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About Vancouver

With its urban beaches and mountain backdrop, Vancouver has rightly been lauded with the reputation of being one of the most strikingly beautiful cities of the world. Downtown Vancouver is magnificently nestled on a Peninsula in the Strait of Georgia that is encompassed to the North by deep fiord reaching far inland (Burrard Inlet) and to the South by the Delta of the River Fraser. More so on North, glisten the often snow covered ranges of the Coast Mountains.

With its comprehensive network of parks and relatively agreeable climate which keeps the temperature mild all round the year. Vancouver is a haven for leisure activities. It also boasts of a busy cultural life. The best way to explore this incredible tourist attraction is on food. This beautiful city was showcased to the whole world when the 2010 Winter Olympics were organized here in conjunction to Whistler that is located in close proximity.  

Given the vast collection of places to see and abundant things to do, you really have to make a visit to Vancouver so that you don’t miss out on this scenic beauty. Plan a holiday now.

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Vancouver FAQ's

Travel Advice

·         Keep the touts at bay.

·         Do not entertain the beggars.

·         Make sure you have acquired sufficient knowledge about the place you are traveling to.

·         Learn the necessary words and their pronunciations whenever you are traveling to any new location.

·         Do not get involved in any types of brawls or fights with the locals.

·         Be warm and gentle towards the locals.

·         Always carry with you at least one proof of your identity.

·         Do not let anyone deceive you.

·         Always make sure you sit in prepaid taxis or cabs. If you are unable to find prepaid taxis, it is a good idea to negotiate the fare before traveling.

·         Do not override the local cultures and traditions.

·         Do not get involved in drugs of any form.

·         Do not drink more than you can handle.

·          In case a particular area forbids you from clicking a picture adhere to it.

·         Do not film or shoot without taking necessary permissions.

·         If you are eating street food, it is good to check the quality before eating.

·         Drink only bottled mineral water.

·         Check for the seal before buying a bottle.

·         Do not buy a bottle from a brad that isn’t known to you.

·         Book a hotel in a renowned location only.  

Drinking Law

The legal age for drinking in Vancouver is 19 years. 

Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a beautiful Peninsula Park of huge trees that lie adjacent to the Downtown Vancouver. A paved sea wall path envelopes the green space and most visitors spare time to explore the park on bicycle or on foot. Inside the park there are a number of things to do and visitors can spend a full day exploring the attractions ranging from Vancouver Aquarium to the Brockton Point. Be assured of spectacular views all through the park.

Granville Island

Once largely industrial, Granville Island is today a burgeoning center of activity given its distinctive and relaxed atmosphere. Retailers and artists have moved into converted warehouses alongside the galleries, houseboats, theaters and restaurants. One of the most popular attractions here is the Granville Island Public Market. The markets sell a number of fruits and vegetable, sea food as well as a vast variety of distinct varieties of ready to eat items. Not really an island, it is an art hub that is linked to residential areas of the city via footbridges and roads to the south and the Downtown peninsula by Ferry.   

Grouse Mountain

During both summers and winters, the Grouse Mountain offers incomparable panorama in the clear weather. This is particularly at its visual best in the evenings when the city lights are on. Here a gondola operates on every day basis from the street level to summit where dining, activities and wildlife awaits the mountain top explorers all round the year. It is also a family friendly location during the winter months when the mountain becomes a playground for adventure activities like skiing, outdoor skating and snow shoeing and snowboarding. The trails of the mountains is also a hikers paradise including the much renowned Grouse Grind that is affectionately known as the Mother Nature's Stairmaster.

Museum of Anthropology

Museum of Anthropology is a part of the University of British Columbia. It deals with traditions and cultures from across the globe however the university places special emphasis on the British Columbia First Nations. The exhibits here display native art that comprises of large totem poles found in the Great Hall. Other presentations explore archaeological and ethnographic objects representing Asia, Europe, South Pacific, Africa and the Americas. This interesting building originally happened to be a part of the WWII-era fort. A local architect Arthur Erickson transformed this space into a world class museum. Other attractions here in the University campus include the the natural-history-focused Beaty Biodiversity Museum, clothing optional shoreline of Wreck Beach, delicate Nitobe Japanese Garden, rambling UBC Botanical Garden and a number of interesting plantings. 

