Camping scene of India has picked up recently. Undoubtedly, there has been a rise in number of camps of India. The portability factor is so appealing that many a tourist organizations offer to set up camps wherever your heart pleases. And to give you a hassle free holiday proper attention is paid to comfortable stay for the tourist.

50 Best Camps of India

So, if traditional hotels and resorts are less for you, we have compiled 50 best camps of India.

Camps of Ladakh

1. Freeze your senses at Tsomoriri camp

tsomoriri camp

Tsomoriri Camp


Cozying up in the wild and uninhabited Tsomoriri, camping in here is some experience. Being the highest lake in the world, Tsomoriri is completely frozen during winters. Camping here is an experience of a lifetime. You can wake up next to this heavenly water body each morning in comfortable well decorated tents. Best time to visit: May to September (as the lake is accessible only during this time). Accommodation: Tents Attractions: Sunset at the lake, proper medical facilities for people suffering from altitude sickness, electricity in bathrooms besides rooms and wide variety of cuisines

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2. Get some food for soul at the West Ladakh Camp

west ladakh

West Ladakh Camp


Sprawled across 20 acre ranch, the West Ladakh Lake is on the banks of Indus River. This camp can be an ideal place to start trekking in ladakh and to the monasteries nearby. The location of the camp is superb. Each tent is surrounded by rocks, apricot, willow trees where the migratory birds come and rest. You can also enjoy authentic Tibetan and Ladakhi food. Best time to visit:  June to September Accommodation: Tents

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3. Indulge in the Mystic Sangla Valleyy Camping experience


Camping in Sangla Valley


Lying in the historic Trans Himalayan region, the sangla valley camps have travelers coming in groups from all across the world. The adventure hub of Kaza is near the camp. Blended with culture and adventure, Sangla opens its forbidden doors to travel enthusiasts and serious adventure goers. From here you can set out for day trips to nearby places. Best time to visit: June to October Accommodation: Tents

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4. Don’t miss the picturesque Watermark Camp!


Watermark Camp


Situated on the banks of Pangong lake, the highest salt water lake in the world, this camp overlooks the vast Changchenmo range. Living by the lake and seeing the colors change from blue to black to hues of green is also a spectacular feeling. An interesting fact about this lake is that it is 150 kms long and more than 2/3rd of it lies outside India. Best time to visit: Mid May to September Accommodation: Deluxe tents  Attractions: All types of facilities for a comfortable stay like first aid and comfortable tents and different cuisines are available at 11,500 feet.

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5. Adventure Camp Sarchu – The Vomit Hilton

sarchu camp

Sarchu Camp


Located 222 kms from Manali, Sarchu is a favorite stop for overnight stay en-route Manali Leh highway. Indian army camps nearby the Tsarap Chu river are set up nearby. Many travelers choose to mark the start of the difficult trek into the Zanskar region from here. With a separate dining tent, good electricity storage and comfortable tents the facilities are sufficient at the camp. Best time to visit: April to September Accommodation: Tents Attractions: Emergency medical facilities, Birthday cakes if you wish for an unconventional birthday celebration.

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Camps of Himachal

6. Kareri Lake Camp, Dharamshala

Kareri Lake Campsite

Kareri Lake Campsite


Kareri Lake, in Himachal Pradesh, is a fresh water lake approximatelty 9km from Dharmshala. This lake is not connected by road and one needs to trek to this lake.  Beautiful campsite can be arranged for people close to Kareri Lake. Variety of dense conifers and many types of perennial flowers provide a soothing relief to the eye.

