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  • Switzerland! The quintessential romantic destination since ages past and those to come, making us sigh thinking of its perpetual snow-clad mountains and the blue-green glacial lakes; the splendid architectural towns and its picturesque railroad scenes; it’s no less than a dreamland. 

    This is the place where our very own Raj fell in love with Simran, propelling a million hearts to wish for a similar love story starting in Switzerland. 

    The alpine country has been an integral part of many a dream to people all over the world and is undoubtedly the best destination for honeymoons.

    Switzerland country attracts tourists in the millions each year for its enjoyable cool climate in summers and the vast range of activities that can be undertaken in this country of diverse cultures and traditions. 

    Switzerland Honeymoon Packages provide couples an experience that is a perfect blend of thrilling adventures, soul-filling trips to enchanting locations, toe-curling romance and relaxation and last but not least, an awesome culinary trail to be remembered.

    Here we bring you a brief Switzerland honeymoon itinerary that includes a slew of options to choose from depending on your taste for a roller-coaster honeymoon experience.
  • Couple Things To Do In Switzerland

    Switzerland is renowned for the number of adventure sports taking place here all year long. From extreme adventure enthusiasts to tourists on honeymoon, everybody flocks to this marvelous hub of exciting activities to try their hand (leg, in most cases) at them.

    Boat trips on glacial lakes, hiking the lower alpine range; gliding through the cold air to kayaking on high-tide lakes; you will have a hard time deciding which to pick since all these outdoor activities are equally tempting and exciting.

    Here is a list of things to do in Switzerland with your better half that will bring out the happy in you and from ever-lasting bonds.
  • 01Pedalos In Zurich

    Pedalos In Zurich
    Image Credit :

    Paddle boating with your beloved in Lake Zürich in Switzerland is a scene straight out of those romantic movies that warm the. Rent a pedalo and head out into the calm waves of the lake, paddling away with your partner while soaking in the beauty of your splendid surroundings.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 39.8 kms from Zurich Airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Lützelau island, Zürich Landesmuseum, Bahnhofstraße

    Price For Two: CHF 19-35 per hour for one pedalo

    Location: At the end of Lake Zurich, Switzerland

    Any Other Specialty: Open only from March to October

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  • 02Trekking With Llamas

    Trekking With Llamas
    Image Credit :

    Ideally, there shouldn’t be a third presence between couples, but there’s no harm if it’s just an innocent and gentle llama. Take along one of the many llamas present in farms across Switzerland enjoy the most invigorating hike of your life, letting it guide the way and helping you explore the enchanting countryside. 

    The llamas can be hired for a few hours to half-day and full-day excursions. Combine the hike with a night-stay at a llama ranch for an exciting weekend. You can also go on treks lasting for several days with the llama accompanying you and your spouse. There are several llama trek packages offered by llama farms in different locations throughout Switzerland. here is a complete honeymoon travel guide to Switzerland.

    Location: Interlaken, Switzerland

    Tip* Don't forget to include campfire in your trip

  • 03Bungee Jump in Contra Dam

    Bungee Jump in Contra Dam
    Image Credit : youtube

    Most certainly not for the fainthearted (you wouldn’t want your partner dying from an adrenaline attack), this jump from the Verzasca Dam at a height of 220m in true James Bond style is truly one hell of an experience. Choose one of those Switzerland Honeymoon Packages that includes the Verzasca Bungee Jump. Release your fears, grab your partner’s hand and take the jump of your lives.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 212 kms from Zürich Airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Verzasca Dam, Church San Bernardo

    Tickets/Fees: CHF 255 per person

    Location: Ticino

    Amenities: Included in price training, jump, refreshment, certificate, dam jump charge and VAT

    Any Other Specialty: The highest bungee jump place in the world

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  • 04Float Trip In Thun-Bern

    Float Trip In Thun-Bern
    Image Credit :

    One of the most fun things to add to your Switzerland honeymoon itinerary is a floating trip from Thun to Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Hire a canoe or an inflatable boat at Lake Thun and drift over a distance of about 28 kms along the current of the Aare River while taking in magnificent views of the Bernese Alps, beautiful bridges and the medieval splendour of the place before finally arriving at Bern.

