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Dev Roopa Trek, Himachal Pradesh6 days
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Thrillophilia is forever ready to help you plan the perfect trek, with our diverse packages of winter treks and tours in Himachal Pradesh. Some of the most popular treks in this house of the Himalayas are Pin Parvati trek, Kheerganga trek, Hampta Pass trek, and the Beas Kund trek.

For first-timers as well as experienced trekkers, this fascinating destination offers a plethora of winter treks in Himachal Pradesh. The Triund trek, Bijli Mahadev trek, Prashar lake trek, and Kasol Kheerganga trek are easy treks that soothe the feet of the beginners. On the other hand, there are moderate-level trekking trails of the Hampta pass trek, Patalsu Peak trek, Kareri lake trek, and the Beas Kund trek. For the expert trekkers, the Pin Parvati trek, Friendship Peak trek, Bara Bhangal trek, and the Deo Tibba trek offer trails that truly test the enthusiasm of the adventurers.

All our winter treks and tours in Himachal Pradesh are characterised by top-notch travel arrangements starting from comfortable accommodations and seamless transfers. Thrillophilia also takes care of all the meals on the treks and medicinal facilities. We pride ourselves with the experience of our on-ground experts and tour operators as well. We ensure you a safe and secured trip for you, one that you will remember throughout. 

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Himachal Pradesh Winter Treks FAQs

Which are the best places for trekking in Himachal in Winter?

Triund: Triund is one of the most sought after places for winter treks in Himachal. Nestled in the laps of the Dhauladhar ranges, Triund offers some of the best views of the mighty mountains on one side, and the majestic Kangra Valley on the other. Making its way across quaint villages, lush woodlands and several little waterfalls, the Triund trek offers some of the best views of the Himachal ranges

Prashar Lake: Located at a height of more than 2,000 meters above sea level, Prashar Lake is an ideal spot for Winter treks in Himachal. Overlooking the gushing river Beas, the Prashar Lake remains frozen throughout the winter months. The trail to the lake is scattered with charming little forests, offering some unparalleled views

Kheerganga: Travelling across thundering rivers, majestic waterfalls and flower-clad meadows, Kheerganga is no doubt one of the most beautiful locations for Winter treks in Himachal. While the trail itself is scattered with stunning views, the summit at Kheerganga offers majestic panoramic sight of the surrounding mountains, along with a natural hot spring.

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Which are the best treks in Himachal in summers?

Pin Parvati Pass trek: Following the glorious river Parvati, the Pin Parvati Pass Trek takes you through some of the most beautiful meadows in the Himachal. The Pass is known to be home to thick lush forests and several bird species, making it a haven for nature lovers. The trek is fairly difficult, and best suited for experienced trekkers only

Hampta Pass Trek: The Hampta Pass connects the two distant valleys of Kullu and Lahaul. The trekking route along the pass travels across beautiful flower-clad meadows, scenic rivers and several little waterfalls. The trek is moderate in its difficulty, and may be attempted by beginners as well

Tosh Valley Trek: Located at the end of the Parvati Valley, Tosh is a little village of unending beauty. A fairly easy route, the Tosh Valley trek can be attempted by everyone. The little trail to the valley is scattered with woods and meadows, with the river Parvati travelling along the route.

Which easy treks in Himachal are best for beginners?

Solang Valley Trek: Located between the village Solang and the Beas Kung, the Solang Valley is one of the most gorgeous locations for Himachal Winter Treks. Apart from the stunning panoramic views of the mountains, trekkers can enjoy a number of adventure sports at the valley, including zorbing, skiing, paragliding

Prashar Lake: One of the easiest routes for Himachal Winter treks, the Prashar Lake Trek is an ideal choice for first time trekkers. Crossing charming forests and several small streams as it makes its way to the Lake, the trekking route offers some views fit for kings. The trek also includes a camping experience by the lake, adding to the charm of it.

Bhrigu Lake Trek: Nestled at a height of 14,000 feet, Bhrigu is a glacial lake in the heart of the Himalayas. Although it remains frozen throughout winter, the beautiful lake is said to change its colours every hour during the summer months, offering a dazzling sight.

What are the things I should carry for trekking?

Extra woolen clothing
Essential medicine, including medicine for vertigo, blood pressure, nausea and headache
Hiking stick
First Aid Kit
Personal water bottle
Rain cover
Trekking shoes or hiking boots
Sun protection, including hats, caps, sunscreens or gloves
Insect repellant sprays

Which are the best Winter treks in Himachal Pradesh?

There are several great winter treks in Himachal Pradesh that can leave you in awe.
1. Pin Parvati trek- Walk through some breathtaking trails of the Parvati ranges on this trek, passing vast stretches of barren meadows and stunning lakes. Conquer one of the most high-altitude summits, covering around 17,400 feet.
2. Kareri Lake trek- Take a long glimpse at the grandeur of the Dhauladhar ranges on the Kareri Lake trek. Cross steep ascents and descents as you make your way through the Rhododendron-lined trails.
3. Hampta Pass trek- Leading you through the landscape of Manali and ending at Lahaul, this is one of the most mesmerising winter treks in Himachal. You will cross the village of Sethan en route Hampta Pass, and also get a chance to witness the Chandratal in Spiti.
4. Beas Kund trek- Witness the beauty of coniferous forests running along the trekking trail of Beas Kund. Soak in the grandeur of the Pir Panjal ranges, and enjoy the adventure to your fullest.
5. Kheerganga trek- Admire the views of the Parvati valley as you trek amidst towering Pine and Deodar forests. After a beautiful trek through the majestic Himalayan landscape, you can relax in the natural hot spring of Parvati Kund.