What you will like there?


The first thing that you’ll really like about Vancouver is the incredible lifestyle prevalent here. You can ski or hike in the mountains during day time, spend you evenings dining by the Marina encompassed by the city lights and the yachts and come down to the beach for a warm sunset in the evening. You are simply going to love and appreciate just every bit of the luxury that this city presents to you. From shopping for the clothes or handbags to indulging in good, eating at a world class restaurant and living in a luxury resort, everything about Vancouver is going to keep you happy, engaged and entertained. You’ll also get to explore the outdoors and indulge in adventure activities like hiking, diving, climbing the mountains, skiing and the rest. Lifestyle wise, the city is an ideal potpourri of all things likeable.


Vancouver presents to you the most magnificent views of the country. You can head to the view point that is located half way up to the Cypress Mountain. This is regarded as the most frequented tourist attraction. It also offers sweeping views of Downtown, Mount Baker, Vancouver Island, Stanley Park and the ocean. Be it the mountain, beach or the island, everywhere in the city, the view is simply incomparable.  


Summer of the Vancouver is something else. Temperatures here may hit a steady 25 to 26 Degree on every day basis. You also have a couple of outdoor things to do. From activities like hiking, kayaking to water sports like paddle boarding and kayaking, there’s something to interest everything. If you are not interested in these activities, you can simply sit by beach and get the best tan. Everyday you spend here will be the best day of your life.  


Rain in Vancouver is something else. You’ll love the rain here. It rains in summers, it rains in winters, it rains just when it likes. If you make a visit during the winters, you can actually see the snow in the mountains, and that’s only going to get better.


In Vancouver, if you give a keen observation, you are going to notice one thing. What? No two sunsets here look alike. If the sky here is not illuminated golden and honey hues it seems as if it is fringing with the cotton candy puffs. It can even get more dramatic than this when it looks like a streak of lilacs sprawling miles and miles.


Seasons? Yes, this may seem like a strange reason for you to love a city but you really need to hear me out. The seasons of Vancouver are characterful and distinctive. This more or less seems like a nice change from England where the seasons tend to merge into one. Summer in Vancouver is hot, hot and sometimes very hot. Spring here is filled with the fresh air and cherry blossoms. Winter, when it is not raining is crisp and lovely. Even if it gets a little wet, you’ll just need to head northwards for 20 minutes and you’ll find yourself in the Winter Wonderland. Fall here is beautiful as during that time the streets of Vancouver are lined with fiery orange leaves.


Nothing can blow your mind more than the fact that you can actually go skiing for the day. Literally, you can just wake up in the morning and go skiing for the day. You can enjoy a day full of skiing at the Whistler or the North Shore mountains and make it to home only at the time of the dinner. Even if you don’t go skiing, you can do hiking on the mountain trails, snowmobiling or snowshoeing. If you are less adventurous and these adventure activities seem too much for you, drive past the mountains and explore the endless possibilities available.


If you seek those Bear Gryllz you run off into the wilderness and find nothing but nature, beautiful viewpoints and the mountains. Wilderness that Vancouver offers is second to none.


Vancouver is a fairly new city. Conclusively, it doesn’t have a vast history for you to know or explore or any archaic architecture for you to marvel at like you’ll find in places such as London, Rome, Paris, or others. But one thing that Vancouver really does have is the beautiful and forward thinking atitude. People here are very open minded. They are accepting towards homosexuality, diversity and multiculturalism. City is brimming with artists and creative souls with a generation of entrepreneurs that has really taken over. Both attitude and people are great here.


Isn’t it exciting to know that you can run into wildlife anytime? If you love nature and wildlife, you’ll love Vancouver too. Just take a relaxing stroll around the Stanley Park and you’ll come across raccoons and otters. You can go Kayaking around the English Bay or Deep Cove and you might discover grey whales, harbour seals and even a pod of orcas. Exploring the mountains, you can find the deer. Going deeper there, you can even spot the grizzlies or black bears. Vancouver literally is the hub for diverse wildlife. 

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