    Distance From Nearest Airport:152 kms from Zürich Airport

    Tickets/Fees: CHF 80 for 2 persons

    Amenities: Included in price the boat, swim vests, paddles, pumps and dry bags for your clothes

    Any Other Specialty: Open only from May to October

  • 05Swim In Aare Outdoor Baths-Bern

    Swim In Aare Outdoor Baths-Bern
    Image Credit :

    Imagine taking an outdoor bath right in the middle of a city! Well, Switzerland, the land of wonders, lets you do just that. Summers in Switzerland are a wonderful time for both locals and tourists as most attractions are open and accessible to the public. 

    One such wonder is the outdoor bath in Marzili in the Aare River, shaded by the Old City of Bern, a UNESCO Heritage site. Swimming in the cool glacial waters of Aare under the bright sun is one of the best things to do around here.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 126 kms from Zürich Airport

    Tickets/Fees: No cost

    Location: Old City of Bern, Switzerland

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  • 06Paddleboarding In Lake Geneva

    Paddleboarding In Lake Geneva
    Image Credit : visitwalworthcounty

    Originating in Hawaii, paddleboarding is one of the most adventurous activities to take the world by storm. Make sure to seize this opportunity in Geneva and go paddleboarding across Lake Geneva with your partner. The sport entails standing on a surf board and driving yourself forward with the help of a paddle. Most Swiss honeymoon packages include this watersport as part of their itinerary.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 46.2 kms from Geneva Airport(Genève Aéroport)

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Lavaux

    Tickets/Fees: Approx CHF 50 per person per hour

    Location: Lake Geneva

    Amenities: Training, swim gear and necessary equipment provided, included in price

    Any Other Specialty: Open only from May to September  

  • 07Limmat-Schifffahrt Boat Trip In Zurich

    Limmat-Schifffahrt Boat Trip In Zurich
    Image Credit :

    The Limmat-Schifffahrt Boat Trip is a scenic ride through the town of Zürich on the Limmat River. The boats are flat and have glass roofs that provide a 360-degree view of the surroundings. Starting at Landesmuseum, the boat takes you on a panoramic ride through the old-world charm of Zürich with in-between stops like the Zürich Casino, reaching Lake Zürich and back to Limmat River passing beneath the seven bridges.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 12.2 kms from Zürich Airport

    Tickets/Fees:  Approx CHF 8.10 for children, CHF 9.40 for adults (including surcharge)

    Location: Landesmuseum boat station, Zürich

    Any Other Specialty: Open only from April to October. Check departure timetable from website

  • Places To Visit In Switzerland

    Switzerland has been the stuff of dreams for generations and rightfully so. The breathtaking sceneries of beautiful glittering lakes backed by radiant white alpine mountains have enthralled many worldwide. 

    The country offers the best of both worlds, gaining a reputation for its Swiss luxury and grandeur while leaving room to discover the secrets of its heritage and culture. 

    Although it’s practically improbable to see all of Switzerland under Switzerland Honeymoon Packages, there are places that deserve special mention, experiences that enrich you, and views that will remain forever etched in your memory.

    Check out these wonderful places to visit in Switzerland on your honeymoon.

  • 08The Matterhorn

    The Matterhorn
    Image Credit :

    The Matterhorn is Switzerland’s iconic peak on the main alpine range standing at a height of 4478 m with each of its steep four faces facing different directions. The legendary mountain straddles the border of Switzerland and Italy and inspires awe from climbers all around the world, being one of the last main alpine mountains to be ascended after a tragic accident lead to the death of four climbers while descending. 

    Lying at the foothills of the great Matterhorn is the idyllic village of Zermatt where motor vehicles are banned to preserve the air’s purity. Carriages are horse-drawn too, lending a fairytale feel like no other.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 230.2 kms from Zurich Airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Zermatt Village

    Location: Zermatt, Switzerland

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  • 09Interlaken

    Image Credit :

    Interlaken is a small city located between two alpine lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. It’s also one of the most popular summer resort cities in the country. It provides a good base for touring and discovering nearby mountain trails and other attractions due to its easy accessibility from two cities. 

