25 Places to Visit in Serbia, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Tourist Places in Serbia

Zlatibor, Studenica Monastery, Djerdap National Park, Kopaonik National Park, Devil's Town, Kalemegdan, Church of St. Sava, House on the Drina, Subotica City Hall, Skull Tower, Uvac Canyon, Drvengrad, and many more.

Are you looking for the best tourist places in Serbia that are culturally immersive or adventurous and offer you life-altering experiences? If yes, you'll be glad to know that from museums to historical attractions and picturesque towns to beautiful churches, Serbia has tons of scenic attractions that will leave you spoilt for choices. You can head to Belgrade, which is a slice of paradise on Earth with emerald green foliage and cascading waterfalls.

If you're looking for a place where you can experience the perfect combination of elegant West and exotic East, you must visit Niš that has Roman pools and world-class theatres. If you're still confused about the best places to visit in Serbia, you can head to Kalemegdan that is the most important historical monument and the largest park in Belgrade. If you're looking for the best historical attractions, you can visit Golubac Fortress and Petrovaradin Fortress, which are the city's significant landmarks.

If you're a night owl, you can visit Skadarlija Bohemian Quarter that has a cozy bohemian ambiance and turns into a bustling recreational nightspot. There are also some of the most romantic places in Serbia, like the Bridge of Love, which is known to be the lovers' meeting point. So dig out those unfulfilled memories from your mind by visiting these popular attractions.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Serbia:

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Lying on the River Danube banks, Novi Sad is a bustling city that is considered the economic center of Vojvodina and one of the best places to see in Serbia. It is situated on the southern portion of Pannonian Plain on the Stem and Baka geographical regions' border. Novi Sad is a dreamy city with fragrance-filled lavender fields, plain tree-lined roads, and brilliantly blue skies. Your fantasies will come to life as you'll wander around its mellow villages and lush green countryside.

There are some of the most popular attractions in Novi Sad that will ooze your soul with their undeniable charm. You can visit Petrovaradin Fortress that offers a stunning view of the Danube River, and stroll around Dunavska Street. Experience tranquillity and bliss at Danube Park and witness the permanent exhibitions at the Museum of Vojvodina.

If you're thinking about what to do in Novi Sad, you can swim in the Strand River and appreciate the breathtaking architecture of Fruska Gora Monasteries. You can also stock up a handful of accessories at Unikatni Kutak and take clubbing to the next level at Club Museum. Novi Sad experiences a temperate maritime climate, and the average annual temperature ranges around 11 degrees Celsius. July is the hottest month, and June is the wettest month.

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Niš is the 3rd largest city in Serbia and the main administrative center of the Nišava District. It is located on the European route E-75 in the south towards Greece and Macedonia and in the West towards the valley of Nišava River. Niš is a vibrant city that embodies the perfect combination of elegant West and exotic East. Quintessentially, Roman elements are scattered everywhere, and the theatre, baths, aqueducts, and sports arenas are all reminders of this city's lovingly preserved heritage.

There are tons of popular attractions in Niš that deserve the top spot in your itinerary. You can visit Niš Fortress that encloses an ancient citadel and Roman tombstones. Discover the artifacts on show at the Archaeological Hall and witness the grandeur of the Officer's House. If this doesn't seem enough, you can seek enlightenment at Holy Trinity Cathedral and take a stroll around King Milan Square.

There is no dearth of interesting activities in Niš that will take your fun quotient to the next level. You can dive into the Roman pools of Niška Bhanja and witness the Jelašnica gorge's ghostly rock formations. Attend The Nišville Jazz Festival and enjoy the traditional food at streetside food stalls. Niš experiences continental weather with hot summers and cold winters. The best time to visit Niš is from late September to early June for warm-weather activities.

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Kragujevac is a vibrant city in Serbia situated in the valley of the Lepenica River. It is the administrative center of the Šumadija District, surrounded by the slopes of the Crni Vrh, Rudnik, and Gledi? mountains. Kragujevac prides itself on showcasing the art of the region and fostering the artistic spirit in everyone. It has a fairy-tale setting with lush green foliage, breathtaking mountains, beautiful parks, and cascading waterfalls.

There are tons of popular attractions in Kragujevac that provide soulful experiences to the visitors. You can visit the Šumarice Memorial Park and appreciate the grandeur of Amidžin Palace. If you're a history lover, you can visit the Old Foundry Museum that is home to around 5,500 objects. End your hunt for the best things to do in Kragujevac by watching a play at Knjaževsko-Srpski Teatar and shopping at Kragujevac Plaza.

