Aurangabad Caves
The Aurangabad caves essentially are 12 Buddhist shrines, which are prominent examples of the famed rock-cut architecture in India. Located a mere two kilometers away to the north from Bibi-ka-Maqbara, the Aurangabad caves are highly understated. Not too far away from the ancient caves of Aurangabad, the ones at Ajanta and Ellora have received stellar attention.

However, some of the sculptural carvings of Aurangabad caves are comparable to the acclaimed works at Ajanta. Parts of the 12-shrine complex are fascinating with influences of Tantric Buddhism; and among the various beautiful sculptures of the seated Buddha is the popular carving of Sutasoma Jataka.

The heterogeneous rock-carvings at Aurangabad caves are showstoppers enthralling travellers and historians alike.

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