Vigeland Sculpture Park Overview
Oslo's Vigeland Park is the biggest sculpture park on the planet by a solitary craftsman, showcasing more than 200 pieces by Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland. The collection, named "The Weirdest Statues in the World" by The Daily Mail, incorporates everything from a lady accepting a goliath reptile to an exposed man battling flying children, and everything in the middle.

Set along a lane in Oslo's Frogner Park, the Vigeland Sculpture Park comprises 212 models created using bronze and rock, spread over an 850-meter hub from the passage to the recreation center's highlight, The Monolith. The models comprise of bare human figures, an altogether assortment of stances and circumstances – from the peaceful to the tremendously dreamlike – investigating the human structure and human existence, at its most flawless.

Location: Nobels gate 32, 0268 Oslo, Norway
Highlights: Art exhibitions, The Monolith, The Bridge, The fountain and more.
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