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Just as the Middle Eastern cities are, Amman is a relative youth. Despite the fact that it lacks the thrilling architectural tapestry and the storied history of the other regional capitals, there’s a lot here to encourage you to stay on for a little longer before making your way to the Dead Sea, Petra or Wadi Rum. If truth be told, Amman is also one of the easiest cities for you to enjoy the Middle East experience.

The city has two different parts -  First one, being the earthy Eastern Amman where it is easy for you to sense the more conservative and traditional pulse of the country and the second one being the urbane Western Amman that is complete with its leafy cafes, bars, residential districts, art galleries and modern malls. 

Towards the centre of the city is a messy, meandering ‘downtown’, which is indeed the most important place to see in Amman. Towards the bottom of the many hills of the city, you’ll come across some spectacular Roman ruins which are often overlooked by the towering citadel. Other attractions include the hubbub of mosques, coffeehouses, international-standard museum and souqs which are central to the Jordanian lifestyle.

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Newly Added Amman Experience
It was an amazing trip we had in Jordan for the span of 6 days, our trip organizer was knowledgable they planned my itinerary accordingly as what I was expecting for, from the airport itself we were greeted by the staff and transfer us to the per booking hotel, the hotels were a good hotel of the place with amazing hospitalities and services. Even though everything has been set up but still the Thrillophilia team gets in touch with us the entire trip and always follow-up and even ensured that they will be there at any time we need helps, Every tour they arranged was fun and worthwhile with proper knowledge. We truly had an unforgettable time in Jordan, the expereince we had in Petra was an awesome one. The trip was enjoyable and one we will never forget!!! Everything happened because of the amazing planned done by Thrillophilia Team...
I had a positive experience booking with Thrillophilia, The team listened to what I actually wanted in the trip plus it was easy to contact them in terms of changes or seek any info. The whole 6-days trip I spend my time mostly in Amman and Petra... I really enjoyed all my sightseeing locations. I had the most memorable activities jeep safari and camel ride... Beautiful stayed we had, looking forward to my next international trip from your team only
I want to give full credit to the organizers for our trip. Everything went smoothly, the airport pickups were exactly as they said so, Full-packed with lots of amazing memories in just 5-days in Jordan everything we visited was impressive like Amman, Petra, Red Rose City, and Dead Sea and other famous sites were fascinating... Good climate, amazing ambiance, loving people, tried delicious cuisine, purchased souvinirs, lots of picturesque opportunities....and so on...Thank you for making it all a memorable experience.
Visiting such places is itself blissful, we loved the places and how nicely the people were with us. Loved travelling and all concept.
We were happy with our trip to Jordan...The whole trip was well-planned, we enjoyed all the activities that came with the package, the agent made it obvious that they would be available for any issues that may have come but we were glad that the whole trip there was no issues at all...All arrangements met our expectations, the experienced we had was unforgettable...Nice place to explored for such tourists like us...Would think for the next destination form your team again.
You made our experience unforgettable, not bad!!! the trip was very well-organized with proper execution, the team who helps us with the planning, booking, and during our trip was very responsive, considerate and, professional. The day trip we had for 4 days was simply amazing the place is very rich with culture, ancient history and the people were very warm and very helpful, the sightseeing was extremely wow...especially the trips to Red Rose City and the Dead Sea. The hotel, picked-up, and dropped-off were totally spot-on... Thank you for making sure our holiday was everything we wanted it to be.
Firstly let me tell you that we enjoyed the trip... I always had a great experience booking my trip with Thrillophilia. Yes, this is my first time in Jordan but the way the team planned my tour I felt that I knew about each and every place I visit as it went so smoothly from the itinerary. The accommodations were fabulous at the prime-location, helpful-staff, and served with delicious breakfast to start the day. Transport was always on time, I usually like the entire plan as it makes my family and I easy to covered and experience the beautiful Jordan.
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People Also Ask About Amman

  1. Travel Advice

    ·         Do not get involved in fights or brawls with anyone.

    ·         Do respect the local cultures and traditions.

    ·         Do not get indulged in drugs of any form.

    ·         Make sure you do not travel alone in the night.

    ·         Girls please ensure that you do not get over friendly with someone you barely know.

    ·         Do not eat street food without checking the quality.

    ·         Make sure you drink only bottled mineral water.

    ·         Check for the seal before you buy a water bottle.

    ·         Do not buy a bottle from the brand you do not know.

    ·         Before going to a restaurant, make sure you research well about the applicable dress code and dress accordingly.

    ·         Learn a few words from the local language of the region. It can be a good way to communicate with the locals and understand the local traditions and cultures.

    ·         Always book a hotel in an area that is centrally located.

    ·         Avoid staying in any shady area.

    ·         Keep the vendors at bay.

    ·         Do not entertain the touts.

    ·         Do not entertain the beggars.

    ·         Always carry with you at least one proof of your identity at all times.

    ·         Do not leave your passport in the hotel room.

               Book a room in the hotel that has a room safe.
  2. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Amman is 18 years. 

