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  • A marvellous Middle Eastern country with the past chronic in the present, Jordan is a fascinating adventure-filled land to enjoy on an international trip. There are many wonderful things to do in Jordan, making it hard to know where to start. This country holds within itself an extraordinary wealth of natural and architectural marvels and has a long historical shadow which stretches back to the start of humanity itself. These legacies live on in the modern landscape of Jordan, making it a place of great archaeological interest. 

    There are many wondrous ruins to admire all over the country especially in towns like Jerash and Aqaba. Byzantine, Roman, Islamic and Crusader histories mingle together to produce the legacies that form Jordan’s modern identity. But, archaeological marvels are not the only offerings Jordan makes. Its architectural monuments are equally marvellous to behold, with Petra being the high-point of Jordan’s past architectural grandeur. Cathedrals and mosques around the other cities add to the depth of a visit to Jordan. 

    Naturally too, Jordan offers a rich variety of delights. The Dead Sea is a landmark to visit in the country while the desert landscapes add to the thrill of experiencing the adventurous side of Jordan. A delightful variety of cuisines also greet the tourist in Jordan. The painstakingly curated list is a great starting point which you can use to plan your adventures to the region, making sure you have a memorable trip in Jordan.

    Here is the list of things to do in Jordan:

  • 01Things to Do in Amman

    Things to Do in Amman
    1. Explore Jabal Amman hill - Roam around the buildings and quaint streets that make up the historical district of Jabal Amman, which is one of the earliest hills Amman was settled upon. 

    2. Wander in the Downtown - Strolling through this old commercial hub in Amman is an interesting way to immerse yourself in the local culture and feel the bustling pulse of the city. 

    3. Check out the Amman Citadel - Step into a historical zone with a visit to Amman Citadel, a place which has a long and varied past, and has seen trysts with great cultures and civilizations like the Romans, Byzantines, and Umayyads. Their architectural legacy can be still be seen here. 

    4. Do adventurous rock climbing at Climbat Amman - What better way to have an adventure-filled outing than to pay a visit to the rock climbing zone at Climbat Amman, renowned as one of the largest climbing walls in the world.  

    5. Visit the Roman Amphitheatre - Take a seat in one of the 6000 seats in this magnificent amphitheatre or climb to the very top for a breathtaking sunset experience- visiting the Roman Amphitheatre is not a thing to be missed in Amman. 

    6. Have traditional Jordanian food at Shahrazad Restaurant - Down to earth and intensely authentic- trying out the lip-smacking Jordan cuisine at its finest and most unadulterated at Shahrazad Restaurant is an experience indeed. 

    7. Tour the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts - An impressive collection of 2000 strong paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, and installations of contemporary art from the past 70 years fills the grand halls and aisles of this national gallery, making it a must-visit in the city. 

    8. Spend some time at TAJ Mall - Enjoy some retail therapy at one of the finest malls in Amman. You’ll also find plenty of fantastic dining and entertainment options to avail of here.  

    9. Have some sweet baklawa at Jabri Restaurant - A great Jordanian eatery, Jabri Restaurant is especially famous for its deserts, and their sumptuous baklawa is to die for. 

    10. Visit the Arabian Horse Club to ride an Arabian Horse - Riding upon the back of the grand Arab horses in the Arabian Horse Club is an exclusive experience. These horses are amongst the best in the world, and any kind of interaction with them is bound to be a richly memorable one. 

    11. Make Arabic food in Beit Sitti - Instead of just ordering Arabic food, why not learn to make it? Beit Sitti is an establishment run by 3 sisters, where you can book cook and dine sessions for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and come out with an enriching experience. 

    12. Visit The King Abdullah I Mosque - Built by King Hussein in tribute to his grandfather, this landmark mosque is most renowned for its gorgeous mosaic covered blue dome that catches the eye from afar. 

