25 Places to Visit in Oslo, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Oslo Tourist Places 

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Viking Ship Museum, Akershus Fortress, The Royal Palace, Oslo Opera House, Fram Museum, Oslo National Museum, Munch Museum, Museum Of Cultural History, Holmenkollen Ski Museum, Oslo Cathedral, Oslo City Hall and many more.

Gear up to explore the world-famous Oslo tourist places as you prepare a bucket list for your exploration on your holiday at this exotic destination. Voyage the city that is famed for green spaces, fjords, museums, and a lot of Viking lore. From being renowned as an exotic skiing destination to being home to tons of interesting museums, Oslo is one of the best places to go on your holidays this year.

To curate a list of the places to see in Oslo Norway, start with Kon-Tiki Museum, Vigeland Museum, Munch Museum. These are some of the famous art museums that showcase the art of famous Norwegian artists and many historical exhibits of the city. The city containing all these museums, Bygdoy is full of trails to explore and enjoy a bike ride or evening stroll at the end of the day.

The world-famous Oslo opera house is another highlight in the places to visit in Oslo city that will help you understand the cultural worth of Osle. Do feast on Norwegian cuisine and seafood as you explore all the famous attractions here. Voyage around this beautiful city with ample green spaces and plan a memorable vacation with your loved ones.

Here are the best places to visit in Oslo:

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Oslo's Vigeland Park is the biggest sculpture park on the planet by a solitary craftsman, showcasing more than 200 pieces by Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland. The collection, named "The Weirdest Statues in the World" by The Daily Mail, incorporates everything from a lady accepting a goliath reptile to an exposed man battling flying children, and everything in the middle.

Set along a lane in Oslo's Frogner Park, the Vigeland Sculpture Park comprises 212 models created using bronze and rock, spread over an 850-meter hub from the passage to the recreation center's highlight, The Monolith. The models comprise of bare human figures, an altogether assortment of stances and circumstances – from the peaceful to the tremendously dreamlike – investigating the human structure and human existence, at its most flawless.

Location: Nobels gate 32, 0268 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Art exhibitions, The Monolith, The Bridge, The fountain and more.
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Set on Oslo's Bygdoy Peninsula, the Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskipshuset) houses a broad collection of Viking-period antiques found around Oslo Fjord. The gallery is most popular for its Viking ships, which have been carefully remade and richly shown in perfect white displays.

The brilliant vessels, underlying the ninth century, were utilized for both sea intersections and entombment customs. Additionally in plain view are sledges, beds, wood carvings, grave products, and containers. The fundamental fascination here is the Oseberg Ship, unearthed from an entombment hill in Tonsberg.

Watch out for the three 10th century Viking-age longboats, which were unearthed in Southern Norway following quite a while of being covered in peat. View the Gokstad Viking Ship, a very much saved Viking transport worked around AD 890 that has been built deliberately for the entombment of affluent Vikings.

Location: Huk Aveny 35, 0287 Oslo, Norway, 0287
Highlights: Oseberg Ship, Gokstad Viking Ship and others.
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Set on the banks of Oslo Fjord, Akershus Castle (Akershus Slott) or Akershus Fortress was constructed in 1299 as a home for Norway's imperial family and is a must to explore the location in the list of places to see in Oslo Norway.

Throughout the long term, it has filled in as a post to shield Oslo against attacks from rival Swedish powers, as a Renaissance palace, and as an undeniable nineteenth-century jail.
Inside the palace, important relics outline the design's celebrated history and offer a brief look into Norway's archaic and Renaissance past.

Today Akershus Fortress is the base camp for Norway's Ministry of Defense and home to the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum and Norway's Resistance Museum. Segway and bicycle visits are a decent method to see the palace.

Location: Akershus Kommandant's Kap, Oslo, Eastern Norway 0015, Norway
Highlights: Akershus Castle Church, the Royal Mausoleum, and an array of reception and banquet rooms.
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The Royal Palace Oslo, located in the heart of Norway's capital, is the official residence of the Norwegian monarch. This impressive neoclassical building was completed in 1849 and showcases stunning architectural elegance. While it serves as the royal residence, parts of the palace are open to the public, offering guided tours to admire its opulent interiors and rich history.

