Women Only Treks in Manali

Plan the perfect adventure for your girls with Thrillophilia’s women only treks tours in Manali. With picture-perfect Himalayan beauty, Manali ranks among the most popular hill destinations in India for trekkers. The town is the base for many treks which range from beginner-level to incredibly challenging trails suitable only for experts. Book your trek experience with Thrillophilia so you and your loved ones can enjoy a stress-free vacation without worrying about the details.

Women-only treks in Manali have varying levels of difficulty, ranging from the easy Prashar Lake trek to the challenging Hampta Pass trek. You can plan a weekend getaway with your friends on the two-day Lama Dugh Trek. And if you are looking for a longer vacation, embark on the stunning five-day Chandrakhani Pass trek. These treks have stunning panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar, as well as many famous peaks.

Admire the unique beauty of Himalayan meadows and water bodies on the Bhrigu Lake and Beas Kund treks. And for those looking for offbeat Manali women only treks, Patalsu Peak trek is a great start. So, choose from a wide range of Thrillophilia’s Manali packages and experience the joy of all-inclusive tours with your friends and family.

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Manali Women Only Treks FAQs

Which is the best time for trekking in Manali?

Manali is a year-round trekking destination, which means it has a suitable trek for every season. If you want to witness Manali’s snow-clad beauty, you should go trekking in the months of November to February. And if you want to see the beautiful greenery of Himalayan forests and meadows, try trekking from April to October.

Which are the best easy treks in Manali?

1. Manali Kais Dhar Trek - An introductory Himalayan trek, Manali Kais Dhar is one of the most popular Manali women only treks. The journey is covered in four days. The short, flat trails of the trek offer beautiful views of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges.

2. Bijli Mahadev Trek - Witness the ancient Himachali architecture of Bijli Mahadev Temple as you trek up the Mathan Hills. This one-day trail is among the most popular Manali women-only treks which goes across forests, apple orchards, rice fields and much more.

3. Prashar Lake Trek - This trek lasts two days and is known for stunning views of Himalayan peaks like Hanuman Tibba and Friendship Peak. This is one of the easiest women only treks in Manali. The highlights include Prashar Lake and a visit to the Prashar Rishi Temple.

4. Lamadugh Trek - Lamadugh is a two-day journey that starts from Old Manali and is among the popular women only treks in Manali. It is known for views of peaks like Deo Tibba and Indrasan, and trails that go through lush green valleys and forests.

Are night stays available for trekking in Manali?

Yes, night stays are an important part of women-only treks in Manali. Depending on the trail, you can get accommodation in high-quality tents, campsites, or even guesthouses. All night stays are provided on a twin-sharing basis and you get the facility at each overnight stay point on the way.

Is trekking in Manali safe for female travellers?

Yes, Manali is among the safest places for female trekkers in India. With well-planned group tours and experienced trek guides, each trek in Manali includes every detail to keep you safe. Locals are also very friendly here, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Remember to keep your belongings safe for a hassle-free experience.

What are the best summer treks in Manali?

  1. Beas Kund Trek - Explore charming green meadows at the foothills of Pir Panjal as you reach the source of River Beas. The famous Beas Kund trek lasts four days and is one of the most visited Manali women only treks.
  2. Prashar Lake Trek – This trek is best known for its charming views of famous Himalayan peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak and Kap Chuli. It is one of the easiest women only treks in Manali and lasts two days.
  3. Jogini Waterfall Trek – If you want a quick yet thrilling trek, go for the four-hour Jogini Waterfall Trek. It is one of the shortest women only treks tours in Manali and is great for families and beginners. The main highlights are the waterfall that drops from a height of 160 feet and the ancient Vashisht Temple.
  4. Chandrakhani Pass Trek – Visit one of India’s most well-known treks and learn about its ancient culture in Manali. Chandrakhani Pass trek lasts five days and is suited for experienced trekkers.

Which are the best monsoon treks in Manali?

  1. Hampta Pass Trek – This trek lasts for five days and ranks among the popular women-only trek tours in Manali. The Hampta Pass and the beautiful Chandratal Lake are two of the most stunning highlights of this trek.
  2. Bhrigu Lake Trek – Discover one of the most famous women-only treks in Manali as you walk through Himalayan forests and meadows. You can admire the pristine Bhrigu Lake and the beauty of the Pir Panjal range on this journey.
  3. Lamadugh Trek – Lamadugh Trek is perfect for beginners and is popular as one of the weekend women only treks in Manali. The two-day trek goes across valleys and forests and offers panoramic views of peaks like Indrasan and Deo Tibba.
  4. Patalsu Peak Trek – Embark on one of the most beautiful women-only treks in Manali that lasts for four days. You can see the mighty Dhauladhar Range, Friendship Peak, Deo Tibba and Hanuman Tibba here.

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