    The wide network of transport and infrastructure comprises more than 45 mountain railways, cable cars, chairlifts and ski lifts make it a top spot for adventure enthusiasts. Almost all Switzerland travel packages include Interlaken in their extensive itinerary.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 133.4 kms from Zurich Airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Interlaken Monastery and Castle, Lake Thun, Lake Brienz, Unterseen, Hoheweg

    Location: Bernese Highlands, Central Switzerland

  • 10Lucerne

    Image Credit :

    Lucerne is the place for solo travellers on adventurous quests, couples on honeymoon seeking romantic retreats, history buffs eager to dive into cultures of eras past, and those whose worlds are ruled by music. 

    A car-free town located beside a scenic lake with the Alps in the backdrop, iconic bridges that were part of its history, churches and museums that tell tales of the city makes Lucerne a huge magnet for tourists. The International Music Festival held annually also draws the younger generation of music lovers.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 65.6 kms from Zurich Airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Chapel Bridge, Old Town, Jesuit Church, Rosengart Collection

    Location: Lies at the north end of Lake Lucerne

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  • 11Lake Geneva

    Lake Geneva
    Image Credit :

    Lake Geneva lies on the course of the Rhone River and is one of the largest in the continent. A lot of other cities and towns are situated in the vicinity of Lake Geneva, making it a popular tourist attraction. Those booking a Switzerland honeymoon package from Delhi can fly in to Geneva and visit the lake during their stay here. 

    The famous landmark fountain, Jet d’Eau, shooting water up to 150m in the air, is a sight to behold especially after the sunset when the lake shimmers from the city lights.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 46.2 kms from Geneva Airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Art and History Museum, Reformation Monument, Ariana Museum, Botanical Gardens, Opera House

    Location: Between France and Switzerland

  • 12Saint Moritz

    Saint Moritz
    Image Credit :

    St. Moritz is a favourite vacation spot in Switzerland, owing to its beautiful glacial lakes that reflect its surroundings like mirrors and the warm sun that shines almost 322 days in a year. Perfect for people who want to enjoy the cold under the sun, St. Moritz makes it to the itinerary of Switzerland Honeymoon Packages. It is also one of the best places for adventure sports like skiing, skating and snowboarding, thanks to the 1.2 km-long Cresta Run.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 210 kms from Zurich Airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: St. Moritz Lake, Hahnensee, Engadine Museum, Heidi Hutte, St. Moritz Design Gallery

    Location: Upper Engadine in the Canton of Graubunden

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  • 13Lake Lugano and Ticino

    Lake Lugano and Ticino
    Image Credit :

    Lake Lugano lies on the Switzerland and Italian border at the extreme south of the country. It is the prime attraction of Ticino and tourists flock here for the many indoor and outdoor activities. It has a temperate climate with a distinct Mediterranean influence. 

    Even the architecture and cuisines in the towns surrounding the lake are heavily inspired by Italy. The Monte San Salvatore viewpoint, at a meagre height of 912m, offers a panoramic view of the alpine mountains, the lake and the countryside, making it a must-visit when in Ticino.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 22.9 kms from Lugano Airport

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Centovalli, Monte Bre, Ascona, Lugano’s Old Town

    Location: Canton of Ticino

  • 14The Rhine Falls

    The Rhine Falls
    Image Credit : lindahuber

    The largest waterfall in all of Europe traversing a course of 150m is the Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen. The site can is accessible from two train stations on both the north and south of the river. The best time to view the falls in all its majestic glory is during June and July when the snow from the mountains melts and swells the river.. 

    To get a closer view of the falls, a boat trip to an outcropping around the middle of the falls can be taken. All Switzerland travel packages include a trip to the gorgeous Rhine Falls.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 46.2 kms from Zurich Airport

    Location: Schaffhausen, Switzerland

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  • 15Swiss National Park

    Swiss National Park
    Image Credit :

    The Swiss National Park is the only national park in Switzerland spanning an area of 174.2 and is also the largest protected area in the country. 

