15 Exhilarating Experiences That are Calling You to Jordan
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King Hussein I once said, “Jordan has a strange, haunting beauty and a sense of timelessness. Dotted with the ruins of empires once great, it is the last resort of yesterday in the world of tomorrow. I love every inch of it.” 

Boasting of a population of only 10 million, many think that Jordan, as a travel destination has very little to offer. However, those who choose to spend time in this quaint country are surprised not just by its staggering beauty but also by the numerous unique experiences they get to enjoy here.

From exploring stunning natural landscapes to world-famous historical and religious sites of attraction to floating in the lowest point of the planet, Jordan is a hidden gem in the Middle East which will surprise you at every twist and turn.

Here are 15 experiences so unique that you will be inspired to visit the land of Jordan.

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Explore UNESCO Sight Petra

Once known as the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom, the stone city of Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in addition to being one of the most commonly visited places in Jordan. Located in the south of Jordan and known as Rose City, Petra is carved deeply into the naturally reddish cliffs.

- It has a history which dates back to as early as 312 B.C.

- Pass through a 1-kilometre long winding stone corridor leading to the city, offering a scintillating sight.

- Visit the Ad Deir by hiking up to 800 steps, and see the place where the ancient Nabataeans used to hold religious festivities.

- Trek to the High Place of Sacrifice, which offers a 360-degree view of the Treasury.


Float in the Dead Sea

Located at the lowest point on the face of this planet, the Dead Sea is one of the most interesting places in Jordan. Situated on the borders of Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea is actually a lake, and is amongst the most stunning natural phenomenon you will ever encounter. The bottom of the sea is a rich aquamarine blue, while its bay area is a stunning emerald.

- The Dead Sea is hyper-saline, with 34% salinity levels, almost ten times that of seawater.

- One can float in the Dead Sea, without the fear of drowning or sinking.

- The Dead Sea mud is rich in minerals is used for therapeutic properties and treatments.


4X4 Adventure into the Vast Desert of Wadi Rum

Explore the Valley of the Moon, and take a close look at what is amongst some of the world’s best and most beautiful desert landscapes. Avail the 4X4 adventure, where you get to see Wadi Rum’s stunning ochre dunes, majestic hills and towering cliffs, while sitting in a jeep! This UNESCO World Heritage protected desert is tucked in amidst boundless sand-dunes, magnificent canyons as well as majestic mountains.

- Explore the desert on a 4X4 jeep, while enjoying its beauty in solidarity.

- Experience the bygone eras, by seeing remnants of the Palaeolithic and Neolithic Periods.

- Visit the areas where films like Lawrence of Arabia, Red Planet and The Martian were shot.

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Explore All (11)

Roman History Lesson at the Ruins of Jerash

There are only a few places in the world where you can see history in all of its glory. In saying so, Jordan is home to what is said to be the best-preserved Roman history across the world. Destroyed by the Galilee earthquake in 749 A.D., the ancient city of Jerash, which re-emerged during the 16th century Ottoman era, is one of the only places where you can experience a Roman history lesson.

- It was hidden for centuries under Jordan’s shifting sands, and was home to names like Alexander the Great, Trajan, Hadrian, as well as the mathematician Nichomachas.

- This is where chariots used to race and gladiators would clash with Roman athletes and warriors.

- Jerash was rediscovered in 1806 by German explorer Ulrich Jasper Seetzen.

- It is also home to the 13-metre tall Hadrian’s Arch as well as the Amphitheatre. 


Hot Air Ballooning over Wadi Rum

The Martian landscape of Wadi Rum is not only unique, but also quite interesting. For one of the best experiences in Jordan, you can take a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Wadi Rum desert by getting into a hot air balloon.

The ride usually lasts for a couple of hours, taking you through the different regions of the red desert, while offering you a chance to see Wadi Rum like never before, that too while you are at least 1,000 metres above the land. Make sure to have this experience in the clear skies of summers as hot air ballooning is closed in winters.

- Chase the rising sun by taking a ride in a hot air balloon in the deserts of Wadi Rum.

- Soak in the mesmerising red landscapes and watch the rock formations and mountains become smaller.


Canyoning in Wadi Mujib - At 410m Below Sea Level

Towering above the River Mujib and stretching over 70 kilometres, is the biblical Arnon Stream or Wadi Mujib, also popularly known as the “Grand Canyon of Jordan.” Eventually entering the Dead Sea, Wadi Mujib is actually located 410 metres below sea level.

Wadi Mujib is a part of the Wadi Mujib Reserve, where the deeply cut sandstone mountains span an elevation drop of over 1,200 meters. The mountains then experience a sudden drop to the lowest ground level on Earth, which is 400 metres below sea level.

- A canyoning experience here does not only include walking, but also swimming and hiking along with a descent from a 20 meters high waterfall.

- Visit the Siq Trail for an easier canyoning experience.

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Sleep in a Bedouin Camp

For the experience of a lifetime, you definitely need to go for camping in a Bedouin camp in Jordan. Fully equipped with all the basic necessities, these camps have remained a common place of habitation for the Bedouins. Additionally, these are the perfect place to watch the magical red and golden sunset of Wadi Rum.