You can also stroll around Upper Park for a digital detox and take a tour of the Dra?a Monastery to gain insight into the cultures and traditions of the city. Kragujevac experiences a continental climate with a significant amount of rainfall all through the year. The average temperature during the coldest month (January) is 1.3 °C and during the warmest month (July) is 22 °C.

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Belgrade is a European capital in Serbia's north-central region at the Danube and Sava rivers' confluence. It is a bustling city in Gallatin County, United States, situated at the convergence of 3 historically important traveling routes between the Balkans and Europe

Belgrade is a world in itself, away from the hectic city lives with misty lakes, bubbling volcanoes, alluvial plains, and plateaus. The twittering native birds and emerald green foliage embellished with flowers and fruits adds to this city's meditative qualities. It is a natural wonderland, and you can take a guided tour of the city to absorb the awe-inspiring ecology.

Belgrade is home to some of the most popular attractions that pull visitors towards them due to their eternal beauty and charm. You can visit Skadarlija, home to magnificent cafés, wine shops, breweries, premium restaurants, and dessert parlors. You can also visit the Church of St. Sava to seek spiritual satisfaction and enjoy sunbathing at Ada Ciganlija.

If you're in Belgrade, you must sign up for some of the most exciting activities like shopping at Knez Mihailova Street and tracing the city's history by taking a tour of the Nikola Tesla Museum. In Belgrade, the winters are cold and partly cloudy, and the summers are mostly clear and warm. The annual temperature varies from 84°F to 28°F and is rarely above 94°F and below 15°F.

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Subotica is the administrative center of Northern Ba?ka District in the province of Vojvodina, Serbia. It is the second largest city in the Vojvodina region, situated in the Pannonian Basin, about ten kilometers from Hungary's border. Subotica is one of Serbia's most gorgeous and beautiful cities, with rugged mountains, lush green valleys, and a natural bounty of treasures.

The pristine waterfalls, white sand beaches, and breathtaking gardens are bound to give a feeling of contentment to all who make their way here. Reclaim your spirit of exploration by visiting the popular attractions in Subotica that are guaranteed to give you experiences that you can cherish forever. You can visit Franciscan Church that is more than three hundred years old, and stay in awe by witnessing the Domotor Palace's grandeur.

If you're looking for the best things to do in Subotica, you can buy souvenirs from the Buvlijack flea markets and enjoy local delicacies at the streetside cafes and restaurants. You can also stroll around City Hall and witness the permanent exhibitions at Modern Art Gallery. Subotica experiences cold and dry winters and warm and humid summers. The annual temperature varies from 26°F to 83°F, and June is the wettest month with 76mm rainfall on average.

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Kraljevo is the administrative center of the vibrant and lively Raška District in central Serbia. It is located on Ibar and West Morava's confluence, in the region of Šumadija, between the mountains of Stolovi in the south and Kotlenik in the north. Kraljevo is also known as the Pearl of Siberia due to its five mountains, five rivers, and nine lakes with hidden caves and canyons.

Sand-colored buildings stand against acres of landscaped gardens and open green spaces, while a seemingly unending network of aquamarine canals wind through the entire estate, giving it a breathtaking appearance. There are many popular attractions in Kraljevo that promise to offer you a brand new experience. It has sprawling spa resorts and chic, healthy cafés that can help restore your sense of well-being.

You can visit the Zica Monastery and Studenica Monastery that is the emblem of spirituality. If you're confused about the best things to do in Kraljevo, you can enjoy sunbathing at the private beach or watch the endearing inhabitants of the in-house turtle sanctuary. You can seek peace at Holy Trinity Cathedral and indulge in balneotherapy treatments at Mataruška Banja. Kraljevo experiences continental weather, and the annual temperature varies from 26°F to 84°F.  May, June, and September are the best time to visit Kraljevo.

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Other Attractions

Zlatibor is a mountain jewel renowned for its wide pastures, ski slopes, herbs, and gastronomy specialties like "parshuta." It is one of the best tourist places in Serbia, where you can enjoy winter-based activities and various outdoor activities like skiing and hiking.

You will find a limestone cave named Stopica Pecina on the slopes of Mount Zlatibor, renowned for its unique formation. If you're into long walks, you'll be glad to know that the trails here usually go through beautiful meadows and forests, and you can find one as per your fitness level.

