7 Exclusive Luxury Experiences in Jordan to Add in Your Bucket List
You may know Jordan for its history and adventure but it will surely amaze you as the ultimate luxury destination. Several options for a luxury honeymoon or a blissful holiday are available here. With a vast array of options to stay, the high-end resorts on the Dead Sea coast or the luxe camping in Wadi Rum will start your sojourn in Jordan on a lavish note.

Get pampered at the sunset sail in the Red Sea or have a private wine-tasting session with JR The Wine Experience to take your travel experience to another level. So explore Jordan in an entirely new light by merging opulence and exploration. 

Here are the best luxury experiences in Jordan:


Hot Air Ballooning over Wadi Rum

Hot Air Ballooning over Wadi Rum
A majority of people tend to imagine a desert when they think about Jordan, but in reality, it has so much more than that. Wadi Rum is a desert that stretches to a large extent, having sand structures that can enthrall the visitors.

The majestic mountains give the authentic experience of Jordan’s beauty, and there is no better way to take it all in than a Hot Air Balloon ride. The balloon trips take you on an ethereal journey over the Wadi Rum in an intimate setting, giving you the chance to enjoy the panoramic views of sandstone peaks and towering granite structures.

Highlights of Hot Air Ballooning over Wadi Rum:

Floating across the stretch of 720 km for an hour will allow you to relish the time with your loved ones.

Luxury Camping in Wadi Rum

Luxury Camping in Wadi Rum
If you are travelling to Jordan to get away from the busy, chaotic urban life, the camping sites in Wadi Rum can be the answer for you. The most iconic luxury experience that Jordan offers has to be the splendid camping site in Wadi Rum.

Highlights of Luxury Camping Wadi Rum

Camping under the star-lit night sky, in the open desert, on a traditional hand-woven carpet proves to be the very definition of luxury.

You can find your way in a luxury tent or bubble room that offers comfortable beds, along with the finest linens, sofas, and restrooms.

Perched under the blanket of the endless sky, you can have an exotic dining experience with dishes prepared well under the sand and served around the campfire.

Private Food and Wine Pairing at JR The Wine Experience

Private Food and Wine Pairing at JR The Wine Experience
For most people, wine is synonymous with luxury. Made with the finest hand-picked grapes and aged for years, these wines coupled with great music and food is all it takes to have a delightful experience with your loved ones. JR the Wine Experience, located in the Abdali region of Amman, allows you to book private wine and food pairing experiences.

Highlights of Private Food and Wine Pairing at JR The Wine Experience

The most famous and loved wine destination by wine enthusiasts allows you to discover the 40 types of grapes that go into the making of over 20 types of different wines, all having a distinct flavour.

You can be expected to be greeted by a sommelier who takes you through a tour of the place. The tour ends at your table where you get to choose from an extensive menu of delicious wines.

Booking a private tour with JR the Wine Experience will ensure that you have the drinks ready for tasting.            

Cruise out to Pharaoh Island

The cruise trips from Jordan are far too many. They take you on a luxury cruise into the blue waters, giving you the opportunity to regale amid nature. And if you are planning to head out of Jordan for a day trip and have a gala time, the cruise to the tiny island known as Pharaoh's Island can be the most promising.

Highlights of Cruise out to Pharaoh Island:

The luxury cruise trips begin with taking the guests from the hotel at 9 am and then boarding the boat.

You can book a luxury boat for yourself and your family or friends, which consists of a DJ party, a lavish and sumptuous lunch, and the option to indulge in swimming or snorkelling.
While having the time of your life, away from the hustle of the city, you get to visit Pharaoh Island in Egypt which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stay in Luxurious Dead Sea Resorts

Stay in Luxurious Dead Sea Resorts
Jordan is home to many luxury 5-star resorts, but the ones that steal the show are located along the Dead Sea coast. You can book a room in the many resorts and boutiques on the Dead Sea to enjoy the most surreal views of Jordan.

Highlights of Dead Sea Resorts:

The resorts are state-of-the-art, fitted with all the amenities that offer you the most luxurious stay
With private sea-shores, multiple pools, spa treatments, and fitness centres; there is nothing that you cannot get in these opulent resorts in Jordan.   

For the couples on their honeymoon who are looking forward to a romantic getaway, you can get the uber-intimate experience with rooftop rooms that offer 360-degree views. 

Coral Viewing Glass Boat Cruise

While life on land is full of splendor and comfort, who says it cannot be the same under the sea. The Red Sea in Jordan is home to the most exotic and ethereal coral reefs that are a sight to behold. The boat cruise with glass floors allows the reluctant snorkelers or non-swimmers to experience the vibrant sea life without actually getting into the water.

Highlights of Glass Boat Cruise:

The boat takes people of all ages from Naama Bay to the two areas having coral reefs, known as Far Garden and Near Garden.

Lasting for 1.5 hours, the tour takes you closer to the aquatic world with only the glass as a barrier.

Besides corals, you get the chance to see fish, octopus, eels and even turtles making their way through the clear blue water.

Jordan is home to the most luxurious experiences that are sure to enthral you. The tours and cruises give you a chance to celebrate with grandeur and opulence, amid the rustic charm of Jordan. Don’t miss out on these lavish ideas while you are travelling there.

Sunset Sailing with Private Dining on The Red Sea

The city of Aqaba is ideally a gateway to the Red Sea for Jordan. It is the most happening and exquisite place in Jordan that allows you to unwind amid the pristine beauty.

A majestic activity here is to have a unique experience of luxurious dining in the middle of pristine waters while sailing on the magnificent Red Sea. Sip away your worries with Champagne, the private setup, and the beautiful sunset view from a yacht. 

Highlights of Sunset Sailing with Private Dining on The Red Sea:

- The cruises starting from either the marina or the Berenice Beach Club lets you enjoy the luxury of serene waters.

-  A private dining experience, consisting of a tailor-made menu and gorgeous views of the sunset awaits you on the cruise.  

- You can enjoy candle-lit dinner while the sun sets if you wish to stay on the beach.
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