Best Time to visit: March to October

Accommodation: Tents

Plan your trip to Kareri Lake

 7. Camp Potters Hill – An offbeat camping experience


Camp Potters Hill


At camp potters hill you can forget civilization and its noises and engross in nature’s sounds. Located near Shimla, camp potters hill has a set up of fully equipped tents and cottages that make staying here very comfortable. The experiences of being in the middle of the jungle are rejuvenating. Best time to visit: March to June Accommodation: Tents and cottages Attractions: Rafting, Air gun shooting, Treks, Burma Bridge

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 8. Camp Mashoobra Greens – Experience the high

mashoobra greens

Mashoobra Greens


This camp is set up at 7000 ft height, is not very far from Shimla and is surrounded by conical trees on all sides. Gorgeous alone will not describe the views you get from your these tents. The flora and fauna that surround you paint a perfect picture that refreshes your soul. Best time to visit: March to June Accommodation: Bamboo cottages Attractions: Picnics lunches in forest, meadows or orchards.

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9. Banjara Camps of India – Camping in the apple blossoms


Banjara Thanedhar


Banjara camp is set up in Kotgarh, the town famous for its apple orchard. In the year 1916, Samuel Stokes came here from Philadelphia and brought along with him an apple sapling. Ever since his apple orchard “Starking Delicious” is present here. Apart from the apple orchard there are several other places nearby. You can visit the Nagdevta temple, the Hattu peak and Juggar lake. Best time to visit: All round the year Accommodation: Rooms and independent log cabins

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10. Jungle Livinn at Himachal Pradesh


View from Jungle Livinn


Situated in northern Himachal, Chail is a small hamlet, built on three hills. In Chail is a set up of 20 gorgeously designed Swiss tents. At Chail you can try to climb mountains, rappel a steep hillock, hike through the village or simply stay back and enjoy the dance and music performances. Best time to visit: March to June Accommodation: Swiss tents and cottages Attractions: Mountaineering activities.

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11. Oakwood Hamlet – A camping extravaganza




This hamlet nestles cozily up the Oakwood forest and gives you a picturesque image of the mountains and valley. Oakwook Hamlet is situated high up at 5900 feet. The unhurried pace of this place is enchanting and invigorating. The land here is organically cultivated and the cottages are built of wattle and daub mud. The Oakwood hamlet gives its visitors a wonderful opportunity to sit back, laze around and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Best time to visit: March to June Accommodation: Cottages Attractions: Overnight camping, wild pheasant sighting

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Camps of Uttaranchal 

12. Enjoy the mystic Riverine Woods


Riverine Woods


Earlier known as Van Ghat river lodge, Riverine woods was constructed in the year 2003. It is made from locally sourced materials providing ample opportunities for locals to be employed. The staff is well acquainted with the surroundings here, which gives a very personal touch to this place. This camp is on the foot of Corbett national park, welcoming you with sounds of wild animals and birds. Best time to visit: November to June Accommodation:  Mud cottages Attractions: Elephant rides to Corbett Park

Plan your trip to Riverine

 13. Rishikesh Valley – Camp in the spiritual capital of the world

rishikesh valley

Rishikesh Valley Camp


You are invited to stay at a place that is not just close to the nature but also has deep spiritual connections. This camp is in surroundings that let you contemplate and introspect your own life. To aid your detoxification process, the restaurant serves complete organic food. Other things to do here are rafting, trekking, ayurvedic spas and elephant rides. Best time to visit: July to September Accommodation: Hermit styles huts Attractions: A complete organic restaurant inside the camp.

Plan your trip to Rishikesh Valley

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14. Camp Room on the Roof


Camp Room on the Roof


Situated 25 kms from Chakrata, Camp room on the roof is built on top of slementtep farms. Not just the ambience of this place but also the surrounding has mind blowing vistas. From your campsite, you can enjoy the sights of Virratkhai Valley. Rafting at the pristine Yamuna River is a thrilling experience. You can also enjoy rappelling, slithering and mountain biking. Best time to visit: July to September Accommodation: Tents Attractions: Mountain biking, orienteering

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15. The camp 5 elements – Let loose in the lap of nature


The Camp 5 Elements


This camp is situated on the way to Deoprayag and is sprawled across 800 meters of silver sand river bank. The camp is surrounded by jungle on three sides and is a scenic delight during sunrise and dawn. You can play beach volleyball or walk around the camp site. A lot of companies send their employees here to distress and rejuvenate. Best time to visit: July to September Accommodation: Tents