    It is a part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and has been termed as a ‘strict nature reserve’ by the IUCN because of its rigid protection laws that prohibit marking paths in the park, lighting fires or sleeping outside the mountain hut, disturbing animal habitats, harming plants, taking anything found in the park and even pet dogs on a leash. The park is one of Europe’s earliest.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 191 kms from Zurich Airport

    Location: West Rhaetian Alps in the canton of Graubunden

  • Thermal Baths & Spas In Switzerland

    It’s absolutely a must to indulge in the soothing and rejuvenating spa experiences in this alpine country to get the best out of it. In Switzerland, most resorts and hotels have their own spa houses that provide luxury thermal baths and various spa treatments. 

    Honeymoon packages Switzerland sometimes dedicate an entire day to the spa therapies and it is always well worth it. 

    The entire experience of soaking yourself in a thermal pool set amidst an alpine scenery with the view of the magnificent Alps is one-of-a-kind.

    Take a look at this list of the best thermal baths and spas to be included in Switzerland trip packages to make the best of your stay here.

  • 16Mineralbad & Spa Rigi-Kaltbad, Lucerne

    Mineralbad & Spa Rigi-Kaltbad, Lucerne
    Image Credit :

    Designed by ace architect Mario Botta, the Mineralbad and Spa welcomes you to the world of alpine mineral baths. The complex is divided in two sections - the Mineral Baths allowing adults and children and the Spa Area for adults only. The service quality is unique and world-class.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 34.8 kms from Lugano Airport

    Price: Day admission for adults at CHF 37 per person

    Location: Rigi Kaltbad

    Amenities: Bag drop available on rental prices, locker s, café, shop

    Opening and closing hours: Monday-Sunday 11.00am-7.00pm

    Any other specialty: Lies in a car-free zone, only accessible by cable-cars or bikes

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  • 17Thermalp, Les Bains d’Ovronnaz

    Thermalp, Les Bains d’Ovronnaz
    Image Credit :

    Visit this thermal bath spa centre after a long fulfilling day of activities with your partner and reap the health benefits of the therapeutic thermal pool. At an altitude of 1400m, the spa offers breathtaking views of the mountains.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 154 kms from Geneva Airport

    Price: CHF 21 for single entry per person

    Location: Ovronnaz, Valais

    Amenities: Outdoor pools, buzzards, massage beds and benches, whirlpools, baby-friendly

    Opening and closing hours: Summer- 8.30am to 8.00pm, winter-8.30am to 8.30pm, school holidays and Saturdays in winter- until 9.00pm, Friday evenings(all year)-until 10.30pm

    Any other specialty: Swimming lessons, aqua gym and various subscriptions available

  • 18Walliser Alpentherme & Spa, Leukerbad

    Walliser Alpentherme & Spa, Leukerbad
    Image Credit :

    The Valais Alpentherme and Spa located in the beautiful mountain village of Leukerbad is one of the best in the region. Spend a few hours soaking in the springs originating in the Alps that are full of vital minerals and essential elements.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 194 kms from Geneva Airport

    Price: CHF 25 for 3hours entrance per person in thermal bath, day ticket at CHF 30 per person

    Location: Leukerbad, Switzerland

    Amenities: Thermal baths, ladies-only bath area, Roman-Irish bath, Bergquell Spa, beauty treatment centre, fitness, aqua gym

    Opening and closing hours: Everyday 9.00am to 9.00pm, last admission at 8.00pm

    Any other specialty: Hot-stone therapy, facial treatment therapies, Moonlight Baden, various subscriptions available

  • 19Sole Uno Wellness, Basel

    Sole Uno Wellness, Basel
    Image Credit :

    The Spa is a fascinating world of wellness redefined with saunas, thermal baths and other relaxing treatments. A visit to this luxury spa in Basel deserves a spot in the itinerary of honeymoon packages Switzerland.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 72 kms from Zurich Airport