    13. Shop in the streets of downtown Amman - Downtown Amman’s commercial district is a great place to enjoy some of the finest shopping in the city. From boutique stores to vintage shops, there are lots of interesting things you can find here.
    14. Explore the Amman markets and buy traditional Jordanian artefacts - Go on a traditional souvenir shopping expedition around Amman’s street markets and pick up anything from scarves to spices to take back home as gifts and precious memories. These markets are held on various days of the week, so check out their details beforehand. 

    15. Take a stroll down Rainbow Street - Some of the most important buildings of Amman are located around Rainbow Street, making it a high-end place in the capital. Several of Amman’s best restaurants and pubs are also located here. 

    16. Have a cup of tea at Amman’s oldest building: Duke’s Diwan - Amman's oldest home and a fine exemplar of its architectural legacy, Duke’s Diwan is a wonderful place to lose yourself in time and enjoy a dishful of chat over a cup (or two or three) with the friendly housekeeper. 

    17. Take a tour of the Royal Automobile Museum - From the first cars to ride on Amman’s roads to the latest sports cars zooming across the race circuits, you’ll find an interesting historically rich assembly of automobiles on display in Royal Automobile Museum. 

    18. Visit the Temple of Hercules - Watching the warm evening rays of the sun hit the ancient columns of the Temple of Hercules in the Amman Citadel is a beautifully poignant experience that will momentarily transport you into the glory days of the past. 

    19. Taste Knafeh in Amman - Feel the satisfaction of indulging in a delicious dessert as you enjoy the popular middle eastern desert, Knafeh, in one of the many famous desert eateries in Amman. 
  • 02Things to Do in Petra

    Things to Do in Petra
    Image Credit : Adam Jang on Unsplash
    20. Walk through Al-Siq - Take a kilometre long walk down the dim, narrow gorge that makes up the main entrance to the ancient city of Petra. It is a memorable way to start your visit to the city. 

    21. Explore Obelisk Tomb and Bab Al-Siq Triclinium in the ancient city - Examples of the greatness of ancient Jordanian architecture, these monumental structures standing right beyond the Al-Siq, are carved out of the stone and make for an imposing sight when you enter Petra. 

    22. Get the best view of Petra from the High Palace of Sacrifice - Reach the High Palace of Sacrifice by climbing right up to the summit of the Jabal Madhbah hill, and gaze down at the breathtaking views of the ancient city of Petra spread out before you. The view is especially magical at sunset or sunrise. 

    23. Climb up the number of flights of stairs to Urn Tomb - Have a memorable cultural experience by climbing up the long flight of stairs to reach the first of the royal tombs- the Urn Tomb. Not only is the monument stunning to explore, the views from the top are also spectacular. 

    24. Take a ride in horse carriage through the Al-Siq Canyon to the Treasury - Instead of walking through Al-Siq Canyon, you can also ride a horse (or even a Yule or camel) through the narrow gorge all the way to the Petra treasury for a fun-filled experience. 

    25. Get a bird’s eye view from the Ad-Deir Monastery - This spell-binding monastery, carved out of a rock, is situated at a height of approximately 45 metres and is a gorgeous place to enjoy the views of Petra, especially at a time of the day when the sun isn’t quite high. 

    26. Watch the sunset from the top of Ad-Deir - To watch the mild, warm rays of the setting sun envelop the rock-cut structures of Petra from the top of the Ad-Deir Monastery will take your breath away, so magical is the experience. 

    27. Explore Petra on a camel ride - Wandering around the desert streets on the back of a vibrantly dressed camel is a particularly wonderful way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Petra. 

    28. Explore The Street of Facades - Enjoy the monumental Nabataean tombs that line the cliffs of Petra. So named because of the impressive facades fronting the tombs, this street is a must-explore when you’re in Petra. 

    29. Check out The Roman Theatre - Constructed years before the Roman annexation of Petra, the massive Roman theatre, carved from stone, is a stunning landmark both for its scope as for its ingenuity. 

    30. Take a tour of experience Petra by night - Walk through the vibrantly lit up markets of Petra, gaze up at the sombre monuments shrouded in the night, feel the cool night winds blow upon your face and listen to the unique night sounds of the desert as your tour the ancient city at night. 