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16. Chardham Camp, Joshimath


Chardham Camp


Chardham camp is an ideal place to do camping if you are trekking to Kedarnath. The camp is located in the outskirts of Guptakashi and on the way to Kedarnath. The campsite is fantastic, overlooking several snow capped peaks and in the midst of a beautiful flower filled garden. Best time to visit: Mid May to November Accommodation: Rooms and Tents

Plan your trip Chardham camps

17. Corbett Woods Resort, Ramnagar

corbett woods

Corbett Woods


A full jungle experience which will leave you enthralled. It’s an awesome experience to stay in a resort surrounded by jungles. This camp is a luxury camp and offers first class comfort with personalized services.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

Accommodation: Swiss Tent

Plan your trip to Corbett Woods

Camps of Rajasthan 

18. Nature and wildlife camping at Sher Bagh Sawai Madhopur


Sher Bagh Camp


To have a complete wildlife experience with the comforts of a star rated hotel, staying at Sher Bagh Sawai Madhopur comes as an obvious choice. The camp has spa and wellness facilities where trained massage therapists use ayurvedic knowledge to relax and cool your senses. Abhyangam, an Ayurvedic full body massage that is done here cures insomnia, improves skin texture and leaves you with a sense of inner peace. A visit to the Ranthambore National park is organized early morning or later afternoon. Best time to visit: October to March Accommodation: Luxury tents with private verandahs

Plan your trip to Sher Bagh

19. Osian Camp Resort – Witholding generations of Rajasthani tradition

Photos of Camp Oasis Osian, Jodhpur


Osian, a popular trading center is also home to beautiful temple architecture, as old as 6th century. Migratory cranes are seen near the village of Jambha. The pilgrimage of Ramdeora is located on the Osian-Jaiselmer highway. The camps are designed like a fortress and are located on the Osian Sand dunes. Jeep and Camel safaris are offered to the visitors during the stay. Evening bonfire with traditional folk music is one of the attractions of staying at the Osian. Best time to visit: October to March Accommodatin: Swiss tents

Plan your trip to Osian Camp

20. Chhatra Sagar Nimaj – A hard-to-forget royal excursion

chhatra sagar

Chhatra Sagar


Thakur Chhatra Singh of Nimaj, built a dam that drained him of his resources. It completed in the 1890 and now is lush green oasis offering great scenic landscapes and land for farming. The camp of chhatra sagar was built by the king’s grand children in his honour. Gradually it became a venue for royal dinners and sports parties. Today the camp is hand decorated by Marwari women to welcome the visitor. The tents are luxurious and guests can sit around the camp and experience royal Rajasthani dining by the lamp. Best time to visit: October to March Accommodation: Luxury tents Attractions: Sightings of migratory birds, authentic Rajasthani meals

Plan your trip to Chhatra Sagar

21. Rejoice with the cattles at Camp desert in Pushkar

Just a kilometer and half away is situated Camp desert. It covers an area of 6 acres and is designed in a very traditional Rajasthani style. People pick this place to stay because of its close proximity to the Pushkar fair. Pushkar fair is the largest cattle fair in India which attract global tourists on a very big scale. The fair is also a perfect place to see the culture and colorful lifestyle of the people of Rajasthan. The week long fair is packed with activities like cattle selling, selling of handicrafts and camel races. Best time to visit: October to March Accommodation: Tents

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22. Manvar – The land of valour and sacrifice


Manvar Resort Camp


Manvar camps of India take you back in times of Jehangir, the luxury loving king, who transformed living in deserts into royal getaways. Today when you visit Manvar, 30 exquisitely decorated tents await visitors with luring teak furniture, rich jute rugs and delicious meals. Local music and folk dances are arranged for the visitors. Mashaals and camp fires remind you of the days of war. Manvar camps are located a few kilometers off Jodhpur/Jaisalmer highway. Best time to visit: 15 September to 15 April. Accommodation: Though cottages are available for stay, we insist you book tents to experience the magical deserts closely.

