Camping in Hong Kong: Upto 30% Off on Hong Kong Camps

If you would like to take a day-off from the bustling city of Hong Kong and enjoy some time for yourself with friends and family, then, camping in Hong Kong is the thing to do. Hong Kong is blessed with hills, grassy hillocks, breezy beaches and tranquil parks and camping in such serene places is an experience in itself. From campsites on the meadows of parks to those on the hills to those on the beach sides, Hong Kong has it all. The Pui O Beach is the most popular places to visit in Hong Kong for camping amongst others. The quality of camping is further accentuated with the facilities in the campsites like shops that rent tents and other camping gears and eateries that quick fix your hunger.

Glamping in Hong Kong is the recent trend amongst urban folks from around the world. The campgrounds and campsites of Hong Kong provide all the glamour camping (glamping) facilities like flushing toilets, showers, pavilions, changing rooms, and Wi-Fi. If you are a new to camping, glamping sites of Hong Kong are perfect for those baby steps into a real-world adventure.

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  1. What are the best places to camp in Hong Kong?

    1) Tung Ping Chau

    Tung Chau is a beautiful island that is popular for its unique sedimentary rock formation, clear waters, and deserted beach. The campsite at the island is maintained by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and a day spent camping here promise a soul-stirring experience in the lap of nature and away from the hustles and bustles of the city. The campsite has a few eateries at Tai Tong, an area north of Tung Ping Chau Public Pier.

    Location: Mirs Bay in Tai Po district

    Facilities: Tents, grill pits, toilets

    Getting There:

    You can only visit Tung Ping Chau on weekends and public holidays.
    The island has just one boat in and one boat out in the morning and afternoon from the Ma Liu Shui Pier.

    2) Sai Yuen Farm, Cheung Chau

    Sai Yuen Farm is an 11-acre campsite that features Mongolian Yurts, Tepees, Safari-style tents, and geodesic domes. All these types of accommodations are equipped with comfortable bedding. The farm offers several outdoor activities like rock climbing and camping by the campfire.

    Location: Sia Yuen, Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong

    Facilities: Tents, barbeque pits, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, and toilets

    Getting There:

    Take the ferry from Central Pier to Cheung Chau. 
    On reaching Cheung Chau, walk, cycle or take a Kaito board to reach the Sai Yuen farm.

    3) Nam Shan

    If you are bored with beachside Hong Kong camping, you can try camping in the midst of the Nam Shan woodlands with lush meadows. The campsite is located close to the Pui O Beach has the biggest barbecue grill region in Lantau Country Park. Nam Shan Viewing Point is a huge attraction at this campsite and offers panoramic views of the city around.

    Location: Nam Shan, Lantau South Country Park, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

    Facilities: Pavilions, barbeque pits, benches and tables, playground, and toilets

    Getting There:

    Take MTR to Tung Chung.
    Take bus 3M to Nam Shan.
    Walk to the campsite located next to the bus stop.

    4) Ham Tin Wan

    Ham Tin Wan is one of the four picturesque beaches of Tai Long Wan and hence this beachfront campsite offers stunning views of the sunset along the alluring shoreline of Hong Kong. Reaching the campsite requires a two-hour long hike of the Machelose Trail and the beauty unveiled at the campsite makes every footstep of your hike worth it!

    Location: Ham Tin Wan Beach, Sai Kung East Country Park, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong

    Facilities: Flushing toilets, sinks, restaurants, surfboard rental, camping equipment rental

    Getting There:

    Take bus 94 or take Bus 96R at the Diamond Hill MTR Bus Terminal or take Minibus 7 (Hoi Ha) at Sai Kung Town to Pak Tam Au stop.
    Walkthrough the MacLehose Tail to arrive Ham Tin Wan Campsite.

    5) Tap Mun Island (Grass Island)

    Located at about an hour and a half ferry ride from the mainland of Hong Kong, Tap Mun or Grass Island is a remote and serene island. The island with grassy hillocks is perfect for seaside camping with mind-blowing views of the sun setting down the horizon and the island witness gentle cool winds trailing through its land all through the year. Do not miss taking a kite when you camp You can only visit Tung Ping Chau on weekends and public holidays.

    Location: Tap Man Island, Northern Sai Kung Peninsula, New Territories, Hong Kong

    Facilities: Nil as it is not an official campsite

    Getting There: 

    Take the Bus 94 or 96R(weekends only) to Wong Shek Pier.
    Board the ferry which runs every one or two hours throughout the week. The last ferry back from Tap Mun leaves at 6.00 pm or 6.05pm each day
    Ferries Ma Liu Shui near University MTR station are less frequent.