    31. Visit Little Petra - Also known as Siq al-Barid, Little Petra is a less crowded version of main Petra; rich in rock-cut architecture and preserving a sense of untouched solitude that helps retain the past more effectively, thereby adding to its appeal. 

    32. Visit Cave Bar in a Nabataean tomb - Clink some drinks in the oldest bar in the world as you relax and celebrate your trip inside the 2000-year-old Nabataean rock tomb in Petra. 

    33. Have special cardamom coffee at a traditional coffee shop in Petra - Jordanians love and reverence their coffee, so having a cup or two of the cardamom spiced drink is a must when you’re in Petra. 

    34. Visit the Byzantine Church - A three-aisled basilica which is decorated with beautiful mosaics and which also features a well-preserved atrium and baptistry, this archaeological site is definitely worth a visit in Petra. 

    35. Stroll the Colonnaded Street - Stroll through the ancient structures and ruins of the Colonnaded Street, the principal shopping street in Petra centuries ago, and marvel at the changes wrought upon places by time.  

    36. Visit the Kerak Castle - Step into a world of glory and courage with a visit to the ancient Kerak castle, the largest crusader castle in the Levant, and enjoy its ancient architecture with a guided tour. 
  • 03Things to Do in Aqaba

    Things to Do in Aqaba
    37. Explore the historic Aqaba Fortress - This historically significant fort is a must-visit in Aqaba. It was at this spot that the daring camel charge by the Arabs took down the heavily defended fortress in 1916, changing the course of Aqaba history. 

    38. Enjoy a pleasant sunset at Palm Beach - One of the most beautiful things to do in Aqaba is to just sit down, relax, sip on some steaming tea, and watch the sun go down over the sea. 

    39. Visit Aqaba Archaeological Museum to know about Aqaba’s long history - From artefacts dating back to the Bronze Age to curiosities from the Middle Ages to Quranic verses- this archaeological museum is a great place to visit for a historical and cultural insight into Aqaba. 

    40. Enjoy diving or snorkelling in Ahlan Aqaba Scuba Diving Centre - Mingle with the marine creatures and enjoy the vibrant underwater life of Aqaba with a snorkelling or scuba diving expedition with one of the best scuba centres in Aqaba. 

    41. Visit Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque - Marvel at the elegance and grace of this mosque, whose intricately designed white marble walls and arches, and towering minarets, make it an iconic landmark in Aqaba. 

    42. Visit Aqaba Bird Observatory Park - Immerse yourself in the richness and diversity of nature as you enjoy the sights and sounds of sundry unique and colourful migratory birds that make the premises of the Aqaba Bird Observatory a lively and interesting place to visit. 

    43. Take a Red Sea Glass-bottom boat tour - One of the best things to do in Jordan, taking a glass-bottom boat ride in Aqaba is a great way to experience the natural bounty thriving within the waters of the Red Sea. 

    44. Visit one of the tallest Aqaba flagpoles - 130 metres high, the flagpole in Aqaba is the 6th tallest free-standing flagpole in the world, so make sure you take a selfie in front of it while you’re there. 

    45. Go for an ATV ride through the desert - There is no better, more adventurous way to enjoy the desert around Aqaba than by enjoying a few hours of ATV riding. It will get your adrenaline pumping crazily and leave you with fantastic memories of the region. 

    46. Relax by the Berenice Beach Club - Have an indulgent time as you relax beside the poolside lounges of this upscale beach club in Aqaba, enjoying the best of nature and luxury together. 

    47. Go on a sunset cruise on the Red Sea - To stand on the rails of a cruise ship with the winds blowing happily around you and to watch the sunset over the Red Sea is one of the most magical experiences you can have in Jordan, so don’t miss it.  

