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Uganda Safari Packages

Safari In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park And Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Gorilla Trekking In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Gorilla Tracking In Bwindi Np And Lake Bunyonyi, Gorilla Tracking In Bwindi Np, Chimpanzee Tracking In Kibale and many more.

With its comprehensive itineraries and fantastic wildlife spotting opportunities, the Uganda Safari tours promise to awaken the animal lover in you. Teeming with wildlife, the fantastic country is home to several gorgeous national parks, each offering a plethora of interesting activities and safari tours of their own.

There are several amazing Uganda wildlife safaris offered around the country, and Thrillophilia brings you some of the best designed tours at amazing rates! Whether you’re looking for a short, three day safari in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, or a comprehensive 5-day gorilla tracking tour at Lake Bunyonyi, you are bound to find your perfect safari here.

Coming at fantastic discounted rates, these Uganda Safaris cater to everyone’s tastes and interests. Whether you’re looking for a simple park safari tour package, or a more adventurous gorilla trekking package, these amazing deals are bound to leave you awestruck and asking for more. The packages offered by Thrillophilia are tailored according to the customer’s tastes and interests, making sure that no traveller is left dissatisfied here!
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Customizable Safari Tours


Safari In Queen Elizabeth National Park

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The Queen Elizabeth National Park is the second-largest National Park in Uganda, which also grants it with a coveted spot in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The safari includes three days in the park, and allows the visitor a complete experience of the park’s wildlife.

The Uganda Safari Tours would warn you that it is probably best to venture into the park with a four-wheel drive vehicle, as conditions can get pretty tricky during storms.

The park has several hotspots that are famous for being home to large herds of game, and also offers a boat cruise ride for the visitors.

2014277 USh
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Murchison Falls National Park And Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

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This is one of the most beautiful Uganda Safari Tours, and takes you arguably one of the most scenic adventures of Uganda. The tour begins in the dreamy scapes of the Murchison Falls National Park, known for its supreme natural beauty.

With four-wheel drive vehicles or packed utility vans, the tour follows a bumpy ride to the river Nile, following which there is a boat cruise that takes you through the river’s course.

Apart from this, there are various drive-options in the vehicle while chasing and viewing games. The tour ends with the famous attraction of tracking herds of chimpanzees deep into the forest.

2197393 USh

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Gorilla Trekking In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

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As the name suggests, this tour is one of the most challenging Uganda Safari Tours, and requires a certain amount of expertise. Fortunately, the tour is officiated and led by experts, and you are sure to engage in a completely safe experience.

The tour, despite covering only two days, takes you in a challenging foray into the forests famous for its gorilla-sightings and hideouts.

The underrated feature of the tour is its scenic experience that despite the apparent difficulty in wading through the greenery, makes the tour worth the effort. The animal tracking experience is definitely something to take away from this trip.

Price: 3662322 USh
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Gorilla Tracking In Bwindi Np And Lake Bunyonyi

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This is a tour that is an offshoot of the general trekking in the Bwindi National Park. This is one of the Uganda wildlife safaris that specialise in a specific species of animal, and there is hardly a better species of choice than the one Uganda is famous for: the gorilla.

The expedition is constituted of three days, and uses safari vans or four-wheel-drive Suburban Utility Vehicles to explore the Bwindi forests.

This tour focuses on tracking mountain gorillas which run up to almost 400, almost half of the total gorilla population in the world. Tracking the gorillas from their trails can last up to eight hours, but the effort is satisfying nonetheless.

Price: 4028554USh

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Gorilla Tracking In Bwindi Np, Chimpanzee Tracking In Kibale

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This is one of the most exciting Uganda safari packages, and lets the tourists in a comprehensive tracking experience and study of the primates that Uganda is famous for. The tour traditionally begins in the Bwindi region with tracking the mountain gorillas from their trails.

The incredible number of gorillas in the region make the process fairly easy with a guide and yet full of adventure.

The Chimpanzee tracking expedition in Kibale constitutes the second half of this expedition, which albeit involving smaller primates, is alluring all the same. All the trackings are accompanied with expert guidance and an all-terrain vehicle.

