in the trip package? Well, take a break now!!!
Homestays have now become a whole Villa to solve all your needs and allow you to stay
together in a large space like a combined family while using their drawing room, dining, kitchen,
garden, balcony; everything as you like is in your lap. Hotels don't have this facility for your extra
needs and they charge you an extra cost for every facility availed. So, change the checklist of a
hotel and mark it as a homestay today only.

A Warm Stay With The Perfect Apple Hill View

Moreover, the placement of these stays are usually around some or the other beauty of nature
like hilltops, farms, tea gardens, lakes etc. to give you an extra advantage of being a member of
the home that is standing calm, away from noise. Isn’t that a great feeling?

Enjoy The Vintage Vibes in Mussoorie

4. Beyond the guidebooks: Personalized Gesture

Before you reach your destination, probably you go through various guidebooks or internet
research that tells to stay at such and such hotels for luxury or services. But what a real traveler
does is get ready to explore beyond what the guidebooks say! Relax before booking with an
instant amount.
Homestays are backed up not only with amazing assistants to assist your needs but also
personalize them. Ask for some privacy, extra tea leaves or food for pets, it is right there. You
can even socialize at these homestays even if you are traveling solo by making neighbors your
friend, attend some festivals in nearby local homes or light up your own homestay with candles
or ‘diyas’ while glittering your surroundings.

Experience the local culture at this amazing homestay in Munnar


The Goan Resort Calling!

5. Safe From The Pocket Pinch

If you have by now planned to ditch hotels, let us tell you another advantage of the same. You
will be able to save a huge amount in your wallet to carry back at home. And utilize the same for
distinct activities in regular life. How? Well, the rent of homestays is nowhere near to the high
hotel prices. Happy? Listen to this! The food, access to varying facilities and an extra bowl of
rice will not be as exorbitant as a hotel bill during check-out would be.
It is said, ‘Save for travel, not for stay' and no wonder, homestays prove the quote right while
letting you to keep money safe for visits, shopping, and local fares. And with such thrilling deals
on homestays would make you happy with amenities like Kitchen, TV, and fridge in your flat.
Yes, yes!! It is like killing two birds with one stone. Some of the OYO homestays are well
studded with kitchen and home essentials to let you not even stay out, just like our real home

6. Option for Themes is open, even in a homestay!

Since, resorts and expensive hotels have scorching prices because of added Italian,
Portuguese, Egyptian or Greek themes, Homestays are also not behind for same.
With ultimate privacy for couples, and relishing themes for them to spend some time in the
private den, homestays are welcoming all with added themes like farming cottages, hill culture
etc. Dip in the pool and relish the stay! We also recommend you to be a part of themed
accommodations to enjoy a totally distinct aura which even gives you positive vibes and utter
happiness within.

A Perfect Farmstay For Luxury Lovers In Lonavala

7. Let your surroundings uplift you!

OYO homestays are standing erect on the exotic locations, surrounded by beauty of nature and
amazing trails to uplift your getaway. A private space is all yours when you are here. Park your
cars/bikes in private parking and be the king of the locality and stay here with friends, partner or
family. We bet you will never regret the decision being at a homestay and would opt to be at one
whenever you travel next.

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Nothing can beat the warmth of a home. Experience the real travel within the homes of natives.
A happy state of mind can make your travel experience joyous and a homestay plays a
significant role in your happiness.

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