    48. Explore the third-century Catholic church - One of the oldest known churches in the world, the 3rd century Aqaba Church is a fascinating archaeological treasure and is a good ancient example of the stone-carved architecture that Jordan is known for. 
  • 04Things to Do in Jerash

    Things to Do in Jerash
    49. Visit The Jerash Temple of Artemis - Built between 150-170 Ad, this unique Roman monument in Jerash is a popular tourist attraction, especially because of the effect of sunlight on its sandstone columns which makes them light up like gold bars. 

    50. Visit triple-arched gateway Arch of Hadrian - Gazing upon this iconic triumphal arch in Jerash is a splendid experience. Its unique architectural features are a delight to behold and standing before it brings the past to you strikingly. 

    51. Explore the spacious oval plaza of Jerash - Enjoy an afternoon simply roving around this glorious and grand plaza, soaking in its history and its architectural beauty as the sun shines brightly down on its stalwart columns. 

    52. Visit the archaeological site of Jerash, Caparra - A towering, well-preserved arch that stands tall above the other monuments of Jerash, the arch of Caparra is a great site to visit in the city. 

    53. Visit the Temple of Zeus - This temple is one of the most significant historical sites in Jerash, and even though it is but a shadow of its former state, its power and ancient beauty still shine through, making it a lovely site to visit in the city. 

    54. Walk along the South Gate in Jerash - This imposing structure spans several metres in length and strolling near them is a magnificent experience. The high towering arches leave you with a sense of awe and majesty that is very memorable. 

    55. Check out the South Theatre - Built between AD 81 and 96, the South Theatre is still almost intact and retains much of its former grandeur. To sit in its arena and witness the sunlight play upon its architectural intricacies is a fantastic, unforgettable experience. 

    56. Visit this compact Jerash museum - Mosaics and ancient coins, glasses and jewellery pieces, and lots of other excavated artefacts can be admired as you stroll around this small but fascinating museum in Jerash. 

    57. Visit Artemis Temple - Much of this formerly glorious temple is in ruins but the views of the city from the summit where the temple stands are breathtaking and visiting the area for a sunset is a must. 

    58. Visit Church of Bishop Isaiah - Walking on the mosaic-covered floor of the Church of Bishop Isaiah will leave you gasping in amazement. The intricate, well-executed designs speak volumes about the ancient culture of the city and are reminders that beauty really is eternal. 

    59. Walk in the Cardo Colonnaded Street - Walking along the 800-metre-long focal centre of ancient Jerash- the Cardo Colonnaded Street, with its towering columns standing guard on both sides, is a spellbinding experience, especially in the evening. 

    60. Enjoy in Jerash Festival of Culture & Arts - Enjoy the festivities and theatrical experiences that make Jerash come to life in July when the Jerash Festival of Culture & Arts comes to town. 

    61. Watch Gladiators battle and chariots race in the ruins of Jerash - Witness history comes to life with the gladiator battles and chariot races that take place on a daily basis in the ancient Hippodrome of Jerash.  This is hands-down one of the best things to do in Jordan.
  • 05Things to Do in Wadi Rum

    Things to Do in Wadi Rum
    Image Credit : Nicolas Cool on Unsplash
    62. Sleep in a Bedouin Camp in Wadi Rum - Spending a night in a Bedouin Camp, perhaps after enjoying a Bedouin safari is a quintessential experience to have in Wadi Rum, so do give it a try when you’re in the region. 

    63. Float over Wadi Rum and enjoy the breathtaking natural rock views - Take a microlight flight that takes you far above the city and enjoy the breathtaking natural structures that make Wadi Rum the exotic place it is.

    64. Take a jeep tour and head out into the desert - Touring the Wadi Rum desert is a magical experience and riding on a jeep through its sand dunes is one of the best ways to enjoy it. 

    65. Take a camel or horse ride through the Wadi Rum desert - Riding across the majestic sandstone spectacles that dominate the Wadi Rum desert on a camel or a horseback is a spellbinding experience, especially in the cooler months when the sun does not beat down so harshly upon riders. 

