Oslo Tourism, Norway 2020 (50 Tours & Activities)

Oslo is the capital of Norway. This is popular for its Viking history, culture, and traditions. There are many international museums here that provide natural beauty. There are many places for walking and hiking trails in this city. You can hike in the forests, lakes, and many other hiking spots in and around the city. This city is popular for its nightlife.

This is one of the most scenic Scandinavian destinations. Moose are the most common animals spotted in winter. This is a city that has Norway's wolf reserve. There are many archipelagos and islands nearby. The climate is usually warm and winter has snow.

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  1. Travel Advice

    •      Do not drink and drive when in Oslo. You have to be completely sober when driving in Oslo.
    •      When entering anyone's home, remove shoes.
    •      Public beaches have nudity allowed. Do not stare at anyone.
    •      If you are gifting flowers to anyone, do not wrap them.
    •      Do not ask people about their religious beliefs as it is considered rude.
    •      People in the city are informal and preferred to be called by their names.
    •      Don’t mention the Swedes in this city.
    •      Do not talk to a strangers in the bus. They never talk to strangers during their commute.
    •      Skiing is a national pastime here.
  2. Drinking Law

    18 years and above is the legal drinking age. 

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    Buildings and landmarks

    Royal Palace tour gives you a glimpse of its architecture. The university of Oslo allows visitors to view its magnificent rooms. Opera House is a must visit for its modern architecture. Kirkeristen is an old bazaar where you can buy handcrafted products. Oslo City Hall has murals and many democratic themes.

    Akershus Festning is a medieval castle built in the 12th century. It has stone walls and museums. Holmenkollen was built in the 18th century and holds world championships for skiing. Walking and bike riding are famous activities here. Stortinget is a Parliament where you can take free guided tours in English as well.

    Museums and parks

    Oslo Munch Museet has paintings of Edward Munch, an artist from Norway.Oslo National Museum has works displayed by international artists. Emanuel Vigeland Museum has frescos.

    The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History depicts the history of Norway from various eras. Viking Ship Museum has artifacts and a burial chamber of Vikings. Norwegian Maritime Museum has collections of ships and boats that impacted this country. Kon-Tiki Museum has artifacts from Easter Island.

    Fram-Museum has shipped from expeditions and depicts polar explorations. Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology is an interactive museum for children. Tramway Museum depicts the history of trams and buses.

    Frogner Park is a recreational area and has sculptures and lush green. This park also has water slides and diving towers. Botanical Garden is a place for a picnic and is a relaxing area. St.Hanshaugen is a public park and has the highest hill in the city. Slottsparken is a Royal Palace with old trees and grass.

    Sofienbergparken is a picnic park where you can see people playing ball, cooking barbecues, and is a nice place for children to play. Ekeberg is a green hill and gives a great view of the city. Stensparken is a park with a church.

  4. What you will like there?

    Outdoor activities and festivals

     Akerselva is popular for swimming. This has a clean lake and scenic spots. For salt water swimming there are many islands and beaches like Huk, Katten, and Ingierstrand. Grünerløkka is a district that can be visited for shopping fashion and designer items.

    Oslo has many forests where you can take bicycle rides. You can also cover a portion of this city by biking. Holmenkollen is popular for skiing.  Norwegian Wood is a music festival that is organized every year. Ekebergsletta is a stadium to watch football matches.
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