Moreover, an overnight stay in these camps will let you not just experience the local Bedouin lifestyle, but you can also stargaze from here. Some of these camps also offer adventurous activities like jeep safari, hiking and more which you can avail and enjoy.

- Interact with the locals and Bedouins to get a taste of the local life and culture.

- Indulge in delicious Jordanian delicacies.


Roman Amphitheatre in Amman

Located in the downtown area near the Citadel in Amman is the famous Roman Amphitheatre, a great historic site which you should definitely visit while in Amman. This 6,000 seat theatre dates back to the 2nd century, the time when Amman was known as Philadelphia, or “The City of Brotherly Love.”

- The Amphitheatre is divided into three different sections and commissioned by Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius.

- If you stand on a particular marked spot between the stage and seats and speak, your voice projects to the entire theatre.

- The small door on the side of the stage leads up to the Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions, where you can find numerous ceramics, traditional Bedouin jewellery and clothing as well as trinkets, sitting on display.

- The remains of the Temple of Hercules sit on a hill behind the theatre, paving the way for the bright Jordanian sun.


Dana Nature Reserve Sunset Hike

Located in the mountains of Southern Jordan, the Dana Natural Reserve is a great stop between Amman and Wadi Rum. The largest natural reserve of Jordan, encompassing sand dunes, mountains and colourful rocks along the Great Rift Valley, the Dana Natural Reserve is also home to a rich flora and fauna.

- It is 320 square kilometres in area, offering stunning views of the sunset.

- It is home to over 800 plant types, 200 bird species 50 mammals as well as over 30 reptiles from Africa, Asia and Europe.

- Take an adventurous sunset hike on the 14-kilometre long Wadi Dana trail, which connects Dana Village and Feynan Ecolodge.

- The viewpoint at the top offers spectacular views of the Dana Valley, in addition to the vibrant red and golden sunset of Jordan.

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Explore All (11)

Private Food and Wine Pairing at JR The Wine Experience

For a luxurious food experience in Jordan, you need to visit JR The Wine Experience in Amman. For lovers of wine, a visit to this haven is nothing short of extraordinary. JR The Wine Experience offers a private food and wine pairing sessions to its guests.

- JR The Wine Experience is the first of its kind wine tasting experience in the entire country.

- Discover over 40 international varieties of grapes which are handpicked especially for you.

- Watch the grapes get crafted into more than 20 different types of wine.

- Pair your chosen delectable wine with specially made local food.


Scuba Diving in Aqaba

A scuba diving experience in Aqaba is the best way to fulfill all your underwater fantasies. Boasting of warm waters throughout the year, Aqaba caters to both amateur and expert scuba divers. Moreover, divers can find both soft as well as hard corals in the depths of the Red Sea here, in addition to enjoying a wide array of slopes, canyons and marine species.

In fact, the calm shoreline also makes scuba diving in Aqaba quite easy a task.

- A dive from the many diving spots in Aqaba can offer you welcoming sights to over 500 different species of coral and marine life.

- Dive from the Cedar Pride Wreck and get a glimpse of a tank as well as a Lebanese freighter at the bottom of the Red Sea.

- The Seven Sisters diving spot boasts views of many exotic fish species, from the Yamanieh Coral Reef, Giant Napoleon Wrasse and Little Dragon Fish, to the Ghost Pipefish and Warty Frogfish.


Cycling The Jordan Bike Trail

A long 730-kilometre, mixed surface bike trail which cross the entire length of the Kingdom of Jordan, the Jordan Bike Trail is a one-of-a-kind, unique and offbeat places where one can go for cycling in the country. Traversing from Umm Qais in the north to the port of Aqaba in the south, this bike trail takes cyclists through an impressive range of natural as well as historical marvels in Jordan.

- Visit numerous ancient
Greco-Roman ruins up in the north, which are guaranteed to take you back in time.

- Visit the Yarmouk Nature Preserve near Umm Qais, which is 378 metres above sea level and is home to the only Oak tree forest in the entire country of Jordan.

- You can cover many different areas of Jordan in a span of 12 to 15 days.


Explore Wadi Rum on Camel

Another unique way to explore the Wadi Rum is to do so on a camel. This protected desert is one of the most incredible landscapes you will ever get to experience. From the dry sand dunes to the towering rock formations, Wadi Rum is nothing short of simply captivating. And what’s better to explore the Valley of the Moon than on the back of the camel!

- Explore the desert and its various marvelling sights just like a local would, by riding the ship of the desert.

- Stargaze in the desert after having a local, yet luxurious dinner at a Bedouin camp.


Cook with a Family in Amman and Get a Taste of the Local Food

It is a fact known far and wide that the people of Jordan are quite warm and welcoming. For the ultimate experience of your life, you can enjoy a taste of the local food in Amman. This emerging Middle-East capital is known for its indulgent food. Boasting of a vibrant mix of traditional Bedouin flavours and some really iconic and flavourful dishes, Amman is the food hub of the Jordanian land.