Price: 5493483USh
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Gorilla Trekking, Lake Bunyonyi, And Queen Elizabeth National Park

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When it comes to Uganda Safari Tours, this one is arguably one of the most famous. Offering a variety of experiences, this tour takes you along through the most captivating sights and locations in Uganda.

The 5-day tour begins with the Gorilla trekking experience deep into the lush jungles and mountains of the Bwindi National Park.

The gorilla tracking experience despite being time-consuming, is incredibly rewarding and provides a great insight into the species. The Park is also famous for the lake Bunyonyi, and the tourists are taken along for a canoe ride in the lake. The tour ends with a trip to the renowned Queen Elizabeth National Park, with its diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna.

Price: 5493483 USh
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Kibale Np, Queen Elizabeth Np, Bwindi Np, And Lake Bunyonyi

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The Uganda Safari Tours tend to stress on getting the most out of the Uganda wildlife, and thus the six-day tour package promises just the same. The expedition commences at the haven of chimpanzees, the gorgeous Kibale National Park.

The second phase of the tour resumes with a trip to the renowned Queen Elizabeth National Park, with its diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna.

The next and last phase takes the tourists to the Bwindi National Park with its famous and abundant population of mountain gorillas, and also the Lake Bunyonyi which is well-known for a relaxing paddle down its waters.

Price: 6592179USh
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Gorilla Tracking, Murchison Falls, Kibale And Queen Elizabeth Np

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One of the most comprehensive Uganda wildlife safaris, this tour promises you an experience of the natural beauty of Uganda that few other can.

The tour commences at the famous Bwindi National Park, where tracking the gorillas amongst its hilly terrain and lush greenery makes for the perfect start to the expedition.

The tour moves on to the beautiful landscapes of the Murchison Falls before proceeding to the Kibale National Park. The Kibale is home to the one of the most abundant chimpanzee populations in the world, which the tourists are allowed to view at close quarters. The expedition ends at the tremendous bounty of wildlife and natural beauty of the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Price: 7690876 USh
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Uganda Signature Tour

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The Uganda Signature Tour as the name suggests, is one of the most famous Uganda Safari Tours that travellers opt for, and ensures a detailed and comprehensive tour of the Ugandan lands.

The tour commences at the famous Bwindi National Park, home to the largest gorilla population in the world, accounting for half of the total world population of the species.

The tour moves on to the Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to an immense biodiversity of flora and fauna overlooked by the Rwenzori mountain ranges. A boat cruise down the Kazinga channel brings the tourists to the concluding phase of the safari: the Kibale National Park with its chimpanzee herds and the scenic brilliance of the Murchison Falls National Park.

Price: 9155805 USh

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11 Days Tour In Uganda

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If you are looking forward to a detailed experience of Uganda covering the entire gamut of its natural beauty, then this is probably the best option for you.

One of the most comprehensive Uganda Safari Tours, this one begins at the famous Bwindi National Park, where the tourists get to view mountain gorillas at extremely close quarters.

The team moves on to the Queen Elizabeth National Park, famous for its rich eco-diversity under the shade of the Rwenzori peaks. After watching the beauty of the majestic Nile bursting forth from Lake Victoria, the tour moves on to the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, before ending at the Kibale National Park and a bout of chimpanzee-tracking.

Price: 10254501 USh
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Places to visit on Uganda Safari Tours


Queen Elizabeth National Park

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If being the second largest national park in Uganda was not attractive enough, the Queen Elizabeth National Park also makes it to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it an unmissable spot on your Uganda tour.

Included in all the Uganda safari packages, the national park is endowed with a rich and diverse ecosystem where all kinds of animals reside, including apex predators like lions and peaceful primates like chimpanzees.

The lush greenery of the park also makes it home to an extensive list of species of birds. Sprawling over two-thousand square kilometres, the park is sheltered by the pristine peaks of the Rwenzori mountain ranges.

