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Coorg Quad Biking Adventure


Coorg is one of the most popular hill stations in Karnataka. Framed by high mountains, the landscape of Coorg remains misty throughout the year. Unleash the adventure seeker in you with an enthralling session of quad biking in Coorg! Kick start the engine and get ready to ride through a challenging 2kms muddy track in Kodagu district. Challenge the rugged terrains, show your maneuvering skills over the turns, and make it an adrenaline-pumping experience in Coorg while enjoying the stunning view of lush green forests and mountains.

34 Ratings


34 Ratings

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06 April 2016
It was fun to take my family for a quad biking session here. No one has ever tried it before so we were a tad nervous. But the guides were helpful and told us everything. Pretty cool activity!
24 October 2015
Coorg is adventurers’ paradise. It has all forms of water sports and stuff, but while rafting is totally based on season timing, Quad Biking in Coorg is something which you can do in off-season too. We enquired for rafting as they said we have to wait till the on-season and asked us if we can take Quad Biking instead, we took it almost immediately. It was a really nice experience riding in the muddy trails. This can be a little tricky, but it is totally worth it.
18 September 2015
Pros: The quad biking sport is very adventurous and it is suitable for most of the young and middle-aged people. This doesn’t need any special training or experience. This can be done in a really short time, so it won’t mix up with your plans. Also, this is way too inexpensive that it won’t affect one’s trip budget. There aren’t any cons as such that I could actually think of.
I had a lot of fun here in Quad Biking at Coorg. Always wanted to do this, and when i did it was brilliant. I would definitely want to do this again sometime.
09 March 2016
If you are looking for a complete fun-filled trip from Bangalore, then your destination should be Coorg. We took a weeklong vacation to Coorg. Lot of people asked us what was exciting about Coorg. However, Coorg is indeed the best travel location. It has some interesting spots where one can play adventure sports like Quad biking. Also, we chose to stay in estate which is relaxing after the fun-filled Quad biking.
05 May 2016
Quad biking is not as complex as it is seen or shown. It is quite simple and complete fun. I went with my office colleagues and had a great time. One must try it to know it.
01 May 2016
Very Good
I am out of terms to describe the fun we had while quad biking. It was a well organized and planned adventure that we took. I recommend this.
29 April 2016
It was nice and fantastic experience. While quad biking by itself was a nice experience, I felt that this was quite a costly affair. I am out of words. Do try it to know it.
20 April 2016
Very Good
While this was a really fun ride that we had, what bothers me is that it was too quick and it ended soon. It would have been nice if it was there for a longer trail. Otherwise, this was a nice one.
Experienced a good time with the team when we went for quad biking in Coorg! Had a blast and went crazy on the tracks with the boys! This activity added a bit of zing to our otherwise peaceful Coorg trip.

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