    66. Take a ride back in time on the Hijaz railway - Explore the interiors of the refurbished ancient steamer at the Hejaz Wadi Rum station which played a significant part in the 1916 Arab rebellion against the Turks is an interesting experience. On certain days, you can also see the entire battle re-enacted. 
  • 06Things to Do in Madaba

    Things to Do in Madaba
    67. Admire the mosaics of Madaba - Madaba is famous in the Middle East for its beautiful mosaics which cover the Byzantine churches and decorate the ancient monuments. It’s impossible to be in Madaba and not enjoy a mosaic tour.

    68. Get in the water at The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ - Sipping the holy water from the site where Christ was baptised is one of the most powerful, spiritual and unique experiences to have in Madaba, so don’t miss it. 

    69. Stand on the platform in front of the Mount Nebo church and admire the view - Renowned for being the place where Moses received a sighting of the Promised land, Mount Nebo’s viewing platform may not show you the Promised land, but it will definitely reveal to your eye some of the most spectacular sights in Jordan.

    70. Immerse yourself in HammamatMa’in thermal mineral springs warm therapeutic water - Relax and rejuvenate yourself in the hyper-thermal waterfalls of HammamatMa’in, which are rich in therapeutic minerals and said to possess powering healing properties. 

    71. Visit Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint George - The floors of the Saint George Church are covered in a sea of mosaics and are beautiful to gaze upon, The Madaba Map, which is a Byzantine-era mosaic map of the Holy land of the Middle East, is the greatest attraction of the mosaic church.  

    72. Take a tour of Wadi Jadid - Stroll through the ancient monuments Wadi Jadid is famous for and explores the Bronze Age burial chambers and stone memorials that populate its lands. A guided tour is the best way to understand the historical significance of the place. 

    73. Explore rectangular walled city Umm ar-Rasas - A city with a long history, Ummar-Rasas is renowned for its biblical and historical significance as well as for the mosaics that enrich some of its prominentByzantine churches. Despite being in ruins, UmmAr-Rasas is a very interesting place to visit.
    74. Climb to the hilltop Machaerus Palace - Biblically prominent for being the place where John the Baptist was executed, Machaerus Palace is a grand fortified palace located on the high hill, with wonderful views of the Jordan river and its surrounding region to its credit.
  • 07Other Things to Do in Jordan

    Other Things to Do in Jordan
    75. Relax in the waters of the Dead Sea - The waters of the Dead Sea are renowned for being extremely high in healing minerals, so enjoy their powers with a mud bath followed by a rejuvenating soak. 

    76. Visit the historic Ajloun Castle - A castle of supreme strategic significance to ancient Jordan, Ajloun Castle is fascinating not only for its grand Islamic architecture but also for the daring tales of courage that took place within its premises during the many invasions it withstood. 

    77. Explore the Kerak Castle in Al-Karak - One of the largest crusaders castles in the Levant, Kerak Castle is a wonderful historical site to explore in Jordan and offers a great example of ancient Crusader architecture in the region. 

    78. Hike in the Dana Biosphere Reserve - Take a peaceful, rejuvenating hike in the lap of nature in the largest biosphere reserve in Jordan, topping it off with a fun-filled stay at one of their village accommodations. 

    79. Visit the museum of Jordanian heritage - Understand the historical, sociological, and cultural forces that shaped Jordan through the centuries with a visit to this research museum located in the Yarmouk University. 

    80. Go canyoning At Wadi al-Mujib river - Adventure enthusiasts will absolutely love the opportunity to jump headlong into adventure by canyoning the thrilling rapids of the powerful Wadi al-Mujib river. 

    81. Watch the sun fade away into the Dead Sea - There’s nothing quite as magical as watching the sunset amidst the stillness of the Dead Sea. Its witnessing nature at her best. 

    82. Go on a fabulous Wadi Bin Hammad hike - Step over gurgling brooks, around lushly laden trees, through wind-touched grasslands and across steep slopes as you hike your way through Wadi Bin Hammad, concluding your journey with a relaxing soak in the hot springs hidden within. 

    83. Discover Islamic art in Karak Archaeological Museum - Walk through the halls of this ancient museum, and admire the excavated artefacts from the Byzantine, Roman, Nabataean, Crusader, and Islamic periods that fill its halls. 