    Price: CHF 27 per person for single admission, short term tickets at CHF 23 per person for single admission, single day ticket deposit of CHF 10

    Location: Robertson Strasse, Basel

    Amenities: Outdoor and indoor saltwater pools, themed showers, fire and ice pool, aroma steam baths, sauna facilities, massages, peeling, pampering combinations

    Opening and closing hours: Daily 8.00am-10.30pm, last admission at 8.30pm, bathing and sauna ends at 10.00pm

    Any other specialty: Water gymnastics

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  • 20Stadtbad, Zürich

    Stadtbad, Zürich
    Image Credit :

    The Stadtbad in Zurich is a trendy luxurious spa with modern amenities and treatments. It is situated in Volkshaus and is run by the tenants of Seebad Enge. It  offers a range of treatments from Thalassic therapy to oriental sugaring. Enjoy a relaxed, refreshing and detoxifying spa session here.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 11.5 kms from Zurich Airport

    Price: CHF 32 and CHF 48 per person for day entry to sauna and hammam respectively

    Location: Stadtbad, Zurich

    Amenities: Textiles, healing chalk, skin care cream, bath towels included in price

    Opening and closing hours: Depends on weather conditions. Check with facility for booking

    Any other specialty: Body reshape treatment, Body massage, deluxe facial treatment, children’s pool

  • 21Thermes Parc, Val d’Illiez

    Thermes Parc, Val d’Illiez
    Image Credit :

    The thermal water baths of the Val d’Illiez have medicinal properties due to significant amounts of sulphur, calcium and magnesium. They provide great health benefits and the natural setting amidst lush greenery will make you feel close to nature.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 121 kms from Geneva Airport

    Price: CHF 22 per person for adults for single entry. Other combination packages are available

    Location: Champery, Val d’Illiez

    Amenities: Snacks, unlimited spa access on packages and others

    Opening and closing hours: Sunday-Thursday from 10.00am to 8.00pm, Friday and Saturday until 9.00pm

    Any other specialty: Diverse activities like aqua bike, swimming lessons, pre-postnatal gym course, adapted physical activities

  • 22Thermalbad Brigerbad, Brigerbad

    Thermalbad Brigerbad, Brigerbad
    Image Credit :

    The Thermalbad is a spa and wellness centre with doctors and expert recommendations at your service. It is a great addition to packages offering cheap Switzerland vacations.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 194 kms from Zurich Airport

    Price: For thermal bath- CHF 18 for 3 hours per adult and CHF 24 for daily entrance per adult, for spa- CHF 24 for 3 hours per adult and CHF 32 for daily entrance per adult

    Location: Brigerbad

    Amenities: Towels for rent in check-in desk, bathing suits and bathrobes available in shop

    Opening and closing hours: Daily from 9.00am-9.00pm, last admission at 8.00pm, baths and saunas to be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing

    Any other specialty: The famous Grotto bath

  • 23Centre Thermal Yverdon-les-Bains

    Centre Thermal Yverdon-les-Bains
    Image Credit :

    The Yverdon-les-Bains Spa and Resort is the perfect place to spend time relaxing away from the bustling city. Its indoor and outdoor pools provide modern and luxurious amenities. The wellness centre and health centre are recommended for treating rheumatic and neurological conditions - owing to the high sulphur content in the water - making it a must-include for all Switzerland Honeymoon Packages.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 85.2 kms from Geneva Airport

    Price: Private Spa for CHF 190 for half day

    Location: Yverdon-les-Bains, Vlaud

    Amenities: Jacuzzi, sauna, samarium, tropical shower, an LCD TV

    Opening and closing hours: Monday-Saturday from 8.00am to 9.30pm, Sunday 8.00am-7.30pm

    Any other specialty: Thermal pools with waterfalls, massage jets and leisure beds, parlour treatments

  • Amazing Restaurants In Switzerland

    Switzerland Honeymoon Packages are incomplete without a meal at amazing world-class restaurants to satisfy the gastronome in you. 

    Bonding over a shared love for food is what makes most couples click right away. Switzerland trip packages often include a few visits to these restaurants to provide honeymooners luxury dining amidst the alpine scenery.

