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Activities to Do in Jordan

Float in The Dead Sea, Road Trip The King’s Highway, Canyoning at Wadi al-Mujib, Take a Therapeutic Mud Bath at Dead Sea, Sleep in a Bedouin Camp in Wadi Rum, Hike Dana Nature Reserve, Explore Roman Ruins of Jerash, Marvel at The Madaba Mosaics, Walk in the Footsteps of Moses on Mount Nebo and many more.

Jordan is often hailed as the Jewel of the Middle East because it offers something to everyone for an incredible experience. Whether you’re an adventure lover, a nature enthusiast, a shopaholic, or a food maniac, there are ample things to do in Jordan that will make you pack your bags for the fun-filled trip now. 

There is a complete world out there that is calling you to be a part of the mesmerizing culture, tradition, and wonders of Jordan. So let’s tick off the list to find the most incredible things that you must try in Jordan.

Here is the list of best things to do in Jordan:

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Float in The Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea is one experience that the tourists especially cherish due to the buoyancy of the water that makes it ideal for swimming. The mud of Dead Sea is known to be an absolute cure for various skin infections, so cake yourself in the Dead Sea mud and feel like getting the benefits of a million-dollar facial without spending even a cent from your pocket.

So get ready to pamper yourself by taking a dive in the vast expanse of the Red Sea. 

Road Trip The King’s Highway

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This is one of the most interesting things to do in Jordan if you enjoy a road trip. Driving through this highway, you’ll come across various hotels and restaurants where you can stop by to have some scrumptious food.

This is a scenic route that is flushed with splendid sites such as towering buildings, bounties of nature, and ancient Roman ruins. This fantastic road trip is something that will get registered in your memory lane forever because of the absolute mix of fun and adventure that it offers to the visitors.
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Canyoning at Wadi al-Mujib

If you’re a thrill-seeker and love to accept challenges, then canyoning at Wadi al-Mujib is one of the best things to do in Jordan. Wadi Mujib is a breathtakingly beautiful canyon that towers just a few meters above the Mujib River.

You can hike, scramble, swim, and climb through the magnificent sandstone canyon of Wadi al-Mujib. It stretches over 70 kilometers and houses some of the most spectacular cliffs that are an absolute delight for the adventure seekers.

Take a Therapeutic Mud Bath at Dead Sea

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The dead sea is a mesmeric beauty with salty crystallines and density that enables you to float. Several kinds of research claim that Dead Sea’s mud bath is highly beneficial for you? Dead Sea mud is rich in essential minerals that can be an absolute cure for the  annoying skin problems like psoriasis and arthritis.

It also clears out your acne and pimple marks due to its medicinal properties and reduces back pain. 
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Sleep in a Bedouin Camp in Wadi Rum

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Are you looking for a quintessential experience in Jordan where you can interact with nature while chasing your adventurous streak? If yes then escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend a spectacular night by sleeping in a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum. This camping experience gives you a chance to get closer to nature as you set your camp in the verdant glory of nature. 
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Hike Dana Nature Reserve

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This is an absolute paradise for hikers who wish to conquer the vast terrains and difficult paths.  It allows the hikers to hike through the not so dry river beds also known as wadi. Dana nature reserve brims with trails and hikes ranging from a few days to a few hours.

It is one of the most popular nature reserves in Jordan that offers brilliant sightseeing experiences also. This is the wonder of Petra city where you can enjoy the beauty of the immense bounties of nature and also test your skills by hiking through the varied trails in this region.
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Explore Roman Ruins of Jerash

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Jerash was one of the most glorious and prosperous cities during the Roman Empire. It was established as a Greek city by Alexander the Great but flourished under the Roman Rule. There are several architectural wonders over here that you can truly admire like the ruins of the temples and Roman tombs.

You can also visit the temples of Greek Gods like Zeus and Artemis for a divine experience. Exploring the Roman ruins of Jerash is one of the best things to do in Jordan.
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Marvel at The Madaba Mosaics

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Welcome to the city of Mosaics! Madaba is famous for splendid mosaics from Byzantine and Umayyad times. If you love mosaics in any form and appreciate art that will offer you some historical value, this is the place to visit. There is a mosaic map with two million pieces of colours stones that showcase everything clearly.

