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  • 01Things to Do in Amman

    Things to Do in Amman
    1.Explore Jabal Amman hill.
    2.Wander in the Downtown.
    3.Check out the Amman Citadel.
    4.Do adventurous rock climbing at Climbat Amman.
    5.Visit the Roman Amphitheatre.
    6.Have traditional Jordanian food at Shahrazad Restaurant.
    7.Tour the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.
    8.Spend some time at TAJ Mall.
    9.Have some sweety baklawa at Jabri Restaurant.
    10.Visit the Arabian Horse Club to ride an Arabian Horse.
    11.Make Arabic food in Beit Sitti.
    12.Visit King Abdullah I Mosque.
    13.Shop in the streets of downtown Amman.
    14.Explore the Amman markets and buy traditional Jordanian artefacts.
    15.Take a stroll down Rainbow Street.
    16.Have a cup of tea at Amman’s oldest building: Duke’s Diwan.
    17.Take a tour of the Royal Automobile Museum.
    18.Visit the Temple of Hercules.
    19.Taste Knafeh in Amman.
  • 02Things to Do in Petra

    Things to Do in Petra
    Image Credit : Adam Jang on Unsplash
    20.Walk through Al-Siq.
    21.Explore Obelisk Tomb and Bab Al-Siq Triclinium in the ancient city.
    22.Explore Petra on a camel ride.
    23.Climb up the number of flights of stairs to Urn Tomb.
    24.Take a ride in horse carriage through the Al-Siq Canyon to the Treasury.
    25.Get a bird’s eye view from the Al-Deir Monastery.
    26.Watch the sunset from the top of Al-Deir.
    27.Get the best view of Petra from the High Palace of Sacrifice.
    28.Explore The Street of Facades.
    29.Check out The Roman Theatre.
    30.Take a tour of experience Petra by night.
    31.Visit Little Petra.
    32.Visit Cave Bar in a Nabataean tomb.
    33.Have special cardamom coffee at Petra Roasting Co.
    34.Visit the Byzantine Church.
    35.Stroll the Colonnaded Street.
    36.Visit the Kerak Castle.
  • 03Things to Do in Aqaba

    Things to Do in Aqaba
    37.Explore the historic Aqaba Fortress.
    38.Enjoy a pleasant sunset at palm beach.
    39.Go for an ATV ride through the desert.
    40.Enjoy diving or snorkelling in Ahlan Aqaba Scuba Diving Center.
    41.Visit Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque.
    42.Visit Aqaba Bird Observatory park.
    43.Take a red sea Glass-bottom boat tour.
    44.Visit one of the tallest Aqaba flagpoles.
    45.Visit Aqaba Archaeological Museum to know about Aqaba's long history.
    46.Relax by the Berenice Beach Club.
    47.Go on a sunset cruise on the Red Sea.
    48.Explore Fourth-century Catholic church.
  • 04Things to Do in Jerash

    Things to Do in Jerash
    49.Visit The Jerash Temple of Artemis.
    50.Visit triple-arched gateway Arch of Hadrian.
    51.Explore the spacious oval plaza of Jerash.
    52.Watch Gladiators battle and chariots race in the ruins of Jerash.
    53.Visit the temple of Zeus.
    54.Walk along the South Gate in Jerash.
    55.Check out the South Theatre.
    56.Visit this compact  Jerash museum.
    57.Visit Artemis Temple.
    58.Visit Church of Bishop Isaiah.
    59.Walk in the Cardo Colonnaded Street.
    60.Enjoy Jerash Festival of Culture & Arts.
    61.Visit the archaeological site of Jerash, Caparra.
  • 05Things to Do in Wadi Rum

    Things to Do in Wadi Rum
    Image Credit : Nicolas Cool on Unsplash
    62.Sleep in a Bedouin Camp in Wadi Rum.
    63.Do hot air ballooning and enjoy the breathtaking natural rock views.
    64.Take a jeep tour and head out into the desert.
    65.Take a camel or horse ride through the Wadi Rum desert.
    66.Take a ride back in time on the Hijaz railway.
  • 06Things to Do in Madaba

    Things to Do in Madaba
    67.Admire the mosaics of Madaba.
    68.Get in the water at The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ.
    69.Stand on the platform in front of the Mount Nebo church and admire the view.
    70.Immerse yourself in Hammamat Ma’in  thermal mineral springs warm therapeutic water.
    71.Visit Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint George.
    72.Take a tour of Wadi Jadid.
    73.Explore rectangular walled city Umm ar-Rasas.
    74.Climb to the hilltop Machaerus Palace.
  • 07Other Things to Do in Jordan

    Other Things to Do in Jordan
    75.Relax in the waters of the Dead Sea.
    76.Visit the historic Ajloun Castle.
    77.Explore the Kerak Castle in Al-Karak.
    78.Hike in the Dana Biosphere Reserve.
    79.Visit the museum of Jordanian heritage.
    80.Go canyoning At Wadi al-Mujib river.
    81.Watch the sun fade away into the Dead Sea.
    82.Go on a  fabulous Wadi Bin Hammad hike.
    83.Discover Islamic art in  Karak Archaeological Museum.
    84.Take a tour of Pella architecture city of Jordan.
    85.Drive along the scenic route of Kings Highway.
    86.Have herb flavoured Labneh at Sham el Balad cafe.
    87.Coat yourself with a thin layer of Dead Sea mud.
    88.Eat at Wild Jordan Center with scenic views.
    89.Have coffee at Jungle Fever Coffee and Tea House.
    90.Eat fantastic falafel at Hashem restaurant.
    91.Experience the autumn olive harvest in Jordan.
    92.Walk the best trails of Ayoun.
    93.Visit the children's museum of Jordan.
    94.Visit Al-Khazneh temple.
    95.Enjoy at  Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba.
    96.Enjoy flavoured shisha in one of Amman’s coffee shops.
    97.Explore the desert castle Qasr Amra.
    98.Spend some time in Ola's secret garden.
    99.Swim in the Gulf of Aqaba.
    100.Stay in luxurious Dead Sea Marriott Resort & Spa.
    101.Visit the Um Fruth Rock Bridge.

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