Location: Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda
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Lake Mburo National Park

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The Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest national park in Uganda, and on account of its comparatively small size, is mostly overlooked by comprehensive Uganda safari packages. Nevertheless, despite spanning an area of mere 370 square kilometres, the park includes within its bounds five lakes, including the one it is named after.

The park is also rich in wildlife, and large herds of game (especially zebras) can be viewed during the Uganda wildlife safaris.

The marshes and swampy wetlands of the park make it conducive to the beings of the air, and more than 350 species of birds are known to inhabit the park.

Location: Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda
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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

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If the name of the park with the addendum “Impenetrable” does not arouse the adventurer in you, then there isn’t one. The Bwindi National Park is arguably the most famous in Uganda, and also the trickiest to maneuver and explore.

Topping the lists of most Uganda safaris, the park is a great height above the sea level and is divided into four distinct areas to help navigate it better.

The lush greenery is adorned with mountain peaks, which are home to the largest consolidated gorilla population in the world, accounting for almost half of the entire world-population of the species.

Location: Bwindi National Park, Uganda
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Murchison Falls National Park

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The Murchison Falls National Park which is also fondly known as the Kabalega National Park, is one of the most beautiful national parks in Uganda.

The park is quite obviously named after the Murchison Waterfalls, which is famous for being the most powerful stream of waterfall in the world.

The park is famous for its herds of game like zebras and wildebeests, and also is home to the big cats and packed groups of sunning hippopotamuses. Mammals thrive in the park, and its ecosystem allows a tremendous biodiversity. The park is almost always included in the Uganda wildlife safaris, and are a special feature of the three-day tours.

Location: Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda
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Kibale National Park

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The Kibale National Park is one of the most famous destinations amongst national parks and sanctuaries in Uganda. The park is famous for being home to a plethora of other wildlife, one of the most diverse collections of species of primates in the world and the most in Africa, covering over thirteen.

It is known especially for its groups of chimpanzees, and allows chimpanzee-habitat tracking expeditions in the Uganda safaris.

The park is usually visited by safaris in the dry season, when the chimpanzee trails are discernible and easier to track. The park is also home to a host of reptiles, amphibians, and beautiful butterflies.

Location: Kibale National Park, Uganda

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Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

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Located very close to the Murchison Falls National Park and easily commutable, the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is not an ordinary wildlife sanctuary, but is an ode to wildlife preservation itself.

The park was founded in the terrible wake of uncontrolled and illegal rhinoceros poaching in Uganda, and has since stood as a refuge for the endangered species.

The sanctuary is the only space for wild Ugandan rhinoceroses to be about in their natural habitat and be safe without any risk of encroachment. The sanctuary is also famous for being the only home to the ultra-rare and endangered species of white rhinoceros.

Location: Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Nakasongola, Uganda
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Lake Bunyonyi

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The most famous lake in Uganda and one of the most famous water bodies in the African continent, Lake Bunyonyi is undoubtedly one of the prime attractions of tourists and safari tours in Uganda.

Fondly known as the ‘place of many birds’, the huge body of water attracts huge flocks of birds all year round.

The lake is also known as the lake of five islands, the chunks of lands being namely: Akampene, Bushara, Kya Huye, Bwama-Jazeera and Bucuranuka. Tourists are fond of the usual activities in the lake like swimming and water polo, and canoe rides across it or to the islands are also available.

Location: Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

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The Adventure Capital of Africa: While the African continent takes you on a roller-coaster ride of adventures and fun outings, Uganda being one of the leading countries in doing so, there is hardly a place more promising in Uganda than Jinja for your dose of adrenaline.

Located in Eastern Africa, it is famous for being the source of the great river Nile. Jinja is known as the “Adventure Capital of Africa” for good reason, its location and specifics of terrain make it perfect for a varied range of outdoor activities and adventures.

There is an activity for everyone, including mountain-biking, horse-riding, kayaking, river boarding, paddle boarding, white-water rafting and a lake cruise.

