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Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary Safari



Kodagu district near Coorg is home to the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. Known for its mesmerizing scenic beauty, lush greenery, and diverse flora and fauna, the sanctuary is spread across an area of 181 sq km. It is surrounded by coffee plantations, evergreen/ semi-evergreen forests making it a tourists’ favourite getaway destination!Visit the Brahmagiri Wildlife sanctuary and explore the soothing, refreshing environment around you. The evergreen hills are home to a rich variety of flora and fauna including bonnet macaque, common langur, barking deer, mouse deer, Malabar giant squirrel, and the giant flying squirrel! Make sure you make the best,of your holiday by bringing along cameras and capturing a lot of wildlife and nature photographs!

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60 Ratings

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Main attractions, seeing the amazing animal in the close distance was excited, the environment was silent and full of surprises.
The best place to see all animals together in one place, Beautiful scenics and well-maintained sanctuary. Definitely must expereince once.