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Best Places to Visit in Dubai Marina in 2019

  • 01 JBR Beach

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    Beachgoers will definitely sign up for JBR Beach aka Jumeirah Beach Resort Beach which has the shining crystalline grains on the shore and the turquoise water in the front. So far, this is one of the best beaches in Dubai that has everything to muster public in large numbers. A wide assemblage of water based activities both fun and adventurous have countless admirers still.

    The Jumeirah hotel at the distance makes a scenic picture which can be utilized as the perfect background for your photograph. Perhaps, the calm water creates friendly connection with you and thus kids as well can freely enjoy playing in the water.

    All types of water sports and activities can be done on the beach but people usually choose banana boat ride, parasailing, wake board, fly board etc. But the beach offers enough options to swimming and snorkeling as the water is crystal clear. While a camel safari on the soft, sinking sand bed will be renewing experience you can ask for.

    Highlights: There are multiple activities available on the beach but the cruise on the sea would be a remarkable experience one can have while in Dubai. The numerous hotels on the shore try something new every time to entertain the guests arriving to relax on the beach or they provide the safety guaranteed water sports and activities at reasonable rates.

    The cascading sunset views from the beach have already plenty of admirers, for it spreads the unusual colours on the emerald coloured sea and on the pure white sandy beach turning them to outshine even the Jumeirah Hotel. The Jumeirah Beach Residence on the coast of the beach has gained wide acceptance and thus tourists arrive here as an avalanche.

    The beach is located at Jumeirah, 25 kms away from Dubai city and one can arrive here if the Abu Dhabi-Ghweifat International Highway is taken.

     Opens from 7:00 AM- 10:00 PM.

  • 02 Arabian Canal

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    A planned, man-made 75 km canal is the Arabian Canal that is on hold now. The construction of the canal would have done by 2012 but due to some reasons it was on hold. It will begin at the Dubai Marina, go around the Al Maktoum International Airport before joining hands with the sea at the outer end of Palm Jebel Ali.

    Dubai Waterfront would be the first phase of the larger Arabian Canal. Its construction is led by a famous company called Limitless. The canal was designed as fully navigable with methods to prevent tidal control.

    Highlights: There is a network which is tightly woven including roadways and transit that will link a huge range of communities and open spaces to the public places, wetlands and parks. The integrated systems of energy, water and waste would be doing a tremendous help and they are mutually beneficial as well.

    The plans to build the canal called for $50 billion to construct a new city that would need 20000 hectares of land at the south bank of the channel. Totally, the canal will be 150 meters wide and six meters deep which can easily give space to yachts up to 40 meters to move through.

    Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Timings: A definite idea on timings is not given by the authority. 

    Price: As of now, the entry Price to Arabian Canal is not decided.