Location: Jinja, Uganda

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Essential Things to Pack for Uganda Safari Tours

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Pack light and basic clothing consisted of cotton wearables like t-shirts and shorts (nothing too elaborate). Carry sun-block lotions to protect yourself from the scathing heat. Carry ample of medicine, especially those treating ailments of digestion. Most importantly, carry ample documentation and identity proof.
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Tips for Uganda Safari Tours

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Currency and Money: The Ugandan society predominantly runs and operates on cash, especially open-air markets, making it quintessential for you to convert your regional currency to Ugandan Shilling. Luckily, official conversion centres are available in almost all major towns, and conversion is not a major issue. Before travelling, do make sure to notify your home bank about your possible usage of your ATM card in Uganda to make sure that your card is not denied.

Private v/s Group Tour: Private tours are obviously a bit more expensive than a group one, but allow you the room to customise your tour depending on the number of participants, the destinations and your preferred duration of the tour, upon which you are quoted a price for reservation. Group tours on the other hand are mostly preferred by solo travellers looking for an economic way to explore Uganda.

Visa: Uganda travel laws strictly dictate on the need to obtain a Ugandan Visa upon arrival. Except the Somalian citizens, you must first obtain a Ugandan e-visa which you must convert into a physical document upon arrival.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Uganda is undoubtedly the dry season and  monsoon. The country being extremely close to the equator, you shall not experience the extremes of temperature, and the weather conditions hover from tropical to temperate. The dry seasons are preferred for optimum game viewing and tracking.
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People Also Ask About Uganda

  1. How safe is Uganda for travel?

    Uganda is one of the safest countries in the African continent to travel to. The government is welcoming to tourists, and the likelihood of encountering hostility is close to nil. The wildlife safari tours and expeditions are undertaken with extreme caution and expert vigilance, ensuring complete safety when out in the wild. and the Ugandan citizens are extremely warm as well, and are always eager to provide you with warm hospitality.
  2. Is Uganda suitable for families and single travellers?

    Uganda is suitable for both families and single travellers. Families when visiting the country usually tend to opt for private Uganda safari tours, especially when it constitutes a large number of members or is an extended family. Single travellers find themselves at the ease of either going for a group tour as an economically prudent means to explore, or may also choose to personally tour the country at their own leisure.
  3. How long should I plan to be in Uganda?

    If you are planning to hit all the major national parks, sanctuaries and other tourist spots in Uganda with comprehensive Uganda safari tours, it is best to keep at least a week aside to undertake such a safari. A week’s time is ample to take in most of the wildlife that Uganda holds at display at its game parks.

    If you are also looking forward to spending time in the towns and taking in the Ugandan culture, a total of two weeks should suffice for your trip to the country.
  4. How much does a safari in Uganda cost?

    The costs of Uganda safari packages depend on the type of tour you choose to undertake, the duration and whether it is a group tour or a private one. Group Uganda safari tours usually start from 500$ for a basic two-day safari and go up to 3000$ for a detailed safari package.

    Private tours are a bit more expensive in relative terms, and prices are quoted depending on the customisation of the tour, the number of members, and the availability of tour officials (the reservation date).
  5. Is Uganda good for safari?

    Uganda is one of the most famous countries in the African continent and the world for its Uganda safari packages and varieties. The safari options are plenty and easily customisable, and cover all the major national parks and sanctuaries in the country.

    The tours are operated by legitimate organisations with trained professionals, and ensure a safe and exciting experience amidst nature’s wilderness.
  6. How much is a trip to Uganda?

    The cost of your trip to Uganda will depend largely on your duration of travel and what you choose to do here. On an average, a week long trip to the country should cost around $700 per person. However, costs generally tend to rise if one opts for additional activities such as safaris and such.
  7. What is the best time to visit Uganda for safari?

    Uganda safaris are known to operate all year long and the country’s fortunate position near the equator provides a warm temperate climate throughout the year with very rare alterations or fluctuations. Provided this, it is best to opt for the dry months of the year if you are looking to prioritise wildlife safaris in Uganda.

    The dry season makes it easier to stay outdoors for as long as possible, and makes tracking herds of game easier, their trail on land being prominent and discernible.

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