Explore the archaeological park and the museum of the city where you can witness several astonishing examples like Church of the Virgin, and Apostles, Hippolytus Hall and other byzantine churches. It is truly a must-visit for an insight into the cultural revolution. 
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Walk in the Footsteps of Moses on Mount Nebo

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Visit the sacred mountain of Nebo, the death place of Moses. The mountain offers you an opportunity to explore faith, religion, culture, and history, everything at once. Walking on the footsteps of Moses on Mount Nebo is one of the best things to do in Jordan.

There is a museum, a memorial church for Moses and the brazen serpent located on Mount Nebo. One of the best times to visit Mount Nebo is during Christmas when a grandiose celebration overtakes the mountain and visitors from across the world gather here to cherish the celebration together. 
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Spend a Night Under the Stars in Wadi Rum

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Visiting Wadi Rum is a dream for many travelers, and not only because of the architectural masterpieces, and the opportunity to explore Mars and deserts from the movies, Wadi Rum also offers a magical night to those who stay. There are hiking and camping options available, but there are also resorts for staying.

The night scene is truly captivating under the alluring beauty of Wadi Rum. There are martian domes that you can enjoy. Apart from the night view, you will also have an opportunity to admire the sunrise and sunsets and find yourself spellbound by the picturesque scenes of landscapes that unfold live before your eyes.

Spending a night under the stars in Wadi Rum is definitely one of the best things to do in Jordan.
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Stroll at The 12th Century Ajloun Castle

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Witnessing this eminent historical heritage of Jordan is one of the best things to do in Jordan. Located at a towering 1250 meters from the sea level, on the Mount ‘Auf, visitors may relish the mesmerizing sightseeing of Jordan valley and vast deserts.

It was established during the era of Saladin, the charismatic military leader. The majestic beauty of this castle lies in its bewitching construction and design, which gives insights into Jordan’s historic essence as well. Witness the glorious set of Mosaics and historic armory, which is on display in the small museum here. Also, stroll towards the amazing olive groves adjacent to the castle.
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Spend a Night at Petra

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Spending a night at this majestic place should be in every tourist's bucket list for sure. The fact that this breathtaking place is renowned as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, makes it even more interesting.

This unfathomable jewel of Jordan is believed to have been extinct for around 2000 years, but in the past centuries, when Swedish explorers rediscovered this heavenly place, it has received massive praise from people all around the world. Thus, exploring this incredible place is one of the best things to do in Jordan.
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Snorkeling in Aqaba

Renowned as one of the picturesque and stunning locations in Jordan, Aqaba would be an ideal place to enjoy a jaw-dropping snorkeling experience. Snorkeling is regarded as one of the most convenient water sports in Aqaba as it is lushed with some of the best diving sites.

You may also find many exotic resorts for accommodation purposes over here so that this escapade in one of Jordans' most enthralling places becomes an unforgettable experience. Sunbathing near the coastline here would certainly be a harmonizing experience. All in all, Snorkelling at Aqaba is one of the best activities to do in Jordan.

Scuba Diving in Aqaba

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 If snorkeling into the blue shallows seems to be too mainstream for you, then you may elevate the levels of adventure with an astonishing scuba diving experience at the Gulf of Aqaba. Exploring the mesmerizing marine life of the Red sea would be no less than a breathtaking experience and Scuba diving at Aqaba is one of the finest Jordan activities for that!
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Shop at The Bazaar of Amman

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The huge bazaar of Amman is often touted as the mecca for shoppers as it is dotted with various shops. These shops are known as Souks, and you may relish various types of ornaments, spices, items of clothing, and other elements that are exclusively available in Jordan.

The gathering of the public at the bazaar makes the experience even more enthusiastic. Thus, shopping at the popular Bazaar of Amman is one of the essential things to do in Jordan.
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Visit The Baptism Site of Jesus

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 This place holds a significant place in the hearts of Christian people and rightly so, as tourists from all around the world pay their heartfelt tribute to the baptism site of Jesus. The harmonizing essence of this place is otherworldly, and therefore it is a must-visit place for everyone irrespective of the religion he/she follows.