Is it safe to trek in Himachal during Winter?

Yes, it is safe to trek in Himachal during the Winter season. Himachal Pradesh is a fascinating land that can stun all the visitors throughout the year. It hosts some magnificent trekking trails, and is home to several dreamy destinations that showcase different shades of beauty in different seasons. The winter season covers most of this Himalayan landscape in snow, turning it into an enchanting wonderland.

What is the best time to go for trekking in Himachal?

The best time to go trekking in Himachal is undoubtedly in the winter or the summer season. The winters put a spell on the landscape, capping the entire region in pristine white snow. On the other hand, the summers bring out the lush and vibrant side of the scenery, enthralling the visitors with impeccable sights of the snow-peaked mountains, and the glistening glaciers.

How do we prepare ourselves before trekking in the winter?

Trekking during the winter season can be as thrilling as it is exhausting. You require more stamina, strength, and endurance to trek in low temperatures and higher altitude trails.
1. Exercise regularly for the previous three months before going for the trek.
2. Walk, run, and climb staircases everyday.
3. Reduce smoking as it can affect your stamina considerably.
4. Pack proper trekking gears like trekking poles, waterproof trekking shoes, waterproof gloves, and jackets that can protect you in sub-zero temperatures.
5. Consult a doctor, and follow their recommendations. Especially in case of ailments, get a fitness certificate issued. 

What are the most popular summer treks in Himachal Pradesh?

There are many popular summer treks in Himachal Pradesh that can truly mesmerise you to the core.
1. Indrahar Lake trek- Lying between the Cghnama and the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, the Indrahar lake trek provides the trekkers with memorable sights of the Himalayas. On your camp stay in Illaqa, you can witness the remarkable night sky, sparkling with million stars.
2. Friendship peak trek- It is one of the most adventurous treks in Himachal Pradesh, offering unmatched sights of the Himalayas. Marvel at the sky-high snow-capped mountains and brace yourself for a thrilling journey.
3. Prashar lake trek- Nestled in the lap of the Dhauladhar ranges in the Kullu Valley, the Prashar lake presents the trekkers with an exciting as well as a blissful ambience. You can also admire the spectacular panoramic sight of the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar ranges while relaxing by the lake.
4. Churdhar peak trek- You can witness the great peaks of  Kinner Kailash, Shrikhand Mahadev, Kedarnath, and Badrinath from the Churdhar Peak. This trek provides the travellers with heart-warming views of the Gangetic basin and the Sutlej river as well.
5. Buran Ghati trek- Taking you through the Pabbar valley in Shimla to the Baspa valley in Kinnaur, this trek offers a wide variety of sceneries for you to marvel at. Explore the Dayara meadows and the picturesque lakes en-route Buran Ghati.

Which is the most difficult trek to do in winter in Himachal Pradesh?

The most difficult amongst the Himachal winter treks is the Pin Parvati trek. There are several other treks like the Bara Bhangal trek, Friendship Peak trek, and the Kang La trek, that are highly difficult and demand technical knowledge. Completing difficult treks is an achievement, however, it is suggested to have proper training and experience before going for these adventures.

What are the things I should carry for trekking?

You need to carry some important things while trekking, especially on the winter treks in Himachal Pradesh.
1. Rucksack- Carry a rucksack as per your height and weight. Try not to overburden your shoulders and back, and make sure that you can carry the rucksack comfortably during your trek.
2. Sunglasses and sunscreen- These two are essential for protecting your eyes and skin from sunburns and snowburns. So, keep them handy in your rucksack.
3. Backpack and first-aid kit- it is suggested to carry a smaller backpack or a side-bag for keeping the first-aid kit and the immediate things, like camera and water. You can also keep light snacks in this bag, along with some bits of camphor to ease your breathing.
4. Trekking gears- The trekking pole and trekking shoes are very important things to carry on a trek. Proper gears and preparation can ease your trekking experience.
5. Warm clothing- Trek friendly clothes are a must to carry. Light-weight t-shirts and comfortable as well as durable pants are a must, along with warm-clothing that can sustain you in the harsh and cold night-time weather.

Which is the best winter trek for beginners?

The best winter trek in Himachal Pradesh for the beginners is the Triund trek. It is a very easy trek that is perfect for the first-time trekkers. It takes a day to climb up to the Triund top, and you can spend the night there in camps before descending the next day. The total distance covered in this trek is around 18-20 kilometres (9-10 kilometres one-way), climbing an altitude of 9,278 feet.

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Prem Asan
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
Well-managed and well-arranged tour, from the beginning till the ending of the tour went excellent, Really an unforgettable tour ever.

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