15 Places to Visit in Gothenburg, Tourist Places & Attractions

Gothenburg Tourist Places

Liseberg Amusement Park, Slottsskogen, Gothenburg Botanical Garden, The Gothenburg Museum of Art, Haga, Gothenburg archipelago, Universeum, Horticultural Society, Skansen Kronan, Gothenburg City Museum, New Älvsborg Fortress, Feskekôrka and many more.

While counting on the best places to visit in Gothenburg, you will be spoilt for options for its similarity with European countryside than the Swedish capital. With world class seafood, top notch restaurants and shimmering coastline Gothenburg is now a hotspot for international tourism.

Whatever time of the year you are visiting, travel a few miles from the city and you will discover some of the unspoilt places to see in Gothenburg along with a wealth of activities to keep you engaged throughout your trip. Visit the Gothenburg Archipelago in the mouth of River Göta Älv which is speckled with several islets. Art enthusiasts can have a good time touring round the Gothenburg Museum of art which owns the works of the master painters among its exclusive holdings.

Visiting Gothenburg during winter is a special experience when the city decks up for Christmas and to welcome the New Year. The Christmas Market is one of the top places to go in Gothenburg Sweden where you can enjoy the Christmas vibe in a way different from any other place in Sweden. With ample green space in and around the city, Gothenburg renders an urbane feel while offering plenty of places to explore on foot or by any other transport.

Here is the best places to visit in Gothenburg:

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As you step inside the greatest amusement park in Scandinavia, for a moment you cannot guess what is real and what is makeover. Of course, the experiences you will gather here are real and amazing. From scary Halloween celebrations to dizzy rides, from eccentric dance to music you will be spoilt of options to revel at the park.

There are several idyllic spots dotted with colourful flower beds, waterfalls and lush greenery inside the park where you can enjoy family picnics. Music lovers can rock away with the best musicians on the Lilla Scenen and Stora Scenen stages or watch wonderful shows at Liseberg Theatre, Rondo and Kaninscenen.

Location: Örgrytevägen 5, 402 22 Göteborg, Sweden

Timings: 12pm -10pm
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A sprawling verdant oasis with winding path make Slottsskogen one of the favourite places to go in Gothenburg Sweden where you can get close to Gotland ponies, elks and other Nordic animals. Located to the southwest of the city centre, the fairy tale like European Park is home to the Natural History Museum, Gothenburg Botanical Gardens and a zoo.

Miles of asphalt paths running through open fields and woodlands are great for running and taking a stroll. The outdoor gym at the northern end and a running track at the southern end of the park are places where you can visit for a workout. In a bike ride you can explore the interior of the path along the forested trails all the way to Vastra Frolunda.

Location: Slottsskogspromenaden, 414 76 Göteborg, Sweden
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It is one of Europe’s largest and best botanical gardens which is home to over 16,000 species of plants in the different orangeries, herb garden and rock garden areas. The Botanical Garden with its diverse and impressive flora is one of the most popular places to see in Gothenburg round the year.

Among the garden’s vast collection of plants are the tropical orchids in Sweden, carnivorous plants and the rare Easter Island Tree. Climb up the garden to Haberget which overlooks the Anggardsbergen, Linnestaden, Kungs Dugard, Slottsskogen and the harbour with Alvsborgs Fastening and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Location: Carl Skottsbergs gata 22A, 413 19 Göteborg, Sweden
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For connoisseurs of art and culture, the Gothenburg Museum of Art is one of the most impressive places to visit in Gothenburg which made its first appearance in 1923. Visitors from across the globe visit the museum to appreciate the works from the 14th till the 21st centuries.

The most impressive holdings of the museum include 19th century Nordic art by famous artists such as Edvard Munch, Bruno Lilkefors, Anders Zorn and Severin Krøyer. The French collection owes its brilliance to the master painters such as Gauguin, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh and Chagall. Those looking for Renaissance and Baroque should take a look at the masterpieces by Van Dyck, Rembrandt, Rubens Jacob Jordaens.

Location: Götaplatsen 6, 412 56 Göteborg, Sweden

Timings: Tuesday- Thursday 11am- 8pm, Friday-Sunday and all holidays 11am- 5pm, Mondays closed
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If you want to know about the society and culture of Gothenburg, take a stroll round one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Gothenburg which is located within walking distance from the heart of the city. Lined with well-restored Gothenburg style “landshovdingehus” with one bricked floor and the rest in wooden, Haga is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Gothenburg.

Your shopping spree is never complete without fika-a Swedish style coffee break and Haga is the best venue for the occasion. From toy stores to curio shops, fashion outlets and local marchpane there is something for every taste. While in Haga don’t forget to taste a plate sized cinnamon bun found in Café Husaren.