You may witness all the historic elements like John the Baptist church, Marble steps, Mantle Chapel, Lower Basilica, Church of the Trinity, and The chapel (Baptised Site of Jesus). Thus, if you too want to experience the spiritual essence of this place, then visiting the Baptism Site of Jesus can be one of the best things to do in Jordan.
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Go for Hiking at Petra

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Hiking at the majestic trails of Petra is a heaven for the adventure seekers out there. Wandering amidst this historical site would be a once in a lifetime experience and a moment to savor as well. Start your journey from the main trail, which is a normal pathway leading towards the Treasury of Viewpoint trail.

You can indulge in an incredible hiking experience in the mountains over here. The trails here are rocky and great for even the beginners. You’ll also get a chance to discover the hidden treasures of Petra while hiking through these trails. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker this activity should be one of the preferred things to do in Jordan.
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Enjoy Desert Safari at Wadi Rum

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Enjoying desert safari at Wadi Rum is one of the most adventurous activities to do in Jordan. If you want to get insights into the massive landscape boasted by the deserts of Wadi Rum, then there would be no better way than wandering on the desert safari in the blazing heat of Jordan.

This adventurous escapade would also bring you closer to the Bedouin culture and their modest nature as well. The hospitality of this place is unparalleled, and thus along with jeep tour, you may also opt for an off-road experience of this spellbinding trip.

The journey from Aqaba to Wadi Rum National reserve itself flaunts scenic views. So exploring the massive deserts in Wadi Rum is certainly one of the most ideal activities to do in Jordan.
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Witness a Gorgeous Sunset at Tala Bay

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There is no moment more soothing and relaxing than witnessing a sunset at a marvelous location. And watching this incredible sight at the Tala bay would certainly weave its magic on the observer. The scenic coastal line of Tala Bay is renowned for its picturesque moments and watching the sunset behind the mammoth backdrops tops them all.

You may also witness this site from Radisson Blu hotel or any other exotic resort for a mesmeric experience, which would be embedded in your heart forever! Witnessing this glorious sight is certainly amongst the best activities to do in Jordan.
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Taste The Best of Jordanian Food in Aqaba

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If you want to delight your taste buds, then there would be no better place than Aqaba to do so. With a galore of stunning restaurants like Ali Baba, Suzana, and Al Shami, you would not be deprived of any major and prominent dish available in the country.

Some of the dishes you must eat are Falafel, Moutabel, Labneh, Warak Enab and the most popular of them all, Mansaf. Mansaf is a mouth-watering aspect that includes lambs, sauces and delicious yogurt, which is known as jameed. The taste of the dishes would leave a mark on your tastebuds as well as on your hearts forever making this culinary experience one of the  best things to do in Jordan
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Visit The King Abdullah I Mosque

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 If you are seeking an ideal place for pilgrimage, then this majestic mosque would just be your solution. Constructed in 1989 in the era of King Hussein, this massive mosque is a divine spot for the Muslim devotees. It has 3000 courtyards and two grand porticos from where you can have an enthralling view of the stunning surroundings!

The mosque is capped by a huge blue dome, which is its iconic trademark. It is one of the rarest mosques in the country, which welcomes even the non-muslim worshippers. This itself speaks volumes of its massive prominence among the tourists.
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Crusader’s Castle Hopping

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Jordan is home to some of the world’s biggest and most prominent crusader castles. Thus, it becomes quite essential to witness these historical fortresses and relish the fascinating display on offer! Karak Castle is amongst the most prominent ones in the country, which was constructed in the 12th century.

Shobak Castle also boasts of the bewitching passageway and ruins of the castle, which is unmatched. It was built in 1115, by King Baldwin. Another important crusader castle is Qasr Al Azraq, which holds a massive prominence in the country as well. This was completed in 1237. Thus, Crusaders Castle hopping is one of the best Jordan activities to relish.
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Take a Hike in Wadi Rum

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Hiking amidst the majestic canyons of Wadi Rum is definitely an adrenaline-rushing activity. Hiking from Seven pillars of wisdom towards the massive Makharas Canyon would be a breath-taking experience to savor for a lifetime. You may pave the way through the red sand of the Jebel Rum, which has enticing sights to offer as well.

