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The Himalayas are a sight to behold for one and all, boasting of the geological event of the welding of the Indian subcontinent with the Eurasian mainland through collision, millions of years ago. The unique chains of peaks that emerged as a result, are young and ambitious, still growing, and has been known to colour mankind’s imagination in terms of being portrayed in folklore as “the abode of the gods”, “the birthplace of rivers, personified as gods” and being the preferred home for enlightened godmen like the Dalai Lama. WIth its snow-capped peaks reaching up into the clouds and the other worldly charm of pristine sources of provision for life such as the birthing of rivers from glaciers, waterfalls, untouched wilderness adorning the various reaches of the colossal structures, the Himalayas make for much more than simply an unforgettable tour. It is expected to be a transformational experience where one comes face to face with the laws of nature, the tapestry of nature art at its best and experiences of a connection with the timeline of creation, complete with man’s place in the grander scheme of things. The best Himalayas Tour Packages include the likes of Chitwan National Park, Annapurna Circuit, Rohtang Pass, etc.


Tourism in the Himalayas encompasses a range of activities in its palette of options. From trekking to dousing the soul in a culture of meditative peace, engaging the senses through yoga amidst nature, indulging one’s tastebuds to exquisite Tibetan cuisine and other local cuisine, the Himalayas offer a complete tourism package in all its splendour( naturally) for tourists to justifiably keep coming back for more. When it comes to Himalayas Tour Packages, adventure lovers have additional scope for mountain biking, paragliding, hand gliding, mountaineering to pump up the adrenaline. And for those seeking a home away from home, the warmth of the hearths of the hospitable locals and their eagerness to share their culture while embracing people from afar, makes the experience worth a lot more than simply memories of sensory captures of the splendor of the surroundings.

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  1. Which are the famous trekking tours in the Himalayas?

    The Himalayan range spans across 12 states in India besides sprawling over Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet as well. There are a number of Himalayan trekking tours available across the entire expanse. Few of the most famous ones have been listed as follows:


    Treks in India


    Gangotri Glacier Trek

    Frozen River Trek along the Zaskar River

    Goecha La Trek

    Markha Valley Trek

    Kolahoi Glacier Trek

    Chapta Chandrashila Trek

    Roopkund Trek

    Rupin Pass Trek

    The Brahmatal Trek

    Pangarchulla Trek

    Har ki Doon Trek


    Treks in Nepal


    Poon Hill and Annapurna Base Camp

    Makalu Base Camp Trek

    Manaslu Circuit

    Upper Mustang Trek

    Everest Base Camp


    Treks in Bhutan

    Snowman Trek

    Chomolhari Trek


    Treks in Tibet

    Advanced Everest Base Camp trek

    Kailash circuit

  2. Which are the different mountain biking expeditions to do in the Himalayas?

    Mountain biking can be a test of passion, grit and resilience for adventure seekers in the Himalayas. The unforgiving terrain and spectacular landscapes make for a ride of a lifetime. A few of the most famous biking expeditions in the mountains are as follows:

    Manali to Leh

    Kumaon, Uttarakhand

    Garhwal, Uttarakhand

    Leh to Zaskar, Ladakh

  3. Which are the best campsites to stay in, during my Himalayan tour?

    The Himalayan tour feels complete when one undertakes camping in the alpine woods and meadows dotting the mountains. A few of the best campsites to stay in the Himalayas are as follows:

    Camp Awara, Dhanaulti, Garhwal himalayas

    Camp O Royale, Dhanaulti

    Kanatal Camp

    Kanatal Adventure Camp

    Whispering Pines

    Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

    Dharamshala, Garhwal himalayas

  4. Which are some of the most adventurous jeep safari tours in the Himalayas? How much would it cost me?

    Jeep safaris are a great way to explore long routes along the Himalayas in an organized fashion. Some of the most famous jeep safari tours in the Himalayas are:

    Trans- Himalayan Jeep Safari

    Dhahnu Jeep Safari

    Kanchenjunga Jeep Safari

    Tsomoriri and Tsokar  Jeep Safari

    Pangong Lake Jeep Safari

    Manali-Leh Jeep Safari

    The average cost of the safaris is around 25,000 rupees per person.

  5. Which are the best lakes to trek to, as part of my Himalayan tour?

    The Himalayas are famous for its glacial lakes and tectonic lakes.  A few of the best lakes to trek to are as follows:

    Roopkund Trek

    Bhrigu Trek

    Bhramatal Trek

    Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

    Tsomoriri Lake

  6. Should I visit Bir Billing on my Himalayan tour? What are the different adventure activities there?

    Bir Billing is a must go to place while on a Himalayan tour. A small village, named as Bir, located west of joginder Nagar valley in Himachal Pradesh, it is famously also known as the Paragliding hub of India. Amongst adventure activities, few of the most recommended adventure activities are:


    Hand gliding

    Long treks to Ghornala and Manali

  7. Which are the best time to do a Manali to Leh cycling tour?

    The best time to go for a Manali to Leh cycling tour include the months of March, May, October and November.

  8. How long does the Stok Kangri trekking tour take? How difficult is it?

    The Stok Kangri trek occurs in the Ladakh region going up to  a maximum altitude of 20,100 ft. It is a breathtaking trek which accords a view of the Karakoram range to the north and the Zaskar to the south while one stands on the peak. The trek goes as much as 9 days and 8 nights, and the trail goes through numerous alpine meadows and difficult terrain.

    The trek leads up to experience a view that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The road to such splendour is thus not as smooth as motorable roads elsewhere. The difficulty level of the trek greatly varies based on the fitness level of the trekkers and their sense of discipline and passion to reach the top. The climate that one has to brave to reach the top, is as expected of a region of that level of altitude.

    You can now book this Amazing trekking tour to Stok Kangri, Click here to book your tour!

  9. What is the best time to trek through the Valley of Flowers in the Himalayas? What's so special about it?

    The best time to trek through the Valley of Flowers is during the summer i.e from May-October when the flower-blooms area at the peak. During this time of the year, the flowers are in full bloom and the valley is a sight to feast one’s eyes on as a rare bouquet of endemic flora and fauna of the region.

    The Valley of Flowers, located in Chamoli district is a second core region of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. It is a high altitude valley which hosts endemic flora and fauna of the region and also offer spectacular sights in terms of mountains, cliffs, water-falls and mountain streams. It is special for nature lovers who would want as a  retreat, a nest in the lap of the mountains.

  10. Can I do a solo backpacking tour to Leh? What should be my check-list?

    Of course, one could do a solo backpacking tour to Leh. However, there are a few things one should keep in mind.

    1. It is best to travel during the summer as chances of road blockage due to landslides or snowing will be rare.
    2. One needs to be flexible with the itinerary. Shared cabs, shared tempos and local transport is recommended to ensure one goes easy on the pocket.
    3. It is important to get the Inner Line Permit from the DC office at Ladakh before venturing on further to explore Leh.
    4. It is advisable to save some energy by not over exerting oneself from the very beginning in terms of physical activity unless of course it is not the first time in such a  mountainous region.
    5. Acclimatization is very important for first time backpackers to Leh.