Haga Nygata, Gothenburg
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Whether it is for experiencing nature at its pristine best or going on a seal safari or discovering the hidden gems, Gothenburg Archipelago is well worth a visit for nomadic souls. If you want to get a glimpse of the island’s fishing culture, head over to the Klava Harbour where you can order some smoked salmon, mackerel, crab cakes and enjoy them by the seaside.

Those looking for rock climbing or bouldering, can visit Arsdalen, a nature reserve on Hono. If you are on a romantic getaway, stay in a small house at Kajkanten in the island of Vrango and enjoy the floating sauna during summer.
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An exciting world of science and technology awaits you at the Universeum which is divided into several zones. The Ocean Zone houses some of Europe’s largest aquariums that accommodate hundreds of sharks, rays and other fishes in 3 million litres of water.

Take a tour to the Chemistry Lab and be amazed to see exciting reactions in lab experiments. As you make your way through the rickety suspension bridges up the 25-metre-high kapok trees, you can get close to butterflies, apes and other animals. The other zones namely Space, The Reptilarium and The Hub have various exciting features for kids and adults. 

Södra Vägen 50, 412 54 Göteborg, Sweden

Thursday -Sunday 10am -6pm, Monday- Wednesday closed
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Gothenburg is known for its well-manicured open spaces and Horticultural Society is one of them. The impressive greenhouse with its diverse range of plants is divided according to different types of climates allowing you to learn about various plant species. You can engage in reading amidst nature's greenery in the top floor of the Horticultural Society or hangout at the cafeteria with delicious vegan options.  

Slussgatan 1, 411 06 Göteborg, Sweden

Sunday- Saturday 7am- 6pm
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Located on the Risasberget in the Haga district Skansen Kronan is one of the best places to see in Gothenburg which offers superb views of the city and the blue waters of the harbour. Built in 1641, the Skansen Kronan was used as a defence redoubt to protect Gothenburg from Danish invasion.

As you walk around the six-sided shape and dappled granite walls of the fortress you cannot but appreciate how much effort it took for the soldiers to transport the stone up the hill which was required for building the structure of Skansen Kronan.

Location: Skansberget, Leijonsparres Väg 15, 413 04 Göteborg, Sweden
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The museum is sited inside the premises of the Swedish East India Company building which dates back to the 18th century. The exhibitions of the museum depict Gothenburg’s history of 12,000 years from the prehistoric times till date.

Take a look at Sweden’s only preserved Viking ship which showcases a striking contrast between the bourgeoisie life and the trade union struggle during the 19th century. The museum also organises temporary exhibitions that deal with contemporary issues of the place and diverse activities.  There is a playroom for kids, a children’s museum and shop, a café and a restaurant inside the museum where you can relax and refresh after the excursion.

Location: Norra Hamngatan 12, 411 14 Göteborg, Sweden

Timings: Tuesday-Sunday 10am- 5pm, Wednesday 10am -8pm, Mondays closed
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New Alvsborg Fortress located on the mouth of River Gota is one of Gothenburg’s well-preserved fortresses belonging to the 17th century. The fort which was once used as a prison for the offenders now stands as one of the most interesting places to see in Gothenburg.

A guided boat ride from Lilla Bommen takes you through the wharf to the fortress in about 30 minutes. On the island you can enjoy a leisurely stroll around the historical monuments and beautiful natural surroundings. You will be informed about the history of the fortress since 1653 till date by your tour guide.

Location: Nya Älvsborgs Fästning, 426 76 Västra Frölunda, Sweden
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A market dedicated to everything derived from sea, the Fish Church is a slice of heaven for those who want to savour delectable shrimp sandwiches, seafood loaded salads and chunks of gravadlax. Opened in 1874, the closed seafood market soon earned the nickname ‘fish church’ due to its resemblance with a church.

The building structure was inspired by Gothic architecture showcased in the churches of that time. Being located near the sea, you can get fresh seafood in the market without extra transportation charges.

Location: Rosenlundsgatan, Fisktorget 4, 411 20 Göteborg, Sweden

Timing: 9am-5pm Tue-Thu, to 6pm Fri, 10am-3pm Sat
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The floating museum in the port of Gothenburg is one of the most interesting places to visit in Gothenburg which takes you on a journey to the past and allows you to learn many things about marine life without leaving the wharf.

The Sea Lab offers exciting challenges and experiments for adventure seekers that include mechanisms of a submarine, ways to protect seats from pollution, how heavy steel ships float on ocean waters and many more things. For the little visitors, the daring ingenious Virgelina is awaiting to welcome them on board Maritiman. By telling tales of maritime adventures to new young visitors, she has become their best friend over the years.

