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Snowy locales have a mesmeric aura of their own. Bearing testament to this belief is India’s mystic valley of Manali. Manali literally means Home of Manu. Manu was the mythological creature who survived when the world drowned in a flood. He then came to Manali and created human life. Therefore, the town is considered sacred by Hindus. Indulge in the best walking tour in Manali and enjoy a fun-filled time visiting famous attractions like Hadimba Devi Temple, Tibetan Monastery, Manali market and take a walk around the quaint and sacred Manali Village.

What’s a trip to Manali without a trip to the Rohtang Pass? Ride on horseback to reach the base camp and then climb and trek your way up the lofty mountains, amidst some of the most bucket-list worthy scenery.  

When in Manali, don’t forget to visit Old Manali. Take a walking tour here to the nearby villages of Manikaran and Vasisht, famous for their hot-sulphur springs. If the walk has worn you out, take a relaxing dip in the pools! You also have the option of trekking and hiking to Jogini Falls for breathtaking views of the cascading water amongst lush landscapes and the haunting cooing of birds atop birch trees. You can also check Bara Bhangal Trek tour to explore the beauty of Manali. Trek through the frozen village of Soyal, known for its Deodar trees and mystical surroundings. Futta Saur is a picturesque trek off the beaten path. Futta Saur is called the Green Mountain of Lakes and one of the best place to look around in Kullu Manali. Indulge in best walking tours in Manali and click pictures of its tranquil atmosphere. Exploring these attractions and indulging in activities like trekking and walking tours truly encapsulates the essence of a Manali tour, offering unforgettable experiences amidst the stunning natural beauty of this Himalayan paradise.

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