    84. Take a tour of Pella architecture city of Jordan - A city whose history extends back into the Bronze age, Pella primarily attracts tourists because of its vast collection of excavated archaeological ruins. Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine structures dominate the scene in Pella.  

    85. Drive along the scenic route of Kings Highway - The ancient trade route of the ancient Near East, Kings Highway passes alongside some of the most breathtaking countryside landscapes in Jordan, and driving upon it is a truly memorable experience.  

    86. Have herb flavoured Labneh at Sham el Balad cafe - Sham el Balad is a new-age organic café that puts a healthy twist on traditional Jordanian cuisine. Their herbal Labneh tea is a delicious concoction that should definitely be enjoyed when you’re in Amman. 

    87. Coat yourself with a thin layer of Dead Sea mud - Dead sea mud is renowned for its curative properties and is an incredible beauty treatment for the skin. Covering yourself in it is one of the quintessential things to do in Jordan. 

    88. Eat at Wild Jordan Centre with scenic views - Lip-smacking Amman cuisine served with a side of panoramic city views- dining in Wild Jordan Centre is one of the most wonderful things to do in Jordan. 

    89. Have coffee at Jungle Fever Coffee and Tea House - Settle yourself in this cosy coffee and tea house, enjoy its vibrant ambience and colourful art décor, sip on a delicious range of beverages, and have a delightful, relaxed afternoon in Jordan. 

    90. Eat fantastic falafel at Hashem restaurant - Amman’s most famous restaurant, Hashem is renowned for its traditional Jordanian dishes, and their falafels are the best of the best. 

    91. Experience the autumn olive harvest in Jordan - The annual olive harvest begins in Jordan’s countryside when the autumn rolls around and participating in it alongside the locals is one of the most memorable experiences you can have in the country. 

    92. Walk the best trails of Ayoun - The Ayoun trails, or the Jordan trails, are a network of trails that pass through the hilly countryside around Amman, allowing you to explore the attractions around the city, and camp in the villages. Trekking these trails is a great way to experience Jordan. 

    93. Visit the children's museum of Jordan - If you’re in Jordan with the kids, take them to this interactive museum for an afternoon filled with interesting activities, from enjoying mock building sites to air control stations to science zones and more. 

    94. Visit Al-Khazneh temple - Carved out of sandstone, this ancient temple in Petra is one of the most elaborate rock structures in Jordan, awe-inspiring in its grandeur. 

    95. Enjoy at Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba - This upscale resort is a fantastic place to rejuvenate your mind and body in Jordan. Their property overlooks the Red Sea, so you can enjoy sundry diving and swimming expeditions there along with luxurious spa treatments. 

    96. Enjoy flavoured shisha in one of Amman’s coffee shops - Puffing on a shisha is a popular cultural pastime in Amman, and you will find the opportunity to engage in it in almost all its coffee shops. 

    97. Explore the desert castle Qasr Amra - Standing proudly in the middle of the desert since the 8th century, this desert castle is a landmark site in eastern Jordan, famous for being a strong exemplar of ancient Islamic art and architecture. 

    98. Spend some time in Ola's secret garden - Ola’s garden is one of the best art shops in Amman. Strolling through its aisles is a visual delight, and its range of traditional products makes souvenir shopping here a joy. 

    99. Swim in the Gulf of Aqaba - The gulf connecting Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, the Gulf of Aqaba is a beautiful place to go for a swim since its currents aren’t too strong close to the shores. 

    100. Stay in luxurious Dead Sea Marriott Resort & Spa - Located on the shores of the Dead Sea, this resort is a luxurious place to spend some time in Jordan. Its proximity to the Dead Sea ensures that you will get to enjoy the seas healing properties to the best possible extent. 

    101. Visit the Um Fruth Rock Bridge - This rock bridge is an example of a spectacular natural formation in the Wadi Rum desert. Walk across it and stare at the desert spreading out on all sides for a memorable experience. 

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