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Apart from the exquisite architecture, Oslo Opera House is operated by Statsbygg that is a government agency known for managing property for the Norwegian government.  This largest theatrical and music institution aims to be the national producer of opera, ballet, music and dance theatre, and concerts.

Around 250,000 visitors are received by this place that hosts approx. 300 shows. The marble-covered roof will unveil the most exotic views of the city from different angles. Many outdoor plays, events, and concerts are also held at the opera house throughout the year. Explore the pin-drop silence in the hall before the play as you arrive a bit early at this one of the exotic places to visit in Oslo city.

Location: Kirsten Flagstads Plass 1, 0150 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: The wave wall, the factory, the carpet, and more.
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Showcasing the huge and strongest ship ever built, Fram museum is abode to the Fram ship that holds the record for sailing farthest south and farthest north. Acknowledge yourself with the conditions faced by the crew and the dogs on the ship and how they managed to cope up with the same.

The exhibition of the ship journey to the Arctic and the Antarctic is translated into ten languages that include Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, English, French, German and Norwegian.

The museum is also abode to a thing known as a polar stimulator that helps you experience the danger and cold of polar expeditions more than 100 years ago. The Northwest Passage and arctic exhibitions are showcased next to the main building is the Gjøa building.

Location: Bygdøynesveien 39, 0286 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Fram Ship, Polar Stimulator, museum shop and more.
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 The National Museum is renowned to be a place that has been a collector, preserver, and exhibitor of Norway's largest collection of art, architecture, and design. It resides near Oslo City Hall and is the largest of its type in Scandinavia. Marvel at the old and new art, architecture, design, and crafts - all under one roof at this great museum.

From the eye-catching building to emphasis on dignity and longevity over sensationalist architecture, the National Museum is also known for bestowing a unique view of the inner Oslo fjord from the rooftop terrace. An urban meeting space lies in front square of the main entrance and the inviting atmosphere of the café calls for a rest in between your exploration at this great location among the places to visit in Oslo city.

Location: Brynjulf Bulls plass 20250 Oslo
Highlights: The Black death, The scream, and more.

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Located on the Oslo waterfront, Munch Museum opened its doors in 2021that showcases the largest art collection by Edward Munch. It is an ideal place amongst the places to see in Oslo Norway to experience the life and art of Edward Munch.

This museum completely transforms the idea of the museum and offers opportunities for completely new experiences. It is also a renowned place for a meeting area for all the cultural occasions. From audio tours available in English and Norwegian to a film on Edvard Munch's life, your visit to the Munch Museum will be worth it.

On every Sunday at 1 pm, a brief introduction about the exhibition is given so don’t miss out on the same for utmost exploration of the museum. The same introduction is narrated in the English language from 17 June to 9 September at the museum.

Location: Tøyengata 53, 0578 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Movie on Edvard Munch's life, art collection and more.
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Museum Of Cultural History nestles permanent and temporary exhibitions on the four floors residing in its building. To explore the Middle Ages, gold and silver treasures, and the interdisciplinary exhibition Collapse, one can explore the ground floor of the museum.The country’s largest collection of prehistoric and medieval archaeological remains resides here.

On the second and fourth floor of the museum reside ethnographic exhibitions exhibit Egyptian mummies and Antique art, as well as items from Arctic expeditions and African, American, and East Asian cultures. Avail guided tour of the museum as you book an appointment in advance. Do visit the museum shop to get some souvenirs as a memory of your exploration of Oslo Tourist Places.

Location: Frederiks gate 2, 0164 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Mummies, museum shop, collection of historical coins and more.

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Founded in 1923, Holmenkollen Ski Museum is the world's oldest ski museum. It nestles in the actual Holmenkollen ski jump. This place is associated with 4000 years of ski history showcased with great exhibitions. The observation deck at the museum offers spectacular views of Oslo.

The exhibits include rock carvings, skis from the Viking age that showcase local handicraft skills and traditions. New trends set in winter sports are observed in the snowboard exhibition here. One can also catch a glance of the polar equipment used in the historic expeditions of Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen and can observe the advancement made in today’s ski equipment.

Sight the captures dating back to Winter Olympics at Lillehammer in 1994 and in Oslo in 1952 and many other instances of skiing history at this museum out of many other places to see in Oslo Norway.