And for the final and most daunting hurdle, make way for the humongous 1832 meter Jabal Umm Ad Dami. This journey would give you unforgettable moments to cherish for the rest of your life. Therefore, hiking in Wadi Rum is one of the finest activities to do in Jordan.
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Explore The Lost City of Petra

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Wandering through the miraculous narrow pathways of one of the “Seven Wonders of the World” would be one of the best Jordan activities that you shouldn’t miss out on. Exploring the historic lost city would give you insights into this otherworldly location.

Hiking through the massive monastery along with other carved structures, is an experience that can’t be described in words. This place got heavily damaged from the earthquake after which it was reconstructed again and now it stands in its full glory. For all these and more, exploring this city will definitely be one of the best activities to do in Jordan.
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Take a Cruise in Aqaba

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Cruising in Aqaba is one of the must-try Jordan activities for every traveling aspirant. The soothing essence of the Red sea and chilling breezes ticking your skin would be a moment to savor. You can also have a romantic dinner with your partner on this cruise.

So detach yourself from the hustle and bustle and have a relaxing experience while cruising here. the cool breeze rejuvenates your mind and the blue azure water of the sea makes you feel like being transported to a paradise Thus, cruising in Aqaba is certainly amongst the finest things to do in Jordan.
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Spot Wildlife in The Shamwari Reserve

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One of the most exciting things to do in Jordan is spotting the wide range of flora and fauna in the Shamwari Reserve, where some of the rarest species of animals can be found living in a harmonious environment. This enclosure also has a small zoo in its premises where you can spot some of the most ravishing animals and birds.

The Onagers can be seen roaming freely over here in the grassland enclosure. This 22 square kilometers huge reserve gives you a view of the diverse world of the animals and birds who live together in complete solitude here. 
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Hot Air Balloon Ride Over The Desert

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If you’re looking to have a bird’s eye view of the spectacular dessert, then get ready for a hot air balloon ride in Wadi rum. This is a popular dessert region located in Southern Jordan known for its wavy dunes and towering cliffs.

The tour starts in the morning hours before sunrise, and you've taken in a jeep to the site from where the balloon rolls out. The balloon rises to a height of around 3,000 feet and gives you the dose of the unforgettable desert panorama. This is one of the best Jordan activities that every adventure seeker must try.
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Stroll Around Al Karak Castle

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If you’re intrigued to know about the history and culture of Jordan, then Al Karak Castle will unfold the greatest tales of its ancient times. It is a huge castle that overlooks Kerak and is located at a distance of just two meters from Amman. This castle lies on two main defensive levels that are separated by the inner wall.

Many beautiful buildings like Crusader church, mosques, and palaces are located on the upper court that attract the visitors towards it. You can stroll through this castle to marvel into the architectural wonders of this place. 
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Go Rock Climbing in Wadi Rum

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The magnificent landscape of Wadi Rum is a haven for people looking to go for a thrilling rock climbing experience. The rock formation is quite favorable over here, and hence the beginners can also give a try to this adrenaline rushing activity.

If you’re an amateur climber, then there are a few climbing routes over here where protection and anchor points are already installed to ensure your safety.
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Take a Nap at The Smallest Hotel in The World

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Have you ever seen a hotel in the form of a Volkswagen Beetle car that is packed with all the modern facilities and offers you incredible services? Be ready to have the experience of your lifetime by taking a nap in the smallest hotel in the world at Jordan that has been created by turning the old Volkswagen Beetle car into a five-star hotel.

This hotel offers all the five-star facilities that you might need for an ideal stay. The hotel has been parked on the side of a semi-deserted village where travelers flock to have an ideal stay. 
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Drink The Famous Jordanian Tea

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Jordian tea is the most popular drink in Jordan that is served in a small cup with handles, also known as “Istikan.” You can find it in every café and hotel as not only the locals but tourists too enjoy its delicious taste. It is also believed that this drink has got additional medicinal advantages along with incredible taste, so you must try it whenever you’re here.