Location: Miladina Pecinara 74, Zlatibor

Highlights: Trails, Stopica Pecina, The komplet lepinja
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Studenica Monastery is one of the richest and largest Serb Orthodox monasteries dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The monastery is known for its collection of thirteenth- and fourteenth-century Byzantine-style paintings. It's representative of the typical Rascian architectural style, with a mix of Byzantine and Romanesque elements.

The monastery became the cultural, medical, and spiritual center of medieval Serbia under Sava's tutelage. It is well-preserved and encompasses two churches: the Church of the King and the Church of the Virgin, both of which have been built using white marble.

Location: 116, Brezova 36343, Serbia

Highlights: the Church of the King and the Church of the Virgin.
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If you're looking for the best places to visit in Serbia, you must head to Djerdap National Park, which is Serbia's largest national park. It is spread across 63.600 hectares and is home to lush flora and fauna. This national park's main attraction is Djerdapska Klisura which is Europe's largest gorge created by the flow of the Danube River.

It also has many archeological sites, out of which Lepenski Vir is the most impressive one. You can enjoy various enthralling activities in this national park, such as hiking, kayaking, bird-watching, biking, and swimming.

Highlights: Djerdapska Klisura, archeological sites
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Situated in the central part of Serbia, Kopaonik National Park is one of the most popular places to see in Serbia, renowned for its abundance of mineral resources. It is Serbia's biggest mountain range with ores of zinc, lead, silver, copper, and gold.

More than a thousand diverse species of plants grow here, including bittercress, houseleek, etc. It is also home to endangered butterfly species, two hundred bird species, and numerous mammal species. This national park is also known as a mushroom forager's paradise with more than two hundred endemic and rare species.

Location: Kopaonik, 36354, Central Serbia

Highlights: Mineral resources, endemic mushroom species, hiking trails.
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Located on mount Radan in the town of Kuršumlija, Devil's Town is a complex of unique rock formations. It features two hundred and two exotic formations described as "towers" or earth pyramids; these formations have been created by strong soil erosion due to intense volcanic activity thousands of years ago.

This natural monument exhibits two rare phenomena: soil figures as specific relief forms and two wells of acidic waters with high mineral content.

Location: Kuršumlija, Toplica District, Prolom, Central Serbia

Highlights: Thermal and mineral springs, unique rock formations
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Get a sense of the Eastern, Slavic, and great Western civilizations as you visit Kalemegdan, the most important historical monument and the largest park in Belgrade. It is situated on a one hundred and twenty-five-meter-high cliff at the River Danube and Sava junction.

Besides many kilometers of lush green paths and numerous hideouts, there's also a playground for the kids and chess boards for the elderly. You can enjoy splendid views of the sunset and go sleigh riding and skiing on the slopes near the park.

Highlights: Hideouts, lush green paths, playground, chess boards, sleigh riding
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If you're looking for the best tourist places in Serbia where you can experience the Christian splendor, you must visit the Church of St. Sava. It is the largest and most beautiful Serbian Orthodox church dedicated to saint St. Sava, the founder of this church.

The entire church is covered in wall mosaics that are described as " the most elaborate and extensive church mosaics in the US. The basement of the church contains the treasury of St. Sava, a crypt, and the grave church of Hieromartyr Lazar, with a surface area of 1,800 square meters.

Location: Svetosavski Square, Karadjordje's Park, Vracar, Belgrade 011, Serbia

Highlights: Treasury of St. Sava, a crypt, and the grave church of Hieromartyr Lazar
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End your hunt for the best tourist places in Serbia by visiting House on the Drina, which is an isolated cabin-like house on a river stone. This quaint little house lies in the Drina River valley at the Tara National Park's eastern edge.

It is one of the finest examples of the beautiful merging of the ingenuity of man and nature. This house gained immense popularity after it was featured on National Geographic as the photo of the month in 2012. A restaurant overlooks this quaint house where you can enjoy a lavish meal with your loved ones.

Location: River Drina, Bajina Basta Serbia

Highlights: Restaurant, viewpoint, lush greenery
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Subotica City Hall is Serbia's most lavish building that is a masterpiece of Hungarian Art Nouveau. The highlight of this building is its impressive Council Hall that has stained glass windows and beautiful chandeliers.

Because of its size, ornate architecture, and location, the Subotica City Hall has become an important landmark and symbol of Subotica.  It is surrounded by a park, fountains, and a square, where many bazaars and concerts are held throughout the year.

