Jeep Safari in Guwahati

Guwahati Jeep Safari Packages

Duration Price
Jeep Safari In Kaziranga National Park2 hours
INR 3,600
Jeep Safari In Manas National Park3 hours
INR 4,000
Jeep Safari Tour Of Kaziranga National Park13 hours
INR 6,700
Guwahati Shillong Tour Package4 days
INR 9,999
Assam Meghalaya Tour Package6 days & 5 nights
INR 46,000
Tour to Manas National Park3 days & 2 nights
INR 10,500
Jeep Safari in Pobitra Wildlife Sanctuary3 hours
INR 1,950
Go Wild At Kaziranga With Nature Hunt Eco Camp4 days & 3 nights
INR 9,000

The north-eastern state of Assam derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Ahom’, which means ‘unparalleled’ because of its unequal terrain interspersed with beautiful valleys and hills. The myriad hues of nature from hillocks, woods, brooks and streams are witness to the exotic flora and fauna unique to this region. An abode of the one-horned rhino, blue rivers, red mountains and aromatic tea gardens make the best jeep safari tours in Guwahati a special experience. Assam bears a testimony of rich cultural heritage through its temples, monuments, and the torrential Brahmaputra River. Visit the earliest surviving ancient monument, the Kamakhya Temple, one of the most venerated temples in the country. Take a ferry ride across the mighty Brahmaputra and explore the largest inhabited river island ‘Majuli’ in the world. The Hindu monasteries and Mishing tribal villages are star attractions of this island.


Stroll through paddy fields, migratory birds and cotton trees and become one with nature. Discover why Assam Tea is the strongest in the world, visit the lush green tea estates and indulge in tea tastings, ethnic fairs and tea festivals. The state hosts the hulky yet adorable one horned Rhino in Kaziranga National Park. Sing, dance and feasts on the subtle fish tenga and sweets during the ‘Magh Bihu’, harvest festival. Get ready to explore this veritable paradise and don’t forget to buy the hallmark gamosa (a red-and-white scarf worn around the neck by men) or the mekhola sador (the traditional dress for women). Embark on the best jeep safari tours in Guwahati for a truly memorable cultural and scenic experience.

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Guwahati Jeep Safari Reviews

Mohini Chattopadhyay
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
It's really a nice place and all facilities available in this park, The forest was truly amazing along with stunning one horn rhinoceros of the whole world found here at this park which make the place popular, This jeep safari make us see closer to the amazing animals. I felt with the beautiful scen... Read More
Bhudeva Tagore
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2020
I visit Kaziranga with my family, No words to describe my experience but it was a truly satisfying experience ever.
Anwesha Pilla
Reviewed: 09 Feb 2020
Fantastic tour for sure... Guwahati & Shillong sound pretty cool... On the way to Shillong, there are lots of sceneries on the roadsides... Cherrapunjee is very famous which has unbelievable attractions also will bring you close to nature... Guwahati has lots of flora & fauna and a stunning Brahmapu... Read More
Agasti Patel
Reviewed: 06 Feb 2020
The awesome tour we had in Assam & Meghalaya, The place culture, traditions, history, people & sightseeing were big WOW... We saw awesome waterfalls, valley, mountains, animals, peak, lake, rivers and lots more... Everything was well-arranged and organized... LOVE IT
Arjun Talwar
Reviewed: 06 Dec 2019
If you want to avoid standing in a long line at the park counter then you better book online the price also was cheaper if you compared. The staff there was friendly and approachable, we had the amazing jeep-safari at Kaziranga the park has many amazing animals the entire rides would give you a spec... Read More
Tara Nayar
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
The most stunning tour I ever had! The tour destinations were mind-blowing. Nice arrangements and the tour was thoughtfully organized.

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