- Visit local homes to get a taste of the food scene in Jordan.

- Learn how to make Mansaf, the national dish of Jordan, by cooking lamb in fermented dried yoghurt called Jameed.

- Savour local delicacies like Falafel, Shawarma, Zaatar as well as the popular Kunafa dessert.


Snorkelling in The Red Sea

The port town of Aqaba is famous not only for being the southernmost point of Jordan, but also for being one of the best snorkelling coastlines in the entire world. Boasting of vibrantly coloured sea reefs and immense biodiversity, the Red Sea also houses over 130 coral species and many hundred species of fishes and other marine life.

- Spot exotic coral reefs and marine life, such as sea turtles, dolphins and even manta rays while snorkelling in the Red Sea.

- Snorkel from the Japanese Garden or the King Abdullah Reef, amongst the prettiest diving spots in the country.

- Go for snorkelling at Cedar Pride if you are an expert diver, and see the Lebanese Cargo Ship which sank underwater in 1986.

- See the mesmerising sights of giant cabbage corals, lionfish, angel fish and even the butterfly fish.

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Not an easy task to plan such a trip like this by our own, but this company did it they planned our trip to Jordan for the span of 5 days, and all these 5 days the trip went well without fail, the staff did an exceptional job with their explanations and organization... All the tour programs were put together for us amazingly... we really wanted to stay more days... The place is AWESOME with its amazing ancient history and all the spots were truly worth visiting. The hotel we stayed in was very nice which gave us a very comfortable stay throughout with tasty breakfast to begin our day, the airport transfers were on time in both picked up and dropped off. The trip was really a good one I can't thank enough to all the team who involved to make our trip memorable. Would book through Thrillophilia again!
It was an amazing trip we had in Jordan for the span of 6 days, our trip organizer was knowledgable they planned my itinerary accordingly as what I was expecting for, from the airport itself we were greeted by the staff and transfer us to the per booking hotel, the hotels were a good hotel of the place with amazing hospitalities and services. Even though everything has been set up but still the Thrillophilia team gets in touch with us the entire trip and always follow-up and even ensured that they will be there at any time we need helps, Every tour they arranged was fun and worthwhile with proper knowledge. We truly had an unforgettable time in Jordan, the expereince we had in Petra was an awesome one. The trip was enjoyable and one we will never forget!!! Everything happened because of the amazing planned done by Thrillophilia Team...
I had a positive experience booking with Thrillophilia, The team listened to what I actually wanted in the trip plus it was easy to contact them in terms of changes or seek any info. The whole 6-days trip I spend my time mostly in Amman and Petra... I really enjoyed all my sightseeing locations. I had the most memorable activities jeep safari and camel ride... Beautiful stayed we had, looking forward to my next international trip from your team only
Chinmayananda Iyengar Splendid Jordan 5 Days Tour
I want to give full credit to the organizers for our trip. Everything went smoothly, the airport pickups were exactly as they said so, Full-packed with lots of amazing memories in just 5-days in Jordan everything we visited was impressive like Amman, Petra, Red Rose City, and Dead Sea and other famous sites were fascinating... Good climate, amazing ambiance, loving people, tried delicious cuisine, purchased souvinirs, lots of picturesque opportunities....and so on...Thank you for making it all a memorable experience.
Visiting such places is itself blissful, we loved the places and how nicely the people were with us. Loved travelling and all concept.
Deenabandhu Devar Holy Land Tour From Mumbai
We booked this tour and must say it was wonderful. The Dead sea and Mt. Nebo seemed the heart of the tour. And getting to know the culture closely was a whole different experience we had. It was amazing trip well managed by the team, and supportive drivers and well- behaved and helpful staff. Satisfied from the trip, definitely recommendable!
Dakshayani Dhawan Splendid Jordan 5 Days Tour
We were happy with our trip to Jordan...The whole trip was well-planned, we enjoyed all the activities that came with the package, the agent made it obvious that they would be available for any issues that may have come but we were glad that the whole trip there was no issues at all...All arrangements met our expectations, the experienced we had was unforgettable...Nice place to explored for such tourists like us...Would think for the next destination form your team again.
You made our experience unforgettable, not bad!!! the trip was very well-organized with proper execution, the team who helps us with the planning, booking, and during our trip was very responsive, considerate and, professional. The day trip we had for 4 days was simply amazing the place is very rich with culture, ancient history and the people were very warm and very helpful, the sightseeing was extremely wow...especially the trips to Red Rose City and the Dead Sea. The hotel, picked-up, and dropped-off were totally spot-on... Thank you for making sure our holiday was everything we wanted it to be.
Firstly let me tell you that we enjoyed the trip... I always had a great experience booking my trip with Thrillophilia. Yes, this is my first time in Jordan but the way the team planned my tour I felt that I knew about each and every place I visit as it went so smoothly from the itinerary. The accommodations were fabulous at the prime-location, helpful-staff, and served with delicious breakfast to start the day. Transport was always on time, I usually like the entire plan as it makes my family and I easy to covered and experience the beautiful Jordan.

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