Renuka Lake Overview

The largest natural lake in the State of Himachal Pradesh is in the shape of a leaning back lady. What’s interesting here is the not the natural beauty that it has to offer, but the socio-cultural backbone on which the skeleton of the lake stands. The shape of the lake ascertains and supports the belief that it is the personification of Goddess Renuka, a popular goddess amongst the locals, but not only this, it also has some brilliant shots waiting to be captured.

There is a boating facility which helps one get one step closer to the Lake and hence nature. The Renuka Temple on the bank of the Lake attracts devotees, wanting to worship their goddess. At a distance of 38 kilometres, it is a short convenient distance from Nahan making it the best place to visit in Nahan.

Including a visit to the Renuka Lake in your best Himachal tour packages offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural immersion. Experience the serene ambiance and spiritual vibes of the lake while capturing unforgettable moments amidst the stunning landscape of Himachal Pradesh.

Timings: Sunrise to sunset

Entry: Entry free

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