    Explore these amazing restaurants, each serving up scrumptious food.

  • 24Kronenhalle Restaurant

    Kronenhalle Restaurant
    Image Credit :

    Situated in the Old Town of Zürich, Kronenhalle Restaurant is an experience to be savoured. The restaurant has a delectable selection of cuisines and spirits. Guests can flip through the chef’s handwritten notebook under the table at the bar containing the favourite recipes of regular customers. A must-visit in Switzerland holiday packages, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the delicious dishes prepared with care, attention and detail.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 12.3 kms from Zurich Airport

    Price: CHF 40-60 per person

    Location: Hochschulen, Zürich

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  • 25Kindli Restaurant

    Kindli Restaurant

    A historic salon that’s elegantly decorated with very subtle, classy and trendy interiors, Kindli Restaurant offers cuisines that are a perfect blend of classic European and colonial influences. The attentive, discreet and personalised service makes you feel very special and welcomed. For a unique and romantic experience, include a visit to this famed restaurant in any Switzerland Honeymoon Packages.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 11.8 kms from Zurich Airport

    Price: CHF 30-50 per person

    Location: Lindenhof, Zürich

    Any Other Specialty: Monday to Friday- 11.30-14.00/18.00-22.00, Sunday closed

  • 26Waid, Zurich

    Waid, Zurich
    Image Credit :

    The WAID Restaurants are one of the best places to eat in Zürich, serving authentic Swiss cuisine with modern twists. The WAID has two restaurant -: the Seasons and the Wok Bar. They’re popular choices among those who love experimenting, experiencing and exploring different kinds of tastes. 

    The sophisticated ambience accompanied by mouth-watering dishes perfectly complements the scenic view of Zürich’s city lights reflecting on the Zürich Lake and backed by the gorgeous Alps.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 9.7 kms from Zürich Airport

    Price For Two: CHF 20-40 per person

    Location: Waidbadstrasse, Zürich

    Any Other Specialty: 8.00am-11.30pm from Monday to Sunday

  • 27Maison Manesse

    Maison Manesse
    Image Credit : miteinandergmbh.c

    The Maison Manesse is a relaxed and contemporary modern-day setting of a restaurant located in Hopfenstrasse, Zurich. Its ivory white stone walls complementing the wooden tables create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere that lets you spend quality time with your companion. Fresh foods and a simple but delicious menu with weekly specials and classics is their trademark style.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 12.7 kms from Zürich Airport

    Price: CHF 95-155 per person

    Location: Canton of Zurich, Zurich

    Any Other Specialty: Monday to Friday- 11.45am to 2.00pm, Tuesday to Saturday- 6.30pm to midnight

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  • 28Café Papon

    Café Papon
    Image Credit :

    Located next to the Town Hall in Geneva, Café Papon has achieved its cult status due to its long history starting in 1808 and being the favourite choice of Swiss politicians since ages past. The menu, comprising of 15 dishes, changes every 2-3 weeks. It incorporates local seasonal products, which keeps it fresh and interesting and makes you want to keep coming back.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 7.4 kms from Geneva Airport

    Price: CHF 30-40 per person for main course

    Location: Canton of Geneva, Switzerland

    Any Other Specialty: Monday-Friday- 7.00am to midnight, Saturday- 9.00m to midnight, Sunday closed

  • 29Rasoi By Vineet At The Mandarin Oriental

    Rasoi By Vineet At The Mandarin Oriental
    Image Credit :

    The Rasoi by Vineet at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Geneva, is good news to those who booked Switzerland honeymoon packages from India. The Michelin-starred and first ever Indian fine dining restaurant in Geneva, Rasoi serves a delectable menu of Indian cuisine in a contemporary and modern style that is very palatable to both Swiss and Indians alike.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 6.2 kms from Geneva Airport

    Price: CHF 50-90 per person

    Location: Canton of Geneva, Switzerland

    Any Other Specialty: Tuesday-Saturday from 12.00pm to 2.00pm and 7.00pm to 10.00pm