    6) Pui O

    This beachfront campsite is the most popular sites in Camping in Hong Kong and is just a 20-minute drive from the airport. The Pui O campsite has 54 clean camp bays with gorgeous views of the Pui O beach. Guests need to bring their own tents to their site. However, the campsite has other facilities like flushing toilets and eateries within the campground. The camp has a tranquil environment and pets are strictly prohibited. 

    Location: Pui O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

    Facilities: Camp bays, camping tables, barbecue pits, toilets, changing rooms, eateries, pavilions

    Getting There: 

    Take the ferry from Central Pier to Mui Wo. Then, take bus 1 or 4 to Tong Fuk
    Take the MTR to Tung Chung and then take bus 11 to Pui O town.

    7) Wan Tsai, Sai Kung

    Earlier, Wan Tsai peninsula was a restricted area. Now, it has been opened to the public and has two campgrounds - Wan Tsai South and Wan Tsai West. The campsites are famous for their outdoor activities and have an amazing shoreline. Loaded with pavilions, benches, and tables, glamping in Wan Tsai peninsula promises true camping experience.

    Location: Wan Tsai Peninsula West, Sai Kung West (Wan Tsai Ext.)

    Facilities: Large-scale bathing, pavilions, barbeque pits, benches, tables, and toilet facilities

    Getting There: 

    Take Bus 94 or Bus 96R at Diamond Hill MTR Bus Terminal on Saturday, Sundays and statutory holidays until Wong Shek Terminus. 
    Then, take the Wan Tsai-bound ferry at Wong Shek Pier. 
    Then, walk towards the campsite.

    8) Long Ke Wan in Sai Kung

    Long Ke Wan is the home to rare polygonal volcanic rock columns and huge concrete doses which make this campsite look strikingly beautiful. One needs to carry all the caping gears here and there are no eateries or restaurants around. The white sand of the pollution-free beaches make the backdrops of this campsite must-uploads on Insta!

    Location: Southeastern part of Sai Kung Peninsula

    Facilities: No restaurants, Stream water (seasonal supply)

    Getting There:

    Take MTR to Choi Hung (green line), get out at Exit C and get the 1A Green Minibus to Sai Kung Town
    Take MTR to University Station. Then, take a taxi to ”East Dam” of High Island Reservoir 

  2. What does Glamping mean?

    Glamping is the abbreviation of glamorous camping which offers one with more luxurious accommodation and facilities like proper toilets and showers. This form of camping is targeted towards the city dwellers who would like to camp amidst Nature but without any compromise on basic amenities of day-to-day life.

  3. Which is the best time of year for camping in Hong Kong?

    The Autumn season which extends from September to November is the right time for camping. The climate is cool and dry which makes it pleasant to enjoy Hong Kong camping and indulge in outdoor activities.

  4. Which beaches and Islands in Hong Kong is best for Camping?

    Cheng Chau Island: Cheng Chau, also known as 'dumbbell island' is located kilometers southwest of Hong Kong and is popular for its temple. The prime camping destination of Cheng Chau island is the Sai Yuen Farm.'

    New Territories region: New Territories is a region in Hong Kong that includes wetlands and mountains and is the home to numerous camping destinations of Hong Kong like Mingle Farm, Grassland Island, Wan Tsai, Long Ke Wan, Tung Lung Chau, and Tai Long Wan.

    Lantau Island: This is Hong Kong's largest island and promises mind-blowing sunset views. The major camping and glamping destination at this island are Treasure Island, Long Coast Seaports, Nam Shan and Island Club.

  5. What to pack for camping in Hong Kong?

    When you plan for camping in Hong Kong, ensure you carry all the following mandatory items

    Comfortable clothing: Choose your clothing based on the season. For instance, you can consider carrying Heat – Towers, Sun – Hat, Sunscreen, and Long Sleeves during the summers and when the weather is windy, carry Windbreaker and Beanie and if it is likely to rain, carry a Raincoat, and if it's cold outside, pull over a fleece jacket and Beanie.

    Hiking Shoes: Most of the campsites in Hong Kong have hiking trails nearby and wear sturdy shoes that can help you have a steady hike despite the slippery slopes.

    Tent: If you frequently camp, you can consider having your own personal tent that meets your expectations.

    Sleeping bag and pillow: A good sleep is the basis for an active day and hence carry sleeping bags and pillows to spend a night of restful sleep.

    Water: While most camps provide water, you actually cannot rely on it. Hence, carry as much as water you will need to avoid any water-borne diseases.

    Food: Having snacks and pre-cooked/readymade food handy makes camping simpler.

    Personal first aid kit: Along with the basic drugs, you should also carry Mosquito spray, antiseptic cream, Tiger Balm, Sunscreen and lip salve to keep yourself precautious of any untoward incidents.

    Toiletries and personal care products: Carry your own soaps, brushes, and combs.