Location: Serbia, Subotica

Highlights: Council Hall, fountains, park, Hungarian Art
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If you're looking for one of the unique tourist places in Serbia, you must visit Skull Tower that was built by Hurshi Pasha, who was a Turkish General out of the skulls of defeated Serb rebels. The tower was fifteen feet high when it was constructed and consisted of nine hundred and fifty-two skulls embedded on its four sides.

Over the years, many of the skulls fell out from the walls of the tower, some were taken away by relatives of the deceased for burial, and some were secretly taken by souvenir hunters.

Location: Bulevar Dr Zorana Dindica, Nis Serbia

Highlights: Skull walls, chapel
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Uvac Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural wonders carved out by fast-moving rivers. It is the fascinating landmark of the country, located on the Nova Varo's territory. The canyon is twenty-seven kilometers long, and it is one hundred and eight meters deep and offers the most splendid views.

Ornithologists and nature lovers come here to see Griffon vulture, which is on the verge of extinction. It is home to unique animal and plant species and the biggest cave complex in Serbia.

Location: Nova Varos, 31320, Central Serbia

Highlights: Griffon vulture, biggest cave complex
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One of the best tourist places in Serbia that deserve the top-most spot on your itinerary is Golubac Fortress, the most well-preserved medieval fortress that holds great cultural importance. It is situated in the northeastern part of Serbia at the Djerdap Gorge entrance and is also known as the Iron Gates.

The unique feature of this fortress is its ten towers, which are directly connected by a series of walls. Archaeological excavations at this fortress site revealed graves of fallen warriors and a massive gate. You can hire a local boat to get an authentic view of this fortress.

Location: Djerdap National Park, Golubac Serbia

Highlights: Ten towers, archaeological exponents
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Hidden between mountains Zlatibor and Tara, Drvengrad is one of the most popular wooden villages in Serbia. It is an idyllic mountain destination having around five hundred inhabitants. This mountain paradise destination was built-in 2004 from the idea of movie director Emir Kusturica.

All buildings in this village are built out of wood, including the beautiful church with a wooden bell. Restaurant "Prokleta Avlija," located inside Drvengrad, serves authentic specialties like prosciutto, ajvar, pickles, kajmak, lamb, rakija, and homemade wine.

Location: Northern slopes of mountain Zlatibor, Serbia

Highlights: Wooden houses, church, restaurant
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One of the best tourist places in Serbia is Petrovaradin Fortress that dates back to the Austro-Ungarian era of the seventeenth century. It stands on the banks of the Danube River, on an elevated position overlooking the entire city.

The fortress is considered to be the art center of the city, and you see here exceptional work of eighteenth-century fortification engineering. It is one of the most well-preserved and largest artillery bastions in Serbia, with underground tunnels. The fortress is the venue of the EXIT Festival, which is one of the most popular music festivals in Europe.

Location: Petrovaradin, Novi Sad 21131 Serbia

Highlights: Underground tunnels, largest artillery bastion
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Šargan Eight is Europe's most attractive and picturesque narrow gauge museum railway that carries with it the spirit of the modern and devastating times. It runs to Šargan Vitasi station from the rustic village of Mokra Gora and is the most beautiful railways in the world.

The trains here depart twice a day, offering you a splendid view of the mountains, blueberry vineyards, tunnels, and whole berries pastures.

Location: Mokra Gora, Central Serbia

Highlights: Narrow gauge museum railway
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If you're looking for the best places to visit in Serbia where you can get lost in the grandeur of nature, you must visit Zaovine Lake. It is situated on the slopes of the Tara Mountains and marks the border between  Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Serbia.

It offers staggeringly breathtaking views of picturesque mountains and pine and fir trees on all sides. The lake is an absolute paradise for swimming, sailing, boating, and fishing. It also offers a place to camp, join in a game of horseshoes and build sandcastles.

Location: Bajina Basta, Central Serbia

Highlights: Swimming, sailing, boating, camping and fishing
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End your search for the best tourist places in Serbia by visiting Sremski Karlovci, which is a beautiful town featuring monuments of cultural importance, Baroque buildings, and refined wineries. Historically it is known as the cultural and political capital of the northern Serbian region and is home to museums, ornamental fountains, and churches.

