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Our wait for weekends are filled with excitement after the same old ordinary weekdays we have, but often we fail to capitalise on these occasions to have an extraordinary time. We end up like the regulars either engaging in window shopping by the malls or having a meal at your regular restaurant. With such amazing suburbs, Bangalore is one of those cities where you can spark up your mundane lives with the exciting day vacays you can undertake at your whims and wish. And for those who look forward to add some awesome excursions for having an interesting weekend to celebrate a day out near Bangalore, we have assembled a few incredible getaways. Trust us! Scrolling up won’t hurt here.

1. An ecstatic experience in Guhantara Resort:

It’s an underground hideaway, one of its kinds for the day excursion to add excitement to your weekend. Guhantara is a cave resort that is located near Bangalore. This cave resort serves you with five different areas, sectioned into a spa, an auditorium, a bar lounge, a food hall and a conference room.





Outdoor: Quad bike, bungee jump, paint ball, rope walking, trekking, zorbing, horse ride and much more.

Indoor: A fish spa, clay modeling, archery, 3 Olympic sized swimming pools out of which one has a splashing waterfall, karaoke and rain dance.

Meals: Depending on the package, it delights you with both Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian food. Mainly Lunch and Breakfast is taken care.

Cost: The prices may vary but the current price is 1400 INR per person.

Distance from Bangalore: It is a pleasant drive of around 33 KM from Bangalore. There are two ways to reach this resort, drive on the NICE Bangalore Mysore expressway or take the Kanakapura Road.

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2. A day out at Windflower Prakruthi:

Running out of fuel by the end of the week? Set out for a day visit to Windflower Prakruthi and get revitalized for the coming weeks. The resort is spread over an area of 7 acres and is bliss for the people who want to breathe serenity and spend some time  away from the din of the city.




Activities: Swimming, cricket, football, carom, and chess. BMX challenge, paintball, zorbing, and ATV rides are some of the paid amenities.

Meals: A flavorsome breakfast and a delicious lunch available (both veg and non-veg) depending on the package picked.

Cost:1099 INR per person.

Distance from Bangalore: It is just an hour drive from Bangalore; hit the road for 32 KM on the Ballery route and you will find your desired location.

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3. Celebrate your wild flickering soul at Shilhaandara Resort:

In an open suburb, surrounded by the wilderness of the woods; it has an aura that is close to nature and amenities which are rare to find; this resort near Bangalore literally rules the hearts because it is situated at the foothills of Ramanagara rocks.





Indoor: Table tennis, carom, chess, dart, and slosh in the swimming pool, and rain dance for 30 minutes on the tunes of a DJ.

Outdoor: Beach volleyball, cricket, cycling, tug of war, bow and arrow, kite flying etc.
Activities like billiards, gear bicycles, bungee trampoline, rope course etc. can be availed at an extra cost.

Meals:  As per your package, welcome drink, lunch, and hi-tea snacks are served.

Cost: INR 700 to 800 per person.

Distance from Bangalore:  Drive for around 57 KM on the NH 275 to arrive at Shilandhara Resort.

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4. Your heavenly abode – Goldfinch Retreat:

Even before you set your foot on this territory, you will be in love with the aesthetics of the place. It is located around 12 KM away from the Devanahalli Fort, the place takes luxury and quality very seriously and assures you that the time spent at Goldfinch will be the best time of your life.




Activities: Water polo, cricket, badminton, volleyball, swimming pool, snooker, table-tennis, carom and chess etc.

Meals: Eat as much as you want from the smothering breakfast and lunch buffets. Buffets are available for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers.

Cost: 1325 INR per person.

Distance from Bangalore: It is situated at a distance of 28 KM from Bangalore on the Ballery Road.

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5. Breathe luxury at Jaladhama Resort:

The resort is as sporty as this picture. Beware! this bed and breakfast can make you dance on your toe with its out of the world interior and an array of activities like canoeing and fishing, cricket, pedal boating, foosball, carom and table-tennis etc. It has a gigantic swimming pool that stretches for miles and serves both- vegetarian and non-vegetarian food depending on the choice. Spending a sum of 1700 to 2000 on an incredible day out is quite reasonable, isn’t it?





Outdoor: Pedal Boating, canoeing and fishing, cricket, volleyball, badminton, basketball, trampoline, tug of war and more.

Indoor: chess, foosball, carrom, table-tennis. Cool your body in the swimming pool and get freshen up.

Meals: From energizing refreshments to piping hot buffets for lunch and breakfast, it can be a foodie’s paradise.

Cost: 1699 INR per person.

Distance from Bangalore: The nearest refuge that is minutes away from the city. The Jaladhama Resort dwells at a distance of 5.5 KM from Bangalore.

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6. Chairman’s Jade Club redefines serendipity for you:

The staff is courteous, the place is well maintained, the food is succulent and rich and the ambience is warm and welcoming. All these compliments are noted from the people who already visited the Chairman’s Jade Club, nothing is made up.




Activities: Swimming, archery, table-tennis, squash, volleyball, water slides etc.

Meals: They will confuse you with infinite options. They attend you with multicuisine vegetarian and non-vegetarian food; and this place just never disappoints anyone.

Cost: 899 INR per person.

Distance from Bangalore: Drive for a distance of 29 KM on the Ballery Road route to reach Chairman’s Jade Club.

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7. Spark up the day at Elim Resorts:

It is an ultimate destination for celebrating myriads of occasions. People often refer this as an abode of peace and excellence in the lap of nature. If there is any better place near Bangalore to escape the city bustle, it is Elim Resort.




Activities: PS2 and Xbox video games, billiards, chess, foosball, indoor cricket, rocket ball, basketball and air hockey carrom etc.

Meals: Alcohol free beverages and vegetarian, non-vegetarian food is served depending on the package taken.

Cost: 900 INR per person.

Distance from Bangalore: 37 KM (approx.)

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8. Rejuvenate at Holiday Village Resort:

This resort boasts of modern amenities, spacious galleries to walk free. This resort has a grand pool, fun filled sports like water- polo and sumo wrestling. In a very reasonable cost, this resort offers in abundance.




Activities:  Darts, tug of war, chess, carom, beach volleyball, throw balls etc.

Meals: The meals provided are solely upon the package chosen.

Cost: 859 INR per person.

Distance from Bangalore: 23 KM (approx.) via Mysore Road, and NICE Bangalore Mysore Expressway.

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9. Get awe-struck at Golden Palms:

Luxury takes on a whole new level here; the people who have already visited this grand resort adore it claiming that “it’s a blissful haven.” We don’t like to brag but we would certainly love to show you.




Activities: Aqua zorbing, put the bindi, dart board,hit the coin, fish the bottle etc. recreational activities.

Meals: Depends on the package opted for. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food available.

Cost: 1840 INR per person.

Distance from Bangalore: 20 KM (approx.)

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10. Raw and rustic expedition- Jain Farms:

Activities like magic show, fire dance and bullock cart riding are rarely seen in our daily life and going offbeat on your day out sounds like a pretty good deal. Just like its name, it’s a raw and rustic farm, taste the mouthwatering authentic Indian food and celebrate a fun filled day under a price of your t-shirt.




Activities: The activities here are amazingly different from pottery making to tractor ride, kite flying to fire and magic show; it is simply indigenous and unadulterated.

Meals: It is purely vegetarian and offers 1 breakfast and 1 lunch meal in your package.

Cost: 825 INR.

Distance from Bangalore: It is located at a distance of 44 KM (approx.) from the main city.

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