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What You Should Know More About Busan

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Learn a few words in Korean language because not many people here know fluent English.

    ·         Book your staying arrangement only after you review it online.

    ·         Do not get involved in drug related situations, especially when you are partying on the beach.

    ·         Maintain silence and decorum when you visit religious places and temples.

    ·         Do not go deep into the waters while you are on the beach and follow all the safety rules while doing water sports activities on beaches.

    ·         Do not speak to strangers, especially at markets as they might try to dupe you in different ways.

    ·         Carry your passport copies whenever you go out and keep police and ambulance numbers written down with you.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The minimum legal to consume alcohol in the city of Busan is 19 years of age for all types of alcoholic drinks.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?


    Haeundae is one of the most serene beachside destinations in Busan, which is extremely popular among tourists, especially in the summers. This 1.5km long beach is filled with colorful parasols, deck chairs, ring floats and surf-boards, which you can rent. With this, you will get to enjoy the water sports activities on the beach. If you are lucky enough to visit here during the Haeundae Sand Festival, you will see some of the most beautiful and intricate works by sand artists.


    Yonggunsa Temple

    The Yonggunsa Temple is a must visit if you have curiosity and interest to know about the culture and history of Korea. This ancient seaside temple depicts beautiful architecture and a cutter appearance. The waves of the sea gushing on the walls of this temple create a very wild and positive environment over here, and also a perfect spot for clicking pictures.

    Gamcheon Cultural Village

    Also known as the Taegeukdo Village, this old village with brightly colored houses located on a steep hill is a beautiful and charming contrast to the concrete jungle of the city. This place has managed to retain an old and rustic charm with a village lifestyle. You can get to roam around in the village, explore the colorful little streets and have a relaxing time here.


    Beomeosa Temple

    Beomeosa Temple is one of the greatest temples in South Korea when it comes to historic importance. Built in the year 678 by Monk Ui Sang, this place is a very important pilgrimage site for Buddhists. This temple is located on the edge of Mt. Geumjeongsan and hence, it also offers a scenic adventurous hiking route. Son, even if you are a worshipper of thrill, this is an amazing place for you to visit.

    Taejongdae Park

    The Taejongdea Park, which is located just off the coast of Busan is famous for its naturally formed rocky beach and different entertainment attractions like cruises, an amazing lighthouse, observation deck and the special Danubi train, which takes you on a trail of this beautiful park. If you want to explore the area more, you can also walk around the park in order to get awarded with even more beautiful views. This is an ideal place for enjoying a day with your family and friends.


    Jagalchi Fish Market

    Located on the Nampo Port, this market is the largest fish market in Korea. It is a tourist attraction because people from all over the city come here to buy fresh and exotic seafood varieties. There are also many seafood restaurants located around the market, where you can relish on these delicacies. The best seafood to eat here are snow crabs, clams, fresh salmons and scallops.


    Gwangalli Beach

    This beautiful and scenic beach, shaped like a half moon is really popular as a tourist destination, especially among young crowd, because it is ornamented with some of the best pubs, restaurants and cafes. This beach is even more beautiful at night as it gets decorated with colorful neon lights all over. There are also amazing musical light shows arranged at night which will give you a really fun experience.


    Shinsegae Centum Department Store

    Holding a Guinness Book record for being the largest departmental store in the world, this store is located inside a huge mall with countless shops, brand boutiques, restaurants, beauty parlors and anything else you can imagine, including a cinema hall and a hot-springs spa. This is not the end as there is also an ice skating rink and golf driving range inside this store and hence, there is nothing you will feel is unavailable inside this store.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Vibrant Beach life

    The beach life and nightlife on the beach here is so enjoyable and vibrant that you will feel like you are partying in Vegas or Ibiza. With many small and big nightclubs, resorts and cafes on these beaches and many activities like surfing, floating and other water sports, there is no end to the fun you can have here.

    Shopping options

    There are many amazing options for shopping in Busan. With the largest departmental store being located in this city, there is no end to the kind of things you can buy here. From junk jewelry to expensive electronics and luxury brand products, you can shop for anything you say over here.

    Relishing sea-food

    Busan is a place where you can get some of the best seafood dishes in Korea. You will be served with dishes made from the freshest fish with some of the finest local flavors. You will be able to enjoy these lip-smacking delicacies at one of the many seafood restaurants in Busan.

    Religious monuments

    There are many Buddhist temples and shrines located at different beautiful locations where you can not only take an essence of ancient architecture and purity of the temples, but also enjoy some of the best natural and scenic views which will be a treat to your eyes.

    Facilities for tourists

    Busan is a place which is well-equipped with facilities for tourists like hotels, restaurants, resorts and other entertainment facilities. There is also easy availability of emergency services like hospitals and police security. You will not face any kind of inconvenience while travelling to this beautiful destination.

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