Plan your trip to Manvar

 23. Kasbah – A journey back in time

kasbah camp

Kasbah Camp


You would start believing you are a royal if you stay at Kasbah. Built to the taste of royal families of Bandandwara and Balasinor, Kasbah camps are the perfect place to put up at after the Pushkar fair. Each year, during the time of Pushkar fair, these camps are set up. These camps of India are also being set up at Balasinor, the third largest dinosaur fossil excavation in the world. Accommodation: Swiss style tents Attractions: Kalbelia dancers and Langas, performances by African tribes Siddi Goma Group, also settled in Gujarat for several years.

Plan your trip to Kasbah Camp

 24. Rohet – A writer’s muse

rohetgarh camp

Rohetgarh Camp


Sitting here at Rohet, Bruce Chatwin wrote The Songlines, William Dalrymple penned City of Djinns and film maker Wes Anderson wrote The Darjeeling limited. Placed on mounds of sand, the tents are furnished with rich teakwood, have flaps that let the air in but keep the mosquitoes out and en suite bathrooms that have running water all throughout the day. Situated not very far from Rohet Garh, you can go horse riding around the area. Village safaris and high tea are other delectable reasons why you should be here. Best time to visit: October to March Accommodation: Rooms in the heritage hotel or tents in the camp Attractions: Stables and Marwari horses

Plan your trip to Rohet

 25. Mehar – Camp upon the Sam sand dunes

mehar adventure camp

Mehar Adventure Camp


Situated near the sand dunes of Jaisalmer, Mehar camps are a perfect place to eat, drink and be merry. The camp is surrounded by touristy places like Kuldhara, Damodara, Lodhruva and other abandoned villages. The camps have all the modern facilities for a comfortable stay with activities to keep you hooked throughout the day. Best time to visit: October to June Accommodation: Furnished tents

Plan your trip to Mehar Adventure Camp

26. Mirvana – Desert’s best retreat


Mirvana Nature Resort


Situated 55 kms away from Jaisalmer, this camping resort is a haven for carefree travelers. It has its own orchard that grows fruits and vegetables in abundance. Mirvana camp’s enviable location is one of the major attractions for visitors. Taking a walk to the nearby local places, camel treks, tractor rides and dinner on the sand dunes are some activities that you will cherish here. Best time to visit: October to June Accommodation: Cottages, Shikar tents Attractions: Milk cows, plant trees, pluck fruits and vegetable from the orchard

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Camps of Gujarat

27. Rann riders – Experience Kutch, here.

rann riders

Rann Riders


This family owned resort is known for providing superb service to its visitors. This eco resort has beautifully done cottages that take the cue from surrounding villages letting visitors get the closest they will to a rural way of life. It seamlessly merges modern way of living with old traditional kutch culture. Horse Safaris, jeep safaris and camel safaris are stuff you should indulge in. Best time to visit: October to February Accommodation: Cottages

Plan your trip to Rann Riders

28. Lion Safari camp – Camping near the king’s abode


Lion Safari Camp


Located at Gir National Park, Lion Safari Camp is the first of its kind in Gir. There are in all 12 tents designed luxuriously with en suite bathrooms and other facilities. The Hiran river flows along the resort where you can sit and enjoy a quiet meal. And the mango farms beside the resort fill up your nostrils and keep you craving for mangoes for sure. Being the only place after Africa, where lions roam around free, Gir national park is densely populated with its flora and fauna. Best time to visit: October to March, April to June Accommodation: Swiss tents

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29. Garha – The traditional kutchhi camp


Garha Safari Lodge


Located 15 kms from Bhuj, Garha Lodge has 17 suite cottages built near Rudramata reservoir. All the cottages have en suite bathrooms, are well furnished and well maintained. There is a garden overlooking the reservoir. This lodge is the perfect place from where you can start exploring the city of Bhuj. Best time to visit: October until March Accommodation: Suite Cottages