Location: Packhusplatsen 12, 411 13 Göteborg, Sweden

Timings: 11am- 6pm
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It is one of the most iconic buildings of Gothenburg city and a welcome sea navigation landmark for the sailors. The monument built in National Romantic style offers sweeping views of the city and river flowing through its mainland.

The elegant décor and wooden roof of the church that pay tribute to the glorious maritime history of the city are well worth beholding in your visit if art and culture are your things. The most striking feature of the church is its tower which dominates the major part of the city's skyline. One of the highly recommended places to see in Gothenburg as a part of ship cruise excursion. 

Store Bankgatan 15, 413 18 Göteborg, Sweden
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The museum run by Volvo Car Group and Volvo Group aims at preserving and enlightening the public about the history of Volvo. There is something for everyone inside the museum as you get to see Volvo’s heritage which dates back to 1927 and is continuing through 20th century Swedish history. The little guests will enjoy children’s cars to play with while you can take a keen look at the wide display of passenger cars, buses, heavy trucks and marine engines.

The gift shop inside the museum showcases varied articles ranging from toys, books and clothing to advertising posters and other gifts for Volvo enthusiasts. After having toured through the nook and corner of the museum it's now time to have some coffee or tea with a good Swedish sandwich. 

Arendals Skans, 405 08 Göteborg, Sweden

10am -5pm
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People Also Ask About Gothenburg

  1. Which are the places to visit in Gothenburg in winter?

    1. Christmas Market at Liseberg:  It is one of the best places to visit in Gothenburg during Christmas when you will be greeted officially by the nutcracker soldiers inside the gates of the main entrance. As you stroll around the market area your nostrils will be teased by the aroma of steaming hot chocolate, roasted almonds and other scrumptious delicacies hovering in the air in the Harbour Area. As you visit the Santa's workshop you will get to see the elves busy preparing Christmas gifts.

    2. Garden Society of Gothenburg:
     The Garden Society is one of the best-preserved 19th century parks in Europe and one of the must visit places in Gothenburg. A sprawling woodland dotted with rose and other indigenous plants and carpet beddings is a green haven in the heart of Gothenburg. The park with its historic buildings, ornamental gardens, rolling yards and exotic plants is a great place to relax in the lap of nature.

    3. Haga:
    Cobbled streets lined up with traditional wood buildings, cafes, shops and restaurants make Haga one of the most interesting places to see in Gothenburg. While taking a stroll round this place stops for a cinnamon bun which is a speciality at most of the roadside bistros in Haga.  

    4. Gothenburg Palm House:
    Gothenburg Palm House is a 170-year-old botanical garden covering an area of 1000 sq metres where you can enjoy tropical warmth surrounded by exotic plants and palm groves.
  2. What is there to do in Gothenburg for free?

    1. Make a visit to Slottsskogen: 137 hectares of lush greenery taken up by oak, linden and beech woodlands and paved pathways cutting across the rolling lawns make this place one of the most spectacular places to visit in Gothenburg. You can spot animals like Gotland ponies, sheep, Humboldt penguins, seals, moose deer and others in the free zoo.

    2. A rendezvous with history at New Älvsborg Fortress:
    At the mouth of Gota Alv the stronghold was built on an island in the second half of the 17th century.  New Alvsborg Fortress became Gothenburg’s first line of defence from the navy after its less defendable precursor was dismantled. 

    3. A day trip to Vinga:
     For hundreds of years the remote island of Vinga has been used as a seamark by navigators. On warm days you can visit the place for picnics and swimming. 

    4. Take a stroll round Haga:
    Cobblestoned streets flanked by brick warehouses and old wood houses of the 19th century make up the hippy ambiance of Haga. For a Swedish feel, stop for fika, a quick coffee and bun.
  3. What is Gothenburg known for?

    Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city offers a seamless blend of vibrant sophistication, seaside charm and friendly vibe of the locals. It is also a great venue for high quality seafood that are served in fine dining restaurants as well as in the local eateries. Known as “black gold” the lobsters found in the waters of the west coast of Gothenburg is considered some of the best in the world.
  4. Is Gothenburg expensive to visit?

    A one-week vacation in Gothenburg for two people costs around KR 11,266.
  5. Is Gothenburg safe at night?

    Gothenburg is overall a safe place to visit with low case reports of robbery. However, you must be alert while visiting the prominent places to go in Gothenburg Sweden and not carry valuables with you. Solo travellers are recommended to use their common sense, avoid going to deserted places and abide by general travel rules.
  6. Is Gothenburg cheaper than Stockholm?

    Gothenburg is 11% cheaper than Stockholm in terms of shopping and dining outside. Also, the area of Gothenburg is smaller than that of Stockholm making it easier to visit the popular places on foot. In that way you can save a few pennies without paying for public transports.
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