The best thing is that this drink is decaffeinated and is made only using the home grown leaves. With a generous serving of sugar and a hint of sage, this drink tastes extremely delicious. 
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Observe Aqaba Street Art

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The streets of Aqaba are splashed with graffiti art and beautiful strokes by some of the most notable artists. The streets over here have turned into an art gallery with impressive paintings and murals on the walls that will definitely attract you if you’re a lover of art.

The street art primarily ranges from intricate statues to murals painted on the walls and observing these impressive works is definitely one of the best activities to do in Jordan. 
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Visit The Lowest Point on Earth Museum

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Shaped like a magnanimous comma, Earth Cave is titled as the lowest point on Earth. It displays the remains excavated during the ancient era, and it also showcases 4500-year-old textiles and pottery items. It is located at the starting point of the Lot Cave and is 1318 feet below sea level.

Though this museum is not extended in a very vast space, but the collection of the artifacts, architectural ruins, and precious stones is really splendid over here. The museum also displays mosaics, documents, fabric and ancient pottery that will give you a glimpse of the history of this place.
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Visit The Roman Amphitheatre

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Do you wish to enjoy a concert in the magnificently restored Roman theatre that displays the impressive remnants of Roman Philadelphia? If yes, then Roman Amphitheater should be a must-visit for you as it is not only beautifully designed but also has a seating capacity of around 6000 people.

Watching a concert over here is much like a celebration where people gather to enjoy every moment together. Also, the view from the top section of this amphitheater is extremely superb before sunset. So get ready to hop through the historical wonders and treasures of the ancient ruins by visiting this Roman Amphitheater. 
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Take a Red Sea Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

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If you’re in Jordan, then you should definitely try taking a Red Sea glass-bottom boat tour. It allows you to interact with the marine beauties and gives you a chance to discover the natural bounties hidden in the Red Sea. During this thrilling trip, you’ll get to stay in a beautiful glass-bottomed boat from where you can have a glimpse of the fascinating underwater life.

So spruce yourself up for the intimate encounter with the underwater creatures by adjoining this trip of a lifetime. This is the ideal way to explore the underwater world of the Red Sea without getting drenched in water. 
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Watch The Sunrise in Amman Citadel

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Amman Citadel is extremely popular for its breathtaking vistas, but what makes it even more amazing is the spectacular sunset that you can watch here. Amman Citadel is basically a historic site located on the hilltop of Amman, and it is flushed with significant landmarks and picturesque sights.

The changing hues of the sky are so breathtaking during the sunrise that you might feel like freezing the time and staying in awe of this moment forever. Every year thousands of tourists flock to this destination to watch the horizon of the sky lighting up in the hues of golden crimson during the sunrise. 
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Take a Stroll down Rainbow Street

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This is one of the famous roads in Amman that is lined with cafes, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. You can stroll by this street that is located close to some of the most famous sites like Roman Theatre and Citadel Hill. You can see some of the most amazing vistas in this side street, and also enjoy an evening over here, hopping on to the rooftop bars and restaurants.

On Thursday, this street seems extremely busier as it is considered to be the star of the week in Jordan.  Be prepared to witness a lively Thursday scene here with promenading pedestrians and cruising cars.
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Go for an ATV Ride through The Desert

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If you’re looking for an ideal way to explore the beauty of the fascinating deserts in Jordan, then an ATV ride through the vast expanse of the desert should be your best option. This thrilling ride offers you an instant adrenaline rush as your quad bike gushes through the ever-changing dunes and tackles the ultimate lows and highs of the sand.

This adventure tour is a must-try for nature lovers who wish to explore the beauty of the trackless desert on their quad bike for the memory of a lifetime.
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Get a Bird’s Eye View from The Ad-Deir Monastery

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Al-Deir Monastery is one of the largest facades in Petra that was carved from a sandstone rock.  This is the most renowned tourist attraction, and people especially visit this destination to have an enthralling view of the city of Petra. Situated at 45 meters, it gives a bird’s eye view of the nearby locations and the popular tourist attractions of Petra.