Plan your trip to Garha

30. Shaam-e-Sarhad – Camping at ‘Sunset at the Border’

shaam e sarhad

Shaam E Sarhad


Come to Shaam-e-Sarhad and enjoy a traditional way of living. Years of artistry and craftsmanship of this kutchi camp bespeaks of the culture of this land. The committee of Hodka village tourism owns this resort. The resort has bhungas (mud huts) that transform you to a completely village-like environment. The traditional food of Khichdi and Kadhi add to the desi experience. Best time to visit: October until March Accommodation: Cottages and Mud huts Attractions: Kutchi Folk music

Plan your trip to Shaam-e-Sarhad

31. Desert Coursers – Discover the Asiatic Wild Ass

desert coursers

Desert Coursers


Situated 45 kms from Viramgam, Desert Coursers lies on the bank of a lake. This place provides Jeep as well as camel safaris to the Rann of Kutch. It is famous for its Asiatic Wild Ass. During the migratory season you may get to spot a lot of birds. Sun temple is 50 kms from this place. Best time to visit:  August to November Accommodation:  Ethnic cottages

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Camps of Madhya Pradesh

32. Bundela Safari Lodge – Camping in the wild


Bundela Safari Lodge


This is a beautiful safari lodge spread across 8 acres of land. The Banjaar river flows along the resort. This place offers a true jungle experience with the sounds and sights of wild animals at anytime of the day. A visit to the Kanha National Park, home to tigers, bisons, deers and several other animals, is a must. Best time to visit: October to March Accommodation: Machan Villas, Shikar tents and Rooms Attractions: Tiger and Leopard sightings at Kanha National Park

Plan your trip to Bundela Safari Lodge

 33. Kipling camp – Finest camping experience

Kipling Camp

Kipling Camp


Built by a family of conservationists, Kipling camp is one camp where encounter with Mother Nature will leave you just content. Just the sight of the forest outside your tents quenches a thousand souls. The camp offers very personal service to each of its visitors. Tara the elephant comes here often for her bathing. Best time to visit: October to March Accommodation: Private cottages, rooms Attractions: Nature walks, film shows, enjoy seeing bathing Tara in the river

Plan your trip to Kipling Camp

34. Tribal camp – Camps that excite

tribal camp pench

Tribal Camp Pench


Great service, good food and fantastic accommodation are what fun trips are made of. Tribal Camps at Pench National Park is once such camping experience. If you are the type of person who looks for personal interaction then staying at tribal camp is one such beautiful experience. Its owner is your guide and advisor right from the time you enter foot in here. He is knowledgeable, has lots to share on wildlife and pays personal attention in getting you a very good jungle safari. Best time to visit: October to March Accommodation: Rooms, Machaans

Plan your trip to Tribal Camp

Camps of West Bengal

35. Glenburn Tea Estate – Tea planter’s legacy 


Glenburn Tea Estate


Glenburn’s Scottish owners passed the tea estate onto today’s ‘Chaiwala Family’, The Prakashes more than 100 years ago. Today the family invites people to visit Glenburn and learn what knowledge they acquired over a 100 years of experience. You will learn to pluck ‘two leaves and a bud’ at the tea plantation, take short hikes around the estate, go fishing, have food near rung dung lake, visit lama haata orange orchard and in the evening Best time to visit: October to March

Plan your trip to Glenburn

Camps of Sikkim

36. Mesmerize yourself at Kalijhora




Situated 28 kms from Siliguri, Kalijhora is a popular picnic spot by the banks of river Teesta. An eco tourism resort, it is managed by an NGO, NESPON, local people and government agencies. Sikkim has a lot to offer apart from trekking in sikkim. Kalijhora promises splendid views of mountains and the river where you can go rafting. Best time to visit: October to March Accommodation: Hotels are available in the nearby vicinity

