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  • 01Things to Do in Seoul

    Things to Do in Seoul
    1.Wander around Gyeongbok Palace.
    2.Check out the view from Seoul Tower.
    3.Enjoy at Lotte World
    4.Cable car ride to Mount Namsan.
    5.Challenge the reality at Trick Eye Museum.
    6.Explore Bukchon Hanok Village.
    7.Dip your feet in Cheonggyecheon Stream.
    8.Escape to the Seoul Grand Park.
    9.Walk along the Cheonggyecheon stream.
    10.Go to Hongdae and experience the incredible nightlife.
    11.Drink the famous ginseng soup at Tosokchon.
    12.Visit the National Museum of Korea.
    13.Try a Korean BBQ at Non-Gol-Jip in Gangnam.
    14.Watch the guard changing ceremony at Gyeongbokgung Palace.
    15.Buy traditional goods at Insadong.
    16.Hike Seoraksan National Park.
    17.Browse Namdaemun Market.
    18.Have a hipster-ish photo-shoot at Common Ground.
  • 02Things to Do in Busan

    Things to Do in Busan
    19.Engage in numerous fun activities at Haeundae Beach.
    20.Catch a glimpse of the waves at Oryukdo Skywalk.
    21.Check out the view from Busan Tower.
    22.Eat delicious seafood at Jagalchi Fish Market.
    23.Soak in a natural hot spring at Spa Land.
    24.Spend some time at the Taejongdae Resort Park.
    25.Visit Yonggungsa Seaside Temple.
    26.Pay the Sea Life Busan Aquarium a visit.
    27.Hike up to the cliffs of Taejong-Dae.
    28.Swim with the sharks at Busan’s Sea Life Aquarium.
    29.Eat at the food court of Centum City.
    30.Take a tour of Gamcheon Culture Village.
    31.Explore the history of Korea at Gyeongju.
    32.Drink best cocktails at Papa’s Standard.
    33.Escape to the Dongbaek Island.
  • 03Things to Do in Incheon

    Things to Do in Incheon
    34.Explore the Incheon Grand Park.
    35.Go to Wolmido Island for a day trip.
    36.Jet skiing at Eurwangni Beach.
    37.Walk along the shorelines of Incheon.
    38.Enjoy a relaxing hot bath at Spasis.
    39.Visit the Jeondeungsa Temple.
    40.Make a visit to Incheon Chinatown.
    41.Eat seafood at Sorae Pogu Traditional Fish Market.
    42.Walk in the Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village.
    43.Have fun at the Muuido Island.
  • 04Things to Do in Daegu

    Things to Do in Daegu
    44.Explore the Apsan Park.
    45.Take the cable car to Daegu’s famed Ap Mountain.
    46.Get a bird’s eye view of the city from Daegu Tower.
    47.Experience the traditional side of Daegu at Otgol Village.
    48.Wander around Druyu Park to see the Colorful Daegu sign.
    49.Enjoy the water show in the night at Suseong Lake.
    50.Go hungry to Seomun Market.
    51.Soak up Daegu’s rich medicinal culture at Yangnyeongsi Market.
    52.Hike in Gayasan National Park.
    53.Take your sweet tooth to Delizzert for city’s best treats.
    54.Visit Donghwasa Temple.
    55.Check out the Arc center.
    56.Drink wine at Daegu’s wine tunnels.
  • 05Things to Do in Daejeon

    Things to Do in Daejeon
    57.Make a wonderful visit to National Science Museum.
    58.Enjoy at Daejeon O World.
    59.Walk along the Gyejoksan Mountain Red Clay Trail.
    60.Explore the Expo Civic Square.
    61.Soak in the beauty of Daecheongho Lake.
    62.Eunhaengdong Euneungjeongi Culture Street.
    63.Take your foodie soul to Jungang Market.
    64.Stroll in the Jungang Market.
    65.Soak in the natural Yuseong Hot Springs.
    66.Visit Daejeon Expo Bridge at night.
    67.Enjoy classic rock at Lucky Strike Bar.
    68.Shop at Skyroad.
    69.Visit Currency Museum of Daejeon.
    70.Spend some time at Mustang's Brickhouse.
  • 06Things to Do in Ulsan

    Things to Do in Ulsan
    71.Explore the Taehwa River Grand Park.
    72.Observe views of the ocean at Daewangam Park.
    73.Reach Ganjeolgot Point to get a breathtaking view of the sunrise.
    74.Hiking in the Yeongnam Alps.
    75.Visit Jangsaengpo Whale Museum.
    76.Walk around the lake at Seonam Lake Park.
    77.Enjoy at the Black Pebble Beach.
    78.Explore the Amethyst Cavern Park.
    79.Admire the Buddhist temple Bogwangsa in Paju.
    80.Discover a lost world at Bangudae Petroglyphs.
    81.Hike in Sinbulsan Mountains.
    82.Spend some refreshing time at Paraeso falls.
    83.Visit Seoknamsa Temple.
    84.Take a ride in huge slides of Ulsan Grand Park.
    85.Get the Night View of the Ulsan Industrial Complex from Mt Muryong.
  • 07Other Things to Do in South Korea

    Other Things to Do in South Korea
    86.Indulge in various activities at Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park.
    87.Explore inside a North Korean spy submarine in Gangwon-do.
    88.View into North Korea from the Goseong Unification Observatory.
    89.Pass through the Third Tunnel of Aggression.
    90.Explore the abandoned amusement park Yongma land.
    91.View animals of the Chinese zodiac displayed at the Penis Park.
    92.Stroll in the Soswaewon garden in Damyang County.
    93.Drink coffee inside a two-story Dreamy Camera Cafe.
    94.Explore the famous Uidong Valley.
    95.Make a visit to Heyri Art Valley.
    96.Take a walk around Ihwa Mural Village.
    97.Don't miss out on Hwaam Cave.
    98.Visit Singing rooms (Noraebang).
    99.Explore the Nari Park in Yangju.
    100.Sip your coffee from a toilet bowl at the Poop Cafe.
    101.Visit Heojun Museum in Goyang.

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