Location: Kongeveien 5, 0787 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Collections, educational programs, exhibitions and more.
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The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, located in Oslo, showcases the rich cultural heritage of Norway through an extensive collection of artifacts, buildings, and exhibits. It provides visitors with a comprehensive insight into the country's history and traditions, spanning from the medieval era to the present day.

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Oslo Cathedral is mainly known as a venue for Norwegian Royal Family weddings and funerals. The extravagant architecture is the first thing that impresses the visitors here. A magnificent altarpiece with acanthus carvings and stained glass windows by Emanuel Vigeland, a 1950 tempera ceiling by Hugo Louis Mohr are some of the things worth sighting at this place.

Original elements like the pulpit, altarpiece, and organ front in a 1748 model of The Last Supper and the Crucifixion used in the construction of this cathedral are the major highlights of this place. For all the religious architecture and history enthusiasts, this place is a must to visit the location where one can enjoy exploration in a group as well as private tours. There is no entry fee to explore this place amongst other Oslo tourist places.

Location: Karl Johans gate 11, 0154 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: The pulpit, organ front, and altarpiece, 1950 tempera ceiling by Hugo Louis Mohr and more.
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Seated in the capital of Norway, City hall is a magnificent building with a red brick structure. It opened its doors in 1950 and is abode to the largest carillon in the Nordics. The city council and administration are also seated here.

This architectural gem of Oslo won the title of "Structure of the Century" in the 2005 vote. This place best showcases the cultural and political sides of the city and makes it worth it to explore among the other Oslo tourist places.

One can sight the exotic Norwegian art adorning the structure of the city hall with motifs from Norwegian history, culture, and working life. Experience a great time at the Carillon concerts that are organized on the first Saturday every month at 11 AM, in June, July, and August every Sunday at 3 PM.

Location: Rådhusplassen 1, 0037 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Wall paintings, architecture, history and more.
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This museum is an abode to elements dating back to various periods of history. One can sight the life and earth science specimens that have more than 80 million exhibits distributed in five collections namely botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology, and zoology. The specimens collected by Charles Darwin are also showcased here.

Another highlight at this museum that will leave you awestruck is the dinosaur exhibition here residing their skeletons. The library in the museum resides extensive books, journals, manuscripts, and artwork collections of great scientific and historical value. This museum was renowned as British Museum till 1992. Darwin center is one of the recent introductions in the museum and is worth exploring.

Location: Sars' gate 1, 0562 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: The Darwin Center, geological museum, The Attenborough studio and more.
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Tusenfryd Amusement Park is the largest amusement park of Norway that is abode to more than 30 attractions, shops, fun games, and dining places. The rides residing here are perfect to cater to adrenalin rush for all ages of people.

This place is a loved destination by the tourists among the many other Oslo Tourist places fit best for small kids as well as adults. BadeFryd is a major highlight during the summers at this amusement park that is a water park residing a swimming pool, a swimming river and a huge water slide.

Scandinavia's most spectacular roller coaster, Speed Monster is loved by people and will blow your mind. One can reach the park by bus from Oslo City center.

Location: Fryds Vei 25, 1407 Vinterbro, Norway
Highlights: Hotels, Restaurants, cafes, rides, water slides and more.
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Bygdoy is abode to tons of popular museums that attract a lot of tourists in the holiday season. Several trails are located in this residential city that people choose for walking and cycling. It is also a great recreational area to visit in summer when the breezy beaches are perfect to hang out and soak in some sun. Many people love to play beach volleyball during this time at this place.

People who look forward to some adventure can pursue cycling through the trails in the city, where an evening stroll will fill you with relaxation. From the Viking ship museum, The Kon-Tiki Museum to the fram museum and more, this location in Oslo would cater to all the exploration of History lovers.

Location: West side of city center, Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Viking ship museum, Holocaust Center, Fram Museum, Huk and Paradisbukta beach and more.
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The famous Norwegian Folk Museum is an open-air museum that resides 160 historic buildings amongst Oslo tourist places. The prime attraction is Gol Stave Church at this museum that dates back to 1200. The exhibits showcase the time after 1500 to the present including, Norwegian folk costumes, folk art, church art, and Sami culture.