Plan your trip to Kalijhora

Camps of Arunachal Pradesh

37. Khellong Village Campsite – Rejuvenate yourself

Situated in a delectable campsite, at a breathtaking altitude of 750 meters, this campsite is surrounded by several outstanding views of nature. The tourism department of Arunachal Pradesh has played a vital role in the upliftment of this campsite. You can indulge in adventure activities like trekking and hiking. Best time to visit :  October to March Accommodation : Tents

Plan your trip to Khellong

38. Enjoy adventure camping at Sunderview Gref Campsite

Situated at 2465 meters, Sunderview is an awesome campsite. It is situated at a very high altitude and is a great place to relax for nature enthusiasts. Water is brought here through bamboo pipes. The shack is peculiar and different than Eaglenest. The camp also has equipments for adventure activities. The tourism department has made a lot of efforts in bringing up this campsite. In each tent, maximum3 people can reside. Best time to visit : October to March Accommodation : Tents

Plan your trip to Sunderview

Camps of Assam

 39. Nameri Eco camp – A Nature lovers’ getaway

nameri eco camp

Nameri Eco Camp


The Nameri Eco Camp in Assam has been an angler’s delight since long. You can come here on short expeditions and have plenty of activities to do. Mahseer fishing is an angler’s favorite since long. The Nameri National Park lies near Nameri Eco Camp. The camp offers food and equipments for angling as well as rafting in Bhoroli.  For bird lovers there is a lot to explore as there are more than 300 species to explore. Best time to visit: October to March Accommodation: Thatched tents Attractions : Mahseer fishing

Plan your trip to Nameri

40. Kaliabor Manor – The land of one horned rhino



Kaliabor Manor


Situated 155 kms from Guwahati, Koliabar Manor is built at the footsteps of Kaziranga National Park near Koliabor Tea gardens. Branded as an exclusive birding paradise, 300 species are found in the park itself. Koliabor Manor spells old and classy with a modern touch to it. All the rooms are part of a heritage property and have a private garden. There is lot of interesting stuff to do at Koliabor like Wilderness Walks, Rafting, Hiking, Bird Watching, Aromatherapy and Ayurved and Spa. Best time to visit: October to March Accommodation: Cottages

Plan your trip to Koliabor

Camps of Karnataka

41. Dubare Camp – Where elephants feel at home

dubare elephant camp

Dubare Elephant Camp


Dubare camps are located in Madikeri, Karnataka. This place is known for its elephant training camps. Logging operations have stopped and hence the elephants have slowly retired. The camps have uniquely designed cottages that have all the facilities. It is surrounded by deciduous forests and you have the opportunity to watch elephants being given scrub baths. Best time to visit: September to March Accommodation: Cottages

Plan your trip to Dubare Camp

42. Coorg Planter’s Camp – Nature at its best


Coorg Planters Camp


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This eco camp is built in the middle of the forest providing you the opportunity to visit coffee, cardamom and pepper plantations. There is a lot that one can do in this camp like taking a walk through the plantations, sit by waterfalls or go trekking in Kirudale Estate. Nature walks will give you a chance to see the forest grove or Devarakadu.

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Best time to visit: September to March Accommodation: Tents,Coorg resorts Attractions: Walk through the coffee plantation

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Plan your trip to Coorg’s Planter Camp

43. The Bison Resort – Adventure along the Kabini river

Bison Camp, Kabini River

Bison Camp, Kabini River


For wild lifers living at the resort is like home coming. The owners of this place are serious wild lifers with years of experience in eco tourism and camp managements. They bring along with them tales and never before heard experiences that make your stay here memorable. There is no dearth of activities to do here. You can choose to go for jungle safaris, angling, bush dinners and visit to tribal villages.

Best time to visit: March and June

Accommodation: Tents and Resorts

Attractions: Wildlife sightings from the camp itself.