If you’re visiting Jordan, then you should definitely indulge in this thrilling activity that will bring the entire beauty and grandiose of Petra right in front of your eyes.

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Explore The Third-Century Catholic church

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This 3rd-century church located in Aqaba is one of the oldest churches in the entire world where tourists assemble in huge numbers to uncover the treasure of this archeological masterpiece. The stone-carved detailing of this church is extremely spellbinding, and you can stroll by this place to know more about its history as well as seek the blessings of God.

It has a very peaceful environment, and the walls over here are inscribed with incredible architecture, which makes this place a treasure on its own. 
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Walk along The South Gate in Jerash

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Jerash is one of the most well-preserved and splendid Greco-Roman cities in the Middle East. This town has also been mentioned in the Holy Bible. Located in this beautiful town is an imposing structure that is several meters in length, and strolling around this place will be a mesmerizing experience.

The South Gate was constructed in 130 AD, and it served as an entry to the main city wall. The towering arches over here leave you spellbound, and you’ll stay in the magnificence of this place for a long time. 
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Enjoy in Jerash Festival of Culture & Arts

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The Jerash Festival is held every year in July, and it transforms the entire city into a hotspot of celebrations with folk fare dances performed by the international as well as the local artists. This festival also features ballets, operas, plays, and concerts that will reel you into a mesmerizing experience.

The plazas and colonnaded streets of Jerash offer unique venues for these acts, and visitors from all around the world can be found strolling on these ancient streets. Special exhibitions and acts are also organized for the kids during this festival to spread the joy of celebration with them. 
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Visit Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint George

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The Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint George is also known as the Church of Map, and it is one of the most splendid and beautifully designed churches in the entire world. People especially gather here to appreciate the art and design of this church and to worship God.

Decorated with impressive interiors, mosaics, and elegant colonnades, this church is the greatest splendor to adore. The Map of Madaba mosaic got further preserved on the floor of this beautiful church, and this is the reason people also call it the Church of Map. You should definitely visit this splendid church to enjoy its ruthless beauty and to adore its sumptuous design.
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Climb to The Hilltop Machaerus Palace

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This is a very prominent place for the Christians, as it is believed that John The Baptist was beheaded over here. This grand fortified palace is located on the hilltop, and it offers a breathtaking view of the river Jordan and its surrounding vistas.

A huge number of tourists come to this site every year to witness this marvelous site and to immerse into its breathtaking history. 
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Experience The Autumn Olive Harvest in Jordan

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In Jordan, the annual harvest starts in the countryside from October to November when the olives become ready to be picked by the farmers. The Jordanian people gather in a huge number during this period and celebrate the harvest of the olives by singing, dancing, and having scrumptious meals.

If you’re in Jordan during autumn, then you too can easily immerse yourself in the joy of the olive harvest by working along with the local families in the fields to experience this event up close.
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Walk The Best Trails of Ayoun

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Ayoun Trail is a 650 km long hiking trail in Jordan that was established by Jordan Trail Association in 2005. These networks of trails pass through the countryside around Amman and allow you to have a glimpse of the most enthralling attractions of the city.

By trekking along these trails, you can uncover the secret vistas of Jordan and can marvel at the wonder of nature as the entire trail is full of greenery and natural beauty.
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Explore The Desert Castle Qasr Amra

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Another enthralling activity that you must try in Jordan is exploring the spectacular beauty of the desert castle Qasr Amra. This desert castle used to serve as both a garrison and fortress for the residence of the caliphs. The most significant feature of this castle is the hammam and the reception area that is decorated with beautiful murals reflecting the secular art prevalent during that era.

You should definitely explore this desert castle if you’re in Jordan, as it will give you the architectural ensemble of this site and will also give you a glimpse of the historical magnificence of this place.
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Visit The Children's Museum of Jordan

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The museum of Jordan is an absolute paradise for the kids who want to engage in several interesting activities. There are interactive playing courts here where kids can engage in lots of fun activities like drawing and painting classes, working in a garage, driving an aircraft, shopping for fruits and groceries in the supermarket, etc. 

