(Last Updated On: March 4, 2014)

Offering a sweet respite from hectic office schedules are the corporate outings amidst plush resorts and scenic destinations.  As much as these excursions are fun, the team outbound undertakings do call for some minor codes of conduct. From carrying a first aid kit to coming mentally prepared as a team, identifying the pit stops on the way to not littering around, we list the dos and don’ts of a corporate outing.

1) Come mentally prepared as a team

Come mentally prepared as a team

It is indeed a sojourn away from the routine life, but do remember that this outing requires you to bond with the team members and work together as a group.

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The more you are in sync with them, the better the chances of learning and excelling in the activities and also more importantly having a great time! Come mentally prepared as a team.

2) Wear comfortable clothing

Wear comfortable clothing

The team building undertakings that are conducted require you to do a bit of running and prancing about. To feel at ease and improve the efficiency of the task given, it is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes.

3) Follow the instructions of the facilitator

Follow the instructions of the facilitator

The programmes of the outing are custom made beforehand keeping a certain agenda of building team morale and enhancing employee skills in mind.

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Hence, when the facilitator is giving some instructions, however trivial or illogical it may seem, do pay heed and follow them. They only mean well.

4) On a wildlife outing, don’t mess around with animals in wildlife settings

Stop animal abuse

Some of the outbound experiences may take you to a wildlife area. Do be cautious and respect the animal’s habitat. Do not mess around and mock the animals in the wildlife settings. Be it the monkeys on the trees or wildlife animal that you see passing by. Keep a safe distance from them.

5) In case of any injury inform your operator first

As majority of the activities undertaken would require some kind of physical movement, it is best that you inform of any injuries that you are suffering from prior to the operator.

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Also do let them know if you are suffering from any ailments like asthma, low blood pressure or anything similar. Special arrangements will be made accordingly.

6) Follow forest rules when there

forest awareness

Natural areas, especially places like forests come with certain guidelines as you are entering into an uncharted territory. Do follow the forest rules to avoid any unwonted situations. Listen to what the officials and operator have to say.

7) Be with your team, inform your whereabouts

Be with your team, inform your whereabouts

With your corporate outing, you would mostly be going to unfamiliar places. Also, the group activities require the presence of all the team members. You do not want to waste time with people looking for you.

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It is advisable to be with your team at all times. Inform them about your whereabouts if you wish to wander about.

8) Carry light woollen sweater if you are going to a hill station    

Carry light woollen sweater if you are going to a hill station2

Most of the activities are conducted in an outdoor setup. If your outing is at a hill station, things might get a bit chilly. To keep yourself warm and enjoy the programme, carry a light woolen sweater.

9) Take know-how about a place from your tour operator

Each place comes along with its own set of guidelines. Be prepared and understand what is in store beforehand.

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Take know-how about a place from your tour operator. In case any one person needs has some special requirements, prior provisions can be made.

10) For a beach outing, take sunscreen or a cap

take sunscreen or a cap

The sun, sand and the beach make for quite a delightful experience. But the last thing anyone wants is to bring back home an ugly sun burn which takes a long time to come off. Be smart; carry a sunscreen along with you. If you are one of those who cannot take the constant rays of the sun, carry a cap with you too.

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11) Avoid interacting with people you don’t know, security matter

Dont Talk to Strangers

In unfamiliar surroundings, it is best that you stick familiar faces. Avoid interacting with people that you do not know unless really necessary.

12) Be a sport


Don’t be a grumpy team outing Grinch. Get into the jovial atmosphere and be a sport. Remember that you have to interact with the same faces for a really long time. You might be a bit apprehensive at first but once you get into the element of the activities, you will realise that they are actually fun.

13) Things to carry should be clarified beforehand


Depending upon the nature of your team outing, you would require carrying certain things along. Be prepared; do clarify all what is required beforehand itself (such as a windcheater or rain jacket during monsoon).

14) Don’t go near a water body in the night after you are drunk

Let the fun outing not turn into a something unpleasant.

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Don’t go near a water body in the night or when you are drunk. It might seem like a jolly good idea at that point of time, but trust us it is not.

15) Don’t go into water without wearing life jacket

Life Jacket

The water might seem innocent but make sure that you have your life jacket on while venturing into it.

16) When on a trekking trail, wear shoes with comfortable grip

trek shoes

If your company is going out on a trekking trail, wear shoes with a comfortable grip. You will be treading on rocky and muddy areas and these shoes are ideal for such terrains.

17) Identify the bus route and pit stops before travelling

A huge buzz killer would be if you get lost somewhere on the way while coming to the outbound destination. Be smart and identify the bus route before travelling.

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Also, figure out the restroom stops en route beforehand as some of the journeys can take a long time.

18) Carry a first aid kit while travelling

first aid

Hopefully, nobody is going to get hurt during the team outbound. But just by some random chance if someone does get injured on the way or while engaging in the activities, it is always handy to carry a first aid kit. This should include some medicines for headache, nausea and fever too.

19) No littering in the place

do not litter

Think of the team outing setting as an extension to your home. Avoid littering in around these beautiful places. It may not be possible to spot a dustbin in natural settings like beaches, trekking trails and jungles. But carry a bag with you beforehand to dump all the garbage. This can be disposed later.

20) Have fun

And most importantly, these team outing excursions are held to get you out of your routine and to have a great time. Enjoy the picturesque scenery, get to know your team members better, learn new tricks and play the games with enthusiasm. Make most of the experience and delight in every moment of it. Have fun!