The Patriarchate's magnificent edifice has remained the preserved iconostasis of renowned Serbian artists Uroš Predić and Theodore Kračun. The town has been the meeting point of popular cultural elites, prominent personae, and poets.

Highlights: Baroque buildings, refined wineries, preserved iconostasis.
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This is an early thirteenth-century Orthodox monastery situated near Kraljevo, Serbia, renowned for its impressive architecture and peaceful environment. It was built in 1205-1208 and is the place where Serbian kings were crowned in ancient times.

The monastery features vivid frescoes on the walls, dark red façades, and various imposing structures. It is surrounded by freshly mowed lawns, endless green vastness, and branched tree crowns that give you a chance to appreciate nature.

Location: Kraljevo, 36221, Central Serbia

Highlights: Dark red façades, and various imposing structures
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If you're looking for the best places to visit in Serbia where you can take the joy of skiing to the next level, you must head to Kopaonik Ski Resort. It is the largest ski resort in Serbia, with excellently prepared runs that offer unlimited joy to all types of skiers, from highly skilled ones to beginners.

It comprises about fifty-five kilometers of runs for alpine skiing and twelve kilometers of runs for cross country skiing. If you enjoy night skiing, you can also find here lighted run "Malo Jezero" located in the center of the resort.

Highlights: Malo Jezero, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing
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People Also Ask About Serbia

  1. Which are the best historical places to visit in Serbia?

    1. Golubac Fortress: This is an aesthetically striking fortress located on the edge of the Danube River that represents an important military border stronghold. It consists of three beautiful compounds guarded by nine towers, two portcullises, and a palace.

    2. Petrovaradin Fortress: If you're looking for the best historical places in Serbia, you must visit Petrovaradin Fortress that was a military fort of the Austrian rulers who hid treasures here at the time of Napoleon's conquests. It extends to more than one hundred and ten hectares and is considered the city's art center.

    3. Gamzigrad: This third-century Roman compound is known to be the Seven Wonders of Construction. It has everything ranging from magnificent temples to royal palaces and incredible art avenues.

    4. Skull Tower: This is a stone structure constructed by the Ottomans embedded with human skulls and is considered an important memorial to sacrifice. The tower consisted of nine hundred and fifty-two skulls, but over the years, many of the skulls fell out from its walls.
  2. Which are the best places to visit in Serbia at night?

    1. Skadarlija Bohemian Quarter: If you're a night owl looking for the best places to visit in Serbia, you must head to Skadarlija Bohemian Quarter that is inhabited by the Gypsy population. With a cozy bohemian ambiance and dull lights, it transforms into a bustling recreational nightspot.

    2. Danube River: End your search for the best places to visit in Serbia by visiting the Danube River that is dotted with colorful houses and lights. Tourists flood over here to view the dramatic sunset and for late-night exploration.

    3. The Bank: This is the most popular nightclub in Serbia, where you can enjoy a wide selection of drinks and dance endlessly to the rockin beats. The club has the latest sound system, and lights and spectacular performances are held on the weekends.

    4. Gradska Kafana: If you're looking for the best places in Serbia where you can have a unique nighttime experience, you must head to Gradska Kafana, a true bohemian venue. You can enjoy here phenomenal music by the famous regional and Serbian folk artists.
  3. Which are the best romantic places to visit in Serbia?

    1. Sirogojno: If you're looking for the most romantic places to visit in Serbia, you must head to Sirogojno, a picturesque mountain village with wooden houses. You can stay here in the centuries-old homestays and bask in the beauty of nature with your partner.

    2. Zlatibor: Zlatibor is a mountain resort area with a fairy-tale romantic setting, large meadows, and historic villages. From hiking in summer to skiing in winter, the couples can try here some of the best outdoor activities.

    3. Belgrade: End your hunt for the most romantic places in Serbia by taking a tour of Belgrade that is a town full of life and energy. It has the finest nightlife, idyllic restaurants and cafes, and the most picturesque promenades for long walks.

    4. Bridge of Love: If you're looking for the most romantic places in Serbia, you must visit Bridge of Love, which is considered the lovers' meeting point. The lovers pen the name of their sweetheart on the railings as a pledge of their undying love.
  4. What is the best time to visit Serbia?

    The summer months(June to August) are considered the best time to visit Serbia as the weather is quite pleasant with little rainfall. As this is not the peak season, the accommodations are cheaper, and the tourist attractions are not jam-packed. You can enjoy activities like hiking, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and snorkeling during this time of the year.
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