One can also indulge in Temporary exhibits, audience programs, and activities available for children all year.

Online exhibitions are also a new trend at this museum. People love to grab a bite or refresh themselves with a cup of coffee at the café here. The museum shop offers exceptional items for you to shop for antique souvenirs for your loved ones.

Location: Museumsveien 10, 0287 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Café Arkadia, Museum Shop and more.
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This great museum is abode to about 8000 books in its library and vessels and maps from the Kon-Tiki expedition. It opened its door to the public in 1949. The vessels nestling at this museum were used by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl in some of the great sea voyages in modern history.

An underwater exhibition that showcases fishes and sharks under the Kon-Tiki raft is also a great part to explore. For the people who would love to dive into the cultural Tiki pop culture, there is a small Tiki-themed exhibition to experience the same. Tiki merchandise is also available in the museum shop.

For the youngest visitors of the museum, the Kon-Tiki and Ra exhibitions include stories that are known to feature Johannes the Crab and Safi the Monkey.

Location: Bygdøynesveien 36, 0286 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Thor Heyerdahl’s famous legacy, Heyerdahl’s life’s work, from his first trip to Fatu Hiva, to the voyages with the Kon-Tiki, and more.

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Adorned by tons of restaurants on the Boardwalk, Aker Brygge is a place among Oslo tourist places that is famous for the variety of options for al fresco wining and dining. For the shopaholics, this place is a haven as many clothing shops are also located here.

People visiting this location prefer to stroll their way down amidst the serene city life and often feast on a snack or two in between from the food trucks parked here. Aker Brygge also connects to the fresh new quarters of Oslo, Tjuvholmen.

Appreciate the views here, gain some new useful knowledge from the locals, see magnificent bits of workmanship and relish some great sea-food, all by Norway's Aker Brygge.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Dining, shopping, and more.
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Holmenkollen Hill, located in Oslo, Norway, is a renowned sporting and cultural landmark. It is home to the historic Holmenkollen Ski Jump, hosting international ski competitions. The area also features the Ski Museum, showcasing the rich history of winter sports. With its breathtaking views of Oslo and thrilling winter sports activities, Holmenkollen Hill is a must-visit destination.

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Renowned as the largest part of Marka borough, Nordmarka is a thickly forested region that is a place of recreation for the city inhabitants. In the winter season, this place is well-known for its well-marked ski trails that is a most loved activity by the adventure tourists among exploration of the other Oslo tourist places.

This place attracts tons of tourists in the summer season too that indulge mostly in hiking, swimming in idyllic lakes, biking, and more as per their preference. Take a break in the cabins available here in between your exploration and enjoy a meal. You can also choose to even spend the night. The main attraction that lures the adventure and nature tourists to this location is Kirkeberget which is the highest peak in Oslo.

Location: Northern part of Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Adventure tours, Hiking, Nature gazing, Biking and more.
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The National Theater in Oslo, Norway, is a prestigious cultural institution known for its rich history and contribution to the country's performing arts scene. Founded in 1899, it has showcased a diverse range of theatrical productions, from classic Norwegian plays to contemporary works, attracting both locals and tourists alike. The theater's iconic architecture and acclaimed performances make it a must-visit cultural landmark in Oslo.

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The National Gallery is in process to merge with the new National Museum that is scheduled to open in 2022. It is an interesting place to voyage in the list of Oslo Tourist places. It is known to showcase famed art exhibits including modern, contemporary, art, architecture, and many more under one roof.

The gallery turned museum is abode to 45000 objects that will leave you awestruck with their craftsmanship and fineness. One can create their digital collection of favorite objects on the national gallery online platform. The best-known paintings of Edvard Munch's are also worth sighting at the museum.

This museum is the biggest of its type in Scandinavia and is thus a prime attraction in itself. A café and shop are also located in the museum premises for the visitors to take rest or shop for souvenirs from the location.

Location: Pb. 7014 St. Olavs plass N–0130 Oslo
Highlights: Events, exhibitions, library and archive, collections and more.
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People Also Ask About Oslo

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Oslo?

    1. The National Gallery: The national gallery of Oslo is a perfect escape for every art lover to witness exotic sculptures, drawings, or others among the many places to see in Oslo Norway. The main highlights of the museum are The Dance of life, Tidemand, Madonna, and more.

