Women Only Treks in Dharamshala

Triund Trek, Dal Lake Trek, Guna Devi Temple Trek, Bhagsu Nag Trek, Kareri Lake Trek, and many more.

Women-only treks in Dharamshala offers a safe and enjoyable experience for female trekkers. These treks empower women to explore the timeless beauty of the Himalayas. Each trek in Dharamshala offers a unique experience to the female trekkers. The Triund Trek in Dharamshala is a popular choice. It offers stunning views of the Dhauladhar range and lush greenery. It also allows you to camp under the starry sky, adding to the overall experience.

Another popular trek in Dharamshala is the Lamdal Lake Trek. It takes you to the serene Lamdal Lake at an altitude of 5,823 feet. You can admire the beautiful lake here or enjoy the peaceful surroundings. For a blend of spirituality and adventure, the Guna Devi Temple Trek is a great option. It leads to an ancient Guna Devi Temple amidst breathtaking scenery, which is a unique experience.

The Bhagsu Nag Trek is known for its beautiful Bhagsu Nag waterfall and Bhagsu Nag Temple. It offers a refreshing and rejuvenating journey through nature’s wonders. If you’re looking for a more challenging trek, Kareri Lake Trek awaits. It attracts trekkers with its alpine meadows, glacial lake, and stunning mountain vistas.

These Dharamshala women-only treks allow women to connect with nature, build confidence, and create lasting memories.

Here are some of the best Women Only treks in Dharamshala:

1. Triund Trek: Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the snow-covered landscape around Dharamshala on this renowned women-only trek. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature as you camp overnight, gazing up at the stars and awakening to the breathtaking spectacle of sunrise.

Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate 

Duration: 2 days

Maximum Altitude: 9350 feet

2. Kareri Lake Trek: Experience the awe-inspiring vistas of the frozen Kareri Lake, nestled at an elevation of 9600 feet, on an exclusive women-only trek. Explore on a challenging journey through lush forests, enduring a rigorous 7-hour ascent. Delight in the breathtaking scenery of the snow-clad landscape, sure to captivate your senses.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Duration: 3 days

Maximum Altitude: 9,626 feet

3. Guna Devi Temple Trek: The Guna Mata Women's Trek offers a gentle journey to the Guna Mata Devi Temple, catering exclusively to women. Designed for beginners, this trek presents picturesque vistas of the Dhauladhar Ranges and Bhated Nullah, ensuring a memorable experience for all participants.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 1 day

Maximum Altitude: 6,957 feet

4. Bhagsu Nag Trek: Bhagsu Nag Trek offers a serene journey to the Bhagsu Nag waterfall and Bhagsunath Temple, presenting breathtaking vistas of the valley for participants to cherish. It provides a safe and empowering environment for women to unwind, reflect, and connect with nature through relaxation and meditation.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 1 day

Maximum Altitude: 7000 feet

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Dharamshala Women Only Treks FAQs

Which is the best time for trekking in the Dharamshala?

The best time to trek in Dharamshala is from March to June and September to November. These months offer pleasant weather with clear skies. You can easily capture stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. However, avoid the monsoon season due to heavy rainfall and slippery trails.

Are night stays available for women only trekking in the Dharamshala?

Yes, night stays are available for trekking in Dharamshala. Many treks offer camping options where you can spend a night in tents amidst nature. Several women-only treks in Dharamshala allow you to camp under the starry sky. There are also guesthouses, lodges, and homestays available in nearby villages for trekkers. You can book your accommodations well in advance, especially during peak trekking season.

Is it safe for women to trek alone in the Dharamshala?

Yes, it is safe for women and girls to trek alone in Dharamshala. However, it is still important to take all the necessary precautions. Stick to well-known trails and carry essential items like a map, first aid kit, and enough water. It is also advisable to check weather conditions before heading out on the trek.

Is trekking in the Dharamshala safe for female travellers?

Yes, trekking in Dharamshala is generally safe for female travellers. Just stick to the popular trekking routes, avoid trekking alone at night, and be cautious of your surroundings. You can also join an organised trekking group or opt for women only treks tours in Dharamshala. Always inform someone about your trekking plans for extra security.

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