  • 30Le Cinq

    Le Cinq
    Image Credit : lafemmemange

    The Le Cinq is situated in the centre of town in Lausanne in Rue Centrale. One has to take the lift up the fifth floor where this grand restaurant sits and hence, the name. A very reputable and experienced chef duo wields their magic wand behind the kitchen to serve delicious delicacies incorporating local and seasonal ingredients typical of the place. The result is authentic, innovative and spells class out loud. Head out to this place on any weekday for a romantic dinner.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 62.1kms from Geneva Airport

    Price: CHF 40-50 per person for main courses

    Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

    Any Other Specialty: Closed on weekends

  • 31Anne-Sophie Pic

    Anne-Sophie Pic
    Image Credit :

    The world-renowned chef, Anne Sophie, the only female chef in France to hold 3 Michelin stars, heads her restaurant in the Beau-Rivage Palace. The restaurant, in beige and white toned interiors overlooking the French Alps, serves nuanced delicacies along with a choice of wine from the 75,000 bottles to complement every dish. It also has an ‘Emotions’ menu influenced by the seasons and the chef’s inspiration, and the ‘Pic Collection’ that is based on traditional family classics.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 61.4 kms from Geneva Airport

    Price: CHF 100-250 per person

    Location: Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel, Lausanne, Switzerland

    Any Other Specialty: Tuesday-Saturday from 12.00-2.00pm and 7.00-9.30pm

  • 32Brasserie Volkshaus

    Brasserie Volkshaus
    Image Credit :

    The Brasserie at the Volkshaus Basel is designed in an architectural combination of brasserie styled elements with bright white interiors to provide a soothing and relaxed ambience without being flashy. The menu is driven by excellence, created to a perfect blend of simple and special dishes that are traditional Swiss with a flavour of French.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 249 kms from Geneva Airport

    Price: CHF 40-50 per person

    Location: Basel, Switzerland

    Any Other Specialty: Monday-Friday from 11.30am to 2.00pm and 6.00-10.00pm, Saturday from 6.00-10.00pm, Sunday closed

  • 33Dampfzentrale Bern

    Dampfzentrale Bern
    Image Credit :

    The Dampfzentrale Restaurant in Bern is located in an old industrial complex that used to be a power station, directly on the River Aare, making it a unique attraction that warrants an inclusion in all Switzerland holiday packages. The restaurant serves food prepared from the local produce and freshwater fish of Switzerland unless requested otherwise. The place is also a cultural hub with live music, dance performances and passionate discussions taking place.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 155 kms from Geneva Airport

    Location: Marzilistrasse, Switzerland

    Any Other Specialty: April-September: Monday-Friday 11.00am-2.00pm, 5.30pm-2.30pm, Saturday 2.00pm-12.30am, Sunday 12.00pm-2.30pm; October-March: Monday-Friday 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-2.30pm, Saturday 4.00pm-4.00am, Sunday closed.

  • Romantic Places To Stay In Switzerland

    Now that you have decided to spend your honeymoon in the ultimate romantic country of Switzerland, your choice of accommodation in this foreign land can make or break the deal. 

    It wouldn’t be very appealing to your senses if you had a hard time trying to adjust in a less than acceptable hotel after a long day of adventures and activities. 

    A lot of Switzerland honeymoon packages from India include 5-star accommodations, the primary objective being to provide the utmost level of comfort and luxury with a romantic ambience.

    Find out the most romantic Switzerland honeymoon places to stay to make your trip a truly memorable one.
  • 34Waldhotel Fletschhorn, Valais

    Waldhotel Fletschhorn, Valais
    Image Credit :

    The Waldhotel Fletschhorn is located in Saas-Fee village in Valais. Waking up to the majestic Alps clad in the purest white snow is what a stay at this luxurious property guarantees you. 