  6. Which are the best sites for glamping in Hong Kong?

    Long Coast Seaports: This spectacular seaside Glamping in Hong Kong destination is a great choice for both camping and thrilling water sport activities like kayaking, kiteboarding, and paddleboarding. This campsite offers luxurious safari tents with comfortable bedding and shower facilities.

    Ma Tso Lung Campsite: This is a car parking site which means which means you can drive in your car, set a tent and camp. There are several shops at the site that rent out tents, lights, mattresses, and other camping gears. You can indulge in activities like cycling and air-gun shooting

    Mingle Farm: At the Mingle Farm, you can stay in one of the quirky accommodations as Mingle Farm’s ecosphere or inflatable mushroom tents or rainbow-colored houses or you can choose to stay in the traditional caravans during your Glamping in Hong Kong. This campsite is perfect for those seeking coziness under the blanket of stars

    Sai Yuen Farm: Sai Yuen Farm is an 11-acre outdoor adventure campsite at the Cheng Chua Island with four themes - Native American Teepee, African Safari Tent, Star Gazing Geodesic Dome, and The Mongolian Ger. The tents at this campsite come with folding beds, sleeping bags, and lighting.

    Welcome Beach: This beachside campsite lets one stay in their modern caravans that have all luxuries like a double bed, air conditioning, television, mini-fridge, WiFi, and an open kitchen. With uber cool caravans and amazing views of the beach, glamping cannot get better!

    YHA Ngong Ping SG Davis Youth Hostel: Offering ready-to-hire bohemian bell tents with bedding, tent lighting, tea table, Bluetooth speaker and, free WiFi, YHA Ngong Ping SG Davis Youth Hostel makes glamping hassle-free for the city dwellers. 

  7. Is Hong Kong Famous for Camping?

    Yes, Hong Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations in the world for camping. Hong Kong’s mesmerizing shoreline and sub-tropical climate make camping absolutely pleasant. Also, most of the campsites in Hong Kong are run by the government itself and have adequate facilities like flushing toilets, changing rooms, showers, and eateries which makes camping in Hong Kong hassle-free and delightful. The campgrounds also have shops that have camping gear like tents, sleeping bags, pillows, and mattresses and activity gears like surfboards on rent.

  8. How to deal with any insects, animals or bad weather we might face during camping?

    While Camping in Hong Kong, you should always carry mosquito repellents or try your hand at DIY repellents like burning sage or dab yourself with essential oils for the best effects.

    Wear bug repellent accessories like bracelets that are effective in the mission of repelling bugs and small insects.

    Light candles or solar lights near your tents and while trekking to keep insects and animals at bay

    Your clothing should always contain a waterproof jacket. These waterproof jackets can protect you from sudden temperature drops or both you and your valuables from an unexpected downpour.

    Umbrellas are great choices to pack on your backpack as they work efficiently in blocking the rain and the sun.

  9. Which are the Park Campsites are famous Around Hong Kong?

    1) Big Wave Bay

    Big Wave Bay is known for its four sprawling and clean beaches - Sai Wan, Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan, and Tung Wan. Sai Wan and Ham Tin Wan beaches have campsites that have small eateries, stores that rent sleeping bags, mats, and tents, and even flushing toilets. The campsites of Tai Wan and Tung Wan are more private and there are no stores or eateries.

    Location: Near Sai Kung

    Activities: Hiking, Surfing, Wild camping

    2) Pui O 

    The campsite at Pui O Beach is government-run. The Pui O Beach is sandy without rocks and hence it's perfect for surfing and kayaking. At the campsite, there are shops renting bicycles, surfboards and tents and cafes selling hamburgers and other Western food.

    Location: Southern Lantau Island near the village of Pui O

    Activities: Hiking, Canoeing, Swimming, Barbecuing, Camping, surfing

    3) Nam Shan

    Located in the southern Lantau Island, the Nam Shan Campground is massive and can accommodate 60 tents. The campground has facilities like bathrooms, free showers, BBQ grills, and tables. Exercise precaution while camping here as the crime rate at this campground is pretty high.

    Location: Southern Lantau Island in the hills above the village of Pui O

    Activities: Hiking

    4) Tai Mo Shan

    This small campsite with bathrooms, tables, fire pits, etc. is next to the famous Wilson Trail on Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong's tallest peak. This campsite is great for a day-trip during the summers as the weather here is relatively cooler all through the year.

    Location: North of Kowloon

    Activities: Hiking

    5) Cheung Sha

    The biggest beach of Cheung Sha has two- private camp areas. Palm Beach offers traditional safari tents for camping and the Long Coast Seaports offers modern tents. The highlight of camping at Cheung Sha is the trekking trail to Lantau Peak and hiking to this peak is one of the challenging things to do in Hong Kong.

    Location: Southern Lantau Island about six kilometers west of Pui O

    Activities: Hiking, Canoeing, Swimming