Trou Aux Biches Overview
Trou Aux Biches is a quaint town located on the North-Western coast of Mauritius. It has turned into a popular romantic hideaway for honeymoon seekers and couples.

It has a large public beach that greets the visitors with its gorgeous stretches of casuarina-lined white sand and turquoise blue water. It is known to be one of the unspoilt and cleanest beaches in Mauritius where you can have the experience of a lifetime. 

Trou Aux Biches is lined with many classy restaurants and beachside hotels where you can have an immaculate binging experience. A diving school is also located over here where you can learn diving skills. Trou-Aux-Biches is also replete with many historical sites, monuments, and cultural sites.

City Centre is considered to be one of the most prominent landmarks that tourists must visit here. It has a unique charm that is bound to impress you every time you visit this place. The City Centre helps you in getting a glimpse into the life of the locals. You can also spot the largest Hindu temple at Trou Aux Biches that was built in 1857.

The most enthralling activity to do at Trou Aux Biches is playing an eventful game of golf at the nearby golf course. You can also visit the Mauritius Aquarium and other closer beaches in Pointe-Aux-Piments. So plan a vacation now to Trou Aux Biches to fall in love with the unspoilt beauty of this place.

How To Reach

Trou Aux Biches is 19.6 kilometres away from Mauritius City Centre, yet due to the smooth flow of traffic, it shouldn't take you more than 25 minutes to reach here. You can use various means of transport to commute- 

- Book a private taxi:
Private taxi booking is available all over Mauritius, and you can make sure that the taxi picks you up from your exact location and drops you to Trou Aux Biches with no hassle.

In fact, even the process of booking a taxi is hassle-free as you can easily book it online. The beach is next to Grand Baie, which means many taxis are available to drop you back. 

- Book a private bus:
Since Mauritius is a tourist destination, it is also open to private minibus booking. If you are travelling with your extended family or group of friends, this is the perfect option for you. You can book a private bus online, and it will directly drop you from Mauritius City Centre to Trou Aux Biches. 

- Take the public bus:
This is the most economical option to travel from Mauritius city centre to Trou Aux Biches. Many public buses operate daily after every ten minutes from Mauritius city centre. You can board these buses, and they will drop you directly to Trou Aux Biches.

Best Time To Visit

Summertime and weekends are considered to be the best time to visit Trou Aux Biches. The months of April, June, December and September are the best to have an alluring tour to this scenic town.

Trou Aux Biches does not have a well-defined monsoon season. The months of May and October are known as the transition month. Here is a breakdown of a few other seasons when you can visit Trou Aux Biches.

- February-April(Summer):
Trou Aux Biches experiences slightly hot and humid weather during this time of the year. The average temperature during this season ranges between 24.7 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius. This season is the best to try various water sports activities like snorkelling and scuba diving here. 

- May-December(Winter):
Winters in Trou Aux Biches makes the weather extremely pleasant for sightseeing. You can also indulge in water-based activities like surfing during winters. The average temperature ranges between 22 degrees to 19 degrees Celsius.

Other Essential Information

Trou Aux Biches, Mauritius, 22302

Distance from Mauritius city centre:
19.6 km via M2

Best time to visit:
May to December (winter)

The time required to visit Trou Aux Biches: 
The ideal duration to have an enthralling tour of Trou Aux Biches would require a minimum of three days.

Travellers' Tip before visiting Trou Aux Biches

Here are some of the best traveller’s tips that you must follow for an enchanting vacation to Trou Aux Biches:

Never leave your personal belongings and valuable commodities unattended at public places in Trou Aux Biches.

Watch out for mugger monkeys who snatch the food and other valuable items of the people at the beaches. 

Refrain from renting those accommodations that are not registered by the authority of Trou Aux Biches.

Smoking is prohibited in public places of Trou Aux Biches. So don’t smoke when you’re out to explore this town.

Carry important medicines and water bottles along with you.

Always apply sunscreen while invading the beautiful town of Trou Aux Biches.
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Trou Aux Biches FAQs

Why should I visit Trou-aux-Biches?

Trou Aux Biches is a haven for the people who’re looking to visit an offbeat destination that is still unexplored by human endeavours. It has a large public beach where you can try the enthralling water sports activities. It also has some of the best restaurants, cafes, bars and accommodation options where you can have a comfortable stay. Trou-aux-Biches also has casinos, shopping centres and national parks where you can have the best time of your life.

How many villas are there in Trou Aux Biches in Mauritius?

Trou Aux Biches in Mauritius has seventeen private pool villas that are replete with modern amenities like wifi, air conditioner and television. All these villas are three-bedrooms and offer you lots of comfort and space to relax and enjoy your vacation.

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