North Reef Island Overview

Enter the tranquil retreat of North Reef Island in the Andaman Islands. Its breathtaking beaches, colourful coral reefs, and azure waters entice you to explore a fascinating underwater realm. This secluded haven, ideal for snorkelling and diving, allows you to explore and enjoy amidst an array of aquatic life and breathtaking scenery. North Reef Island is a popular inclusion in Andaman packages, offering travelers a chance to experience its natural beauty and vibrant marine life.

Explore the alluring splendour of North Reef Island, which is tucked away in the tranquil Andaman Sea. Here, you can find solace in its beautiful beaches, verdant flora, and thriving coral reefs. Feel the soft sand under your toes as you unwind and take in the calming sound of the waves. By diving into the glistening waters, you may explore an amazing underwater world that is home to vibrant coral gardens. 

You can explore verdant pathways while taking in expansive vistas of the neighbouring ocean. Soak up the island's spellbinding charm as the sun sets, painting the landscape in a warm, golden light. On North Reef Island, you are invited to unwind, discover, and delight in the wonders of nature. This charming oasis is sure to reenergize and amaze you like no other.


• Enjoy the peace of the North Reef Islands as you lose yourself in the breathtaking scenery and crystal-clear waters.
• Unwind on its calm beaches, where smooth sands and mild waves offer a tranquil setting ideal for resting.
• Walk through the island's lush interior to find hidden gems and stunning views.
• Explore its glistening waters by diving or snorkelling to see colourful coral reefs brimming with a variety of marine life.
• Take in the fresh flavours of the sea while dining at neighbourhood restaurants serving delectable seafood.

How To Reach

North Reef Island, situated amidst the Andaman Sea, can be reached via different modes of transportation.

1. By Air: Through Port Blair, you can fly to North Reef Island in the Andamans. North Reef Island is around 50 km away from Port Blair. Journeys by seaplane can take anything from 45 minutes to an hour, while those by helicopter take about 30 minutes, depending on the weather.

2. By Water: You can take a ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island, which is around 20 kilometres distant, to get to North Reef Island via water. Smaller boats or private charters can be scheduled from Havelock to make the final 30 km to North Reef Island, which takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

Best Time To Visit

North Reef Island is one of the popular tourist spots in Andaman that is open year-round.

1. Best Season - The greatest time to visit Andaman's North Reef island is during the dry season, which lasts from November to April. This time of year is ideal for outdoor activities like snorkelling and sightseeing tours of the island due to the mild temperatures and low rainfall chances.

2. Best Day of the Week - Choose weekdays over weekends to avoid crowds and enjoy North Reef Island's serenity. Weekdays are quieter, so you may explore the island's beautiful beaches, verdant pathways, and vivid coral reefs in peace.

3. Best Time of the Day - Early in the morning or late in the afternoon are the best times to visit North Reef Island. During these hours, you can enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the sun setting or rising over the horizon. You can also partake in a range of water sports, such as kayaking and snorkelling.

Other Essential Information

  • Prior to visiting North Reef Island, get the required permissions from the Andaman Administration.
  • Travel responsibly and be mindful of the island's delicate ecology.
  • Pack enough food, water, and essentials because the island has limited amenities.
  • Respect the aquatic life around you by snorkelling safely and not touching or damaging corals.
  • Respect the habits and customs of the native tribes if you come across them.
  • Bring caps, sunscreen, and proper clothing to protect yourself from the sun.
  • To ensure safety, schedule your visit during a favourable weather window.
  • Make sure you dispose of your waste appropriately to help maintain the island's pristineness.
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Point of Interest for North Reef Island
Enjoy A Session Of Snorkeling

Enjoy A Session Of Snorkeling

Set sail for North Reef Island in the Bay of Bengal on an exciting snorkeling expedition to see the colorful coral reefs. Dive into vibrantly alive, crystal-clear seas while gliding past breathtaking coral formations and a rainbow of aquatic life. Admire the 164 kinds of hard coral that make up North Reef as you spot graceful rays, beautiful parrotfish, and green turtles. Immerse yourself in this underwater paradise's rich environment on each dive, a treat for snorkelers and nature lovers.

Sail Through The Sea On Your Kayak

Sail Through The Sea On Your Kayak

Explore the azure waters of North Reef Island on an exhilarating kayaking excursion. You can feel the beat of your paddle and the soft breeze on your skin as you glide across the water. Admire the gorgeous coastline and verdant surroundings while paddling your kayak through secluded coves and peaceful bays. Breathe in the tranquillity of nature and the freedom that comes with sailing the broad sea with every stroke.

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