    2. Natural History Museum:
    From being the oldest and biggest museum in Norway, Natural History Museum resides exhibits from branches like zoology, botany, and others.

    3. Oslo Cathedral:
    This place is known for being the wedding and funeral venue for the Norwegian Royal Family. Do click snaps with the well-ornamented bronze doors residing here.

    4. Nordmarka:
    Embrace the natural beauty of Oslo at Nordmarka that resides some of the best hikes for adventure. Be it, nature lovers or adventure enthusiasts, this place is a haven for all.
  2. Which are the places to visit in Oslo at night?

    1. Magic Ice, Oslo: Located in the heart of downtown Oslo, the Magic ice bar will take you on a magical adventure. Feast on the refreshing welcome drink in an ice glass and enjoy a performance by Norway’s most popular artists.

    2. National Theatre:
    Enjoy a performance of dramatic arts at one of Norway's largest and most prominent venues of Oslo, National Theatre. For all theatre lovers, this is one of the best places to visit in Oslo city.

    3. The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, Oslo:
    Seated at the harbor, The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet offers the opportunity to reach to its roof and enjoy spectacular views of the city. Guided tours are also available for this place.
  3. Which are the best places to visit in Oslo for northern lights?

    1. Svalbard: This abode of polar bears is an ideal spot to sight the northern lights. It is located halfway between the North Pole and mainland Norway.

    2. The North Cape (Nordkapp):
    Watch the beautiful aurora borealis along with incredible birdlife and stunning landscapes. Svalbard is the only place that lies between you and the arctic at this location.

    3. Kirkenes:
    Located close to the Russian border, Kirkenes is the soul of northern lights territory. The famed snow hotel of Norway is also located at this location.

    4. The Lofoten islands:
    Sight the flickering northern lights at the famous places to see in Oslo Norway, like the Lofoten islands. Apart from the northern lights, this place is famous for coastal cruises.
  4. What is famous in Oslo?

    Oslo is famous for its rich cultural scene, museums, Viking, impeccable seafood, and prime attractions. Some of them worth including locations in your bucket list are Oslo Fjord, Fram Museum, Barcode, Oslomarka, Tusenfryd Amusement Park, Nordmarka, and many more.
  5. Is Oslo worth visiting?

    Absolutely! Oslo is worth visiting on your next vacation. The places to visit in Oslo city are worth exploring for its exotic nature’s beauty, unique architecture of historical buildings, great food, abundant cultural attractions, diverse shopping experiences, opportunities for sport, and other options best suited for all kinds of travelers. Some great places involving the above experiences are Kon-tiki Museum, Oslo Cathedral, Nordmarka and more will definitely suit your taste as a traveller.
  6. How many days do I need in Oslo?

    2 to 3 days are more than enough to explore Oslo tourist places thoroughly. You can plan your itinerary with attractions and food exploration on the first day including visits to Munch Museum, Oslo Cathedral, and others. On the second day, indulge in sports opportunities like base jumping, Snowboarding, ice climbing, and diverse shopping experience at The Paleet Shopping Center, Karl Johans Gate Shopping Area, and others.
  7. Is Oslo expensive for tourists?

     Oslo trip stays within budget if planned precisely. For one week, it costs around kr7, 110 for one person and kr14, 221 for one week for 2 people.
  8. Can you see the northern lights in Oslo?

     Given the conditions, one can sight northern lights from Oslo tourist places. Although the chances are a bit low with the forecast, you can sight them.
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Papua New Guinean Kina
Philippine Peso
Pakistani Rupee
QAR - ر.ق
Qatari Riyal
Russian Ruble
SAR - ر.س
Saudi Riyal
Seychellois Rupee
SEK - kr
Swedish Krona
SLL - Le
Sierra Leonean Leone
SOS - Sh
Somali Shilling
Salvadoran Colón
Swazi Lilangeni
THB - ฿
Thai Baht
TTD - $
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
TZS - Sh
Tanzanian Shilling
UYU - $U
Uruguayan Peso
UZS - so'm
Uzbekistan Som
Yemeni Rial
South African Rand
JPY - ¥
Japanese Yen
Vietnamese dong