This museum is divided into various zones where kids can learn about things ranging from the working of rainbow and laser to the functioning of the human body.
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Take a Tour of Pella Architecture City of Jordan

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Pella is a historic city that attracts archeologists due to its immensely rich antiquities. It also attracts tourists from all across the world due to its huge collection of architectural ruins and excavated artifacts and murals. The Roman, Byzantine, and Hellenistic structures are mostly evident in Pella. 

This city was founded in the Bronze era and is flooded with architectural marvels. If you’re visiting Jordan, then don’t forget to take a tour of this beautiful city that will immerse you into tons of memories. 
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Visit the Historic Ajloun Castle

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Ajloun Castle is known for its splendor and beautiful Islamic architecture that is inscribed on its walls and corridors. This tower is situated above the magnificent hilltop that offers a breathtaking sightseeing experience to the visitors.

This 12th-century huge fortress was built by the Sultan Saladin and it offers an astonishing view of the surrounding desert area and the Jordan valley to the visitors. There are many towers and chambers in this castle that are known for their detailed architectural work and intrinsic detailing on the walls. 
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People Also Ask About Jordan

  1. What are the best adventure activities to do in Jordan?

    1. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Wadi Rum - Indulge in a spectacular bird’s eye view of the magical scenery around. The experience is for one hour and the view of Wadi Rum at sunrise is absolutely breathtaking. The surreal desert landscape, the unique sandstone formations, the color of the dunes makes this ride one of the most memorable things to do in Jordan.

    2. Sky-diving - Skydiving is one of the most popular activities to do in Jordan. The diverse terrain that Jordan has to offer makes this one of the most thrilling activities to indulge in. First timers too can enjoy this activity in a tandem jump. It is mostly done between September to November.

    3. Snorkelling and diving in Aqaba - Jordan has a small coastline but it has some of the most spectacular marine parks in the Red Sea. There are about 12 diving spots all of which are located in the Aqaba Marine Park.

  2. What can you do in Jordan in 3 days?

    1. Explore Wadi Rum - Explore the amazing landscape of Wadi Rum with its towering cliffs, deep gorges and natural arches. Hiking and trekking tours of this region is one of the most fascinating things to do in Jordan. After a day of hiking and trekking, spend the night in one of the equally fascinating Beduoin camps.

    2. Float in the Dead Sea - This is one of the most unique experiences and rejuvenating activities to do in Jordan. Along with this you can also include a refreshing therapeutic mud bath in one of the spas nearby. These spas utilize the healing waters and mineral-rich mud of the Dead Sea.

    3. Visit Petra at night - Petra in itself is one of the most fascinating places in Jordan but visiting Petra at night is nothing short of magical. There are candles lining the Siq and continue all the way to the Treasury. You can also enjoy a traditional performance done by the local Beduoin tribes.

  3. What is famous in Jordan?

    Jordan is known for its amazingly varied landscape; famous architectural wonders like the City of Petra which is in the list of the New 7 Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage site; natural wonders like the arches of Wadi Rum; unique historical ruins such as the Amman Citadel, Castle of Ajloun, Umm ar-Rasas, etc.; religious sites like the River Jordan and Mount Nebo.
  4. How to reach Jordan?

    1. By Air - The Queen Alia International Airport in Amman is well connected with major countries globally and receives a major part of the incoming flights to Jordan.

    2. By Bus - Long distance buses are available from major cities located in neighbouring countries to Amman and a few other destinations in Jordan. Bus services are available from cities like Tel Aviv in Israel and Damascus in Syria.

    3. By Sea - You can also choose to travel to Jordan by a speedboat or ferry and land in the Port of Aqaba.

  5. What is the best time to visit Jordan?

    Jordan experiences the best weather in Spring that is between March to May and in the autumn months between September and October. These two seasons are great to travel to Jordan as you get to explore the best of what Jordan has to offer.
  6. How many days are required to visit Jordan?