    Indulge in a steam-bath or relax in your balcony with a cup of espresso to spend quality time with your partner surrounded by pure unspoilt nature.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 223 kms from Zürich Airport

    Price: standard room for 2 at CHF 355/night

    Location: Saas-Fee, Valais, Switzerland

    Any Other Specialty: Summer season from 30th June to 1st October, winter season from 20th December to 2nd April

  • 35HUUS Gstaad, Gstaad

    HUUS Gstaad, Gstaad
    Image Credit :

    Staying at the HUUS Hotel in Gstaad is an experience of home away from home. The HUUS, which means ‘house’ or ‘home’, promises a one-of-a-kind experience with views of the gorgeous blue-white Alps in every direction you lay your eyes on. 

    A must-include in Switzerland Honeymoon Packages to ensure the most romantic ambience during your stay, it also has a spa, gym and pool and encourages you to bring your slippers.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 203 kms from Zürich Airport

    Price: south-facing double room at CHF 270 night including Taxes and Fees

    Location: HUUS Gstaad, Schönriedstrasse, Gstaad-Saanen, Switzerland

    Any Other Specialty: HUUS Ski School

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  • 36Waldhaus Flims Mountain Resort & Spa, Graubünden

    Waldhaus Flims Mountain Resort & Spa, Graubünden
    Image Credit :

    The Waldhaus Flims Mountain Resort & Spa is one of the most romantic Switzerland honeymoon places to spend the night in. Stay at the Grand Hotel, Villa Silvana or the Chalet Belmont to experience luxury like never before. The Waldhaus also have their own restaurant, bar, spa and saunas. The architecture is sophisticated and stylishly done to perfectly complement the alpine scenery.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 145 kms from Zürich Airport

    Price: CHF 405 - CHF 525 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

    Location: Canton of Graubunden, Switzerland

    Any Other Specialty: Minibar in room, hot tub, tennis court

  • 37W Verbier

    W Verbier
    Image Credit :

    The W Verbier is the first hotel in Switzerland of the W Hotels chain and is perched at a height of 5000 feet above the clouds on the majestic Swiss Alps. Edgy contemporary architectural designs create the perfect modern-day luxury. The rooms have all the necessary amenities paired with panoramic views of the perennially snow-clad mountains. Indulge in mountain skiing at the hotel’s ski resort.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 281 kms from Zürich Airport

    Price: CHF 281 - CHF 1032 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

    Location: Canton of Valais, Verbier

    Any other specialty: Award-winning ski school

  • 38Der Teufelhof Basel, Basel

    Der Teufelhof Basel, Basel
    Image Credit :

    Located in the heart of the Old Town of Basel, the Der Teufelhof Basel is significantly built in two parts that are architecturally different from each other. The Art Hotel is the historic colonial styled building while the Gallery Hotel is modern and contemporary and made with a chic urban feel. It also has a restaurant, bar, coffee and wine shop, theatre, and the archaeological cellar, making it a beautiful blend of tradition and art.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 86.2kms from Zürich Airport

    Price: CHF 169 - CHF 295 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

    Location: Canton of Basel, Switzerland

  • 39Widder Hotel, Zurich

    Widder Hotel, Zurich
    Image Credit :

    The Widder Hotel is situated in the Old Town of Zurich just off the famous Bahnhofstrasse. It’s one of the few boutique styled hotels in Switzerland built in a 12th century renovated building. A mix of rich medieval tones with luxurious and contemporary designs, it strives to provide the best of what life has to offer and treats every guest specially to impart a genuine and warm home-away-from-home experience.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 11.8 kms from Zürich Airport

    Price: CHF 536 - CHF 788 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

    Location: Canton of Zurich, Zurich Old Town

  • 40Lausanne Palace, Lausanne

    Lausanne Palace, Lausanne
    Image Credit :

    The Lausanne Palace and Spa is located in the heart of the Olympic Capital, Lausanne, the French-dominant part of Switzerland. Its strategic location provides beautiful views of Lake Geneva and the far-stretched Alps. It offers easy access to nearby places and attractions, the ‘Lavaux Region’, an UNESCO recognised site, being one of the many hotspots in the vicinity. This trendy hotel should be included in all Swiss honeymoon packages.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 61 kms from Geneva Airport

    Price: CHF 272 – CHF 571 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

    Location: Canton of Vaud, Lausanne

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