Plan your trip to Bison Resort

44. Mahseer fishing camps – De-stress yourself by indulging in fishing


Mahaseer Fishing Camps


Mahseer fishing camps are found in the Kumaon hills situated 20 kms from Delhi. People from around the globe come here to angle the tiger of the river. Mahseer is a fresh water fish and it feeds on wheat and local black fish. Fishing licenses have to be taken if you wish to angle here. Fishing accessories is available on rent at the camp itself. Best time to visit: June to August Accommodation: Tents

Plan your trip to Mahseer

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45. Be one with the wildlife at Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

bheemeshwari jungle lodge

Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodge


Flowing radiantly through the jungle is the river Cauvery that is considered to be the holiest of all the rivers of the South. On its bank is situated the bheemeshwari jungle lodge, popular globally as a Mahseer fishing camp. Mahseer is the largest tropical sporting fish available in abundance here.

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There is a lot of wildlife to be spotted in the camp surroundings such as leopards, wild pigs, sambar, reptiles like crocodiles, cobra, python, chameleon, Russell’s viper and banded krait. More than 200 species of birds have been seen around the camp area. Best time to visit : August to Feb Accommodation : Cottages and Log huts

Plan your trip to Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

46. Kolli hill resort – Enjoy nature to the fullest


Kolli Hills


Now known as Wild Orchid Camp, this resort is situated at the Kolli resort. For archaeologists, astronomers and nature lovers Kolli hill resorts are a hot destination. Siddhar caves, Sandana Parai, Boat House, Mini Falls, Agaya Gangai Waterfalls are some of the places you can visit nearby. The resort is very close to Trichy and 320 kms from Chennai; a fantastic choice for weekend stop. The resort is surrounded by evergreen forest and fragrances of cardamom, coffee, rice and other spices.

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Best time to visit : Monsoon and Post monsoon Accommodation : Eco friendly Swiss tents Attractions :  Natural honey and jackfruit

Plan your trip to Koli Hills Resort

Camps of Kerala

47. Anaerangal Camp – Unwind and Relax


Anaerangal Camp


This camp is set with the beautiful Anaerangal lake in the backdrop and lush green butterfly forest in the surroundings. The camp’s own kitchen prepares great tasting dishes that can be relished at the Gazebo. Cycling in the forest is a very popular activity here. The aroma of tea from the Kolukumalai estate fills up your senses. Cardamom and pepper plantations are also very nearby. Best time to visit: August to March Accommodation: Cottage tents

Plan your trip to Anaerangal Camp

48. Nature beckons at Jungle Park

kerala tree-house

Kerala Tree House


Jungle Park is part of Green magic resorts that are set in 500 acres of wonderful tropical rain forest. The tree houses lie in the Cardamom hills 4000 feet above the sea level. The Fintser Hills are not very far from here. The architecture of tree houses has the traditional wildlife Kerala touch to it. As much the ambiance of the place is appealing, so are the outside activities like visits to herbal gardens, horticulture farm and floriculture farm. Agathalam is the indoor recreation room which has games such as carom and chess for you to enjoy. Best time to visit : Throughout the year Accommodation : Tree houses and villas

Plan your trip to Jungle Park

49. Hornbill Camp – A bird lover’s delight

hornbill camp

Hornbill Camp


Arrive at the camp and you will be greeted by the sounds of a variety of birds. This camp is locally managed, is made from local material and has all the necessary equipments needed to make your trip comfortable. There are a lot of adventure activities that happen here. Best time to visit: October to May Accommodation: Cottage tents Attractions: Kayaking and Canoeing in the river Periyar

Plan your trip to Hornbill Camp

 50. Seagot Camping, Wayanad

seagot camp

Seagot Camp


This Camp is built on the largest earth dam in India, Banasura dam. It is surrounded by tropical tress of rain forest. It’s a perfect hideout for an adventure freak as a lot of activities such as trekking, angling, swimming, team building activities and open air barbeque can be done here.  Best time to visit: October to February Accommodation: Tents

Plan your trip to Seagot Campsite

These camps show that India is much more than trekking in Himalaya and has much much more tp offer. Another validation of this is the list of 51 offbeat destinations.  Please mention any other awesome camp you have been to and which we have missed in the comments section.


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