    To truly experience and get a good view of the wonders of Jordan every traveler would need at least 3 days to visit Jordan.
Newly Added Jordan Experience
Not an easy task to plan such a trip like this by our own, but this company did it they planned our trip to Jordan for the span of 5 days, and all these 5 days the trip went well without fail, the staff did an exceptional job with their explanations and organization... All the tour programs were put together for us amazingly... we really wanted to stay more days... The place is AWESOME with its amazing ancient history and all the spots were truly worth visiting. The hotel we stayed in was very nice which gave us a very comfortable stay throughout with tasty breakfast to begin our day, the airport transfers were on time in both picked up and dropped off. The trip was really a good one I can't thank enough to all the team who involved to make our trip memorable. Would book through Thrillophilia again!
It was an amazing trip we had in Jordan for the span of 6 days, our trip organizer was knowledgable they planned my itinerary accordingly as what I was expecting for, from the airport itself we were greeted by the staff and transfer us to the per booking hotel, the hotels were a good hotel of the place with amazing hospitalities and services. Even though everything has been set up but still the Thrillophilia team gets in touch with us the entire trip and always follow-up and even ensured that they will be there at any time we need helps, Every tour they arranged was fun and worthwhile with proper knowledge. We truly had an unforgettable time in Jordan, the expereince we had in Petra was an awesome one. The trip was enjoyable and one we will never forget!!! Everything happened because of the amazing planned done by Thrillophilia Team...
I had a positive experience booking with Thrillophilia, The team listened to what I actually wanted in the trip plus it was easy to contact them in terms of changes or seek any info. The whole 6-days trip I spend my time mostly in Amman and Petra... I really enjoyed all my sightseeing locations. I had the most memorable activities jeep safari and camel ride... Beautiful stayed we had, looking forward to my next international trip from your team only
Chinmayananda Iyengar Splendid Jordan 5 Days Tour
I want to give full credit to the organizers for our trip. Everything went smoothly, the airport pickups were exactly as they said so, Full-packed with lots of amazing memories in just 5-days in Jordan everything we visited was impressive like Amman, Petra, Red Rose City, and Dead Sea and other famous sites were fascinating... Good climate, amazing ambiance, loving people, tried delicious cuisine, purchased souvinirs, lots of picturesque opportunities....and so on...Thank you for making it all a memorable experience.
Visiting such places is itself blissful, we loved the places and how nicely the people were with us. Loved travelling and all concept.
Deenabandhu Devar Holy Land Tour From Mumbai
We booked this tour and must say it was wonderful. The Dead sea and Mt. Nebo seemed the heart of the tour. And getting to know the culture closely was a whole different experience we had. It was amazing trip well managed by the team, and supportive drivers and well- behaved and helpful staff. Satisfied from the trip, definitely recommendable!
Dakshayani Dhawan Splendid Jordan 5 Days Tour
We were happy with our trip to Jordan...The whole trip was well-planned, we enjoyed all the activities that came with the package, the agent made it obvious that they would be available for any issues that may have come but we were glad that the whole trip there was no issues at all...All arrangements met our expectations, the experienced we had was unforgettable...Nice place to explored for such tourists like us...Would think for the next destination form your team again.
You made our experience unforgettable, not bad!!! the trip was very well-organized with proper execution, the team who helps us with the planning, booking, and during our trip was very responsive, considerate and, professional. The day trip we had for 4 days was simply amazing the place is very rich with culture, ancient history and the people were very warm and very helpful, the sightseeing was extremely wow...especially the trips to Red Rose City and the Dead Sea. The hotel, picked-up, and dropped-off were totally spot-on... Thank you for making sure our holiday was everything we wanted it to be.
Firstly let me tell you that we enjoyed the trip... I always had a great experience booking my trip with Thrillophilia. Yes, this is my first time in Jordan but the way the team planned my tour I felt that I knew about each and every place I visit as it went so smoothly from the itinerary. The accommodations were fabulous at the prime-location, helpful-staff, and served with delicious breakfast to start the day. Transport was always on time, I usually like the entire plan as it makes my family and I easy to covered and experience the beautiful Jordan.

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