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Roman Theatre

    Roman Theatre is a famous landmark where various events take place. 6,000 visitors can be accommodated at this theatre. It was built when Antoninus Pius was in power. It was designed in such a way that it keeps the sun off the spectators. Roman Theatre is divided into three horizontal sections, one at ground level, other one leading to orchestra, and the third one to the stage. Behind these entrances, there is Jordan Museum of popular tradition. Various cultural activities take place at Roman theatre like Amman International Book Fair, the Amman Marathon prize ceremony, and musical concerts, most notably the Al-Balad Music Festival.

    The Jordan Museum

    Located in Ras Al-Ein district of Amman, Jordan museum is the largest Museum and preserves the country's most important archaeological findings. The museum is built recently in the year 2014. It has prehistoric artifacts, including the 7500 BC Ain Ghazal statues which are regarded as one of the oldest human statues ever made by human civilization. The Jordan museum features lecture halls, outdoor exhibitions, a library, a conservation center and an area for children's activities. It also hosts animal bones dating back to 1.5 million years, Ain Ghazal lime plaster statues, Copper Scroll from the Dead Sea Scrolls, a copy of Mesha Stele. Tourists should definitely visit this beautiful museum.

    Amman Citadel

    Among Various places to see in Jordan's capital city, Amman Citadel is an ancient site that holds a lot of historical significance and importance. It is situated at the center of downtown Amman, Jordan. It is said that humans dating back to 1550 BC lived at the Citadel. Other notable monuments here are the Temple of Hercules, a Byzantine church, and the Umayyad Palace. It also consists of a huge collection of artifacts from the Citadel and also various others from different Jordanian historic sites.

    Jordan National Gallery of fine arts

    Jordan National Gallery of fine arts is a contemporary art museum situated in Amman. The museum has the collection of artworks comprising over 2000 works including paintings, prints, sculptures, prints, sculptures, photographs, installations, weavings, and ceramics. These collections include work from artists of different countries. It is one of the major tourist places in Amman.

    King Abdullah Mosque

    Situated in Amman, King Abdullah Mosque was built between 1982 and 1989. The architectural design of the mosque is beautiful and marvelous that is sure to catch many eyeballs. The mosque is spread across 190,000 sq ft and has the capacity to accommodate 10000 worshippers at once. It also has a Islamic museum that consists of small collection of photographs and personal effects of King Abdullah. A must visit tourist attraction to pray and explore the beauty of the mosque. Plan your holidays at Amman and explore the rich culture of the city.

    Qasr Al-Mshatta

    If you are interested in seeing an historical ruin, the Qasr Al-Mshatta will be a perfect site for you. Although the complex couldn’t be completed, even the half finished facade looks adorable. There are various parts of the place taken into the Berlin museum to showcase it to a larger audience. It is about 730 meters in height and looks magnificient from all sides.
  4. What you will like there?


    Amman is rich in historical sites, national parks and museums. Visit the Roman Theatre where cultural events take place and you can be a part of it. The Jordan Museum is the largest museum in the city that preserves prehistoric artifacts and where you can learn about Jordan’s culture and historic events. Amman Citadel and Jordan National Gallery of fine arts are two popular tourist attractions spot you can’t afford to miss. King Abdullah Mosque is a beautiful and magnificent mosque built around 1980-89 where Muslims offer prayers. Other places worth visiting are - Royal automobile museum, Amman national, and Winter valley among others. Also, for your stay, there are good hotels that provide you quality service.

    Wadi Rum desert tour

    Explore rich geological and archaeological landmarks of Amman through this exciting and memorable desert tour. Private Tours offer visitors with desert tour packages on their 4 x 4 jeep. They provide you with a guide that tells you about different events that took place at a particular location and importance of the place. You can also meet local Bedouin people while on the desert tour. Top sights you can explore on the tour includes the impressive Burdah Rock Bridge, the longest one in Wadi Rum, the Seven Pillars of Wisdom rock formation and the countless gorges, arches, and cliffs. It is surely one of the best things you can do in Amman.


    Amman is a great place to explore at night. Walk on peaceful streets of the city during the night and explore the interiors of the city. The climate at night is pleasant making it perfect for couples to spend quality time here. You can also visit various nightclubs and bars that are open throughout the night near cosmopolitan West Amman. Also, many restaurants and American franchises are accessible at the night.

    Indulge in local cuisine

    Amman is popular for mansaf, a delicious lamb and rice meal. Other favorite item locals prefer here are chickpea-based foods such as falafel, hummus, and fuul. Visit one of Amman's most famous local foods restaurant Hashem, it serves dinner for two at a very affordable rate as compared to other restaurants in Amman. If you want to have some delicious shawarma in Amman, then go to the street-side kiosk called Shawerma Reem at 2nd circle.


    Amman is a great shopping destination where you can find variety of items at a reasonable rate. There are various antique dealers in the city that offer beautiful antique products. But the best tourist shopping can be done at the Balad. Some original souvenir items you can buy here includes keffiyeh, antique brass tea/coffee pot, olive wood carvings of various objects or figures hand-crafted Jordanian daggers and hand-made Bedouin-style embroidered clothing.

  5. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

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